Just giving an injection with a twist.

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Author CarlT (3 years)
Beyond stupid and into dangerous. Too low, too central, didn't aspirate.
The girlfriend must be thinking feeling numbness and electric shocks down
her leg is normal Yikes.

Author ChelsGi (3 years)
This is a subq injection. Hmm, I don't remember being allowed to give it in
that area.

Author 2ndSamuel710 (3 years)
Hippocratic oath= I swear by Apollo the healer & take witness to all other
gods that I will NEVER EVER harm anyone in practice of medicine.. Now-
where's the baby in 4 healthy baby visit? Hush little baby, don't U cry,
Doc's gona inject U with formaldehyde. If that poison don't keep U sick,
Doc's gona try another trick.. (Also includes aborted fetal tissue, mercury
& aluminum in witch's brew) English word "Pharmacy" comes from Greek
"Pharmakeia means witchcraft, poison, sorcery. Little change.

Author alreltney (5 years)
Should have sucked out some of the fat on the back stroke.

Author ten8goa (7 years)

Author Mrpepsi320 (4 years)
this comment here will get random thumbs up

Author Steven Schoen Jr (4 years)
This was Stuip and Pointless

Author Amiel Enriquez (6 years)
that pt didn't looked malnourished...

Author blondiecat15 (4 years)
Did he put an alcohol swab on after the injection? ouch!!! And isn't that
area no longer used? Just ventrogluteal, i believe now.

Author mkmason2002 (3 years)
How NOT to give an injection.

Author John Francisco (6 years)
Yeah, I noticed that. I think that injection was too close to the sciatic
nerve. I think the injection is supposed to go higher up and more to the

Author Cassandra Shannon (3 years)
Maybe someone could explain to me why the doctor wouldnt give me a pain
killer injection when I had a dislocated shoulder and 5 fractures in my
arm.It wasnt my own doctoe because I was interstate and I asked this doctor
for something to help with the pain and he wouldnt help me.I know doctors
have a tough job to do and I wouldnt take advantage.Just an honest and open
relationship with my own who I have had all my life.I told her and she said
that I needed a strong pain releif injection.

Author simplyfsl (5 years)
Yes, no aspiration. The site selection is so wrong, so close to sciatic
nerve when the muscle mass is adequate for upper outer quadrant.. If
someone not related to medical field wants to learn to give an I.m, please
don't follow this video at all..

Author sarebear1997 (4 years)

Author ih8txtrytn (3 years)

Author Steven Schoen Jr (4 years)
This was Stupid and Pointless, total waste of my time

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