00 Buck shot review

I talk about the 00buck shot for 12 gauge shotguns

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Author retiredLBPD ( ago)
Omg why would ANYONE subscribe to your channel. I would rather watch
bowling on TV then watch one of your videos. And I fucking hate watching
bowling on tv. 

Author MrMedinaj ( ago)
Double O... WTF!!! I hope he educated himself since 2009

Author robert voydetich ( ago)
double aught

Author george Henry ( ago)
A RPG is the only the to stop a intruders

Author Robert Barbour ( ago)
I make my own 00 buckshot.
Cheaper that way.

Author mg ho ( ago)
It is buffering material. When you fire the cartridge, the buffer evenly
distributes the energy and helps to prevent pellet deformation.

Author pasodiufwen ( ago)
wow. very entertaining....

Author Carlos Bravo ( ago)
In your home bird shot will do the job just fine (shot it at a log from 20
feet and you'll see). What it may or may not do, is kill someone--which
means that you are less likely to end up in court for years proving it was
self-defence--which will happen if you kill someone.

Author Renardo Anon ( ago)
lol why'd it take him so long to figure out it would be easier to rest it
on a flat surface to cut it open?

Author Foxer604 ( ago)
the 'beads' are plastic buffer. Buffer helps keep the pattern of any shot
much tighter because it cushions the load when you fire, preventing the
pellets from becoming deformed, Shot that stays round flies straighter.
"buffered" loads pattern tighter than non-buffered loads, and that's the
point of it.

Author N8THEGR8 ( ago)
Pronounced "double aught." 

Author ronaay McComber ( ago)
can 00 buck be used for deer hunting?

Author Draklor00 ( ago)
I think those white beads are wax, but I could be wrong. Never opened one
to look

Author alex darow ( ago)
okee doe kees

Author TheRunge17 ( ago)
Holy shit stop "rawring"

Author 3Skitz1Production3 ( ago)
You said bird shot might? Lol just sayin i think if you got shot with just
about anything 12ga it's gonna wreck your day for sure. lol

Author vettelover2009 ( ago)
depends on the gun, the shooters ability and the type of slug...foster
style/rifled slugs usually range from 50-100 yards...sabot (say-bo) style
slugs with a jacket surrounding the projectile and fired from a rifled
shotgun can exceed 150-200 yards...

Author irox309 ( ago)
what is the kill range of a slug?

Author vettelover2009 ( ago)
with slugs, yes for deer...some states ban double ought buckshot for
deer...or any buckshot for that matter...some states outlaw rifles for
deer, so muzzleloaders and shotguns are it 

Author 0MonkeyBusiness0 ( ago)
I've seen deer go down after being hit with a slug,but i mostly use mine
for fowl.i.e ducks,geese,crows,partridge,pheasants etc 

Author irox309 ( ago)
shotguns for deer hunting? yes/no? if not what hunting is it best for?

Author Graham Ammunition ( ago)
The white stuff is to reduce pellet deformation when firing. Even slight
pellet deformation will greatly increase the pattern size.

Author Hunter Green ( ago)
Thanks for ruining a good shell. ((Roar-Roar-Roar)) wtf ? Lol. Btw. Nice
knife. Is that a CRKT brand ?

Author Politically Incorrect ( ago)
Open up a low brass shell and replace the shot with .177 cal steel bb's. It
is the perfect home defence shot.

Author T .Witherow ( ago)
Bird shot will do the job inside a confined space. Nail a 30+ pound piece
of meat to a tree and shoot it from 10 feet away with bird shot. Now tell
me you don't think it will get the job done. 10 feet or less, bird shot is
very effective. Take it from my grandpa, he used bird shot on an intruder
in '89 and it opened the guys chest and ribcage.

Author FabioCrow07770 ( ago)
If you're don't shoot it I would clean and oil it once every 6 months just
to keep it in good working order. 

Author MrCapisce ( ago)
i was thinking about getting a shot gun for home defence. If i plan on
keeping it put up and only use for an emergency would i have to bother
lubing/oiling it? If so how often? 

Author Ace Camper ( ago)
Start a collection, buy a new knife or learn how to sharpen them. I thought
for sure you were going to cut yourself 

Author Ace Camper ( ago)
No, that's just one way people verbally express the number zero. Like the
year 2003, you can say "O" three or "aught" three. But I'll admit there is
no better way to pronounce 30-06 than "thirty aught six" 

Author Kon ( ago)
its paper the wad

Author inxs13 ( ago)
In need of supervision. Walmart shopper

Author Docenfield ( ago)
Thank you for the video's which i found very useful

Author Cameron Baker ( ago)
Dude, you are so fucking dumb and uneducated that it was literally painful
to listen to you talk about what you think you know

Author DarrylXE ( ago)
Thumbs down...

Author FabioCrow07770 ( ago)
Damn Right

Author walnutdog17 ( ago)
i am glad to see the inside of a buck shot, but mr. sausage fingers is a
bit of a douchebag

Author TANTRUMFURY ( ago)
Rah rah rah rah.. Rawr!!! Thanks shot gun shell anatomy. 

Author jmast3 ( ago)
We don't need more gun control...we need Youtube control. Moron... 

Author Enjoying The Sun 577-Jersey Customs ( ago)
Put a big hole in it,,ha,,yes indeed..LMAO!

Author hawkdogie ( ago)
Sausage fingers thats some funny shit

Author Rustycage870 ( ago)
what is a double ought equivelent to in bullet form like 9 9mm's?

Author Vash Stampede ( ago)
The "white stuff' is ammunation nitrate and the one of the most commonly
used explosives in ammo.

Author patty109109 ( ago)
I'm glad you stopped cutting holding the shell like with the rifled slug
vid you have. You're bound to lose a finger holding a shell and cutting
into your hand.

Author FabioCrow07770 ( ago)
Double 0 is how many brain cells you have left

Author Penniless Jester ( ago)
hey sausage fingers, what is 'double o'? i have never heard of this
cartridge before.

Author gerry mckown ( ago)
i keep watching to see if you cut your wrist opening up these
shells!....sick I know. buck shot is badazz because you get 9 or so "9mm"
sized projectiles in each shell....not a bad thing to keep bye the bedpost!
imo. keep up the vids, and for gods sake get a knife sharpener man! :) G.

Author Zilnich Productions ( ago)
Seems a little weird you laugh when talking about blowing someones head
off,not good.There may be something wrong with you.People see so many video games and get so caught up in the dramatization they
become desensitized(i watch them too and play games).We gotta do what we
have to in any given situation but it still does not make it fun or
joyful.It sucks we have to even think about shooting someone in this world
but it is a reality we might have to.Lets hope not.

boddy, who do you think is better for home defense / urban guerrilla. the
00B,the 0B (12 large balls),the 1B (16 large balls) or 4B (large 25 balls).
I know the amount of balls is inversely proportional to its size and
strength. I would like to know the opinion of an expert like you. thinking
in combat within 15 yards, and one over 50-60. greetings from chile 

Author Vanilla Gorilla ( ago)

Author CI321 ( ago)
about the size of a 9 mm bullit

Author Something Dreadful ( ago)
Is it not a Fibre wad? and human beings a pretty soft and pathetic targets
really, people can be killed with air guns

Author 051elite ( ago)
Yes, 000 can be used for home defense. But honestly, it's overkill. 00 Buck
is fine.

Author Clement Chabernaud ( ago)
is 00 buck, regular buckshot?

Author blackopsisbeastify ( ago)
no buckshot wouldn't take your head clean off it will blow your head to
peases everything on your head or in your head would be splaterd every were
like on the walls

Author chrismc410 ( ago)
Like I always said, any round capable of reliabily stopping or killing a
human being will go through drywall/sheet rock like it's not there. That is
anything .38 Special and above for revolvers. .380 and above for semi autos
and .22LR and above out of a rifle, let alone any kind of shotgun shell. 

Author Gary D ( ago)
@13RuffRyder I'm sticking with the #4 shot

Author Trent ( ago)
shut the fuck up bitch. you cant afford a watch how would you know

Author FabioCrow07770 ( ago)
na I'd Get a Pocket watch before i'd wear a watch on my left 

Author FabioCrow07770 ( ago)
i guess so but Wearing a watch on my left hand just feels kinda awkward to

Author Beau Whelan ( ago)
ive never heard someone say "double o" usually double alt is more heard.

Author charler grodin ( ago)
good video, thanks.

Author brandon ( ago)
well at 15yds my 20ga using a 3in #4 birdshot shell will put a fist size
hole in sheet metal and one in 1/4in plywood so ya....

Author FabioCrow07770 ( ago)
@AmericanMade72 Lol ya Never know how well a video is going to do. I could
do a video that is 10x better than any other video I do and only get 700
views....I did a video of a black chick on the toilet and BOOM 300,000
views 0.o 

Author Marlon Johnson ( ago)
Some state let this idiot have a gun, he doesn't know how to wear a watch .
Stop worrying about a 1000 views, you are a waste not this shit video

Author Ryan Smith ( ago)
Bird shot will go through sheet rock without much problem (check Youtube
for vids). Buckshot will go through sheet rock and 2x4s, etc. and kill
others. Let's say you "don't miss" and 6 of the 9 buckshot pellets hit your
target. That only leaves 3 stray bullets to kill! (Still not good at all.)
You may consider using some less lethal rounds, and a couple of rounds of
something else to use as a last resort.

Author blosum86 ( ago)
dus it reely mater what side his wach is on?

Author DSOXBLADE ( ago)

Author FabioCrow07770 ( ago)
@AfrikaaBombeetza If you're wearing your Watch on any one of your HANDS you
got problems,It goes on your Wrist 

Author andrei sharma ( ago)
buck shot is good for home derence

Author Jonas Modén ( ago)
How far can u shoot those?

Author FabioCrow07770 (852 years ago)
@Grunt922 lol you said "Birdshit" 

Author skiie ( ago)
for home defense i just embedded my walls with c4. 

Author 420pistolvania412 ( ago)
@AUG351 if you miss with the slug, you have the buck to back u up

Author andrei sharma ( ago)
buck shot is the way to go.

Author Sickplicity1290 (559 years ago)
I disagree with you on the bird shot. Within 20 feet inside your home, bird
shot will without a doubt take an intruder down and create a horrible wound
unless the intruder happens to be wearing serious protection.

Author FabioCrow07770 ( ago)
@threehvacguys I'm a fan of ATHF to,I Have most of them on dvd

Author MrFoxer35 ( ago)
cool video, was just what i was looking for.

Author Painkiller DCXVI ( ago)
I have a question, is the wad bigger than the barrel? so when the gas push
the wad it has more pressure or something? I got a .28 double barrel
shotgun and it starts large and then it gets thinner... Guess it self
explains for the .28, but I never had a .12 gauge, Thanks.

Author Matthew ( ago)
are these what the army uses, if not what does the army/police force for
leathal shotgun shells?

Author Righteous Anger ( ago)
@luv3z2p00p You should also add some HP sabots to your inventory of GTFO of
my house!

Author FabioCrow07770 ( ago)
@S1lverwing best defense against houses 

Author Poodle Shooter ( ago)
The Best Home Defense Round Is #3 buck Better Pattern More Pellets 

Author Poodle Shooter ( ago)
It's Buffering It's To Keep The Pellets Tight Without Deforming It...

Author rednecklowlife ( ago)
its a wad!

Author dicksatan ( ago)
I use "Beware. Attack Dogs" signage and a telephone.

Author runescape44411 ( ago)
if bird shot isnt working just get some turkey shot.

Author moparmaniac21 ( ago)
@futuresolider96 yea the 3 inch shell have more pellets. I just pick up
some 3 inch Federal 00 magnum buckshot and its 15 pellets also. More
pellets, more damage :)

Author futuresolider96 ( ago)
@timmyjunior1 np thats what i figured you read if i wrote out inch all the
way it proably would have helped super x is the category of winchester
ammuntion that i bout they were 15 pellet 3 inch magnum loads 

Author Tim Moore ( ago)
@futuresolider96 Oh, when I read "x 3" inches wasn't the first thing that
came to mind XD sorry lol

Author futuresolider96 ( ago)
@timmyjunior1 lol reread the comment it is 3in magnum no worries though 

Author Tim Moore ( ago)
@futuresolider96 You probably got a 3" magnum :p

Author holrin29 ( ago)
"bird shot are good for home defense but if you're going to get blood
everywhere u might as well have flying body parts too."

Author Michael Sumey ( ago)
Thanks to you, I do not have to waste a round. Thanks. I paid too much
money for my ammo.

Author futuresolider96 ( ago)
i just bought some winchester super x 3 in 00 buck its got 15 pellets

Author FabioCrow07770 ( ago)
@luv3z2p00p get er' done

Author luv3z2p00p ( ago)
12 ga slug for home defence lol blase a hole in some 1

Author nvhearld ( ago)
You blast on me with birdshot and im pretty sure you win the confrontation

Author nvhearld ( ago)
V8hemiram so I suppose you'd be ok after a little surface damage to the
face and chest? Ok superman

Author Watch Ryder ( ago)
@firefox8192 50 yards...

Author FabioCrow07770 ( ago)
@techdog46 lol well I Try =P

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