She Hulk grows muscular and kicks Dr Doom's butt

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Author Sammy Curtis-Weight (7 months)

Author Mark Hunter (1 month)
Hulk is a legend like Ryback, Lizard, Venom etc.

Author Myangandash Badmaasuren (2 days)

Author IconicAero (7 months)
she wants the D...

Author Liam Collins (1 month)
She hulk is sexy

Author jorge dayaganon (2 years)

Author jorge dayaganon (2 years)

Author jorge dayaganon (2 years)

Author Michael Inglis (1 year)
There's something very wrong with how those two talk.

Author starbury64 (2 years)
Her transformation sounded more like an orgasm...

Author demarkahs (1 year)
Gotta love me some sexy she-hulk, the way she talks is such a turn on

Author Navarre Ripol (1 year)
This gives me a boner.

Author super power (2 years)
and that she is bigger than dr. doom

Author TeeKayN (1 year)
They're cousins... why do they sound like lovers?

Author Rob Margolin (1 year)
she hulk rocks!!!I know it would be marvel and DC but would like to see her
SCREENPLAY and please check out the true twisted story of how GEORGE LUCAS
sent off duty CIA agents to threaten my Mother with guns thanks

Author gilpita (1 year)
disk sex voice

Author murrogashinji (1 year)
I think I read somewhere that she had a fling with Juggernaut, but I can't
remember what comic it was. Would make since, I don't think she'd really be
able to have any fun with anyone with her powers unless they were stronger
than her.

Author Andre Robinson (1 year)
Somewhat sexy she hulk

Author Sourabh Roddey (11 months)
I was hoping her bra would explode.

Author 01MrBLA (1 year)
Now if this was the Marvel vs Capcom Doom (or max's doom), there would've
been alot of hidden missiles and finga lazers.

Author Klinsen Soh (1 year)
That's a real messed up lawyer, speaking like that

Author Tristram Gardner (1 year)
Yea, just imagine that clit. Actually don't.

Author blackeroni (2 years)

Author TeeKayN (1 year)
That doesn't answer my question on why they sound like lovers..

Author BigStanTheMan298 (1 year)
i'd the fuck the shit outta her

Author maman84jtm (1 year)

Author maggotcorps (1 year)
wheres the otg, and the nikes!

Author SlayerZaraki (1 year)
That moment when you realize Dr. Doom is voiced by Simon Templeman, the
voice of Kain.

Author Izztheman1992 (1 year)
Lol this can't be for kids

Author pivotjp333 (1 year)
uhhh why cant she turn back?

Author TeeKayN (1 year)
I know they aren't lovers, but they 'sound' like it because she says,
"You've got to turn back, baby."

Author Tuathadestrider (1 year)
Come on, plenty of people other than Banner have similar strength to the
hulk in the comics.

Author danerogil (2 years)
No, she's all mine :D You can be the bruiser maker, I'll be her baby maker

Author Sasuke Uchiha (11 months)
Blacklead was machste hier xD

Author Ziejan Gonzales (1 year)
Bhhhggg. FH

Author ActionHero29 (1 year)
She-Hulk is the ultimate babe :P

Author erzan (2 years)
Er am I the only one who thinks She-Hulk talks and sounds like some porn
star... LOL!

Author Rob Margolin (1 year)
she should have kids with Thor!!!!PLEASE TYPE IN GREEN LANTERN THE ORIGINAL
SCREENPLAY and please check out the true twisted story of how GEORGE LUCAS
sent off duty CIA agents to threaten my Mother with guns thanks!!!!!!!

Author hairyandlarge (1 year)
Very kind driver not noticing the huge woman in his car is fucking green

Author jzhen001 (1 year)
everything she's saying is sex related....

Author MrKile614 (2 years)
She hulk is sexy and she know it

Author Elias Gacia (1 year)
Oh baby! Green hulk lady I love you!

Author allieariahbrown98 (2 years)
All exactly

Author markrfrancis89 (1 year)
shehulk is one sexy beast

Author David Dimalanta (1 year)
That reminds me. Hulk is kinda autistic the way he speaks.

Author slyspy9 (11 months)
wow.....are you serious...if so im woried about your health hmmmm.....maybe
your high?

Author JuggerNERD (1 year)
You can close your eyes through almost this entire video and it

Author Daniel Ross (1 year)
I thought Dr doom was stronger becuz he can absorb a huge amount of
electricity and the more electricity u have, the stronger u r. But
apparently gamma rays are more powerful

Author danerogil (2 years)
I wanna try to dominate her in bed...

Author f00768500 (1 year)
JUST watched this for the FIRST time and thought the SAME thing! MAAAN,
were 90s toons filthy or WHAT?!? And to think the kids back then had NO

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