Binging with Babish: Parks & Rec Burger Cookoff

In the first episode of Binging with Babish, is it possible for a turkey burger to taste better than a beef burger? Some say no, but others

Turkey patty recipe adapted from J. Kenji Lopez-Alt (The Food Lab).

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Author Lisa Escobar ( ago)
oh my god, i love your videos!

Author Bob Boberts ( ago)
Since when is cris Pratt in parks and recreation?

Author Alex Hutchins ( ago)
well i dont like burger without cheese. so rons burger would loose for me

Author JormundTheCat ( ago)
i would hire you if i had the money to own a restaurant XD

Author jon jaquez ( ago)
a classic beef burger will always beat a turkey burger ALWAYS

Author Dr. Zebra ( ago)
You should make the parks & rec cookoff burger!!1

Author ionceateapinecone ( ago)
i love your videos but disliked this one simply because ron's burger absolutely requires a grill, ideally a simple charcoal kettle grill he forged himself in his spare time, from some old discarded buick rims

Author Herman Soruco ( ago)
it's maybe how we eat papaya in my country but I find that one a little bit in need of more time to mature

Author Nashii S ( ago)
How do you make papaya not smell like a dumpster?

Author MortosX ( ago)
Do some recipes from the Food Wars anime!

Author aj gensel ( ago)
Martin's Potato Rolls, I totally approve.

Author Richard Chu ( ago)
This channel is so addicting

Author 16134R ( ago)
just found your channel. subbed.

Author EricLeafericson ( ago)
I recognize the eggplant, marmite and soy sauce combo. I forget website that was from, but it sounds really good. The anchovy paste sounds...odd. But so does Marmite, so whatever.

The problem with turkey burgers is that the meet is too plain and too thin.

When I do it, I'll mix in grilled, ground mushroom, onion, and soy sauce. Because I don't like being told what to do.

If it turns out well, I'll edit my post with results.

Author Just Dave ( ago)
Digging the Ratatat soundtrack, Aces.

Author The Curious Art of Alexander ( ago)
There's something about the simplicity of a well cooked beef patty, medium rare, warm and steaming, each bite a cascade of flavour permeating your mouth, lighting up every tastebud on your tongue, the slight smoky char locking in all of that tender, savory flavour that you can only get from red meat, swirling together with the slight sweetness of the bun. Each mouthful a revelation and celebration to exquisite simplicity. The Patented Traeger Turkey Burger probably tastes really good as well.

Author Patrick Dundon ( ago)
Your Oven Broiler is a grill.

Author TeensierPython - ( ago)
pepper pepper pepper

Author The Bad Gameur ( ago)
do the krabby patty!

Author Boopadoop 4182 ( ago)
I just realized that your theme is the same as the Frasier theme😂😂

Author Euphoria ( ago)
hey what's the soundtrack in the background of this video?

Author Junior Juarez ( ago)
I just found your channel and haven't stopped watching. Keep it up!! You're awesome

Author minerore 1235 ( ago)
"wannabe chef"!!?!?!??! you are a master!

Author Atlas ( ago)
make the meat tornado!!!

Author MysteriousKammm ( ago)
your voice is really soothing

Author Edward KekMeister ( ago)
What's with the channel name then?

Author Danny Herlihy ( ago)
fav episode

Author Asriel Dreemur ( ago)
Andrew: (Cooking Burgers with Ingredients I Can't Pronounce)
Me: (Making Top Ramen)

Author Andrew Pedicone ( ago)
I found this channel, and I haven't eaten since yesterday. I wish I could make the olio pasta dish you made so I can eat a heavenly dish. Thank you, you are one of my favorite chef channels I've watched

Author Smilester 86 ( ago)
Do the meatball sub from regular show

Author A Wright ( ago)
I've been making so many burgers since I found this channel

Author Leonardo Del Rosario ( ago)
Please make the stew from The Hateful Eight!

Author LightningKing5 ( ago)
well... Beyonce smells like a burger.

Author Shalama_ ( ago)
You took a lot of liberties with the turkey burger.

Author _essie_505 ( ago)
He has AMAZING taste in shows friends, parks and rec, the office, bobs burgers , damnmn

Author LegitimateKill ( ago)
Your arms are hairy as fuck.

Author J Mo ( ago)
Spaghetti tacos from icarly!!!

Author WoWKoest ( ago)
This is an awesome series. So glad I found your channel!!

Author WalkerOfMyles ( ago)
would love to see your take on chicago deepdish

Author Dylan Hyers ( ago)
This channel has grown so much since this series started! You deserve all the views you get. Best of luck in the future!

Author thillee8800 ( ago)
Andrew was Ron's burger REALLY better?

Author TheNigga ( ago)
The birth of a legend

Author Luca Scozzi ( ago)
"a little bit of kosher salt"

Author siliano ( ago)
Do you eat like that everyday ?

Author Giovanni Gomez ( ago)
Divots in burgers grind my gears

Author Uk Gamer ( ago)
What is with american cooks and using kosher salt on everything?

Author Anon Ymous ( ago)
Bring on the meat!

Author NotTheStatusQuo ( ago)
Speaking of pretentious, kosher salt and freshly ground pepper? Just say salt and pepper. Don't even try to pretend like you can taste the difference.

Author Codex ( ago)
"oh it's way better" *pushes the turkey burger aside*
fucking comedy gold m8, everytime

Author Joshua Gibson ( ago)
that wusthoff ikon tho

Author AJ Valente ( ago)
treat yo'self

Author Dulce Corazon Alegre ( ago)
i didnt see the papaya chutney get used?

Author BigPooprr ( ago)
beyonce prob smells like a skunk mixed with an ape

Author Samuel David Bravo ( ago)
I am binge-watching all Binging with Babish. You are my favorite YouTube channel! Thank you, White House Counsel!

Author Taylor Gallion ( ago)
is that ratatat as your background music in your videos?

Author awesome11991 ( ago)
choke me daddy

Author Aley Ah ( ago)
im not even making any of this food but tbh I've watched at least all of this guy's videos for the humor

Author Brad Haigh ( ago)
Aioli is made with garlic, what you did was almost mayonnaise, but not even that.

Author Ian Kanzler ( ago)
Oliver Babish is a character in "the West Wing" lol

Author TCD4321 ( ago)
I'll never get why 'chefs' call a mayonnaise aioli. I guess they just don't get what an aioli actually is.

Author Sets ( ago)
That was just mayonnaise, Aioli has to have garlic in it, stop being pretentious.

Author John Elrick ( ago)
Massive fail. Aioli is made with copious amounts of garlic. What you made was truffle oil mayonnaise.

Author Edtweet ( ago)
lmao SUBBED!

Author Kenzie Chay ( ago)
Krabby patty, please do it.

Author Dirrty G ( ago)
glad i found your channel very nice chef

Author Lynn Mckenney ( ago)
Between your channel and How to drink, I'll never need to look at a cookbook or drink book again.

Thanks for such great videos!

Author rawrberrys ( ago)
You're wife or husband is a lucky person. My boyfriend can cook like 4 things, I do most of the kitchen work. Think I might go on his youtube and subscribe to you on there so he can learn more lol.

Author Christian Mattsson ( ago)
Love your channel! Keep it up man :)

Author zeroiscool ( ago)
I love this channel so much.

Author Joshua Walters ( ago)
I was surprised Ron didn't add bacon to the burger in that episode.

Author Mark-Angelo Famularcano ( ago)
is Ron's burger really better? lol

Author Art Dent ( ago)
Why would you score the eggplant *after* you put the oil and seasoning on it? I would imagine it would absorb more if you scored first.

Author aczacharzuk ( ago)
this is actually one of the best channels I've discovered on YouTube,keep on doing what you're doing

Author Jeremiah Fallin ( ago)
Cross Section?

Author sea.drnkr ( ago)
I never seen this episode before, holy shit

Author Bob Marley ( ago)
I think part of the flavor of rons burger was probably the classic american charcoal grill that hasnt been cleaned in a decade. Now thats an american burger!

Author Christos Stravoravdis ( ago)
Of my god this is awesome! Kick ass food and you keep it entertaining keep doing your thing man 👍

Author TheIdeaGuyXD ( ago)
This channel would be better if it had a little kosher salt and some freshly ground black pepper.

Author Alex Warren ( ago)
Im not even that big of a fan of food but the way you make these videos and your occasional comedic comments really made me binge watch your videos. Great job!! I subbed

Author Joseph Reinek ( ago)
Yes, I knew that was ratatat, I love them!

Author magnusee ( ago)
was Rons better or did you troll?

Author Buk Wildman ( ago)
There is a common theme going around YouTube. This being high quality video essays. Probably the best being Nerdwriter1 but when it comes to cooking, your's appears to be the king! Keep up the great content!

Author Kevin Drake ( ago)
No grill? You've failed the Ron burger already.

Author Blake G ( ago)
I appreciate you not trying to recreate the gluten free brioche bun lol

Author adamsimfall ( ago)
hey andre i really like your channel! i'm watching awhile now and im happy about the amount of videos your cranking out lately! thanks papa bless

Author Challe Johansen ( ago)
This and You suck at cooking has to be the best YouTube channels of all time

Author iang ( ago)
........marmite? you explained the anchovy paste but not the fucking marmite? am i out of the loop and marmite on turkey burgers are commonplace???????????????

Author Rahul Nene ( ago)
I love turkey burgers and I take offense to this.

Just kidding, both look damn delicious.

Author Rufus Dean ( ago)
Best channel on youtube at the minute, always click an upload.

Author David McManus ( ago)
The very definition of aioli is that it has garlic in it. But great videos!

Author Laughing man788 ( ago)
😂😂😂 the way he ends the video ba ha ha wasn't expecting that 😂

Author Gabe Kehoe ( ago)
You should do Bob's "Meatsiah" from Bob's Burgers

Author _Dankest_ -iFunny ( ago)
This is my new in my top 3 favorite YouTube channels

Author PandemicLui ( ago)
whats this song, i like it

Author TheYellowPixel - OSRS ( ago)
Fuck now I'm starving

Author Katherine Lan ( ago)
This is such a cool concept and i love how concise and informative you are while also working it all under 5 minutes. Also, fantastic choice of music

Author Ari Dorf ( ago)
Any chance of getting a written recipe guide, also how many does this one make?

Author Zachary Nixon ( ago)
I'd rather have ron's burger

Author zellcrs ( ago)
aioli is supposed to have garlic, just because it's trendy to call every flavored mayo aioli....fuck....

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