Tall Woman Little Man LIFT & CARRY 2

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Author Loon Charming (2 years)
@rogerdanish How much do you weigh?

Author Loon Charming (2 years)
SO HOTTT....i need a woman like that

Author Chris Doolan (5 years)
i would like 2 get carried by her anyone agree

Author wak359 (7 years)
i would absolutely love to live with a Woman that much bigger than me....

Author thegoosebrain (6 years)
I'm scared.... because this turns me on for some reason. lol

Author scissorphilip (10 months)
i would like to carry her up on my shoulders.

Author Loon Charming (2 years)
@borg1228 how about me? i weigh 120 pounds

Author vibha30yr (9 months)
watch my channel for more lift and carry videos

Author Loon Charming (2 years)
@borg1228 I am used to being laughed at

Author thegoosebrain (2 years)
Hey, Fag? Stop hitting on me, OK?

Author Ecknap (5 years)
Wow, she looks perfect in every way, face, curves, the whole deal. This
should be the standard for every white girl trying to make it in Hollywood.

Author ecajama (7 years)
good lift

Author wak359 (4 years)
That is due to the strange desire among even tall Women to weigh 110lbs...
A tall Woman needs to weight more to be properly-proportioned... This Woman
recognizes that fact...

Author omar168 (7 years)
She has the most fantastic legs.

Author Max jAN (7 years)
nice woman and good tinny man,but how can any man live with a woman like

Author borg1228 (2 years)
@betamaleHUMBLED haha lol

Author nvr2tallluvr (7 years)
Easy.I would love to live with a VERY tall woman,for height
comparisons,Lift & Carry,& Domination.She would HAVE TO BE well over 6'
tall(somewhere between 6'6"-6'9"..or better,& STRONG like 6'6" Skytriss,or
6'3"-6'11"in high heels..Bunny Glamazon.

Author shelbyguy (7 years)
awesome legs .... anyone have more of her ???

Author dan theman (4 years)
try to lift me lol 210lbs solid strong with cp you'd never be able to lift

Author borg1228 (2 years)
If there is any man I like I just carry him on my shoulders and say hes
mine =]

Author KevinBarton666 (7 years)
Now that's the kind of woman I want for a grilfriend.

Author hippisdead (6 years)
Most white women-especially tall ones-have zero butt and no shape. This
woman is definitely an exception. Very nice.

Author Riri Dzklynz (6 years)
this woman would have me so easily bitched-up every day and absolutely
loving it. WOW.

Author 2199 (6 years)
this is the kind of woman I want. She has nice sculpted legs and glutes and
quads. My kind of woman.

Author schnaggel (3 years)
@disneynut06 Karen van Wilmerdingen

Author ACoolNerd (6 years)
OOO she so thick and sexy.I want me one of those.They be liking us
nerds.But I'm not little like this guy.I'm 6'1" and athleticly built.

Author Loon Charming (2 years)
@thegoosebrain Are you a wimp like him?

Author volvomike (7 years)
she must lift him over her head

Author disneynut06 (4 years)
What's the name of the woman?

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