10 People Who DON'T Deserve Their Fame

From the "Cash me ousside" girl to Kylie Jenner, here are 10 people who became famous through zero work. Subscribe:
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Fame is something that’s pretty mysterious and mind-boggling. There are some celebrities who are truly deserving of the attention and praise they receive, while other celebs seem to be famous for just existing. They may not have a particular talent, but they end up on the covers of magazines, star in their own TV shows, and are instantly turned into Internet sensations. Here are a few people who don’t deserve their fame.

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Author Phill's Eyelash ( ago)
Anyone going on a talko binge watch?

Author Unguided Reaper ( ago)
You know why they get famous for no fucking reason? People like you talking about them non-stop.

Author Niney&Joi_ Tv ( ago)
Im disliking this because you were that desperate for someone that you had to add Chris Brown in this . Chris is very talented and an fantastic singer , your saying he doesn't deserve his fame just because of his past behavior . You so wack

Author Nerd Girl ( ago)
why the hell are all the girl's breast huge af?

Author ANNA !! ( ago)
I'm going to say something stupid on TV now lol

Author Margaret Garcia ( ago)
2:59 no kendall is isnt she?

Author April Ramseur ( ago)
so he does deserve to be famous

Author April Ramseur ( ago)
Chris brown was always famous because of his music so this is a lie

Author Kaylee Mobley ( ago)
ur mad u dont have fame

Author torso99 ( ago)
ive only heard of chris brown...... so they are not that famous

Author aisha tebai ( ago)
Iggy Azalea is the queen of rap . she worked hard so she deserves to be famous

Author Kei West ( ago)
she did deserve to be famous you didn't deserve that have a YouTube channel

Author bbh Juan ( ago)
Chris Brown doesn't deserve do be on this list

Author bbh Juan ( ago)
Iggy Azaela and gorgeous don't go together 😂

Author Faith Boctot ( ago)
it's actually Kourtney Kardashians ex husband not exactly boyfriend

Author Mimi FluffyKitten ( ago)
What about Sylvie Mais(Fanderfart), Honey, This Dude from the Bachelor, This Sartori Baby Boy(Youtube Star)... aaaaand every single Woman or Man that only got Famous for Marrying a Celebrety... like srsly...

Author Jamal Hall ( ago)
How is Chris Brown on this list???? He is still one of the best singers and dancers in the game. This list is a bunch of 15 minutes of fame internet stars and women who slept with celebrities. Chris actually has quantifiable talents...

Author Farah Ahmed ( ago)
omg my name is farrah too

Author Luna MSP ( ago)
Danielle is <3 so no hate #DanielleTeam

Author Capablanca ( ago)
Kylie Jenner was beautiful before the surgery.... deym!

Author Bluevelle ( ago)
Danielle deserves it. People think she's funny, so she gets the stuff. She then released her merch . Zzzz, Onision much?

Author Cristopher Laguna ( ago)
these people should shet up thier famous and well known

Author Samantha Dewey ( ago)
that "Cash me outside howbow dah" hoe needs a reality check

Author Libbii Dingleberry ( ago)
1. The talko

Author Luis Alonzo ( ago)

Author Hollie Joy ( ago)
Chris Brown can sing so rhats why he famous

Author Melanie's Crybabies ( ago)
Who came for the thumbnail?

Author hosana akira ( ago)
Why did they put Chris Brown in this freaking category?

Author Chris Ghent ( ago)
The fact that you think Chris Brown doesn't deserve to be a celebrity is stupid. Firstly, his net worth is thirty million. 300 times worth than you will ever be, He in fact actually does have talent, because if he didn't he wouldn't be worth this much... He was written to Jive records at age 15. Whereas you obviously have no substantial room to talk, because you weren't written to any label, but you know. Secondly, He is a singer, dancer, rapper, and actor. Starring in actual movies and doesn't need a YouTube channel to be popular (like you do). Thirdly any reason for you to try, notice I said try, to talk in a rude manner because you have no good enough reason to. So bye.

Author VictoriaDivaDance ( ago)
It's CATCH me outside how bout dat not CASH cash is just stupid

Author kenzilee04 ( ago)
Kylie and Kim should not be on this list. just my opinion no hate plz

Author bright stars123 ( ago)
0:31 ikr she don't deserve it all she said was "cash me outside" like she the only girl who ever said that u could never know if it was her friend who thought her that and say that is kinda annoying

Author Deavyn MakeBeauty ( ago)
wtf chris brown does deserve his fame!

Author Jessica Gimba ( ago)
tbh i disagree with the Kardashians and Jenners

Author Xinngan Show ( ago)
Is this the watchmojo girl

Author Nobody ( ago)
Where's Alex from Target at?!?

Author Yasmin Ibrahim ( ago)
Danielle Bregoli doesnt deserve her fame. Does anyone not realise that she only got famous because she disrespected her mother

any one on the talko binge watch all night?

Author Frost Bited ( ago)
Its catch me outside how bout dat

Author Melanin Babii ( ago)
Chris brown is a goat

Author Clare Gutapfel ( ago)
Literally almost all the kardashians were mentioned lmao 😂

Author Unicorn Mermaid ( ago)

Author Ziara Silliman ( ago)
Don't get on my boy Chris breezy now.

Author Deshare Mars ( ago)
new catch phase why is my my forever in your mouth . Instagram deshare03

Author BearWolf14 ( ago)
Dont say this isnt true, The Kardashians are useless and didnt do anything to deserve fame, Kim only made 2M+ guys have a good fap thats it and they negative in society

Author BearWolf14 ( ago)
Chris Brown is a makes music and yes he is a asshole now but he deserves his fame

Author Angeli Rodriguez ( ago)
Kylie Jenner has looked like our own Anne Curtis. But of course Anne is a real beauty.

Author LukeIsIrrelevant ( ago)
I dont agree with Kylie Jenner because she did work for her brand but everyone else hell yes

Author Mitsu Perez ( ago)
none of the Kardashians deserve fame

Author GuPo Hype ( ago)
I'm going to spit in a cup and put it on the internet so I can get famous.

Author Mar Gar ( ago)
I didn't even know that Iggy Azalea still had a career

Author Harrison Lacko ( ago)
She got famous on dr Phil

Author Raven ( ago)
Where's malu trevehoe

Author Energetic Em ( ago)
Definitely Chris Brown

Author Alexia Charalambous ( ago)
do you know who else doesn't deserve fame..BABYARIEL...she's just a tiny little trashh

Author Alexia Charalambous ( ago)
chris brown deserves his fame..I'm not a fan,but his songs are litt

Author Marchie Mazur ( ago)
Просто покажите им Шурыгину

Author S W motmot ( ago)
Num 1 the talko

Author Chelsea Thompson ( ago)
the" cash me outside "girl need some manners and needs to be punched in her face" how bout that"

Author Hyper Breeze ( ago)
Cash me outside girl shouldn't be famous. She doesn't even look 13. People nowadays get famous for any crap like that stupid damn daniel.

Kylie Jenner is an insult my name is kylie and my friends call me Kylie Jenner so in my opinion Kylie Jenner and it is a HUGE insult to anyone I mean anyone named Kylie

Author kenterminatedbygoogle ( ago)
Is The Talko the same channel as TheRichest? They both use the same format.

Author Satu Karjalainen ( ago)
Umm... You forgot that this is TheTalko, not TheThings... :D

Author JMS NOT DMS ( ago)
Chris brown deserves his fame..the Rihanna thing happened in the past but I think Chris brown has many talents and again deserves his fame

Author Dayne Arnold ( ago)

Author Dayne Arnold ( ago)
Cash me out side girl does desirve fame dum ass

Author Precious Irafay ( ago)
uuuuuh OK don't you think this video might be a little...mean

Author Casey The Gamer 12 ( ago)
Top ten YouTube channels that don't deserve fame
1. Talko

Author Eryonna Harvey ( ago)
why you hatin talko why you hatin

Author Viviana Garcia ( ago)
danila is stupid

Author Csenge Barkóczi ( ago)

Author Jennifer Melo ( ago)
I think kim becuse she is known for her body.but it's a plastic sergery! so ypur saying if I do plstic sergery I will get famous?
that's my opinion

Author Angela Arellano ( ago)
Wow Dani is famous because of her attitude like disrespecting her mom, beating her mom, while me studying hard and aiming to reach my goals,

Author Ashley Ngienga ( ago)
Chris brown does deserve his fame

Author Nika Daisy ( ago)
Why is Iggy on this list??????

Author EN Chan404 ( ago)
But... You forgot to state why some of them shouldn't be famous. I'm not defending them, just stating this.

Author Cute Kitty ( ago)
I just clicked to see that have they include kardashian and Jenner.

if they didn't include them I would hit dislike.

Author Julliet Ma ( ago)
Who are these people to say that they don't deserve their fame like what are they doing with their lives gezzzzz🙄🖕

Author ImAurel ( ago)
Worst top 10 channel i have ever seen

Author ImAurel ( ago)
i forgot to subscribe

Author OoIAteYourCookiesoO ( ago)

Author kyla comer ( ago)

Author Eybis Borjas Vargas ( ago)
chris brown and kylie jenner do deserve her fame

Author Crybaby Dinosaur ( ago)
The "Cash me ousside how bout dah girl" has a name and it is Danielle bregoli🙄

Author cody kamasinski ( ago)
That Danielle girl is so annoying like she think she cute no she's nothing without her stupid saying that about everything

Author GHOSTbirdnatureLOVER ( ago)
About 1,000 or so male celebrities who have abused women. (and no one cared)

Author Shirley Tyler ( ago)
the cash me outside girl doesn't deserve to have fame

Author Amaya Wallace ( ago)
Chris brown is famous because he talented and can dance so don't hate cuz u ain't him how bad dah

Author Diana Gonzalez ( ago)
Why is Chris Brown on the list? He started his career very young and it's still going. He's famous because of his music.

Author Melanie Herbert ( ago)
I don't understand....Chris Brown is famous for being a singer and an actor. Why is he on the list?!😑😣

Author FuckOuttaHere ( ago)
This is fuckin fuckin life, so deal with it

Author Jayytwotimez 14 ( ago)
Guys subscribe me plz

Author Maxine Campbell ( ago)
if you said "cash me ousside howbow dat" and you got famous u wouldn't say that she doesn't the fame. if Its was u

Author Isabelle jean-Louis ( ago)
The mother of the cash me outside girl claims to be a victim but she secretly loves the attention. They're both fucking stupid, attention seeking pieces of trash.

Author Greatest ( ago)
why does this video come. after working people and say they don't deserve their fame

Author Yirina ( ago)
cash me outside how bowda

Author PanneLikeUsual ( ago)
i don't get it. why dont iggy deserve her fame? she moved from australia to miami as a 16 year old with no money or family + she got raped but still worked her ass to the top. and now she gets hate? i really dont get it

Author Tinnysphere 147 ( ago)
Cash me outside how bout dat

Author Panda Lover ( ago)
WTF! Chris Brown is a talented rapper and singer. Why is he on this list??????

Author Kamar Al Moseli ( ago)
Some of them deserve fame like Iggy Azalea she is a rapper and has very good songs and i am glad that she exists

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