bajau daling daling

malaysian daling-daling dance sung in bajau. This traditional dance was brought over from the Mindanao archipelago by the Suluks and does not originate from Bajau tribe in the Semporna district. The intermingling relationship between the Bajau and Suluk in those early days resulted in the dance becoming a living heritage of the Bajau community residing in Semporna. The phrase "daling daling" actually originated from the English word "darling". The main characteristic of the dance is the interchange of quatrains between the male and female dancers and is usually performed as an entertainment in various occasions.

Source: Sabah state library

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Author kirammark (4 years)
@bunga19 i think it wasnt francisca reyes aquino founded the
dalling-dalling. it was founded by albani-a tausug/suluk of sulu who
organized the first professional entertainment troupe in sulu-the
DALLI-DALLING DANCE TROUPE,which the mother of my aunt here in davao city
became a member. i think the group was adopted from the BANGSAWAN TROUPE of
singapore which came to jolo,sulu before the last war. DALLING-DALLING is
also called PAGSANGBAY in tausus..

Author Othman Ahmad (3 years)
@kirammark .Albani could be the founder of the original Daling Daling but
the first Daling Daling song clearly refers to Sandakan, as recalled by my
uncle. My uncle's view was that Daling daling song was invented in Sandakan
when a dance group visited Sandakan on their way to Semporna, another town
in Sabah. His view also was that the dance troupe was composed of Tausugs
resident in Sabah before the war, I tend to believe you. My 70y aunty
learned dancing from.Filipinoes that visit Sandakan.

Author TulangKaruk (6 years)
this bajau tribe was actually a tribe from the philiphines...if i'm not
mistaken...sabah was part of philiphines before we have our
nationhood.....thats y malaysia got bajau also....but many of the malaysian
bajau got family there at philiphines... :)

Author TulangKaruk (6 years)
i love the language too...when i watch ppines drama, i found certain words
in tagalog that have same meaning in my tribe language...

Author Julio Harahap (3 years)
Beautiful Dance , Vocal and Costumes of the Bajau of Sabah.

Author john lonedragon (4 years)
what is this?who is the singer?the best singer of daling2 is sarip from art
collection,violin pls go and learn from najib of art collection,jgn bikin
malu sabah bole kan....

Author kirammark (4 years)
@bunga19 when the dalling-dalling was gone,here comes DAYANG-DAYANG dance
troupe. popular tausug group here in the philippines during president
marcos regime.

Author alamnirvana (5 years)
Apakah artinya itu lagu

Author khazrullah (6 years)
allup du bangsa ta

Author Othman Ahmad (3 years)
This language is not completely bajau. It has some Suluk words so I presume
this song is done by the Ubian bajaus that use words from other languages.
This is what the singer Den Bisa does.

Author Kim Lamaran (4 years)
The original term of this is Darling Hot . . .

Author eanwynna (6 years)
emran paling rock!!!!!!!!!!!

Author bunga19 (4 years)
@kirammark I am not too sure about it. Need to do research but
unfortunately havent got a time dude :)

Author graceandjessie (5 years)
panu po magdownload????

Author Saiaopinoi (6 years)
It is regretable that I dont have a video of that Daling-daling version.
The only Badjao I have are the Pangalay and a fan dance called Sua Ku Sua.

Author kirammark (4 years)

Author quixotic09 (2 years)
siapa ada lagu ni?

Author Saiaopinoi (6 years)
I remember the first lines of the Daling-daling of the Aquino: May
daling-daling sa may daling-daling. Simikang lalay-lalay di kuntisan
nangalay may daling-daling sa may daling daling ...I forgot the next line...

Author Saiaopinoi (6 years)
The same Daling-daling dance was found in Sulu by Francisca Reyes-Aquino
that was later published in her Philippine Folk Dances volume 4.

Author misscarm (5 years)
do any1 have the full song???

Author Jay Asmaul (5 years)
Hijeebster- Ko ni macam perkauman saja! baca revolusi sejarah balik ok.

Author Saiaopinoi (6 years)
True. Those years of colonization to both our countries separated them
unreasonably. A little sad. Any, that's one great Badjao or Bajau patrimony
our countries both share. :) We need to focus on our similarities that our

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