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Author O.J. Gaskin (2 years)
okay rumor has it this film is based off mike tyson when he went to jail
and was defeated by the jail champion...can anyone confirm this???

Author natureboyinyourface (6 years)
nobody plays boxing,lol.

Author Bucky Monk (6 years)
Good luck mate, put em down!

Author criscjk (4 years)
no not the first one but u must watch the second one before u watch the 3rd
movie oh and check out the movie blood and bone its also got jay white in it

Author kenshi (1 year)
the name of song is "souljas" by master p

Author maria adams (2 years)
i love this movie action but i am scared too :D i hate bad people. wanna
kill them all. lol :p

Author Michal Adamec (5 years)
what's song name at 1:55 ??

Author Bokie Bokz (2 years)
and of course is included on the mix. ^^

Author brantk81 (4 years)
Bone Thugs in prison

Author alexis hernandez (2 years)
esta bin buena

Author Jon Coni (2 years)
ты к черту иди, идиот русски. fuck you Boyka in Russia. Wesley snipes super

Author meandmygalisa (3 years)
@MrGeox15 doesnt work anymore

Author WARREN SY (3 years)
name song plaese !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ????????????

Author Bruce Wayne (2 years)
first of all. there not flying, they just make the kicks in slow motion.
you know,for more action :)))))

Author liamhoward2k9 (4 years)
exellent choice of upload

Author bryan vibar (4 years)
i like your moves specially tornado kicks.... it's so aweasome!!!lolXD:))

Author cirefish (4 years)
lol sweetwater prison is so not a gay name XD

Author j villa (4 years)

Author Bluerocka145 (5 years)
damn for a big dude he could move

Author flyhi4ever (4 years)
big uncoordinated MUTHAFUCKA!!

Author waLeed Nazii (2 years)
thanx so much

Author shoobedoorocketship (4 years)
i REAAALLLY like this movie! it had a grittiness and coldness about it that
fits the storyline perfectly. there no real "heroes" in this movie as we
know movie heroes. there is something clinical and documentary-like about
this movie. the main character is not an innocent man, or even likable. the
champ is a thug, there are some likable things we like about several
characters in this movie, so it a cool movie to watch.

Author tom1yum2goong (2 years)
Wrong Undisputed Undisputed 3 then Undisputed 2

Author youizavinabubble (4 years)
Weren't this movie based on mike tyson ?

Author scorpz721 (3 years)
i think it was munroe versus mike tyson now theres a thought what if this
is based on a true story lmfao

Author Random Spot (5 years)
LOVE the second part but this one is great too :)

Author MARCO PEVIANI (3 years)

Author TheNineofSpade (3 years)
240p, we meet again

Author CLxJames (5 years)
Why does this movie look like it was made in someone's basement?

Author decimated550 (3 years)
a crap movie but the Ving Rhame's line was killer: Define gladiator:
"people play baseball. no one plays boxing" ooh!

Author bigmarcsize (3 years)
@sadiq0608 they are saying that the the champ, being rhames, meets his
match at sweetwater...hence the comma ..........

Author killermachine7000 (2 years)
nice quality

Author Kiril Nikolov (3 years)
Wht is name of the Bull`s song ?

Author Jeremy Dale (3 years)
@MarcoPeviani who cares? look up the sound track retard.

Author diularsing123 (5 years)
yes he did, I am not sure is it ture or not, but people on the internet
always say that he got defeated by a prisoner who is a martial artist

Author sitobikhan (3 years)

Author theNovidz (4 years)
isnt boyka in this movie ?! :(

Author ripgut1992 (3 years)
all three undisputed movies are my all time favorite. probably this movie
but i can't really give an edge out of the three there just all beast

Author Jake Donovan (5 years)
@USASouthKorea150 ving rames is the heavyweight champ of the world you dumb

Author madashell1200 (4 years)
This is one of my favorite sport movies.

Author TNK (4 years)
the best movie what i ever seen

Author jacquan lee (2 years)
pussy ass fight my mama will beat up that nigga

Author Brownstone2004 (5 years)
Was wondering when this would show up, thank for posting....

Author Baby Bear (3 years)
@22centman36 LOL!

Author Johnny Vorachack (6 years)
Man, I've been wanting to see this movie for the longest time.

Author djmecc1 (4 years)
@OBMify no thats in undisputed 2 and 3

Author SleeKi (6 years)
I thought I was the only one who thought this was the best movie ever!
Thanks for putting it up, now i can watch it all the time!

Author TheTurkBrah (3 years)
hey sadiq0608, ur awesome

Author UltimoLatino (6 years)
Um... Im just wondering does Wesley still see any royalties from the sale
of his movies or does all that money go right to the IRS?

Author Jamual Wiley (2 years)
people are saying that the first one isnt all that great, well keep in mind
in the first one there is only boxing, through out the films they started
evolving and adding more aspects of MMA.

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