America's Got Talent 2017 Puddles Pity Party From Out of Nowhere Full Audition S12E01

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  • Petrus Delassio
    Petrus Delassio 12 minutes ago

    One word..EPIC!

  • Shawn K
    Shawn K 1 hour ago

    Don't know why but really really love this! Watch lots of these clips and this is one of a few that stand out

  • Opfi Pip
    Opfi Pip 2 hours ago

    He is really good, but he was already a kind of star before he came to AGT.

  • Brigitte HONEST
    Brigitte HONEST 2 hours ago


  • Shayan Tehrany
    Shayan Tehrany 5 hours ago

    4:07 mia khalifa

  • Iuwdbwudbvhwduivhbwduivbi iwudcbwiuecbwuic`

    Here is the winner of AGT 2017 😎

  • Phoebe S.
    Phoebe S. 7 hours ago

    I SCREAMED when I watched this video bc I'm already such a huge fan of Puddles!!! IM SO GLAD EVERYONE LOVED HIM!!

  • Love Nibbles
    Love Nibbles 9 hours ago

    fucking better than the original

  • Cameron Cabrera
    Cameron Cabrera 9 hours ago

    If anybody deserved the golden buzzer it was puddles....

  • Treverse
    Treverse 12 hours ago

    They purposely didn't give him the golden buzzer. Just to get people coming back to watch more of him.

  • Delta901
    Delta901 12 hours ago

    I've seen him from PMJ.

  • Luiz Guilherme Letti
    Luiz Guilherme Letti 13 hours ago

    did he come back to the show or he did just this one?

  • Blind Benny Hooker
    Blind Benny Hooker 14 hours ago

    Some one put this guy in a DC comic movie ! Puddles the sad clown who will rip your fucking head off !

  • Xavier Daniswara
    Xavier Daniswara 16 hours ago

    anjir merinding.. padahal udah tau suaranya bagus

  • andres orlando baeza suarez

    que bella vos que sentimiento canta esta cancion saludos de SANTIAGO DE CHILE..

  • NarrowPath777
    NarrowPath777 17 hours ago

    In addition to his fantastic voice, he has done a great job with the character he has created. The walk, the mannerisms, the costume and face paint. I think he'd do well as a Vegas show

  • Maev Labs
    Maev Labs 17 hours ago

    I want Puddles to win.
    He is a very talented person we want to see more 👏👏👏

  • dracoslayer16
    dracoslayer16 18 hours ago

    I love everyone at 2:35 with just pure looks of "what the fuck is happening?"

  • sammy lee
    sammy lee 18 hours ago

    little black lass in audience clearly got good parents and good soul

  • Marcus Riedner
    Marcus Riedner 19 hours ago

    Puddles is boss.

  • Jimmy Jammz
    Jimmy Jammz 19 hours ago


  • Jimmy Jammz
    Jimmy Jammz 19 hours ago


  • Searchmeister
    Searchmeister 19 hours ago

    It's a Pity that we didn't find him sooner.

  • Searchmeister
    Searchmeister 19 hours ago

    Are you sure he's not a professional!?

  • natty
    natty 20 hours ago

    I remember when I first hear what puddles did, I honestly think he is going to get very far this season. :) He is very talented.

  • Pete Ramsay
    Pete Ramsay 21 hour ago

    totally amazing !!!!!

  • Rabi U
    Rabi U 22 hours ago

    The only thing I HATE about this video is that I'm allowed to only like it once :(

  • Sanusi Hairul
    Sanusi Hairul 23 hours ago

    Go puddlea.. go.. go.. ur are the best... always surpport u from Malaysia...

  • Evandro Filgueiras
    Evandro Filgueiras 23 hours ago

    out of no where?
    have you guys listened to Postmodern Jukebox?
    he has millions of views on youtube!

  • Fanly Suryaputra
    Fanly Suryaputra 23 hours ago

    where is the golden buzzer?

  • Caleb Geronomi
    Caleb Geronomi 23 hours ago


  • Jennifer Zimmer
    Jennifer Zimmer 1 day ago

    cutest clown ever!!!

  • Ink Bendy
    Ink Bendy 1 day ago

    i wase afraid of clowns and he turend me

  • Hương Phạm
    Hương Phạm 1 day ago

    Who cried

  • inconceivabledark

    get in there Mr Puddles!!

  • Donovan Simmons
    Donovan Simmons 1 day ago

    Is this season still going on right now? How far did Puddles get if it is over now?

    • Luke Knight
      Luke Knight 22 hours ago

      Donovan Simmons this season is still going on, this is his only performance so far, auditions are still underway.

    • Thomas Boyd
      Thomas Boyd 1 day ago

      Donovan Simmons The season just start buddy. Go ahead and start following America's got talent. Here on you YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

  • Searchmeister
    Searchmeister 1 day ago

    It changes your fear to fans!

  • Searchmeister
    Searchmeister 1 day ago

    He even got Simon and Howie to like him.

  • Arien HSP
    Arien HSP 1 day ago

    Is it a new thing to lie that you know the person in real life just to get likes? If so, it's PATHETIC!

  • Searchmeister
    Searchmeister 1 day ago

    That was tears of joy!

  • Searchmeister
    Searchmeister 1 day ago

    Puddles Pity Party VS The Singing Trump!

  • Force2Reckon
    Force2Reckon 1 day ago

    This is the year of "Not judging a book by its cover"
    So many weird surprising acts.

  • Christian Carlan
    Christian Carlan 1 day ago

    Was him being sad part of the act or was it genuine?

  • Inspire Strength
    Inspire Strength 1 day ago

    Lovely rendition of this song. Well done xoxo

  • UnstoppableRagex Gamer

    I keep watching this again and again and AGAIN

  • LS
    LS 1 day ago

    He´s good but I really hate clowns 😣😣😣😣😣

  • Jose Iglesias Leon

    only the best singer....

  • Paulo Bongiovanni

    He's not bad and his act is original. However, there are a lot of much better acts than his. He's not gonna make it to the final 12. Maybe to the live shows.

  • tootz1950
    tootz1950 1 day ago

    Sheesh! Are you people crazy?

  • PacMonster146
    PacMonster146 1 day ago

    Youtube not working out?

  • steelcrowjpc
    steelcrowjpc 1 day ago

    I just love how much energy he puts into the music and his moments along to the song

  • Frank Rogier
    Frank Rogier 1 day ago

    Puddles is the ''TAPE FACE'' of AGT 2017! What a great act!

  • Bill M
    Bill M 1 day ago

    Professionals who earn their livings from their acts are accepted as contestants. That's nothing new. - What shocks me is that none of the judges were familiar with the YouTube star, Puddles. THEY ARE AMAZINGLY OUT OF TOUCH. Postmodernjukebox channel on YouTube is perhaps the best online music channel for its genre, and I watch it regularly. Amazed that music professionals like Simon aren't in touch with todays online music venues (and artists) that consumers regularly frequent. - and if that doesn't appeal, check out their Puddles videos and much else.

  • Nonusastu
    Nonusastu 1 day ago

    thiis guy is amazing

  • Lewnidas Xuskas
    Lewnidas Xuskas 1 day ago

    3:18 the magic moment..!!!

  • sara khan
    sara khan 1 day ago

    you did soooo gooddddddd..............lov u puddles.

  • MattSynyster
    MattSynyster 1 day ago

    seen the guy from post modern jukebox videos

  • Michelle Mathers
    Michelle Mathers 2 days ago

    Did he won?

  • Simone Longuil
    Simone Longuil 2 days ago

    I wish he got the golden buzzer :/

  • dalesworld
    dalesworld 2 days ago

    Like the Satie they used - appropriate.

  • Iain Holmes
    Iain Holmes 2 days ago

    What a fucking sellout. So disappointed in Mike Geier for this.

  • Ethan Jones
    Ethan Jones 2 days ago

    I love you puddles

  • yahya ibrahim
    yahya ibrahim 2 days ago

    This is so good man he nailed it

  • Jazzed Up
    Jazzed Up 2 days ago

    I love the way mel says puddles

  • Σωτήρης Σκαμνιώτης

    I came here throught the autoplay option ...i am here the past three days ... amazing .... i have fell in love with his performance ... unbelievable...

  • right hand of satan

    how far did he go?

    • right hand of satan
      right hand of satan 1 day ago

      oh ok thanks I don't have cable anymore so yeah

    • DrLipkin
      DrLipkin 2 days ago

      The season premiere was only May 30th. This has been his only performance so far.

  • Ariel Luna
    Ariel Luna 2 days ago

    I love this guy.

  • Peter Senior
    Peter Senior 2 days ago

    Why does AGT have only 1 person actually from America

  • StormBringer1966
    StormBringer1966 2 days ago

    What's the name of the music at the beginning and the name of the song, please?

  • Robert Most
    Robert Most 2 days ago

    it's Till

  • Robert Lemuel
    Robert Lemuel 2 days ago

    very emotional and a great singer hope he wins

  • Olivia Rushin
    Olivia Rushin 2 days ago

    This was so beautiful, sweet, sad, and unique.

  • Tom Cat
    Tom Cat 2 days ago

    I was actually disappointed with this act. I was hoping he would make some balloon animals.

  • Walt Bells
    Walt Bells 2 days ago

    Caruso 2017

  • Scooter Playz
    Scooter Playz 2 days ago

    Finally A Singer that I actually enjoy

  • big daddy 09
    big daddy 09 2 days ago

    He's good 😊

  • Casey Costello
    Casey Costello 2 days ago

    Puddles is the musical version of Pennyworth from It

  • Primiera Lord
    Primiera Lord 2 days ago

    wooow his voice !!!

  • Celia Shaneyfelt
    Celia Shaneyfelt 2 days ago

    He's greatLove the sadness combined with the amazing powerful voice...

  • Outlaw Rider
    Outlaw Rider 2 days ago

    This was AWESOME

  • JorEl Vaaz
    JorEl Vaaz 2 days ago

    I've heard his other performances and they are not as powerful as this. I wonder what's his next song. I hope it's as powerful or more!

  • Aheezy psn
    Aheezy psn 2 days ago

    a fucking legend

  • Esedes 170
    Esedes 170 2 days ago

    He should win it

  • MrBonners
    MrBonners 2 days ago

    This character is somewhat famous for many years now. The guy has a media house in Texas and on staff actors and busy. He has more then one character, this is the old school classic clown before media. Charlie Chaplin had characters. There are You Tube video's of him in interview. I'm surprised that the panel does not know of him.

  • Adam White
    Adam White 2 days ago

    I love Puddles Pitt Party. I've downloaded some of his songs on iTunes. I love his rendition of Royal.

  • Louise Wiest
    Louise Wiest 2 days ago

    I love Simon's low key freak out when Puddles walks on stage. He just eyes him like he's ready for anything.

  • mittfh
    mittfh 2 days ago

    Evidently the judges (and most of the audience) aren't PMJ subscribers...

  • Dougie Odwyer
    Dougie Odwyer 2 days ago

    in the begining

  • Dougie Odwyer
    Dougie Odwyer 2 days ago

    whats the song called

  • Antonio Lopez
    Antonio Lopez 2 days ago

    does anyone know the music of the entrance of the clip?

  • amar muller
    amar muller 2 days ago

    straight to the finals 🖖

  • Frog Snack
    Frog Snack 2 days ago

    PUDDLES' live show is amazing too :3

  • Ishtiak Ifti
    Ishtiak Ifti 2 days ago

    which song is it ??

  • Ramon Van Herk
    Ramon Van Herk 2 days ago

    If you look good, he doesn't blink the hole act...

  • Bruce Benderman
    Bruce Benderman 2 days ago

    Does the American public deserve to be punished by this freak?

  • Doc Zazou
    Doc Zazou 3 days ago

    Puddles is so amazing. I totaly love this voice *.*

  • Ayslinnaria
    Ayslinnaria 3 days ago

    I am so glad for him to get the fame and recognition he deserves.

  • Flippinka7
    Flippinka7 3 days ago

    These are the things in life that make you smile

  • PTB
    PTB 3 days ago

    Why didn't he get the golden buzzer?

    • Thomas Boyd
      Thomas Boyd 1 day ago

      PTB probably because he is dressed as a clown but that is who he is and it deserves respect. I also wish the golden buzzer was pressed for him.

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