BEST SUPERCELL COMMERCIALS 2012-2017 | Clash Of Clans Vs Clash Royale Vs Boom Beach Mini Movie!

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Best Supercell Animated Commercials animation from 2012 when clash of clans came out to 2017 including clash royale and boom beach adverts/commercials!

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Author MSM ( ago)
Hope you enjoyed the video! Download Free Gems on Clash Royale and Clash Of Clans -

Author Drache HD ( ago)
8:32 Music?

Author Deandrea Ginn ( ago)
H E Y , G U Y Z !!! , G E T F R E E D I A M O N D S A N D G O L D ❤❤
➜ ➜ ➜
C O M M E N T Y O U R U S E R N A M E I F G E T P R O B L E M ! I W I L L H E L P U ❤

Author Coco ( ago)
giant skeletons r fukin scarey

Author Ogzaz 1112 ( ago)
The hog rider one is the best

Author Adam Guled ( ago)
Nice intro

Author Its prep ( ago)
Bro why doesn't Hay day get any love it's a good game

Author No And no ( ago)
what the fuck does MSM mean

Author Charlie Jenkins ( ago)
Hogs are my favorite troop in clash of clans

Author SuperCrazy Gamer ( ago)
You missed the warriors zookas the scorcher the tank the critters stupid DR.T

Author Arsenic Kale ( ago)
geez they really need to make one of the Sparky

Author prasad poon ( ago)
I subscribed

Author Tormord ( ago)
Which fool counters goblins with a rocket?

Author Normie Palmer ( ago)
There's a ge-ms giveaway at

Author Wesley Chevonica ( ago)
eu falo br

Author Gurmit Kaur ( ago)
I love this vid

Author Ilkin Qadirov ( ago)
only hackers can fuck that ''Dr T''

Author TheEditor101 awesomeness ( ago)
Pekka and mini pekka are girls

Author Viviane Rodrigues ( ago)
royale a mais top

Author ruzaleticia ( ago)

Author Andy Claw ( ago)
Now I know what's inside a goblin hut!

Author Loilipop ( ago)
reply if u had a clash royale during the video

Author Ultra Killer ( ago)
I want the account

Author Pedro Dias ( ago)
o bau lendário vem cartas lendarias de qualquer arena

Author Pedro Dias ( ago)
o bau lendário vem cartas lendarias de qualquer arena

Author Pedro Dias ( ago)
o bau lendário vem cartas lendarias de qualquer arena

Author Pedro Dias ( ago)
o bau lendário vem cartas lendarias de qualquer arena

Author Angel Hernandez ( ago)
lol this kid added more to get that ad revenue xD Lol

Author ABBAS KİNQ ƏLİYEV Eliyev ( ago)

Author xCr1mmortal ( ago)
1:22 Allahu Akhbar!

Author Dam td ( ago)
coc is best

Author GreenyGuy Minecraft and more! ( ago)
LOL 😝 I got a clash royal advert at the start anyway!!

Author Steve Wilma ( ago)
That guy on the lawn mower is my favorite

Author Karma ( ago)
sub to me and ill sub back plz I'm a small clash royale gamer, hope u enjoy my channel

Author Ram Down The Gate ( ago)
11:30 Back in my day prince was a rare card

Author Luke Nakahodo ( ago)
Who saw a clash of clans ad before this video started and thought that was the vid?

Author Alban Meha ( ago)

Author BeSt Of MO's ( ago)
Can u do another one giveaway

Author Asteroid YT ( ago)
Honestly if there was a clash royale mixed with clash of clans movie i would watch it.

Author JV HELLFIRE ( ago)
clash of clans movies are epic and legendary 😍

Author Rage kill_insanity ( ago)
gotta say you know give anybody who likes supercelll good memories.
great video!

Author theprogoldstorm ( ago)
Ha haday sucks

Author Zachary C ( ago)

Author Fernando Ramos ( ago)

Author Pakko Clash RoyaleYT ( ago)
I like your videos is the best!

Author Beast V ( ago)
kuka näki että Pekka Pouta. oli tveessä

Author the killer 33 - ( ago)
whats the Music by 08:28

Author the killer 33 - ( ago)
i want also to be in a Goblin hut :D 🎊🎊🎊🎆🎆🎉🕹

Author Jaimy Chen ( ago)
Where is hay day?

Author Metalico Gamer ( ago)
Roses are red
Violets are blue
The tittle is english
Why not you?

Author Jake Gannon ( ago)
i subbed

Author Kazies ( ago)
nice video

Author Fritz Laguna ( ago)
nice! ;)

Author Devin Kinney-Rivas ( ago)
If only the giant skeleton was that op

Author dimensionalwisp avacado ( ago)
That intro is cancer

Author The Black Night ( ago)
very goog

Author Prestige Dirtyy ( ago)
Ahhhhh giant skeleton

Author Nick Coffin ( ago)
supercell has really stepped it up on their commercials

Author Акно Ерр ( ago)

Author Zarlasht Sarsam ( ago)
ha this in game

Author Serdar TheBozz ( ago)
what´s the name of the song at 7:15?

Author Kixify TooMuchSauceKicks ( ago)

Author Ksenija Klaric ( ago)
the audio is bad

Author jonnepvp ( ago)
2:13 pekka pouta

Author Riaan van Wyk ( ago)
Google play card please

Author Arnold Gurung ( ago)
any one knows the song played for executioner

Author Saadia Nazli ( ago)
Funny 😂😂😂😂

Author wesam flaifil ( ago)
K, jhiui

Author сандал протопопов ( ago)
clash royale

Author Jayden Hobson ( ago)
Can u plz give me a princess or lumber jack plz in clash Royal plz plz

Author FinnTW11 ( ago)
Your an idiot you no nothing f of

Author Rosario Fanelli ( ago)
mettete sfida carte in tavola seno non gioco mai e poi mai a clash royale

Author Rosario Fanelli ( ago)
se non mi fate trovare il principe nel baule del clan non gioco più a clash royale

Author Anuja Ushan ( ago)
😃😃plz like this😂😂

Author Dylan Gallagher ( ago)
intro song?

Author Rene Guillen 2 ( ago)
i fuckin hate clash royale its boring

Author Elite Cake ( ago)
That Roblox death noise at 2:03 tho...

Author Scott Lynde ( ago)
can I still enter? jk

Author Apink Neo ( ago)
plis make clash royal a movie guys... it will be fun😂😂

Author Dumb kids at Aiea * ( ago)
Nice click bait

Author Dw Dw ( ago)
Poor Hay Day....😢

Author Capronic2 Dethroned ( ago)
I'm not a fan of boom beach cause it's damn boring

Author spatrickx ( ago)

Author Phoenix Neault ( ago)
I subscribed

Author AddictedGamerSB ( ago)
You cut out a lot of clips

Author 퉁퉁아 엿 먹어라 ( ago)
한구인은 없나?

Author PANzoiD ( ago)
dude the intro was epic bro!!!

Author JSR Gaming ( ago)

Author MINEBOY LP ( ago)
Lava pup is cute

Author Isaiah Kurth ( ago)
These are just all the commercials

Author Manish Lama ( ago)
ben thousand coc

Author Devin Kurth ( ago)
Nice to see you added some replayed videos at the end to help get you too 10 minutes you piece of shit

Author 엔더스티브 ( ago)

Author Jb0ss Rocks ( ago)
I actually think a hog rider simulator game would be awesome.

Author ANDROID KING ( ago)
please clash of clans private server link

Author Elizabeth Villanueva ( ago)
i like yoru vityor

Author Liam Kenny ( ago)
lol lol i liked and the other thing when i didnt see the video

Author UnderBear ( ago)

Author Darius Ventouras ( ago)
Terrible editing skills. Seriously, they’re as worse as your youtube channel

Author Jyrone- Minecraft and More ( ago)
Why did you cut out a lot of the ads

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