Katy Perry - Bon Appétit (Audio) ft. Migos

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    ‘Cause I’m all that you want, boy
    All that you can have, boy
    Got me spread like a buffet
    Bon appétit, baby
    Appetite for seduction
    Fresh out the oven
    Melt in your mouth kind of lovin’
    Bon appétit, baby

    Looks like you’ve been starving
    You’ve got those hungry eyes
    You could use some sugar
    ‘Cause your levels ain’t right
    I’m a five-star Michelin
    A Kobe flown in
    You want what I’m cooking, boy

    Let me take you
    Under candle light
    We can wine and dine
    A table for two
    And it’s okay
    If you take your time
    Eat with your hands, fine
    I’m on the menu

    ‘Cause I’m all that you want, boy
    All that you can have, boy
    Got me spread like a buffet
    Bon appétit, baby
    Appetite for seduction
    Fresh out the oven
    Melt in your mouth kind of lovin’
    Bon appétit, baby

    So you want some more
    Well, I’m open 24
    Wanna keep you satisfied
    Customer’s always right
    Hope you’ve got some room
    For the world’s best cherry pie
    Gonna hit that sweet tooth, boy

    Let me take you
    Under candle light
    We can wine and dine
    A table for two
    And it’s okay
    If you take your time
    Eat with your hands, fine
    I’m on the menu

    ‘Cause I’m all that you want, boy
    All that you can have, boy
    Got me spread like a buffet
    Bon appétit, baby
    Appetite for seduction
    Fresh out the oven
    Melt in your mouth kind of lovin’
    Bon appétit, baby

    Sweet potato pie
    It’ll change your mind
    Got you running to back for seconds
    Every single night

    I’m the one they say can change your life
    No waterfall, she drippin’ wet, you like my ice? (blast)
    She say she want a Migo night
    Now I ask her, “What’s the price?” (hold on)
    If she do right told her get whatever you like

    I grab her legs and now divide, aight
    Make her do a donut when she ride, aight
    Looking at the eyes of a dime, make you blind
    In her spine, and my diamonds change the climate

    Sweet tooth, no tooth fairy
    Whipped cream, no dairy
    She got her hot light on screaming, “I’m ready”
    No horses, no carriage

    ‘Cause I’m all that you want, boy
    All that you can have, boy
    Got me spread like a buffet
    Bon appétit, baby
    Appetite for seduction
    Fresh out the oven
    Melt in your mouth kind of lovin’
    Bon appétit, baby

    Music video by Katy Perry performing Bon Appétit. (C) 2017 Capitol Records

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  • -The Walking Dead- Queen

    I like giving my dog a massage while this song is playing.

  • Loydi Carrion
    Loydi Carrion 7 hours ago

    Love it

  • sasha Tanweer
    sasha Tanweer 13 hours ago


  • BOOP #princess#
    BOOP #princess# 15 hours ago

    Ariana Grande should have been In this now it sounds stink with migos

  • Treshae clarke
    Treshae clarke 15 hours ago

    Ariana Grande should have been in this instead of Migos her voice matches it if ari was in it this would have been made new ringtone

  • Mah Lu
    Mah Lu 16 hours ago

    Cadê os br dono da porra toda??

  • Jade Jade
    Jade Jade 17 hours ago

    i thought she's winking

  • Mimza
    Mimza 22 hours ago

    such a catchy tune. but the video evil AF.

  • jayson slothower
    jayson slothower 23 hours ago

    Am I the only one who thinks her hair looked better long

  • frank stine
    frank stine 1 day ago

    sweet tooth, there's no tooth fairy.

  • Rachael Ratahi Belshaw

    her head spinning is so satisfying

  • mimichan21
    mimichan21 1 day ago

    Había extrañado una canción asi de Katty desde "dressing up" algo sexy y divertido <3

  • nina
    nina 1 day ago

    deadass been listening to this on repeat for at least 4 hours today and i still love it

  • Rastox95
    Rastox95 1 day ago

    disgusting mi ha copiato i capelli xd
    ceined to the ridm

    • Rastox95
      Rastox95 1 day ago

      england is my city

    • Rastox95
      Rastox95 1 day ago


  • XxMichistylexX
    XxMichistylexX 1 day ago

    Migos part is the best

  • Novie Japsem
    Novie Japsem 2 days ago

    i thought it was Miley Cyrus. The hair tho. hehe! 😴

  • Anorexic Mcflurry
    Anorexic Mcflurry 2 days ago

    I love how everyone hated this song at first now everyone loves it

  • cytnhia campos
    cytnhia campos 2 days ago


  • gelycat miau
    gelycat miau 2 days ago

    is very funny 😀

  • Dolce K
    Dolce K 2 days ago

    Am I the only one who try's to figure out who's hand is who's?....I think am the only one🙄😫😓.....oh well fuck it I think the hand on the right bottom corner is Offset top right corner is Takeoff and left one is Quavo.....

    ANTHUANE SUCNO 2 days ago

    Ahora se parece a Miley Cyrus :v

  • 12345bo Gaming
    12345bo Gaming 2 days ago

    Food gets a mans heart

  • chiquinana
    chiquinana 2 days ago

    adicta a esta cancion

  • James Thompson
    James Thompson 2 days ago

    shit mate

  • myfanwy
    myfanwy 2 days ago

    she's a fidget spinner

  • Aqeelaa Xoxo
    Aqeelaa Xoxo 3 days ago

    is it just me or katy Perry's spinning head is so scary??😂😂

  • Jaleeza Love
    Jaleeza Love 3 days ago

    Okay Migos!!

  • books brave
    books brave 3 days ago

    this song was ace until the rap part

  • Doblon2004 Gaming
    Doblon2004 Gaming 3 days ago



    the effects it's cool

  • Farmer Kevin
    Farmer Kevin 3 days ago

    only reason I even clicked on this was because migos was in it

  • Emanuel García
    Emanuel García 3 days ago


  • reham stars
    reham stars 3 days ago


  • Karol Cortez
    Karol Cortez 4 days ago

    ilove katy perry fan number #1

  • Adrián Ruiz
    Adrián Ruiz 4 days ago

    Buen apetito bb :v

  • snoopy
    snoopy 4 days ago

    Idiotic lyrics but sound is so contagious, love it!!

  • ben poo
    ben poo 4 days ago


  • [Y6A]-2016 Chloe HOURIEZ

    she is very different from before and now her songs too!

  • Kenneth Justin Barbas

    Hey baby I like your style. Haha

  • Secret Spiral
    Secret Spiral 5 days ago

    her hair looks like pasta

  • lonnielcainable
    lonnielcainable 5 days ago

    Wtf,wtf wtf wtf WTF wtf wtf WTF WTF WTF wtf WTF WTF!!!!!!!!

  • k-pop girl
    k-pop girl 5 days ago

    its catchy too me and i love the song but when my mom first heard it she said turn this s*** off

  • Eva Zsigmond
    Eva Zsigmond 5 days ago

    A great song but a creepy ass music video so I'm now just listening to the audio version which is still creepy.

  • Iolanda araujo Io
    Iolanda araujo Io 5 days ago

    Muito foda

  • Lauren Barker
    Lauren Barker 5 days ago


  • The Adventure Gamer & Plushes

    Can I have free subs

  • Aknur Alisherova
    Aknur Alisherova 5 days ago


  • Suzette Balmain
    Suzette Balmain 5 days ago

    Bon appétit à tous les amis !

  • Louisette
    Louisette 5 days ago

    les français liker ce commentaire

  • Alisha Clews
    Alisha Clews 5 days ago

    In the car park and the other day and the other day and the other day

  • Jess Dunn UnOfficialWhiteBitch

    Lol i don't like this song but am i the only one who sings the "bon appetit baby" part in my head after being eaten by their S.O. really well?

  • jo the challenge keeper

    first time listening: um katy what
    second time: ...

  • Clari Rodriguez
    Clari Rodriguez 6 days ago

    You are all living in a tight bubble

  • Tristian Copeland
    Tristian Copeland 6 days ago

    This song makes me horny for food!

  • Alexandria Queen
    Alexandria Queen 6 days ago

    Bone apple tea baby

  • JesusOverKillStudiosVEV0

    fabolous Bon Appetit Babys

  • Yurin Park
    Yurin Park 6 days ago


  • 10_Coolboy Vlogs And Challenges

    I hate her. we hair style

  • Pawan Dabie
    Pawan Dabie 6 days ago

    here for migos alone

  • iam FRA
    iam FRA 6 days ago

    The last person I expected katy perry to do a song with is The Migos

  • Nehir Murat
    Nehir Murat 6 days ago

    Very ridiculous

  • MaggieMag 356
    MaggieMag 356 6 days ago

    Me: Idk why people like this song.


  • ronald jv
    ronald jv 6 days ago

    like si crees que le faltó un mejor DROP al estilo Major Lazer. Solo una sugerencia jeje buen tema de todas formas ;) saludos!!

  • Camila Londono
    Camila Londono 7 days ago

    I love how the dumbest comments get like 1.k likes like 😂whatttt

  • Maria Tz
    Maria Tz 7 days ago

    3:01-3:11 best part ❤️

  • Amir Houston
    Amir Houston 7 days ago

    i only came for offset part

  • seo youngho is my appa


  • Zach Schmidt
    Zach Schmidt 7 days ago

    I used to hate this song, now it's my jam! 😂

  • Elyazidi Amal
    Elyazidi Amal 7 days ago


  • TheLittleSadFox
    TheLittleSadFox 7 days ago


  • Metroid250
    Metroid250 7 days ago

    Katy's album was a letdown. Not because of the beats, but because of the huge lack of strong vocals. This is just lazy mediocore singing compared to what she can do. Katy, I've heard you since 2008, I know how powerful you can sing.

  • Brielle
    Brielle 7 days ago

    I wish i could have that fidget spinner

  • robert lennox
    robert lennox 7 days ago

    trying to count how many times her head did a 360° spin while listening to the song😂😂😂

  • Crucio heda
    Crucio heda 7 days ago

    I just reAlized how many "whoo"s this has

  • Sharon Webb
    Sharon Webb 7 days ago

    fresh from naughtynest!

  • Yoan Est Marrant
    Yoan Est Marrant 7 days ago

    Bonne appetit baybayyy !!

  • Alexandra L.
    Alexandra L. 7 days ago

    I love it and i'm French so bon appétit Katy ^^

  • Sharon Webb
    Sharon Webb 8 days ago


  • Sharon Webb
    Sharon Webb 8 days ago

    bon apapatit!

  • dulce itzel raragon

    mencanta la canción bona petit bebé,

  • dulce itzel raragon

    mencanta la canción bona petit bebé,

  • Kyla Hosler
    Kyla Hosler 8 days ago

    im officially addicted to this song like if you agree👍

    CAKE BOW XMAS 8 days ago

    good thing she uploaded an audio version cuz the clip is creepy af

  • Arianna Grimsley
    Arianna Grimsley 8 days ago


  • Fizzarina Chan
    Fizzarina Chan 8 days ago

    Who else listened to the whole witness album on Spotify before it was on YouTube

  • Aldana Diaz
    Aldana Diaz 8 days ago


  • Ryan Gulbrandsen
    Ryan Gulbrandsen 8 days ago

    i think i like it better when katy had long black hair, the time when she released her older albums in the last few years.

  • Gabriel Mosely
    Gabriel Mosely 8 days ago

    Love migos but too mych quavo

  • Sayda Dhanraj
    Sayda Dhanraj 8 days ago

    why she cut her hair😭😭😭

  • Olympia Beka
    Olympia Beka 8 days ago


  • Lady Lilith
    Lady Lilith 8 days ago

    That spinning head is really distracting.

  • Eren
    Eren 8 days ago

    1 . Miley 2. Katy WHY ?

  • Sudegül Okşaş
    Sudegül Okşaş 8 days ago

    when i listening this with its creepy video, really hated it but like this it's OK

  • Crystal - Chan
    Crystal - Chan 9 days ago

    If I hadn't known this song is sung by Katy Perry, I could have sworn that's Miley Cyrus.

  • Realist Catwoman
    Realist Catwoman 9 days ago

    People need to realize the deeper meaning behind the music rather than ASSUMING it's about sex. Take time and watch the video pay closer attention to the lyrics!

  • Skylar Marie Vlogs
    Skylar Marie Vlogs 9 days ago

    I wanna hate it so bad 😩

  • Mikey Casasola
    Mikey Casasola 9 days ago

    Take off & offset was 🔥🚀

  • Francesco Strano
    Francesco Strano 9 days ago

    pure satanism+kabalism

  • Anna Margarita Manalastas

    Woah it's a fidget spinner guys!!! Lol

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