ATV Hill climbing

More ATV hill climb action. What looks like a Raptor getting 3/4ths of the way up, then rolling over.

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Author Dylan Toogood (160 years ago)
did you record this with a potato?

Author PiNkN1nja117 ( ago)
@iceguy2003 theyre not outlawed, i have a new 2010 KTM150xc

Author digitalfuk ( ago)

Author mrtaterman ( ago)
2 strokes for the fucking win!!! a 250r coulda done that no problemo.. its
(mostly) rider though

Author SwiftKickInTheBalls ( ago)
Should have bought a 2 stroke :D

Author dxcody2 ( ago)
New try to grab the quad and save it... haha Speaking from experience when
i was 13...

Author Tihomir Popov ( ago)
well that sucks

Author JustAGuy ( ago)
WHAT? 2-strokes were outlawed in 2006 because of emissions. 2-strokes are
king of power.

Author SheeRida01 ( ago)
they quit making to strokes becuase of emissions and the tree huggers.
there are plenty of 2 strokes out there that would smoke alot of 4 strokes
with these hill climbing comptetions

Author johntedrowjr ( ago)
is this in west virginia

Author Eli Wallach ( ago)
sounded like first to me

Author xxlhamexx ( ago)
dumbass nerd, get a life.

Author xxlhamexx ( ago)
if you mean the 2stroke is the knife 2stroke are done for in the ATV world
they just cant handle as much, thats why they quit manufacturing

Author xXxiiiMlGPrOxXx ( ago)
he shoulda down shifted and he woulda had it

Author rekop44 ( ago)
then why are they still producing 4 strokes and quit making two strokes you
dumb fuck. Also 4strokes have virtually taken over the racing world

Author HillClimbersForum ( ago)
could have been worse. check out my page and new forum. youll dig it.

Author Daniel DeArment (787 years ago)
Is this the track in WV near Man and Gilbert?

Author wardie550 (27 years ago)
stfu you stupid fuckin moron

Author e2sguy ( ago)
well what did yo uexpect ..its a four stroke ,thats what happens when you
bring a knife to a gun fight

Author bois123 ( ago)
WTF i can see a shit, get a good videocamara o dont upload video, u dumb
shit motherfucker

Author RebelRyne727 ( ago)
what exhaust is that

Author Chris Almeida ( ago)

Author Tyler Marks ( ago)
The internet is the internet. Get over it. Some people are better than
riding than others thats RL. I could post any video and say its ya..

Author Craig Adams (1596 years ago)
That is the hill @ Rolling Thunder Raceway. I've been up that hill. Trust
me, it is way worse than the video shows. (They always look tame on video).
To all the ARMCHAIR RACERS out there bustin on the guys in videos. THEY are
RIDING and RACING. Unless you can post up YOURSELF doing something better,
shut your piehole and go eat another twinkie. Good effort Raptor.

Author TyCnado (953 years ago)
easy for a Dirtbike. Hard for a 4 wheeler. Great run!

Author mudriding350 ( ago)
that hill is extremely hard ive seen it before on one of my Huevous ridin
movies very few made it up

Author 1989firebirdduals ( ago)
motherfucker if your gonna talk shit and say just cause were not like you n
ride a 2 that dont mean all 4's suck. 2's are too much work anyhow.

Author Scott G ( ago)
takes one to know one. If your not a b!tch riding a 4 then your definitely
a fag

Author Scott G ( ago)
haha. old school baby.

Author 1989firebirdduals ( ago)
i hear makin dumb comments like yours are 4 assholes.

Author Mark Beveridge ( ago)
The Zilla was a badaxe weedeater. Seriously quadracer250's and zilla 500's
were wicked fast. Usually the 2 strokes are better at hillclimbing coz they
can rev quick. If you look at the video from Predwolf2 in the same group of
the Banshee (:27 seconds long), he loses his momentum and doesn't even make
it as far as the Raptor. It's 80% rider and 20% machine I was just busting
some chops because someone said Raptors suck.

Author Mark Beveridge ( ago)
It was the riders fault. He should have never shifted to 3rd. Also could
have used an extended swingarm and maybe spun his way up without it coming
over. That hill is a beast and once you lose your momentum you're cooked.
The night I was there it was dry and slick. The only thing getting up were
the bikes. Very few quads tried it. 2 strokes are for weedeaters...Raptors

Author Sextiva ( ago)
you guys are retarded, he was in 3rd and when he came down he was low
speed, too low for that gear, he should of down shifted in the air and he
would of made it no problems. its his fault for sucking not the quads.

Author rossk07 ( ago)
downshift a little earlier when you lose the r's, no?? and your right...its
a raptor for rarely see that on your 450's

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