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Fatal diving accident caught on tape: Yuri Lipski

Views: 949444
High resolution video of the orginal (non-edited) tape of Yuri Lipski. That clearly shows that Yuri DOES NOT DIE IN THIS VIDEO. So his accident...
Crashes Caught On Tape
Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating 
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This 4 and a half minute video is all about car crashes, more or less fatal. This is one of the videos I'm more proud to present for you, so thank...
Caught on Video: Burning An-24 plane crash lands in Siberian river
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Follow us on and Dramatic new pictures have emerged of the moment a Russian passenger...
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Classic hour-long tape of weird car crashes. Lots of good stuff here. Purchased this tape at Richmond, VA's SUPER FLEA! More videos and discussion...
Plane Accidents caught on cam compilation.
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Part 2 of plane accidents caught on cam. Song: Silence of the night. Artist: Cedrik Michel. CD: Les Enfants De La Patrie/Candy Life Buy:...
AIRSHOW CRASH CAF / South Texas - March 12, 2011 - Hinojosa
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Views: 109493
Airplane accident on March 12, 2011, engine failure.
Jet Crash Caught on Tape
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Views: 193819 The NTSB report link above - An F-86 fighter jet...
AA pilots with balls of steel
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AA pilots get trained for this landing at Honduras as its a difficult you can see... and also worth noting the length of runway...
Car crash compilation 2010 - Hard traffic crash caught on tape
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Car crash all over the world, the best horrific crashes of 2010 caught on cam. intersection car crash. highway car crash, t-bones, snow car crash,...
Dramatic video of pilot surviving crash after plane's wing breaks off mid-air
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(Video courtesy: Claudio Tavella) A pilot, who survived after his plane's wings came off, says he'll continue flying. Spectators at an air show in...
345KV Powerline Explosion!
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Bigg explosion, Power line short circuit!
Mishap of B-52 at Fairchild Air Force Base Washington
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Please try to keep from using vulgarities and profanity. I feel we can make our points without using profanity. I have no problem with calling...
Dramatic Fiery Air Show Crash
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Views: 182300
Two World War II vintage planes collide at air show in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. A propeller-driven Corsair was taking off when it clipped the wing of...
Scariest Plane CRASHES ever caught on Tape.( Compliation)
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I fell bad for them all. This is a complition of some of the scariest crashes ever caught on tape thats on the internet. SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE
Horrific Bike Accident! Caught on Tape!!
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A famous footage of a record-breaking bike run that ends in disaster....
Russian Jet Crash 2012: Moscow Plane Crash Kills 4
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Views: 419553
Plane crash lands on snowy Moscow runway, barely missing packed highway.
Rating Rating Rating RatingRating
Views: 132681
Man loses wing. Will he get lucky... Play "lucky No Lucky"
Video of plane dangling in air, pilot shows death-defying skills
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Views: 3952928
Now, caught on camera...A pilot struggles to regain control of his aircraft. This footage shot by a plane spotter at an airport in the Moscow...
Airplane Crash Caught on Tape
Rating Rating Rating RatingRating
Views: 57510
An Airplane Crash caught on tape by a passenger, amazingly no one was killed by this accident. Once in a lifetime look at how this plane smashes...
Truck crash caught on tape California Highway 08.02.2011
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Views: 48135
Amazingly no one was badly hurt after a wrong-way driver on a California highway crashes into a guardrail.
Malev bird strike
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Views: 160924
Malev Boeing 737 bird strike. Special thanks to Lacka for the video editing. :P
plane crash caught on tape - 5
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Views: 2055336
A Piedmont Airlines (USAir) is forced to make an emergency landing with one if its main landing gear retracted. The aircraft slides to a stop on...
Fatal Diving Accident Caught on Tape
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Views: 8738516
Video taped by Yuri Lipski who died in a diving accident in the "Blue Hole", Dahab, Egypt at 28.4.2000. The video shows rare footage taken by...
Accident! Plane Crash Caught on tape SHOCKING
Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating 
Views: 7389244
Accident! Plane Crash Caught on tape SHOCKING Check our other channel- Other Videos Scariest accident...
Horrific plane crash caught on tape

Views: 1290743
omg i happened to have my camera with me in a traffic jam and then suddenly a plane bashed through the telephone wires. hundreds were killed. (just...

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