How to make a Despicable Me Minion stuff toy

This is a sewing video of how to make a Despicable Me stuff toy. I initially wanted to narrate it but since I am coughing, I better not.So hope that my silent instructions can show you how to make it.

For the pattern: just look at a picture of your favourite minion and trace out half it's body to lay it down. Do the same for Gru's "G" logo.

Materials used:

Yellow Cloth (DUH)
Denim (I used my sister's old maternity jeans)
Black cloth (for hands and shoes)
Felt (White - eyes, Black - mouth + eyes and Red - tongue (optional))
Black Yarn (for hair)
Sewing Machine

After stuffing the minion toy, stitch the top like what you'll do when you darn a sock.

PS: I know my minion looks a little like spongebob. But it still looks nice!^^

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Author Maddy Manning (1 year)
me too

Author misskikigood (3 years)
ali the song is anoyying !!!1

Author skittles1081 (3 years)
omg wish i knew how to sew

Author Jun Ng (3 years)
@kcd2100 LOL! Haha...glad you enjoyed making it! Glad I could be of
assistance to show you how to make it. :)

Author Jun Ng (3 years)
@Boba89czv :I used a sewing machine. And I like to save money so I stuffed
the insides with scrap cloth. Happy sewing! :)

Author C1ocktheG1ock (3 years)
man you know how to make a minion and we had to wast our mony.

Author Alois Trancy (3 years)
@LilSockpuppet congrats to u guys :D

Author fathmath athuna (1 year)
i love minions and thnks for giving me instuction i have already done 3 of

Author Arturo Perez (1 year)
really nice, thanks for the effort and for puting it online, much
apreciated :D

Author ngeorge7122 (1 year)
it looks nothing like a mineon

Author Boba89czv (3 years)
What do you use to merge edge of clothes? I guess not pins? Sow or glue? Do
you use sewing machine? What material is inside of the minion to make him
"fat"? Please answer me, I am making one of them for my girlfriend because
I can't find it to buy in my country... Thanks for uploading this video, it
is great... :)

Author PapiBello28 (4 years)
can your phone nummber.

Author kcd2100 (3 years)
after id did this i screamed "ITS ALIVE" and felt like Frankenstein :p

Author Ashley SFK (1 year)
Is there an easy way?

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