RHOA: Kandi Burruss Goes Off on Porsha Williams (Season 9, Episode 11) | Bravo

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  • Things boil over at Pheadra's dinner over questions about Porsha's anger management. Watch all the episodes of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, only on Bravo. #RHOA

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    In Season 9 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, after coming to grips with the end of her marriage to Peter, Cynthia is looking forward to embracing this new chapter of her life with a fresh start in a new house. Kandi and Todd are still over the moon with the arrival of baby Ace, but juggling high-profile careers and parenting duties proves to be challenging, especially with Mama Joyce drudging up past issues between Kandi and Phaedra. With her law practice and social justice work taking up more of her time, Phaedra hires a tough new nanny to wrangle her growing rambunctious boys, Ayden and Dylan, as she awaits word of her divorce from Apollo being final. Porsha has rekindled a love connection with an old flame and in an effort to better herself, she begins anger management counseling. On the heels of juggling a tumultuous relationship with her boyfriend Matt, Kenya channels her love struggles by racing to finish "Moore Manor." Just up the road at "Chateau Shereè," and holding a peach for the first time since Season 4, Shereè puts on her "Momager" hat with hopes of her son being The Bailey Agency's next top model. Coming up this season, there are major twists in relationships among the group from unexpected alliances that form as well as shocking accusations that could end an old friendship beyond repair.

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    RHOA: Kandi Burruss Goes Off on Porsha Williams (Season 9, Episode 11) | Bravo
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Comments: 1 008

  • rebecca smith
    rebecca smith 4 days ago

    "You really want to get popped don't you? Well it ain't gone happen"
    Lol that tickled me so much.

  • troyster
    troyster 6 days ago

    kandi ain't bout dat life

  • Gloria m
    Gloria m 7 days ago

    after watching part 4 of the reunion I actually can't believe that phaedra would watch all this happen like it wasn't her fault. I actually liked her on the show but now....

  • Tony Saracen
    Tony Saracen 13 days ago

    Dear Black women,

    Regardless of what RHOA would have you believe....class and femininity in a woman is a GOOD THING. 


    Every man that ever lived.

  • mydreamz8809
    mydreamz8809 16 days ago

    Porsha walked away. That's way better than fighting.

  • Aaron Henry
    Aaron Henry 24 days ago

    #teamkandi Kandi will beat that ass, porsha ain't nobody to be scared of please! 😂😂😂😂

  • Respect the Afro
    Respect the Afro 28 days ago

    Kenya need to sit her ass down and get Kandi's ass some water. This bitch needs to stop being so extra "IT'S ALWAYS ME". Do you not fucking realize that you and Porsha are not cool and if she simply ask you to stop following her why can't you just listen? Do you need someone to clean them dirty old ass ears with a vacuum? Ugh, I can't stand this bitch 😒.

  • mahrya jefferson
    mahrya jefferson 1 month ago

    Sheree call Porsha name like she's her mama lol

  • Elaine Anderson
    Elaine Anderson 1 month ago

    Kenya just want to be apart of this. I need to come too. Huh?!?

  • Deangelo Hines
    Deangelo Hines 1 month ago

    porsha know doggone well that skirt was too tight lol

  • Chi Vi
    Chi Vi 1 month ago

    I didn't wanna leave it on the table chile - Cynthia 😂😂😂

  • Robert Shepherd
    Robert Shepherd 1 month ago

    With the exception of Kenya, Cynthia and poss Kandi. WTF is everyone wearing? Piranha can barely walk in that skirt and Sheree looks like some braided commando doll.

  • Iván Estrada
    Iván Estrada 1 month ago

    Kenya is always doing some messy shit. She's always doing some shit, then she don't want her ass beat.

  • Leslie Boozer
    Leslie Boozer 1 month ago

    Now she doesn't like the way Porsha is talking to her but you can talk to her crazy!!

  • Mehdi Tabit
    Mehdi Tabit 1 month ago

    "Kenya, What r u doing? U wanna get popped don't cha " I love porsha 😂😂😂

  • hotrod275
    hotrod275 1 month ago

    Did these bitches even pay the check?! lmfao

  • Cerian E
    Cerian E 1 month ago

    Who else caught that Kenya shade? "I don't need to stay here the anger management's working."

  • Zach DeHart
    Zach DeHart 1 month ago

    "Ima git me some wordor" scary ass.

  • Bo Hanan
    Bo Hanan 1 month ago

    Why do these females think they look good with these big asses in high heels?

  • Charlotte Brock
    Charlotte Brock 1 month ago

    Lol sherrae had a booty pad on

  • jtrobins1
    jtrobins1 1 month ago

    Go Kand!!!! Go Kenya!!! Love ya!!!!!

  • Beyogirl
    Beyogirl 1 month ago

    lol are you guys SEEING that they put that dumb black table cloth so the restaurant would look bougie

  • Tavi Campbell
    Tavi Campbell 2 months ago

    this is why I don't like phoa I like every body else but not phoa

  • delinviahaley
    delinviahaley 2 months ago

    Porsha, "yas, who are you"? Lol

  • prettyboi 214
    prettyboi 214 2 months ago

    EVERYBODY NEEDS TO COME!! 😂😂😂 I live for the petty shit!!! 😂😂😂👌👌💯💯👌💯👌💯👌💯👌💯

  • Mary Jo
    Mary Jo 2 months ago

    I cannot stand porch nor peedre!
    Aka frík & frak!

  • Melfaith Barnes
    Melfaith Barnes 2 months ago

    The Drama!!!

  • Rick Smith
    Rick Smith 2 months ago

    Team Porsha,Kandi really was scared and that fucking cunt Kenya needs to fuck off

  • Krazyness 33
    Krazyness 33 2 months ago


  • Onyeka Ayo
    Onyeka Ayo 2 months ago

    Piggyback yo ass up. Kandi ain't playing with her

  • mikeg1634
    mikeg1634 2 months ago

    I love porcha

  • Chaz MBC. Burch, H.C.
    Chaz MBC. Burch, H.C. 2 months ago

    kandi seripously need somebody to buldoze her over. HATE HER. SO FULL OF **SH

  • Kayleigh Jencks
    Kayleigh Jencks 2 months ago

    Phaedra was very good on the sutation

  • Craig Smith
    Craig Smith 2 months ago

    She pulled outa the parking lot super slow but they zoomed in quick and added screeching tire sounds to make it more dramatic. What a fake stupid show.

  • 0807Kitty
    0807Kitty 2 months ago

    Now she is working on her anger. She had no problem swinging on Kenya and Cynthia. She walks away with Kandi. She knows who to pick a fight with.

  • Bebe. xo
    Bebe. xo 2 months ago

    I do not understand why those women ran after Porscha !!!!! HELLO ?!? She's not capable of being a friend !!!

  • Lucresia Mabien
    Lucresia Mabien 2 months ago

    Still a Kandi fan because she been the same, since she got on the show. She don't have a issue with you until you be on that bullshit. I don' t see the change everyone is talking about. As far as her and old girl not being friends she explained why!!

  • lowlee7
    lowlee7 2 months ago

    team kandi! porsha dishes it but then can't handle it! Porsha does have anger issues. She needs to stop pointing the finger at Kandi.

  • Jeremiah Britt
    Jeremiah Britt 2 months ago

    Yesss Bring out them receipts Kandi!! I love you to pieces.

  • Sharell Mathis
    Sharell Mathis 2 months ago

    How old are these women???

  • Tasha Lepper
    Tasha Lepper 2 months ago

    porsha always gets bully on the show she's the black sheep on the show

  • xoAngelicaF
    xoAngelicaF 2 months ago

    I liked how Porsha handled herself but I can't wait til someone woops Kenya & Kandis ass!

  • Traysee Holt
    Traysee Holt 2 months ago

    Kenya was wrong

  • Tracy KaPoni
    Tracy KaPoni 2 months ago


  • Cherie Morris
    Cherie Morris 2 months ago

    i love cynthias expression

  • Leona
    Leona 2 months ago

    i really wanna watch this show but they dont show this in europe what a disastahhhhh

  • Richard Mcghee
    Richard Mcghee 2 months ago

    These women are an embarrassment to the city of Atlanta, it even more embarrassing that they are African American ! Really disgusting!!

  • onyxell
    onyxell 2 months ago

    I love Kandi! She doesn't back down and she own up to her actions! I don't hate Porsha but playing dumb is just wack

  • cdubb
    cdubb 2 months ago

    omg...you guys, I'm sorry, but I can't wait until Todd leave kandi ol sugar mama bear ass alone... since she got married, Her attitude done went sky high, kissing Andy's ass for real.. kandi please humble yourself, It wasn't long ago you was crying to ya mama about not having a man to marry.. god give god take..

  • Sharon T
    Sharon T 2 months ago

    That damn Kenya, attention seeker.... please please like me

  • Diane Robson
    Diane Robson 2 months ago

    Get in there Kandi tell the little anger bitch what u all think

  • Devante Daniels
    Devante Daniels 2 months ago

    kandi is that bitch!! thats all

  • Nick F
    Nick F 3 months ago

    how is this in my recommended?

  • sarah sims
    sarah sims 3 months ago

    Listen it's only a matter of time before those tooth pick heels porsha is wearing give out... they can't support that kind of weight...if I were her I wouldn't have parked that far🌬

  • Samara's Life
    Samara's Life 3 months ago

    kenya was really looking for a reaction out of porsha

  • Charles Brooks
    Charles Brooks 3 months ago


  • Mico, The DON
    Mico, The DON 3 months ago

    Porscha is fake

  • Jaspa hustburd
    Jaspa hustburd 3 months ago

    porsha i know you crazy, but girl i will keep you safe in ma bed, all night all day. damn...that body of yours.

  • Loney Bright
    Loney Bright 3 months ago

    Damn you see hpw fast Kandi got up an' ran to get water when Porsha got up?

    • London Rome
      London Rome 2 months ago

      Loney Bright I don't think it was that at all. I think it was a mind thing. If she pretends to need water like she did, she had a reason to already stand up because piranha got up. Don't want to be sitting down just in case she comes over

  • yummy cakes
    yummy cakes 3 months ago

    lolol! 1:18

  • YG Ziah
    YG Ziah 3 months ago

    love ti

  • Soneta For
    Soneta For 3 months ago

    Kenya is antagonizing.
    Porsha get your oil out and rebuke her in Jesus punch.

  • Suyapa Marin
    Suyapa Marin 3 months ago

    Kandi handled that bitch real quick

  • Envii Mi
    Envii Mi 3 months ago

    Just proves that even with money some people don't understand about being classy. Arguing in public running round outside restaurants cussing and bickering speeding off in cars 😂 ffs sooo ladylike -_- thats some ghetto behaviour for real

  • kings Queen
    kings Queen 3 months ago

    is it me or when porsha got up kandi jump up too...but to me was kandi thinking porsha was gonna to jump on her????Now she need water?????

    • London Rome
      London Rome 2 months ago

      kings Queen yep I feel she just wanted to be up just in case

  • Baby HennyC03
    Baby HennyC03 3 months ago

    Porscha ass fat as shit she's massive fam 😂

  • Cassandra Melendez
    Cassandra Melendez 3 months ago

    Sounds like candy needs anger management

  • Ashley Nicole
    Ashley Nicole 3 months ago

    Everybody got ass!!

  • shalonda cotton
    shalonda cotton 3 months ago

    cant stand Kenya. cant stand kandi

  • Britteny Evans
    Britteny Evans 3 months ago

    why Kandi so damn Roxy did I miss something?

  • Just Kia
    Just Kia 3 months ago

    Kenya so damn aggravating..I woulda been done beat her ass so many times..why is she following her

  • Nijia Johnson
    Nijia Johnson 3 months ago

    Porsha is really irrelevant Kandi is the only one who is actually famous

  • Vida Love
    Vida Love 3 months ago

    what kind of fuckery is fakedra wearing around her non existent neck!!!???

  • Lucas James
    Lucas James 3 months ago

    Kenya and Kandi get on my nerves 😒

  • Ryan Lauer
    Ryan Lauer 3 months ago

    "you wanna get popped don't you? well it ain't gonna happen" that's like being a badass in reverse but still somehow being a badass 💀

  • tangaj
    tangaj 3 months ago

    I am so tired of getting a glimpse of that twisted stank face she always flashes. I liked her better when she kept in the background. So desperate to be signed on for another season to recoup money from lenghty restaurant construction. I don't want to watch her. Bring Nee Nee back get rid of her and these thirsty men that have equal camera time as the so called Housewives. Peter and Todd are so similiar...piggybacking on their wives money to grow there own brand. Sadly they couldn't and can't successfully do it on their own. Example Bethenny's husband piggybacking on her empire pushed himself in the business then sued her for what she worked had to build. Watch out Kandi....I am sure Cynthia had to divorce Peter in order not to lose more money from home using hers play big shot.
    women are you so Desperate to have a "Huz band"

  • Darius
    Darius 3 months ago

    So.. who payed the bill

  • Bosslini King
    Bosslini King 3 months ago

    I'd f all them with they phat asses

  • S D2
    S D2 3 months ago

    I really want someone to beat Kenya so bad, that she forever minds her business

  • Rhemie Kardoucian
    Rhemie Kardoucian 3 months ago

    it's funny how Porsha is SO sure she won't pop off at Kenya saying that she's not going to snap again but shes running away from her almost as if shes keeping herself from going off.

  • Skrilla
    Skrilla 3 months ago

    LMFAOOO kandi got up and dipped

  • *a*./
    *a*./ 3 months ago

    The facts of life: Porsha is slow, Sheree is thirsty, Cynthia is chill, Kenya is dysfunctional, and I agree with Kandy over 90 percent of the time. I leave it at that. Kandy does not smoke, drink or use drugs.

  • Ediana Ventrice
    Ediana Ventrice 3 months ago

    I don't understand why I don't watch this but I watch the basketball wives and love and hip hop. I should start watching this plus I like Porsha

  • Rochell Barbara
    Rochell Barbara 3 months ago

    These girls are all just jealous because of how beautiful she is

  • Tish Tish
    Tish Tish 3 months ago

    stop trying to gain acceptance from the hoes who will never let you in Kenya..

  • Natasha cutie pie
    Natasha cutie pie 3 months ago

    Kenya was chasing those cameras talking bout 'y'all following her'. Yea b**** that's their Friend!

  • Stephanie Stevens
    Stephanie Stevens 3 months ago

    Porcha is a typical angry hood rat. Kenya may be messy but she still has more class than Porcha...

  • Ashley Chester
    Ashley Chester 3 months ago

    why the fuck is Kenya following her, that bitch need her ass beat the fuck up

  • Queen A
    Queen A 3 months ago

    Kenya is fucking retarded.

  • Sophielove1
    Sophielove1 3 months ago

    1:18 LMBO! Porsha is hilliarious!!!

  • wwenewyork
    wwenewyork 3 months ago

    Have they shot the reunion yet ??

  • John Keyes
    John Keyes 3 months ago

    if everyone walk out who pay the bill

  • Sovereignty Sway Sway
    Sovereignty Sway Sway 3 months ago

    Y'all I used to like Kandi but ever since she started being cool with Kenya she grew balls. She jumped in that conversation just to be noticed. Just because she THINKS she got the last word don't mean Porsha still can't drag her a**. And my opinion is Porsha was caught off guard because of Kandi came out of no where so she had to quickly redeem herself before she took an L. Oh yeah and have y'all noticed since Nene left Cynthia Kenya Kandi and Sheree been cooning? B*tches please y'all know good and well had Nene been there everybody would have got retaliated on

  • iAM_CHUCKiiE , Chuckiie Dior

    porsha: Kenya you wanna get popped don't cha? well it ain't gonna happen!

  • No Way
    No Way 3 months ago

    Anything for a $. Shameful trash scripts for black women. Nothing positive. Smh!!!

  • island boi
    island boi 3 months ago

    I guess anger management does work after all.

  • Lala Johnson
    Lala Johnson 3 months ago

    Cslm the hell down!....lol

  • Çɑʍɾҽŋ Śʍɨtɧ

    Honestly, Porsha handled this very well!!

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