SuddenAttack Viet Nam

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Vídeo de demonstração do Sudden Attack 2 que será lançado em 2014 na Coréia. Curta:
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"NabD" is the top team in JapanSuddenAttack. 1..RYOHEI = Matcha 2..KENGO = uNited 3..TAKAHIRO = Chemist 4..SHOUITI = TENGO 5..YUKI = Vader...
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Slender montage vid 360 quickscopes, ultra kills, quick scoping AND MORE!!!
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sudden attack vn gameplay noob vid XD
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If you hope to ask me, visit my twitter. No more reply in youtube.
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FPS}Legend - #-FA-#Legend
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SUDDEN ATTACK: Gatinha Assanhada nº 08
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INSCREVA-SE NO MUCA: Twitter: Facebook:
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Breakdown - Gotta' break the light.
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fraps was requested.. As you can see, some of my friends are not the best at the game. still love them. i'll upload the requested pv game very...
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Tam biet SA Viet Nam cung nhung ki niem ko bao gio quen dc :(( :((
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1MIN CORTEI UM KILL MALS ._. subscribe in channel and watch in HD , thanks! inscreva-se no canal de gostei e favorite o video , obg !

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