00 Buck shot review

I talk about the 00buck shot for 12 gauge shotguns

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Author retiredLBPD (22 days)
Omg why would ANYONE subscribe to your channel. I would rather watch
bowling on TV then watch one of your videos. And I fucking hate watching
bowling on tv. 

Author MrMedinaj (2 months)
Double O... WTF!!! I hope he educated himself since 2009

Author robert voydetich (3 months)
double aught

Author george Henry (9 months)
A RPG is the only the to stop a intruders

Author Robert Barbour (1 year)
I make my own 00 buckshot.
Cheaper that way.

Author pasodiufwen (1 year)
wow. very entertaining....

Author Foxer604 (1 year)
the 'beads' are plastic buffer. Buffer helps keep the pattern of any shot
much tighter because it cushions the load when you fire, preventing the
pellets from becoming deformed, Shot that stays round flies straighter.
"buffered" loads pattern tighter than non-buffered loads, and that's the
point of it.

Author mg ho (1 year)
It is buffering material. When you fire the cartridge, the buffer evenly
distributes the energy and helps to prevent pellet deformation.

Author Carlos Bravo (1 year)
In your home bird shot will do the job just fine (shot it at a log from 20
feet and you'll see). What it may or may not do, is kill someone--which
means that you are less likely to end up in court for years proving it was
self-defence--which will happen if you kill someone.

Author N8Rebel (1 year)
Pronounced "double aught." 

Author ronaay McComber (1 year)
can 00 buck be used for deer hunting?

Author Renardo Anon (1 year)
lol why'd it take him so long to figure out it would be easier to rest it
on a flat surface to cut it open?

Author wootwoot409 (4 years)
lets see something here now repack that shell lol

Author Wyatt35 (3 years)
Whats even better for taken someone down quickly is buck and ball because
it combines buckshot with a slug, usually abut 3 buckshot balls and 1 slug.

Author FabioCrow07770 (4 years)
@lookman1530 rolled off the table lol

Author dammitcrap (3 years)
@Dabubbia7250 not denying you necessarily because i have been thinking of
making my first round of defensive ammo birdshot... but your claim of
taking off limbs with bird shot does seem a bit far-fetched. do you have
any proof?

Author holrin29 (3 years)
"bird shot are good for home defense but if you're going to get blood
everywhere u might as well have flying body parts too."

Author FabioCrow07770 (3 years)
i guess so but Wearing a watch on my left hand just feels kinda awkward to

Author Vanilla Gorilla (2 years)

Author MrPrivatetv1 (4 years)
whats with the OKI DOKI

Author threehvacguys (3 years)
@lindsey607 look dip shit. i reload shells, and yes they do say ought,
double o is freaki8ng james bonde shit, think about it. dumb ass they never
did call james bonde double ought 7. so why would they do it now because of
any reason.. why dont you go back to your little wonder world and eat your
freaking cheetos,, jesus christ dont tell a man that has hunted for more
than 20 years what fucking buckshot is called.

Author techdog46 (4 years)
not only do you wear your watch cool dude your funny!! lol keep it up

Author 1gamoguy (4 years)
one thing i must say about how your relating buckshot to birdshot in home
deffense is unresponsible, bird shot is such a fine load there is no
leathal penetration, thats why its used on soft thin skined small game
animals and birds, also the choke on your shotgun is going to effect how
the shot speads and the pattern it will hold, i like the video but i just
did not like the comparison you made.

Author FabioCrow07770 (4 years)
@techdog46 lol well I Try =P

Author vkelsov (4 years)
Awsome informational video, you have no idea what your talking about...

Author 051elite (2 years)
Yes, 000 can be used for home defense. But honestly, it's overkill. 00 Buck
is fine.

Author firefox8192 (4 years)
what is the effective range for 00 buck shot

Author v8hemiram (4 years)
Dunno if someone said this already but the "salt" is actually polyethelen
they pack in there to protect the pellets from deformation when you fire.
And i disagree with birdshot is okay for self defense, anything less than
number 4 shot is gonna be mostly surface damage to any human/animal.

Author Cullen Sons (4 years)
@lookman1530 pause at 2:04 you can clearly see 9

Author lindsey607 (3 years)
@threehvacguys no one says ought anymore dummy. would you call james bond
agent double ought 7?btw,your so stupid you cant even spell ought.

Author 0MonkeyBusiness0 (1 year)
I've seen deer go down after being hit with a slug,but i mostly use mine
for fowl.i.e ducks,geese,crows,partridge,pheasants etc

Author FabioCrow07770 (3 years)
@threehvacguys I'm a fan of ATHF to,I Have most of them on dvd

Author wootwoot409 (3 years)
best thing is dragons breath or a flare gun for home defence

Author blackopsisbeastify (2 years)
no buckshot wouldn't take your head clean off it will blow your head to
peases everything on your head or in your head would be splaterd every were
like on the walls

Author XoZoNeMoLeCuLe (4 years)
build a shell that uses air soft BB's and let me know if it works. nice vid
good camera placement if you were the only one filming .

Author Joe Clark (4 years)
It's not DOUBLE O,,,it's DOUBLE Ought!

Author futuresolider96 (3 years)
@timmyjunior1 lol reread the comment it is 3in magnum no worries though

Author vettelover2009 (1 year)
with slugs, yes for deer...some states ban double ought buckshot for
deer...or any buckshot for that matter...some states outlaw rifles for
deer, so muzzleloaders and shotguns are it

Author andrei sharma (3 years)
buck shot is the way to go.

Author Poodle Shooter (3 years)
It's Buffering It's To Keep The Pellets Tight Without Deforming It...

Author FabioCrow07770 (4 years)
@bf2hero which in turn helps with pattern

Author Poodle Shooter (3 years)
The Best Home Defense Round Is #3 buck Better Pattern More Pellets

Author 3Skitz1Production3 (1 year)
You said bird shot might? Lol just sayin i think if you got shot with just
about anything 12ga it's gonna wreck your day for sure. lol

Author inxs13 (2 years)
In need of supervision. Walmart shopper

Author FabioCrow07770 (4 years)
@sigmasquadleader I'm Right handed. wearing a watch on my left hand just
feels funky to me,Right is more comfortable for me.

Author aaron reynolds (2 years)
Double O?

Author walnutdog17 (2 years)
i am glad to see the inside of a buck shot, but mr. sausage fingers is a
bit of a douchebag

Author shadowfax0417 (3 years)
It is called "double ought" not "double O" The gauges and size of shot
where determined by how many balls of lead equaling 1 pound, that would fit
in the bore of the barrel, hence a "12 gauge" would allow 12 lead balls
equaling 1 pound of lead. The powder in the shotshell you cut open is not
for "packing" purposes. It is a "buffering" agent designed to keep the
buckshot rounded during initial acceleration down the bore of the barrel.

Author rocky954 (2 years)
i would use a slug for home defense. so if u miss u dont have to spakel and
paint a thousand holes...

Author Konstantinos340 (2 years)
its paper the wad

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