She Hulk grows muscular and kicks Dr Doom's butt

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Author Thai Sau ( ago)

Author Stephen Campbell ( ago)
this still the top 3 worst hulks ive seen,, he is hulk not fucking

Author Deqie Febrian ( ago)

Author Naomi A ( ago)
did she say do push push boom boom

Author s1967k ( ago)
Which sounds she doing ? Whats wrong with her :D

Author Davy jones (1442 years ago)
Brasil(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Author Sthela Rubio Zazueta ( ago)

Author sally santos (1062 years ago)
Everyone's saying how she might have an inappropriately close relationship
with her cousin, Bruce, and she did. In the Old Man Logan comics, She Hulk
and Hulk produced enough kids to take over most of North America. And their
kids and grandkids and such are hillbillies and are really... mean. If I
remember correctly.

Author mohammed qtait ( ago)

Author Brandon Kohout ( ago)
That She-Hulk would definitely be Boner of the Year

Author ultramaximus ( ago)
when she transformed it was more like a porn LOL

Author Phork tola ( ago)
Ben 10

Author Rachida Lamkannef ( ago)

Author Stephanie Arana ( ago)

Author Thomas Dan Nielsen ( ago)
The only time somebody had an orgasm while getting transformed....

Author lorena moreira costa ( ago)
Eu adorei

Author lenzino7383 ( ago)
That transformation scene!! LMAO!! Really!? Those perverted writers and
animators!! lol

Author Ben Wasserman ( ago)
Were they going for sexual innuendos here? Cause they succeeded 

Author Kevin Reynart ( ago)
I really want to see She-Hulk in a live action solo Hulk movie.

Author Will Duncan (freddy fazbear) ( ago)
My dog expanded feature length kinda

Author Stephen Danielson ( ago)
This is why kids start masturbating WAY earlier than they should

Author efren Espana ( ago)

Author TheDavidiscoolified ( ago)
0:01-0:20..... O_O

Author Alex Jacobsen ( ago)

Author k120zmo1wo2k ( ago)
Dr doom "end of conversation."

Author Makis Chatzianagnostou ( ago)

Author Sp0rkXNinja ( ago)
Man this is why I miss 90s cartoons

Author Luis Cepeda Fernandez ( ago)
She hulk beautiful, strong and very sexy is the best

Author Shane Morgan ( ago)
F jdc th ur

Author Quadrix ( ago)
0:29 DR. D

Author Disko Dyslexic ( ago)
Damn. Need to search for She Hulk hentai now.

Author Jimmys Jamin ( ago)
My God I keep telling myself she's JUST A CARTOON ! but ugh she's HOTTTTT
DAMN! !!!

Author Glory Poet ( ago)
Right after dr doom said this is not to be

Author Glory Poet ( ago)
When she kicked one of the droids with a side kick did she say beat??

Author Blackhole Comics ( ago)
You and me all the way we are the green sheep of the family_Incest at it's

Author sweetcow3 ( ago)
Damn, I read kisses Dr. Doom's butt, the only reason I clicked on the

Author Emtobed .EMTOBED ( ago)
I got wood when I saw this. 

Author dungtb1980 ( ago)

Author Saggy315 ( ago)
or because this is her first appearance and it was an unforeseen
circumstance that doom had not planned for...

Author Mr Macabre ( ago)
How does she hulk defeat dr doom when dr doom can defeat the x men avengers
and fantastic 4 :/

Author Casey Thomas ( ago)
Hella sexy

Author Moon Scorn ( ago)
she is a sexy beast!

Author Itachi Uchiha ( ago)
She-Hulk sounds like she's constantly on the verge of having an orgasm.

Author Sourabh Roddey ( ago)
I was hoping her bra would explode.

Author Markus Criticus ( ago)
She-Hulk is not lame!

Author Sasuke Uchiha ( ago)
Blacklead was machste hier xD

Author Goku Super Saiyan ( ago)
I must admit that you make me laugh!

Author locotedeatar ( ago)
She is not too hot for a cartoon?

Author Mirokuofnite ( ago)
This goes really well with Don Felder-Heavy Metal (Takin' a Ride).

Author Mystery Koala ( ago)
Dr doom survived he is indestructible

Author Bailey Meiklejohn ( ago)
big green chick that could rip you in half like a soggy paper bag? you have
weird tastes good sir

Author 2paczfan ( ago)
dat voice cot dayum

Author spadehatesscrewtube ( ago)
I like when she hulk kicked iron mans ass. That was cool. Doom .. well, for
real he would slaughter her.

Author Data One ( ago)
Too funny lmao what a script... Lmao

Author No One ( ago)
why the fuck does everything she says sound so damn sexual...? I watched
this while my sister nearby and she thought it was porn...

Author Susana Eaton ( ago)
Bet this is what she says to people in bed

Author hithummah ( ago)
I grow A muscle watching this...

Author Toshiro Hitsugaya ( ago)
can you imagine her in the bed O_O

Author Daniel Ryan ( ago)
DEAR GOD! This was a kid's show? If you close your eyes this honestly
sounds like a low rent porno.

Author AnTra23 ( ago)
She hulk is his COUSIN you fool XD

Author aygecko ( ago)
Dr hotness overflowing from She-Hulk

Author Goku Super Saiyan ( ago)
I don't follow?

Author ninjamonkey508 ( ago)
quite a compliment coming from a super sayian

Author ohemaa agyemang ( ago)
00:06 that looks very wrong when she did that!

Author Chifurardium ( ago)
disk sex voice

Author marcus24000 ( ago)
she can always give you a headsup when she is ready to spasm lol then u can
quickly take it out and no harm done,but ummmm wy are we talking about this
i was here for the cartoon il let my mind do the rest :P

Author Tuathadestrider ( ago)
Come on, plenty of people other than Banner have similar strength to the
hulk in the comics.

Author Dre 3k ( ago)
Somewhat sexy she hulk

Author hairyandlarge ( ago)
Very kind driver not noticing the huge woman in his car is fucking green

Author BabylonKoopa ( ago)
This is why we have the green giant

Author Paradoxical003 ( ago)
Or equal, as I mentioned w/ her cousin.

Author nahor88 ( ago)
She's not for fucking, she's for worshiping.

Author Rob Margolin ( ago)
Her and Superman should have green kids that fly!!!!PLEASE TYPE IN GREEN
LANTERN/GEORGE LUCAS and please check out the true twisted story of how
GEORGE LUCAS sent off duty CIA agents to threaten my mother with guns

Author Mister Ripper ( ago)
She broke up w/ ol' juggy cuz of his temper. He is a powerhouse, snd he has
a shit ton of anger issues!

Author alexandra Pad ( ago)
Have you tried "MegaMAX Muscle Maker"? (do a google search for it) It is a
quick and easy way to get stronger fast.

Author murrogashinji ( ago)
I think I read somewhere that she had a fling with Juggernaut, but I can't
remember what comic it was. Would make since, I don't think she'd really be
able to have any fun with anyone with her powers unless they were stronger
than her.

Author Jyo Star ( ago)
This is funny. Wasn't this aimed at kids? How did they get away with this
:D nice one marvel

Author Redem10 ( ago)
"Blast You Richard!" "What....I'm She-Hulk" "Sorry, force of the habit!"

Author Paradoxical003 ( ago)
It would probably destroy your dick if you put it in her, think about it,
she has the strength of a hulk, and the vagina tenses during orgasms, this
is not controllable, she will smash your dick during sex, even if she
doesn't want to, and anal's worse. Result: the pure muscle will squish it
up, probably castrating you. Yea, she's never having sex again, sure, she
could just screw her fellow-hulk cousin, but the fact that they are cousins
would probably put them off of that.

Author ianludanik12 ( ago)
Why is she hulk so sexual 0.o

Author Goku Super Saiyan ( ago)
Lol! She-Hulk would probably kick my ass!

Author Tristram Gardner ( ago)
Yea, just imagine that clit. Actually don't.

Author KMClone ( ago)
hm. why isn't there a movie about she-hulk? Like "the incredible hulk" and
so on.... stupid..

Author SIMPDUDE ( ago)
Too make sure all little boys watching this grow up straight.

Author Tomas Rodriguez ( ago)
what the hell, she is suppossed to be banner´s cousin, not her lover...

Author GenFailsLife ( ago)
I always wondered why kids have dirty minds .....

Author David Dimalanta (1073 years ago)
That reminds me. Hulk is kinda autistic the way he speaks.

Author Brennan Dunn ( ago)
Why is She-Hulk so sexual in this?

Author SlayerZaraki ( ago)
That moment when you realize Dr. Doom is voiced by Simon Templeman, the
voice of Kain.

Author MrBubbles4356 ( ago)
YIKES!!!!! Her boobs expand to EXTRA large!!!!!

Author beastproductions143 ( ago)
meme:she hulk...why u so fappable

Author SuperCartiel ( ago)
Be careful with Jennifer when you're on the futon. This lassie can send you
to the moon. Literally.

Author van sang ( ago)

Author antibrotha ( ago)
Jennifer hurt Lol

Author Rob Margolin ( ago)
she hulk rocks!!!I know it would be marvel and DC but would like to see her
SCREENPLAY and please check out the true twisted story of how GEORGE LUCAS
sent off duty CIA agents to threaten my Mother with guns thanks

Author nikeboy3211 ( ago)
@starbury64 so true

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