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On the 24th of June 1994, Czar 52, a B-52H assigned to the 325th Bomb Squadron, 92d Bomb Wing, Fairchild Air Force Base, WA, was practicing maneuvers for an upcoming airshow. The aircrew had planned and briefed a profile, through the Wing Commander level, that grossly exceeded aircraft and regulatory limitations.
Upon preparing to land at the end of the practice airshow profile, the crew was required to execute a "go-around" or missed approach because of another aircraft on the runway. At mid-field, Czar 52 began a tight 360 degree left turn around the control tower at only 250 feet altitude above ground level (AGL). Approximately three quarters of the way through the turn, the aircraft banked past 90 degrees, stalled, clipped a power line with the left wing and crashed. There were no survivors out of a crew of four field grade officers.

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Author Dick Hertz (1 month)
Very fake...nice try

Author carriew92 (1 year)
Damn. Thats insane :'(

Author Shadowbolt Dusk (1 year)
I love how that guy standing there is just unphased.

Author 11jjrmex (2 years)
terrible :(

Author jimmyboy241 (2 years)

Author John Constantine (2 years)
No. Both survived with some bruises.

Author bkeys15 (2 years)
god damn youre an idiot lol

Author Eyepice (2 years)
When will ppl learn not to play with this kind of things. You mess with a
bull and you will get the horns

Author Megablueliner1 (2 years)
@ILSRWY4 so he crashed because he was being a fucking dumb ass. Tried to
show off with a few fancy tricks, would up paying the ultimate price.

Author HesterDW (3 years)
did they just say "oh shit" on TLC? the 90s man lol.

Author kdissed (3 years)
EJECT ...EJECT... DAMNIT!! oh wait i cant.

Author stanleyrr907 (2 years)
From what I understand, this pilot was a complete asshat. Other folks on
his flight crew had filed complaint after complaint against him for
recklessness and not following the rules. Leadership kept moving him around
without taking any action against him - until this happened. I'm a 22 year
Air Force vet and I was on active duty when this happened. We were all
briefed about this incident. Of course, a "thorough" investigation was
initiated after which.....nothing happened. Zero accountability.

Author zoomerlawns (2 years)
Where are you getting 50+ people including kids? Only 4 died, the rest
walked away unharmed.

Author Torq Kyer (2 years)
did you not see the explosion? they were dead on impact

Author Shearwater6 (2 years)
Total dickhead.

Author gamehead91 (2 years)
Yep,he's dead.

Author james mathews (3 years)
just twice?

Author TheWoWisok (2 years)
perfect turn.

Author Collin Bru (2 years)
Finally some satisfying entertainment...nothing insensitive intended. I
would not expect anyone to come out alive from that least not
the cockpit. I was think that was big plane...with four engines...and they
were doing stunts with it? That was pretty much right next to the
ground....should have been up in the air dong that shit. Almost looks as if
the pilot was drunk. Nice fire ball at the end.

Author RawrJumping (2 years)
" There were no survivors out of a crew of four field grade officers." Yes,
they were okay, surprisingly enough. Apart from a small case of death, they
were all fine.

Author K1ngsGamertag (3 years)
Rolling Thunder .. Inbound.

Author Sabre Iglesias (2 years)

Author iDonB BliNkk (2 years)
nigga thought it was GTA lmfao RIP

Author Dan Herrera (2 years)
It's because NOBODY can survive a crash like that!

Author starfox300 (2 years)
No everyone in the airplane was fine.

Author JPEEZY9519 (2 years)

Author tariq diggs (2 years)

Author ElOthemany (2 years)
must 've been a failure !!

Author Gregster360 (2 years)
...this was on my birthday..

Author marny butt (2 years)

Author XxVeNuMuSxX (3 years)

Author mrzombieboy91 (2 years)
yeah he did

Author kuglepen64 (2 years)
Not flares, it's powerlines getting cut by the wingtip.

Author Dan Covaciu (2 years)
.. I think the pilot who was on the runway couldn't sleep for a long time..

Author Red Mist (2 years)
Not even funny epic though

Author kneegrow pleez (2 years)
Play song Ring of Fire by johnny cash while watching this video

Author Stephen Anthony Stewart (2 years)
No one could live that crash :(

Author Razer Hail (2 years)
hahaha help them with what? picking up the teeth? they basically blew up as
the cockpit hit the ground. If you can survive that then you deserve a

Author ryan cummings (2 years)
It wasn't a failure of the plane really. When he banked left at 90 deg he
lost lift. I have seen the other stuff this pilot has done in the past, he
could push the b-52.

Author Dan Herrera (2 years)
You're one sadistic troll, are you?

Author RepublicofEthan (1 year)
No he didn't. This maneuver should never have been attempted in the first
place at that altitude. The pilot had a history of borderline criminal
recklessness, but his superiors refused to do anything.

Author Derek Wall (3 years)
i believe thats called a wing stall, he was way too low for that maneuver

Author tariq diggs (2 years)
Horrible way to die man..

Author VickyBrownify (2 years)
about 50 people + died in that crash including young kids, and ure calling
it gay... asshole

Author Tyler Bingham (2 years)
Nailed it

Author daryl bokenham (2 years)
r.i.p. to the people who lost their lives that day

Author Epix Kat (2 years)
LOL Learn how to pilot..

Author mysuperliam (2 years)
Sad to see such a amazin plane be destroyed by a dickhead

Author Luke Prince (2 years)
did he died?

Author mancreep (2 years)
strength. endurance. glitter. smell good.

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