MILO Schools Black Feminist NAACP President

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  • Vintage Gaming
    Vintage Gaming 18 hours ago

    Black lives matter is not the answer.......

  • christina grassi
    christina grassi 23 hours ago

    Get fucking rekt boi

  • slitherlyhawk4 444

    America vs feminism

  • Milspeedmax
    Milspeedmax 1 day ago

    Give her a break. She doesn't have friends any more

  • Joel
    Joel 1 day ago

    I believe most men would agree there is an equality between the sexes as well in America.
    Women want a choice in things but want men to be forced to do certain things. Example: Women want a choice in serving in the military, being apart of certain frontline types of jobs, but they are totally against registering for Selective Service.
    Women on dates still expect me to pay for those dates even if the woman planned it. Women expect to marry a man a be able to make choices in every aspect of that relationship from the cars they drive, the house they live in, and where the man's clothes will be stored because the master walk in closet will only store her shit.
    Yeah.... I think there might be some inequality going on.

  • maddy
    maddy 1 day ago

    I'm not speaking for all women, but personally I 110% agree with Milo about the word having lost any of its intended meaning or what it was advertised to mean and symbolize. I am a woman and most certainly do not identify as a feminist.

  • DUCK KING Studios
    DUCK KING Studios 2 days ago

    Feminism is the worst

  • Infinite Valor
    Infinite Valor 3 days ago

    Yup America definitely is a bad country you know we have a running government clean water and no famine but you know I guess we are pretty garbage

  • SteveDesu
    SteveDesu 4 days ago

    Why are all feminists ugly as fucken hell....

  • Mike Pritch
    Mike Pritch 5 days ago

    Who is this guy???? He is AWESOME!

  • Pizzastorm A
    Pizzastorm A 5 days ago

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  • John Munro
    John Munro 6 days ago


  • Jmo Bello
    Jmo Bello 6 days ago

    Milo is a stupid contradictory moron. If he's against the war on drugs and is stupid enough to think it hurt the black communities, voting Republican would be the worst thing ever. The War on Drugs and the 1994 Crime Bill put mostly thugs, gang members, and drug traffickers in the inner cities in prison.

  • James Spencer
    James Spencer 6 days ago

    Does anyone know where I can find the full debate? This guy has some really good points.

  • Jesus Alejandro Cazares

    Bill Clinton was a centrist democrat and most of his policy passed was by a republican congress.

  • Ege İşlek
    Ege İşlek 9 days ago

    Papa MILO wrecking sum feminists

  • One Williams
    One Williams 9 days ago

    she sucks, he gave her way more respect than she deserves

  • Josh Bailey
    Josh Bailey 10 days ago

    Wow, didn't realize the war on drugs was a Democrat issue. I vaguely remember Ronald Reagan and his "Just Say No" which did as much damage as any president to the black community. Maybe Milo is too young to remember that.

  • Charles The Hammer Martel

    A triggered little self-identified victim. Lose some weight, sweetheart, then get over yourself.

  • Daniel Embree
    Daniel Embree 11 days ago


  • J M
    J M 11 days ago

    6% of america owned slaves, mainly in the south. There were no black slaves in hawaii, cali, washington, etc.
    Cotton fields and being household slaves didn't build america. I'm sorry. Slave owners were black and white as well.
    Slaves were expensive and costly - you had to go to africa, where africans would sell you their slaves for goods, then bring the ship back to america, hope none of the slaves got sick, and etc - when we built machines, the need for slaves basically went away.

    America was built by hard working americans. Not every black person was a slave in america either. The chinese also played a huge role in the railroad development.

    Nowadays, there is equality. Smart black people vote republican. My mom, black, was super upset obama got rid of vouchers so poor black kids could not go to the nicer schools. Such an asshole move.
    If a black family wants to drive 30 mins to take their kids to the better public school, why the hell not!

  • Lise Gramolini
    Lise Gramolini 12 days ago

    Milo is absolutely right about feminism today.

  • Jax Hudson
    Jax Hudson 12 days ago

    Why are people making such big commments

  • Adan Said
    Adan Said 13 days ago

    Why the fuck is this still a thing?
    I thought people just ignored feminists and shit...
    Like come on grow up guys.
    Just let them talk shit in our backs while we being normal...

  • the geth
    the geth 13 days ago

    milo is perpetuating campus rape culture

  • Will Thacker
    Will Thacker 13 days ago

    lol, the condescending tone in that girls voice. Just the way she said "th-ank you-ah"at thd end of her question, makes me cringe. I got the feeling she wasn't looking for him to answer, she was looking to create provocation or trigger as it were. 3rd wave feminism is about man hate. Bashing a whole gender of ppl because you feel bad about yourself, or you think you're being treated a certain way, isn't the answer. Also you can't combat racism w/ racism & expect a positive outcome.

  • matt1523
    matt1523 14 days ago

    if black lives matter, why do blacks kill eachother in such high numbers??

  • MountainRain
    MountainRain 15 days ago

    He's purple. Also feminism is not the belief that men and women are equal. It used to be

  • Warrior Queen
    Warrior Queen 15 days ago

    What a fucking idiot. 😤😩 He doesn't know an ape from his asshole, which would be his entire face. If he would shut the fuck up and listen and read a book, he may learn something. He don't know shit about the black neighborhood. *#FuckBoy**!* 🖕

  • Jeffery Lutge
    Jeffery Lutge 16 days ago

    i cant listen to fat ppl idk why

  • lewburger7374
    lewburger7374 17 days ago

    Milo I've been watching your videos and I'm a huge supporter I think your a genius and tell it like it is. I do have a question about the war in Iraq. how can I send it to you? I'd love to hear you answer.

  • Patrick Vizuete
    Patrick Vizuete 19 days ago

    he's my hero

  • hurricanesteve65
    hurricanesteve65 20 days ago

    respect, honesty and comprimise. That makes a strong lasting relationship. A very rare thing these days.

  • Doan Dai Hiep
    Doan Dai Hiep 20 days ago

    This is good. This is awesome. This is how a respectful Q/A section should be, if not, must be.

  • St.James
    St.James 20 days ago

    Men and women are NOT equal you dumb fat chubby cunt.

  • Aaron farrington
    Aaron farrington 20 days ago

    friend that's a complete feminism, but when the bill comes, she now wants to talk about man chivalry? I'm not her boyfriend. I thought we were going out as friends, like I do with males. I treated her like I would anybody who I hangout with. how am I an asshole?

  • Quanesha Brown
    Quanesha Brown 20 days ago

    What we need is to destroy racism in this society sweetie Who is this fucker

  • Quanesha Brown
    Quanesha Brown 20 days ago

    She sat there and defined what feminists is to her... equality .. you completely decided to revamp her definition to support your defense ... smh

  • Quanesha Brown
    Quanesha Brown 20 days ago

    She's black ?🤔

  • Kid Muffin
    Kid Muffin 21 day ago


  • Larry Joe
    Larry Joe 22 days ago

    Milo droppin some thug life shit on her ass

  • psycleen
    psycleen 22 days ago


  • Retief Groves
    Retief Groves 22 days ago

    I'm an Alabama nigger an I want to be free, hell with the NAACP.

  • utarian7
    utarian7 24 days ago

    Milo's statements hit much harder when he's being respectful and courteous.

  • Joshua
    Joshua 24 days ago

    "I know how to handle myself, unlike some Trump supporters."
    The salt is real.

  • Jackie Boo
    Jackie Boo 24 days ago

    I love you Milo

  • Steve T
    Steve T 24 days ago

    The worst part is that it is progressive groups that are the ones dismantling the heritage of what the ACTUAL African Americans did to get this country off the ground.

    They do not want people talking about things like the civil war they even pull down the statues. Or the good they did while enslaved... just focus on the fact that they were slaves dont look at the fruits of those labors and realize how much they should be respected for helping propel this country to greatness.

    Fact is even though they were slaves, they paid the price that allowed future generations of their family to be sniveling preachy brats... and just as entitled as any other progressive in this country.

  • Kamelhaj
    Kamelhaj 25 days ago

    I remember my high school days when this feminism began - they wanted to be equal to men in all aspects, but when the guys would ask them "so, would you fight for our country?", their answer was always: "that's a man's job". Oh, and a guy better be a gentleman and hold a door open for them, or else!

  • Aaron Siebert
    Aaron Siebert 25 days ago

    We weren't founded on slavery. The founding fathers didn't start this country just to have slaves. Yes people had slaves and that's wrong. But that was not the purpose of America. Also almost every country has had a time where slavery was a thing, even African countries. Does that mean that all countries are racist

  • Dr Ian Paterson
    Dr Ian Paterson 25 days ago

    Be proud, sister! Black Feminists stand up for the rights of ALL women*!

    [*Apart from Nicole Brown Simpson, of course. Well look, OJ HAD to be acquitted to make up for Rodney King- she was just a random piece of white meat who got in the way. Sorry, but life on the left can be tough...]

  • Google Bitch
    Google Bitch 26 days ago

    all u guys need meds. mental illness is real in this country.

  • Daniel Embree
    Daniel Embree 28 days ago

    Oh, Milo, you're adorable

  • Par Sa
    Par Sa 28 days ago

    You forgot to tell her, black women are the least desired women of all races so she would go fuck herself

  • ninjaa54
    ninjaa54 1 month ago

    You would never hear a feminist bitch about how men are treated in family court.

  • Jerry Brewer
    Jerry Brewer 1 month ago

    NAACP, NCAA. They're practically the same. Basketball is somehow involved.

  • Sheriff David Clarke

    Hopefully he changed just a fraction of this confused girls mind.

  • Mr. Grimm
    Mr. Grimm 1 month ago

    He is so goddamn purple in this

  • Nine Juan Juan
    Nine Juan Juan 1 month ago

    He's a straight up legend. The time, effort and research taken to do this, and serve up these idiots so articulately is awesome. I would love to do this sort of thing, but time is not my friend ATM.

  • Tommy
    Tommy 1 month ago

    Fuck stupid feminist. As a son, a man with two sisters, a wife, and two daughters... There is nothing, absolutely nothing that a women can't have or accomplish in life that I as a man can. If they want to be well educated, work a great job, have a nice house, etc... They can have it all and be able to do on their own. Do you know what the real problem is? It's not equality, it's Feminist who tell other women that they aren't good enough "in a man's world" and stupid women who love men that treat them like shit.

  • Edward Guzman
    Edward Guzman 1 month ago


  • Reverse THIS!
    Reverse THIS! 1 month ago

    He should be press secretary.

  • Jm Mj
    Jm Mj 1 month ago

    Milo i agree with you on everything. But we cant let black dads get away with things just because they have children

  • Glinkling Smearnops
    Glinkling Smearnops 1 month ago

    Feminism is not about oppressing men - it is about oppressing women, obtaining control of women, and especailly of their sexuality. Just as Communism killed more workers and peasants than any other ideology, so too Feminism injures more women than any other system of beliefs. Communism failed because there is no rational economic calculation under it, so too Feminism will failed because thee is no rational social calculation under it. Feminism, like Communism, will fail. But, in the interim, alot of women will be hurt.

  • axel4196
    axel4196 1 month ago

    I like this guy...His responses are tactful and respectful. He got his point across without having to stoop to vitriol and racism.
    Well done.

  • Aloha Snackbar
    Aloha Snackbar 1 month ago

    i wanna get a beer with this guy and just shoot the shit lol

  • John Neeley
    John Neeley 1 month ago

    This cunt is stupid

  • Jeremy Graves
    Jeremy Graves 1 month ago

    haha.. by way of knooooooockout...

  • El Rick
    El Rick 1 month ago

    I've not yet seen a video of anyone trying own Milo. Can't mess with him!

  • BLΛƆKis_the_newPIИK

    Lol why does he have Gucci mane on his shirt ? :D

  • Kristi
    Kristi 1 month ago

    I hate the new wave feminism

  • d4unit
    d4unit 1 month ago

    Sometimes, I see people say "Feminisim is cancer." Well, I say that it's not feminism they're talking about. It's the modern "feminists" who twisted and mangled true feminism into what it is today.

  • Dan Track
    Dan Track 1 month ago

    she is thicc on all the wrong places

  • CG 12 Productions
    CG 12 Productions 1 month ago

    Someone call the Police its complete Rape.

  • PossibleTango
    PossibleTango 1 month ago

    How many black people were there before we started importing black people?

  • A & J C
    A & J C 1 month ago

    Feminists and the SJW's are not equal nor are they into equality.

  • Lizbeth Gaona
    Lizbeth Gaona 1 month ago

    Who is this guy????🤔🔜🔚he speaks like the joker.he acts like the joker.

  • Mrs.Naughty
    Mrs.Naughty 1 month ago

    I love Milo

  • James Doey
    James Doey 1 month ago

    WOW! This guys was on point. These black feminist and simps need to listen to him. Regarding voting republican, with southern democrat Johnson signing the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965, and Republicans nominating Barry Goldwater as their presidential candidate, black people shifted to the Democratic Party. If a party nominates a racist that didn't believe Negros should have voting rights, why would you vote for that party. Reagan took money from black communities, reduced taxes on the wealthy, signed a child support enforcement act, didn't address cops planting drugs on black men; afterward poverty in black communities increased and record numbers of black men were incarcerated. Much wasn't different under Clinton, except black median income increased and black unemployment decreased which helps Democrats. If Republicans nominated someone that's more of a libertarian or moderate instead of Bush and Trump, they'll get more black votes since most blacks are to the right when it comes to education, religion, immigration, and some social issues.

  • Core Craft
    Core Craft 1 month ago

    Goddamn he rekt that bitch

  • Toxic Adiction
    Toxic Adiction 1 month ago

    i feel the wave of feminist and keyboard worrior cancer cimming in the comments

  • AD77
    AD77 1 month ago

    naacp is a racist group.

  • crazyjr
    crazyjr 1 month ago

    A man that makes sense, definately not a Liberal

  • Feminist Slayer Version 1

    Men are 97% of combat fatalities.
    Men pay 97% of Alimony
    Men make 94% of work suicides.
    Men make up 93% of work fatalities.
    Men make up 81% of all war deaths.
    Men lose custody in 84% of divorces.
    80% of all suicides are men.
    77% of homicide victims are men.
    89% of men will be the victim of at least one violent crime.
    Men are over twice as victimised by strangers as women.
    Men are 165% more likely to be convicted than women.
    Men get 63% longer sentences than women for the same crime.
    Court bias against men is at least 6 times bigger than racial bias.
    Males are discriminated against in school and University.
    Boys face vastly more corporal punishment than girls.
    60-80% of the homeless are men.
    Women's Cancers receive 15 times more funding than men's
    At least 10% of fathers are victims of paternity fraud.
    but still women are fucking nagging at us

  • Dream Charm
    Dream Charm 1 month ago

    yeah we build our bakcs on slavery but almost every country ever in history did the exact same thing so wheres the bitching in those countrys also the country slave building stoped like 140 years ago so this bitches argument is stupid we have come a long way since then

  • ReTrO_ShAnE
    ReTrO_ShAnE 1 month ago

    This reminds me of the brown v. Board of education court case.

  • Nick Fletcher.
    Nick Fletcher. 1 month ago

    but when have conservatives done anything but make school more expensive to get into?

  • SkyNet
    SkyNet 1 month ago

    Men and woman are not equal . They cannot ever be equal . They are not the same . And I am fine with that

  • TheRicokilla
    TheRicokilla 1 month ago

    He's got a point.

  • Night Night
    Night Night 1 month ago

    awww i wanted to see the whole thing

  • Nicholas Hancock
    Nicholas Hancock 1 month ago


  • L Burgess
    L Burgess 1 month ago

    I really like this dude, he really speaks the truth and that's why the left hates him, they hate the truth!!!

  • Andrew Eschenauer
    Andrew Eschenauer 1 month ago

    I'm an Alabama nigger and I wanna be free, hail to the N double A C P~~~


  • Euroheat0022
    Euroheat0022 1 month ago

    This bitch needed to know her place. Milo showed her what her place is

  • Rhett Butler lll
    Rhett Butler lll 1 month ago

    Milo does have some fudge on his lips!!!!! Is that because he sucked his "boyfriend's" dick after the boyfriend came off in Milo's asshole? Milo became so excited to have the cum in his asshole that he sucked a fudge stick!

  • TK
    TK 1 month ago

    Men and woman aren't equal, they are complementary to each other. With that being said woman should have all the same rights as men and vice versa.

  • Rum Mug the Orc
    Rum Mug the Orc 1 month ago

    Piss on feminist!!!! We orcs salute milo!!!!!!!!

  • Tina F
    Tina F 1 month ago

    You're right............ of a woman

  • Robbie Buffalo
    Robbie Buffalo 1 month ago

    Its First Nations

  • john John
    john John 1 month ago

    The political left have hijacked the feminist movement and turned into somthing no real feminist would like to associate with

  • ashkid888
    ashkid888 1 month ago


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