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On the 24th of June 1994, Czar 52, a B-52H assigned to the 325th Bomb Squadron, 92d Bomb Wing, Fairchild Air Force Base, WA, was practicing maneuvers for an upcoming airshow. The aircrew had planned and briefed a profile, through the Wing Commander level, that grossly exceeded aircraft and regulatory limitations.
Upon preparing to land at the end of the practice airshow profile, the crew was required to execute a "go-around" or missed approach because of another aircraft on the runway. At mid-field, Czar 52 began a tight 360 degree left turn around the control tower at only 250 feet altitude above ground level (AGL). Approximately three quarters of the way through the turn, the aircraft banked past 90 degrees, stalled, clipped a power line with the left wing and crashed. There were no survivors out of a crew of four field grade officers.

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Author Dick Hertz ( ago)
Very fake...nice try

Author carriew92 ( ago)
Damn. Thats insane :'(

Author Shadowbolt Dusk ( ago)
I love how that guy standing there is just unphased.

Author killuminati63 ( ago)
what a bank ! it should of stalled at around 0:26 ?

Author RepublicofEthan ( ago)
No he didn't. This maneuver should never have been attempted in the first
place at that altitude. The pilot had a history of borderline criminal
recklessness, but his superiors refused to do anything.

Author RepublicofEthan ( ago)
Idiot or troll spotted.

Author John Zowert ( ago)
Who said it was a fighter jet?

Author Brandon lee ( ago)
Ummm that was an RC B-52.

Author ylekiote99999 ( ago)

Author DiverseLA ( ago)
I'm no pilot, but why would you bank that hard with such a big plane so low
to the ground? Just seems like a stupid decision. If you're going to risk
stalling, at least do it at a much higher altitude so you can have enough
room to recover lift.

Author FSEVENMAN ( ago)
B52 Bomber, Not a Fighter jet.

Author Clint Zilla ( ago)
Story is pretty said the Pilot was bit cocky and did stuff he shouldnt have
several of his crew complained but no one took action and this is what

Author tariq diggs ( ago)
Horrible way to die man..

Author tariq diggs ( ago)

Author Vindicator58 ( ago)
I think we saw this same pilot at VAFB a year before this. He did the same
low hard turn and the AF pilots that were with me were very concerned about
this then.

Author Danny Wahlstrom ( ago)
Is that real!

Author Eyepice ( ago)
When will ppl learn not to play with this kind of things. You mess with a
bull and you will get the horns

Author evanspilot1 ( ago)
Do a google search on the pilot. The military should have pulled him from
the controls when the warning signs were there. Many of this pilots crew
members complained about his flying

Author newromantic888 ( ago)
They barely had enough speed for the first turn. They lost speed and
altitude and then made the same turn again. Of course it was going to stall.

Author 8KserDnB ( ago)
Dying is never part of the plan.

Author Skyah james ( ago)
i wish we could all make rainbows and cupcakes and wed all be happy

Author ZeranZeran ( ago)
The sound the engine makes when it's stalled and air passes through it
sounds like screaming.

Author sisophous ( ago)
Pilot is flying too low. He makes a 360 much too sharp yet manages to do
it. He loses altitude and yet tries to make another sharp turn causing the
plane to stall. The impact was horrific, must have had full fuel at the

Author Mayan Cherry ( ago)
well, i mean, it wasnt the airshow yet.... so there were probably only a
few purple there

Author Richard EC ( ago)
What kind of accountability were you seeking if the person(s) responsible
were dead and gone? Do they court martial posthumously?

Author AdamYoo8 ( ago)
As a pilot, what in the FUCK was he thinking? No matter how hard you're
trying to push the limits of impress somebody, who would bank past 90
degrees? Or even CLOSE to 90 degrees? And, on top, at like 250 ft.?
Somebody with a death wish, jeez....

Author Andrew H ( ago)
Wow, if that was due to pilot error that pilot must have been one of the
worst ever.

Author Jodi AirflowAppliance ( ago)
Like the Japanese plane crash incidents back in the 90's also that Malcolm
Gladwell references in his book.

Author imfromtambunan ( ago)
Wow those people are so lucky to have witness that! I never see plane
crashes whenever I go to airshows =(

Author 0011101001011011 ( ago)
They were fine.

Author stanleyrr907 ( ago)
From what I understand, this pilot was a complete asshat. Other folks on
his flight crew had filed complaint after complaint against him for
recklessness and not following the rules. Leadership kept moving him around
without taking any action against him - until this happened. I'm a 22 year
Air Force vet and I was on active duty when this happened. We were all
briefed about this incident. Of course, a "thorough" investigation was
initiated after which.....nothing happened. Zero accountability.

Author Austin Holgate ( ago)
read the description.

Author Owen Murdock ( ago)
yes, although 4 of the crew is injured and has ceased to breath, blink, and
have no motor skills or brain activity which has put them in a never ending
coma branded "death". There is no known cure.

Author Owen Murdock ( ago)
well sir, fuck you and your ignorance

Author Tyler Bingham ( ago)
Nailed it

Author TheWoWisok ( ago)
perfect turn.

Author Shadman Rashid ( ago)
this is the 7th plane crash u filmed?!?!?

Author RawrJumping ( ago)
" There were no survivors out of a crew of four field grade officers." Yes,
they were okay, surprisingly enough. Apart from a small case of death, they
were all fine.

Author grindsmygearsAU ( ago)
were they okay?

Author YellingDingo22 ( ago)
Hmm, I suppose.

Author starfox300 ( ago)
No everyone in the airplane was fine.

Author kuglepen64 ( ago)
Not flares, it's powerlines getting cut by the wingtip.

Author Maro18Z ( ago)
he cut the power line with wing

Author YellingDingo22 ( ago)
The crazy bastard popped flares just before impact... It's the thought that

Author krejslayer ( ago)
Did he died?

Author ILSRWY4 ( ago)
As an FAA Certified Instructor pilot myself... that is exactly what we were
taught... so yup... you are correct!

Author TheoBrixtonTheKid ( ago)
If I understand correctly and I'm definitely no aviation expert, most
crashes are due to human error and not plan malfunction.

Author Megablueliner1 ( ago)
@ILSRWY4 so he crashed because he was being a fucking dumb ass. Tried to
show off with a few fancy tricks, would up paying the ultimate price.

Author gamehead91 ( ago)
Yep,he's dead.

Author FearAzrael ( ago)
No, he was slightly shorter and crispy but miraculously survived the impact
and subsequent explosion.

Author xxpr0nag3xx ( ago)

Author Luke Prince ( ago)
did he died?

Author TheNeemers ( ago)

Author AlexRaGeAHoLiC ( ago)
Its very sad when i think that someone of those people who diet family was
watching this and how they felt :(

Author JPEEZY9519 ( ago)

Author Leersam ( ago)
Oh Irony...

Author L ( ago)
yeah he did

Author iLoveYoutuveVideos ( ago)
It's so scary to watch live deaths..... damn

Author Gregster360 ( ago)
...this was on my birthday..

Author joeandstuff ( ago)
Not true. Read the description.

Author John Constantine ( ago)
No. Both survived with some bruises.

Author Densine ( ago)
did he die?

Author mancreep ( ago)
strength. endurance. glitter. smell good.

Author blsjapan78 ( ago)
Zero Lifting Power

Author EETFUK ( ago)
terrible :(

Author mysuperliam ( ago)
Sad to see such a amazin plane be destroyed by a dickhead

Author DrChicago ( ago)
The pilot was a cowboy with a death wish. He actually wore cowboy boots
while flying. He'd been reprimanded for similar, stupid stunts like this
numerous times, but he was never grounded like he should have been. If I
remember right, he had a major general buddy who would intervene on his

Author Andy Moore ( ago)
He is on smack

Author Norsto5194 ( ago)
I remember watching a documentary on this and the pilot was a hot headed

Author Sandman x13x ( ago)
my bad

Author Shearwater6 ( ago)
Total dickhead.

Author kasteman1 ( ago)
To a pilot that knows better, trying to fly a B-52 like a Cessna 150, dumb
is an understatement. I first watched this on a compilation video, and when
I saw the angle at 0:31, I knew why it was on that video. You don't need to
be an experienced pilot to see how reckless some maneuvers are.

Author JUST NVME ( ago)
hows the pilot dumb? he was practicing a maneuver and his plane stalled
when we was going around for another landing approach. You find that dumb?

Author bmp2046 ( ago)
How can you possibly categorize this as entertainment????

Author zorgen123 ( ago)
Staged? It was an air show Einstein. Did your mom drop you on your head
when you were a kid?

Author Raul Doutel ( ago)
this pilot is soo fucking dumb

Author Aka Saucy ( ago)

Author Dan Herrera (827 years ago)
You're one sadistic troll, are you?

Author Dan Herrera (862 years ago)
It's because NOBODY can survive a crash like that!

Author Torq Kyer ( ago)
It was an airshow practice, of course there are people filming it.

Author Torq Kyer ( ago)
did you not see the explosion? they were dead on impact

Author Stephen Anthony Stewart ( ago)
No one could live that crash :(

Author iglooNordique ( ago)

Author beasty108 ( ago)
as if the camera man had anything to help. think bro think.

Author Tony Stewart ( ago)
They were dead, practically shattered when the aircraft hit the ground,
there was no way to help.

Author ThrasherGnar ( ago)

Author MrCowboy1492 ( ago)
uhhhhhhh.....gravity wins!!!

Author MaxGogleMogle ( ago)
R.I.P. =(

Author bkeys15 ( ago)
god damn youre an idiot lol

Author TheMiaVice ( ago)
thats horrible..

Author TheBvb0911 ( ago)
practicing for an airshow

Author Razer Hail ( ago)
hahaha help them with what? picking up the teeth? they basically blew up as
the cockpit hit the ground. If you can survive that then you deserve a

Author Code2Fat (831 year ago)
Why the he'll are you lolling, 4 people died and you thinks it's funny

Author ElOthemany ( ago)
must 've been a failure !!

Author TheSupershoaibraja ( ago)
committing suicide lol obv

Author Douglas Stoner ( ago)
living right next to the write pat airforce base runway scares the shit out
of me lol. the planes land right over my house....

Author Sabre Iglesias ( ago)

Author ryan cummings (1921 year ago)
It wasn't a failure of the plane really. When he banked left at 90 deg he
lost lift. I have seen the other stuff this pilot has done in the past, he
could push the b-52.

Author ILSRWY4 ( ago)
Not a failure-the pilot, a high ranking officer, was under a
re-certification process in the aircraft prior to an airshow. He was in
trouble for flying the "52" recklessly in the past. When this crash
happened he was demonstrating to an instructor what "he claimed" he could
do with the B52. On September 28, 1994, the Air Force Accident
Investigations Board released the results of its investigation which blamed
the accident on the pilot, who had been practicing unauthorized & unsafe

Author knuckleheadh2o (1936 years ago)
Um, they were dead as soon as they hit. Like the second top comment says,
do you want them to burn as well?

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