President Trump and Angela Merkel News Press Conference 3/17/17 video ,ask fox news,wiretap

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Author SJB1717 ( ago)
Watch President Trump, she's got a knife in her boot # Klebb!!!

Author sinan247 ( ago)
Oh man she has a miserable face. Nice hair style love.

Author MrHosh80 ( ago)
Dumb the fucking Trump.

Author Oberperfuss1945 ( ago)
Madame Marine LePen from Paris would  be good for Europe – NOT Merkel in Berlin! -.-  Mme Marine Le Pen de Paris serait bon pour l'Europe - PAS Merkel à Berlin!

Author You Tub ( ago)
The typical argument that terrorists are a minority is stupid, OF COURSE THEY WILL ALWAYS BE A MINORITY, even in Iraq and Syria they are not a majority. That says nothing. Fact is that many support terrorists and radical ideology without being terrorists themselves. That is still hostile to society. So just because we don´t have dozens killed in terrorist attacks every day in Europe it doesn´t mean that the situation is not alarming.

Author You Tub ( ago)
+Marcos Dos Santos First of all, Islam is not a race. They don´t let them partly because they don´t have to let them in, there is no obligation to refugees or immigrants. Why do they even want to go to America in the first place? their culture is incompatible to the Western culture and way of life. Many of them are openly hostile and offensive to Western values, and they don´t have to be terrorists to do that. That is why Americans don´t want them, because these people don´t love america. If you want to immigrate to a foreign country you ought to adapt to the local culture and most of these muslims don´t wish to do that. And of course there are some terrorists among those refugees and immigrants.
The typical argument that terrorists are a minority is stupid, OF COURSE THEY WILL ALWAYS BE A MINORITY, even in Iraq and Syria they are not a majority. That says nothing. Fact is that many support terrorists and radical ideology without being terrorists themselves. That is still hostile to society.
Bottom line: NO COUNTRY HAS AN OBLIGATION IN ACCEPTING FOREIGNERS IN THEIR SOIL. That is a privilege, not an obligation. There are many muslim countries that are much more suitable for these refugees/immigrants

Author Paul Detzer ( ago)
Why is no one reporting pizzgate

Author Michael DeSilvio ( ago)
The wretched muslims stand out like a turd in the punch bowl. They pray to their pedophile god muhammad with their stinking asses in the air. They are cowardly clowns and horny rape happy retards.

Author Matthew Do ( ago)
Trump said: "welcome to the *people* house, the White House..." He learned that from communist leaders who like to use the "people" to do what people don't like, don't want, don't need! The communist Vietnamese gov has "people court", "people news" etc but people is not allowed to speak in court, people don't have the freedom to publish the news. German PM had lived under communist rule before. She knew all .....don't try to fool her, Trump!

Author john osborn ( ago)
Making total DRUMPFkopf family's German name) of himself, shaming America before the world, in full-on Captain Queeg mode now blaming the British for "wiretapping," not The Redcoats are Coming, time for guys in WHITE ones!

Author Eric Campbell ( ago)
Merkel is a whole log of dog shit

Author Barakudaa ( ago)
Lol finally

Author Edison73100 ( ago)
Trump would not shake her hand because he had not washed his hand after sticking his finger up Malina's coochee.

Author Dasha AZ Lass ( ago)
where are his companies?
the ones he still owns abroad?
Why hasn't he brought back his companies from overseas?
Trump products are made in
China, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Honduras, Mexico, Turkey, India.

How many jobs could those have given to Americans?
Yeah, he doesn't have to pay even minimum wage to those people.
Why don't his followers pay attention to the thousands of jobs their dearest leader outsourced overseas?

Because he is smart?
What does it make you?
You were conned. Oh no!

Author Dasha AZ Lass ( ago)
15:03 Freudian slip... businessman slip... dumb slip... banana slip...

Author Mike Sherer ( ago)
A presidents most important responsibility in 2017 is to protect America from scum, foreign and domestic. Thank you president Trump.

Author 欧志坚 ( ago)
Trump is already aware of the German problem, so he restricts Muslims into the United States is normal, the United States needs to be able to agree with the mainstream values ​​of the Muslims, rather than want to kill the pagans and the Jewish Muslims!

Author 欧志坚 ( ago)
Twenty-five percent of the world's Muslims are terrorists who support the killing of apostles, pagans and Jews, and whether such a Muslim should be eliminated?

Author 欧志坚 ( ago)
Only Muslims who learn to respect other cultures are normal people, Muslims who kill the pagans and the Jews all the time is the devil, should go to hell, or chop meat into the dog!

Author Elke Summer ( ago)
As for "wiretapping" from our past administration.... at least we have something in common... (pointing to Merkl).... HA HA!!

Author ւօւօ ( ago)
Thanks to Merkel the crime rate in germany is going up!!!!

Author Rick Kala ( ago)
Love how the SHAKE HANDS AT THE END. Can we stop the Fakes News now????????

Author tony thomas ( ago)
Merkel is my Chancellor. She handled this rude guy with class!

Author Alex Bajan ( ago)
Thank you president Trump.

Author Javier Torres ( ago)
He really struggles with reading...I squirm every time.

Author MASKBOX HD ( ago)
buajajajaja que porquería.

Author merry mi ( ago)
Are there also videos without translation? Can't find one

Author Ibi Levay ( ago)
missions in Africa...yes destroying Africa

Author earth shaker ( ago)
definitely a one term president

Author earth shaker ( ago)
I bet she couldn't wait to go wash her hands

Author earth shaker ( ago)
this president is a total embarrassment in his actions and speech..he clearly represents trailer park trash

Author Khadar Yusuf ( ago)
this is a fake president

Author Khadar Yusuf ( ago)
trumps tremendous meeting with Angela Merkel sad

Author D M ( ago)
*omg* they have the same hairdresser :)

Author Joel Wolf ( ago)
LOL. He has to read every word in his speech, barely glancing up and using his finger so he doesn't lose his place. I bet they carefully constructed
 every word out of his mouth. I went to another station to remind myself of a man that never read a speech, spoke from his heart, and sent a clear message to everyone listening. Obama, you were our best president!!!

Author O Lake ( ago)

Author Manuel Schulz ( ago)
thumbnail is fake

Author Mike Fenimore ( ago)
This Merkel bitch needs a good beatdown and Germany needs to be bombed again, BIGTIME, for committing acts of white genocide

Author kahlouch amin ( ago)
Miftah from Berlin.
Without the American Gernamy would be like East Germany. America has
spent thousands of billions For the liberation, reconstruction and
protection of Germany. Many American soldiers are killed in the war.
deutschland beutet Amerika aus. Germany abuses the American laws and
leads to an economic war against the USA. Germany produce in East
Europe, China and Mexico to export to USA and lie and cheat like Volkswagen.
Millions of Germans migrants are in Western Europe ( Holland, Swiss,
Belge, Sweden, Denmark, Norweg, Britanien, Austria, ...) because of low
wages and poverty in Germany. Half million Germans are homeless and the real number of unemployed in my opion is 8 million German unemployed. Because most weden not counted.
 The racism is everywhere in Germany and the German authorities. I was an automotive engineer, I studied at the
Technical University of Berlin, My wife and son were German but they
gave me no visa but an A4 format discrimination paper like the Nazis
era. You have no rights to work, travel. You are persecuted Because of
the mixed marriage like in the Nazi era.
God bless and protect America and Israel! God bless and protect President Trump.

Author kl ( ago)
Merkel is to blame if Europe is flooded by Muslims

Author Kerstin Wu ( ago)
Ich lese so viele Kommentare, die Merkel als "scum" bezeichnen oder ähnliches und so viele Deutsche, die ihren Senf dazugeben, auf ENGLISCH! Ich bin so stolz auf mein Land (ja schande über mein Haupt, ich alter Nazi)(VORSICHT IRONIE) dass es eine so gute Bildung hat, den Marshall Plan erklärt, Englisch und Französisch spricht und das jedes Kind ab der Grundschule lernt! Deutschland ist so international eingestellt, denn Nationalität wird krank, egoistisch und eigensinnig. Ja, wir haben viele Flüchtlinge in diesem Land! Aber WENIGSTENS leben wir Globalisierung auch im Sinne von HELFEN, UNTERSTÜTZEN! Und da müssen einfach alle ran. Jedes Land und JEDER EINZELNE! #spreadlove

Author tedhisci ( ago)
Why does he waste his time for this she-Nazi ..

Author godsdice1 ( ago)
Iam a German and Not a friend of Mrs Dr.Angela Merkel Politics
because iam a sozial Demokrat like Bernie Sanders.
It was not polite how our Chancellor Mrs. Dr.Merkel was handled.
Mr.Trump will have a second Chance in Summer!
don't dismiss

Author LIGER ZERO ( ago)
He has an IQ around 150 and has invested his inheritance incredibly well (a 4000 x increase in net worth *at minimum*).

Oh...he also won the Presidential Race for America....but yeah ok sure internet nobodies he's an ''idiot''.

Keep telling yourselves that.

Author John Townsend ( ago)
I watched and saw a petulant brat. The calm poise of Merkel in contrast to
the obvious discomfort of trump was palpable ... certainly not presidential.

Author Joey Campos ( ago)
Stop the throat clearing at the background. emotional manipulation.

Author Lynne Wilson ( ago)
Can I ask everyone to google "Bavaria passes laws to protect own culture". You should be able to read The Telegraph article of 9 Dec 2016.   You will see the problems tha Merkel does not tell you.  Bavaria had to take many immigrants and they are not immigrants like you in the US know - they are mainly young men - economic migrants with no chance or desire of assimilating or integrating.  They bring a hateful culture with them .  As the Bavarians said "Without a uniform culture there is no society"  It just isn't working this mass immigration.  How dare Merkel bring another 12 million.  How dare Turkish Erdogan threaten to send 1500 immigrants a month unless he is allowed to hold rallies in other countries.

Author KJVNEWS ( ago)
She has a hell of a nerve talking about the Marshal plan when SHE was on the other side! She was (and still is) a communist from East Germany. She fought AGAINST everything the U.S. and West Germany stands for. Now, she wants to destroy Germany and Europe by bringing in millions of Muslims and terrorists that are destroying Europe

Author PRE CBS FENDER ( ago)
Angela Merkel is the results of Dr Mengele's pig embryo experiments gone totally awry..

Author tatlas ( ago)
Ignorance is bliss in Trump world...

Author TORIN ( ago)
im laughin about most of this anti merkel commentaries so hard xD
so many idiots here xDDDDD

Author annihilationHaven ( ago)
Two incredibly stupid shills for Israel. Electric menorahs all over the place, they just love love love the Jews. As for Americans and Germans, well you come second to immigrants, migrants and refugees - you get to be trannies, homos, and perverts and live a short life of decreasing wealth and smaller accommodations, while the mostly half retarded african and 3rd world newcomers get paid by the government to bring their large families or gang rape your women and get away with it. Hard to be more traitorous than Canada's Justin Trudeau who recently opened the borders wide open to unskilled and disloyal Mexicans, but Trump will probably start a war - that's the only way to justify increasing defense spending to the trillions of dollars, pissing your purchasing power away just like Obama.

Author Oberperfuss1945 ( ago)
Thank God for TRUMP! -.- MERKEL is a loser, Madame LePen is ok, even Mr Putin - the true European! Hitler & Merkel -> both are losers!
-.- For certain - on Trump was spied! Why just not on him? Even on Merkel was spied!

Author David Truong ( ago)

Author john marcus ( ago)
German people how stupid are you to elect a fucking JEWESS to run your country?????? now look where you are germany. What did you expect?

Author Tony 1 ( ago)
He just told her to fuck off!

Author rubilar rubilarm ( ago)
The Americans attacked the Middle East to assassinate and steal oil and gas.

Now the Europeans must pay the consequences of the acts of the North American assassins and thieves.

Author mary emma ( ago)
OK FOLKS: I wonder if evidence of trumps fantasy tap will miraculously appear via stolen (yeah right) laptop.

Author James Champaco ( ago)
but- did he have his translator earpiece.......more campaign rhetoric, geezus chist- keep dondon away from our foreign neighbors....embarrasing

Author Maurice Jones ( ago)
She looks at him like, "what the fuck is wrong with this dude"?

Author Martin Müller ( ago)
Its ridiculously funny to read what selfnamed "experts" comment about the situation in germany. I am german and we literally have 0 problems with the group of refugees. Most of them is already integrated and working in small jobs. Life in germany is wonderful and peaceful. Of course we had smaller terrorist attacks in germany. But if you compare these numbers to countrys like the US or maybe even France, we really have down to zero problems.

Whenever i meet international businessmen from the states they brag about the bad situation in the US.....

Author Maurice Jones ( ago)
Wow, if he is not acting more and more like the SNL skits! Scary!!!

Author Skalare Gomera ( ago)
Did you know, Democracy and Christianity aren't compatible! Why? Because the 'People' wanted Jesus Christ death! It was explicit a democratic process. Here's the proof: Gospel of Matthew 27, 22-26. New International Version NIV. With this knowledge to be a Christ Democrat, like Angela Merkel, is not allowed and proofs only one thing: They just don't know what there are doing! Shit happens!

Author freedom6485 ( ago)
"Islamic terrorisme"..Mrs Merkel pronounce this absurd word inlassablement which is just to provocate the people eachothers on the basis religion...
Terrorisme is terrorisme if it comes from where and whom.. Islamic or Christianic terror is just indoctrination and a fictive bullshit...She may change her pronounciations about this kind of rudeness...

Author Horst Jedlika ( ago)
The guy is approaching a perfect zero.

Author backspace4353 ( ago)
If a person acts like an idiot, talks like an idiot, and looks like an idiot, he is an idiot. Even if his name is Trump.

Author shane ( ago)
what we are seeing in the world now is ; The End of Capitalism is coming. we need real peoples White Houses all over the world. Be focus more on that guys ; Only 1% of the world population control the whole world. what we need is get the REAL CHANGE , don't CHANGE the leaders we need to CHANGE THE SYSTEM.

Author Zlatan Bogdanovic ( ago)
Two politicians that look after their country's interests at the expense of any other that get in the way of that. Merkel can teach Trump how to get rich on the backs of weaker countries like in the EU.

Author 1963janet ( ago)
Trump has to come to Europe to learn how to create afordable healthcare plans and proper education for a reasonable price!!

Author 1963janet ( ago)
boring boring boring speach of Trump and i think it a shame that Angela Merkel is not speaking the english language, Germans still are unable to learn foreign languages and thats give them a setback also on academical level. they are too chauvinistic.

Author dirtydog288 ( ago)
she is a pos.... you can see trumps disgust

Author ND7652 ( ago)
Trump is a DISGUSTING  ABOMINATION  !!!  He endlessly rambles  and NEVER fails to mention HIMSELF !!!

Author softminimal1 ( ago)
So now it was a quote from FOX, well why didn't you give them credit in your tweet.
This guy is so gutless, he never takes responsibility for his own fuck ups, it's always someone else's fault, the buck stops with anyone but Donnie.
Whenever he gets a question he doesn't like he starts to purse his lips and he sways, a little bit of smoke comes out his ears and he starts to bleed from you know where lol.

Author softminimal1 ( ago)
250 pounds of tremendous dog shit.

Author softminimal1 ( ago)
America Inc.
Did he say I am a traitor lol?

Author softminimal1 ( ago)
Angela Merkel meets brain damaged orangutan.
Orangutan spends whole meeting flinging it's own shit around.

Author Theresa Shaughnessy ( ago)
the united States is not the free world..I hate it when people say that.. we are a nation.. not the world..

Author Mark Johnson ( ago)
Trump whines about that North Korean guy, he is just as stupid. Trump means nothing that he says. He believes what he say when is at one of his appalling rallies, preaching to all of those simpletons.

Author Be ( ago)
Mr President, how naive I was to love you trust you and work so hard for you.."HEALTH CARE FOR EVERYBODY.." YOU are That SNAKE. ..remember?

Author Steven Goo ( ago)
The WORLD counting its blessings. A adversarial Russia to counter the sickness in the White House.

Author ERAUPRCWA ( ago)
It's very obvious when Trump strays from the written words in front of him #Trumpcantread

Author Robert Muckle ( ago)
OMG...This isn't actually your President is it??? Did he get past grade 3? He seems completely illiterate! Damn...what happened to your country???

Author Justine Kessner ( ago)
THE only reason why the Creep wants more woman in the work force, so he will have more woman to grab from the pussy!!!! We the really woman, are not falling for his "woman movement"!!!!!

Author Bigballs Touchem ( ago)
finally someone that stands up for their country and without compromise and refuses to accept the scummy communist bitch's disgusting ideology

Author Curtis B Cochran ( ago)
He is just the worst human being on the planet .We will be destroyed by this parasite. The only thing that makes me happy is that he is 70 and may not last to much longer. Every word out of his mouth is a LIE. We can not believe a word he says. He is soooooo paranoid it's ridiculous.

Author The Heckler ( ago)
Imagine me mounted on top of Melania............humping,  pumping,  pumping,  humping.......ostrich sweat dripping in her big fat hairy ostrich balls slamming rhythmically against her brown eye........then without warning.........the money shot of baby gravy on Trumps 3rd chin.......

Author Jimi Hendralin ( ago)
How much good and bad every body commented on the US president , just bear in mind all US president have something in common that is WAR. US president is just the congress puppet. The congress are make up of Jews.This world will have peace thru out if there is no US and Islam . It is not a bad idea to find out more about Mars and send Jews and Islam people to Mars, Leave this earth in peace

Author MI HO ( ago)
merkel did soros job for him into destroying Germany on a day to day basis. What kind of idiot would invite  refugees filled with terrorism into their nation  and bring its people dowen?  see Soros  owns Merkel amd Soros is an admitted Nazi  supporter. and past employee

Author MI HO ( ago)
FACT: Merkel is owned by Soros and the global elite.  That is fact, PERIOD.FACT: Soros and the global elite want to destroy Trump. That is fact, PERIOD.To be ignorant of this is why the left are so feeble and simple.  it is what it is and what it is, is disgusting and pathetic. Grow up you touchy snowflakes and  learn to use your minds and put on some self confidence, you don't have to let others think for you to repeat their bull. research, study, investigate, and learn to be strong not to be such lemmings that hide behind  a group of  morons spewing lies just so you can feel like you are part of something, because that part is  not anything to be proud of ever, you will hate yourself  in the near future for  being on the  mind controlled side and supporting  them with all you got

Author Counter Culture ( ago)
Left was saying this for years, only if liberal elite would have listen on the agreements like NAFTA and TPP.

Author Bleyluige ( ago)
fair trader! amazing!

Author richard barndon ( ago)
18/3/17 Merkel is an evil traitor to Yahwah Eloheem. She will pay. (look honestly at what she is doing)!! She works for Satan.
Islam is the deception, Satan snake, in the grass, that breeds day and night, as good men stand by cowardly and watch and do nothing. Soon you will not have a country, by your own babish look good, politically correct, cowardice. Mr Wilders can see that Islam is a liar and worm -holes its way inside, for control, and free meals, and many meals for the many Islamic children from their many islamic wives. He can see that Islam can never, ever, co exist with good and kind Adamite white faced blushing westerners. We Adamites (Whites) with blushing cheeks and the darker Islamic breed, have completely opposite and completely different King- Gods. We have different fathers. Read your Bible. Mr Wilders, is head and shoulders above most men. Mr Wilders speaks the truth, something they cannot stand and they curse and abhor against it. He can see the work of Satan, (In islam), as he Satan uses, Islam to takeover using FEAR. This is the truth. Mr Wilders is so brave. He is the most brave of brave of Dutchman. He is great Leader. Why give your country away, people of Holland?? Holland, protect Mr Wilders or you will cry tears as you will end up second class suppliers and citizens in your own country(if you still have one). Ignore the MSM they are just scum prostitutes of lies. Stop Islam or you will lose your country. Islam is about grass root stealth invasion, making Dutch Adamite white faced blushing natives, fearful and scared inside your own country. Islam has a plan and Mr Wilders is the only one brave enough to see their stealth takeover plans and TELL IT TRUE. He is a leader. He is leading. He tells the TRUTH. Leaders do not act childish and meek. (That spells defeat). TRUTH TAKES COURAGE AND BRAVERY. MURDER IS USED TO SILENCE TRUTH. Islam is violent, despotic, a blood thirsty religion, and has no honour and no kindness. They are deceivers and takers (At your expense and the expense of the Dutch (race) the Adamites.. (So why do you western weak minded fools follow it? FEAR?? Be Honest!! Islam believe in death and brutality and double standards and so many lies. Stand up Holland. (Win) for Holland not Islam. Yahwah Eloheem, the cosmic ruler and true king, will protect Mr Wilders, against the murderous human seeds of the Satan King. This is a serious show- down war, right before your eyes.This is a huge war between Yahwah Eloheem and the deception of the Satan King, who founded islam to test and destroy good Adamite, white faced blushing faced men. Islam uses FEAR. Fear has made western men SILENT cowards. Yahwah Eloheem will win. Will you??
Yahwah will reward Mr Wilders. He deserves it. He has nobly confronted his fears. Will YOU?? Signed: The Truth!

Author Jen Ozikia ( ago)
Trump has zero respect for Merkel . She deserted her own country just like Obama / Clinton was doing to the USA , All the while bombing destabilizing countries creating the refugees .

Author vic4rp ( ago)
Yes indeed,everyone pay your share. "The people's House",very commendable.

Author William Skannerup ( ago)
Can I just say.. this translator, shes fantastic! So smooth and quick.

Author Powerdriller Power ( ago)
Trump is the real terrorist. How many people in America are going to die because the Great Lakes are going to be dirtier than ever, the rivers more polluted, Health care services cancelled, the regulations for clean air and clean water abrogated ??

Author Thomas Wade ( ago)
Merkel is a old rag ,she destroyed Germany with her allowance of refugee invasion .This-woman was not looking out for they welfare of Germany's citizens nor its heritage .What a dope ,horrible so called leader .She isn't qualified to run a town supervisor position in a town of 1000 residents let alone a country ITS TERRIBLE!

Author Engel888 ( ago)
Trump, Putin, Farage, Victor Orban, Le Pen and Wilders and Bibi and Modi can save Western Civilization.

In the name of our Great Judeo Christian ancestors and our Divine Free Will...

Maximum Revenge on the:

Globalists Podesta Satanists, Pedophile Global Statists, Quislings, Forever Bail-Out Speculative Bankers, Ponzi Scheme Money Printing Central Bankers, Islamists, Elite Arab States, Cultural Marxists, Media (CNN, BBC, FOX et al), Liberals, Democrats, Treacherous Tories (Cameron and May), RINOs, EU, UN, IMF, WTO, Rothchilds, Bilderburg, Agenda 21 Global protectionists, Club of Rome, Merkel, Hollande, the profit for war Bush's, their buddies the Criminal Clintons, George Soros, Global Warming NWO Scum of the Earth.

Hackers, Wikileaks, Infowars, Breitbart, Marc Dice, Pamela Geller, Drudge Report, Milo, Brigette Gabriel, Judge Jeanine, Dennis Lynch, Roger Stone; are collectively the new Woodward and Bernstein. Traditional Media deserves to go bankrupt, as it is out of touch with the people who work and toil with their back breaking efforts, and duly create real wealth and prosperity .

Trump's Policies Summized, the Drain the swamp agenda:

Cut corporate taxes.
Delete Obama executive actions.
Replace Obamacare.
Rebuild military.
Fix VA
Bolster ties with allies
Destroy Isis
Tell Iran cut nuke program or else
Cut bad Obama business killing regs
Fix infrastructure
Add 2 or more Conservatives to Supreme Court and dozens to Federal Courts
Build the wall
Deport all violent illegal felons
Cut funds to sanctuary cities
Get out of cesspool UN
Move US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem
Open up drilling where appropriate
Fix bad trade deals
Abrogate awful climate deal. Global warming now known as Climate change is a hoax and a Ponzi scheme.
Tell NATO allies to pay fair share
Arrest all trespassing protestors
Ban shariah law as unconstitutional. Ban Shariah law.
Make IRS do their job justly
Get all Muslim Brotherhood and lefties out of government bureaucracy
In other words, the OPPOSITE of Obama/Hillary agenda.

Our Great Ancestors are watching over us and protecting us. We must continue the War on the Above mentioned Evil. Evil never sleeps. Amen. Long Live the Trumpeteers.

Trump is Cyrus the Great reincarnated.

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