Ellen at the Republican Debate

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  • Jack Hyde
    Jack Hyde 3 days ago

    I sense a Donald Trump lawsuit. Oh Ellen. *facepalm* :P

  • Brock Aho
    Brock Aho 4 days ago

    this had me dying :-D

  • jjm2412
    jjm2412 5 days ago

    Ellen. you are amazing, however, please don't become the president because that means you would spend time being a president instead of being the host of you show.

  • Sofia Tepatzi
    Sofia Tepatzi 5 days ago

    That was wonderful. 😉

  • Lala L
    Lala L 7 days ago

    I would love to meet Ellen one day that's my dream

  • Rosen Madi rules Seiler

    Donald trumps hair looks like Cotten candy

  • ThePlushBros
    ThePlushBros 8 days ago

    The Beverly hillbilly song 😂😂😂

  • Azad Ahmed
    Azad Ahmed 8 days ago

    Is this predecided?? I mean how can one grab Trump's money bag & throw away the notes

  • Brian Lesh
    Brian Lesh 8 days ago

    I have seen your wife...and YUCK!

  • MariaRose ART
    MariaRose ART 9 days ago

    Ellen is the most coolest person on planet earth, no one had the balls to do the same!!

  • MariaRose ART
    MariaRose ART 9 days ago

    Donald trumps face tho!!!! XD

  • ngthree
    ngthree 9 days ago

    The look on Trump's face though.... 😂😂😂

  • Gideon 5527
    Gideon 5527 9 days ago


  • Faris Hayee
    Faris Hayee 10 days ago

    Ellen looks so much like Hillary]

  • Lpspuppypaws _
    Lpspuppypaws _ 10 days ago

    for a second I thought this was real

  • Trump Trump
    Trump Trump 11 days ago

    Stupid Ellen.

  • rise seinmai
    rise seinmai 12 days ago

    may GOD bless u President Trump!

  • LostShadowSimming
    LostShadowSimming 12 days ago

    I though Ellen was Democratic.

  • GamerGamingGirl 210
    GamerGamingGirl 210 12 days ago

    This is fake

  • LavinaXDH LAA
    LavinaXDH LAA 13 days ago


  • Eva McInerney
    Eva McInerney 13 days ago

    Donald Trump is like why the fuck did. I need to be here

  • Caroline Hueni
    Caroline Hueni 14 days ago

    That seems so real

  • Borce Nedanovski
    Borce Nedanovski 14 days ago


  • Talsj Hdjdm
    Talsj Hdjdm 15 days ago

    she stole Donald Trump's wallet😂😂😂😂😂

  • Asif Uddin
    Asif Uddin 16 days ago

    # ellen for president

  • Chrystal Brogan
    Chrystal Brogan 16 days ago


  • Khan Ibrar
    Khan Ibrar 16 days ago

    that nice wow

  • Mr LolVidHD
    Mr LolVidHD 16 days ago

    You're good at the Jambo

  • JekkaG89
    JekkaG89 17 days ago

    Ellen for President

  • Mushmallow Muffin
    Mushmallow Muffin 17 days ago

    I VOTE ELLEN!!!!

  • Mushmallow Muffin
    Mushmallow Muffin 17 days ago


  • The Magical Cookie
    The Magical Cookie 17 days ago

    Omg Ellen 😂😂😂

  • Lana Rose
    Lana Rose 18 days ago

    ellen should be president

  • Buttefly Velazquez
    Buttefly Velazquez 19 days ago

    I hate trump👺👹💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

  • Aryana Farahvar
    Aryana Farahvar 19 days ago

    Wait not to be rude but Ellen is gay

  • Tron Lo
    Tron Lo 21 day ago

    thats donald trump!!?

  • Virgilio Cerqueira
    Virgilio Cerqueira 21 day ago

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    MYTH 2: Ten percent of the population is homosexual.

    REALITY: 2.5% of the population are homosexual at some stage during their lives - yet the "ten percent" fallacy has been repeated so many times that people believe it. How could this small percentage have such an incredible influence on society? It's a good question!

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  • spooky lex
    spooky lex 21 day ago

    this is the kind of content we need these days, so much shit going on in the world and we all need a good laugh, this is why I love ellen so much

  • Anika Esha
    Anika Esha 22 days ago

    it's hilarious!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • aruu Lep
    aruu Lep 22 days ago

    Fuck trump!! love ellen..

  • zuhara latheef
    zuhara latheef 22 days ago

    I really love u 😍I like your small

  • mongji ji
    mongji ji 22 days ago

    i thought it was real hahahah

  • Cooltiger22
    Cooltiger22 22 days ago


  • haseeb khan
    haseeb khan 22 days ago

    Took me a while to realise...

  • Damian Arteaga
    Damian Arteaga 23 days ago

    If Ellen was to run for president she would have my whole family's vote

  • Potent Onslaught
    Potent Onslaught 23 days ago

    I honestly don't find Ellen funny at all.

  • BSM Testings
    BSM Testings 25 days ago

    You really awesome 😂

  • I Am Such a good great Cool doggo name

    Is this real lol!

  • Emily Li
    Emily Li 27 days ago

    Look at how unenthusiastic Ellen is about Donald Trump..

  • Creative San
    Creative San 28 days ago

    Is it real?

  • Matúš Jurkemík
    Matúš Jurkemík 29 days ago

    Barack Obama is better than Trump.

  • Ella Cronin
    Ella Cronin 29 days ago

    Ellen would be the best president ever

  • Lynn Arzouni
    Lynn Arzouni 29 days ago


  • Aaron Gonzalez
    Aaron Gonzalez 29 days ago


  • shaa141
    shaa141 29 days ago

    World need trump

  • wonglee2424
    wonglee2424 29 days ago

    More banjo, more cow bell, and lot less orange hair

  • Ruth  Coon
    Ruth Coon 1 month ago

    Should be Donald's campaign song.

  • Ozitas 10
    Ozitas 10 1 month ago

    sick edit

  • Farhat Raven
    Farhat Raven 1 month ago

    the ellen pup in trousers

  • Vivieni Jenny
    Vivieni Jenny 1 month ago


  • Summer fun
    Summer fun 1 month ago

    Ellen would be a great president all in vote for Ellen as president like

  • Kat y
    Kat y 1 month ago


  • Taehsoe Moe
    Taehsoe Moe 1 month ago

    Is this real

  • Swastik Swarup Das
    Swastik Swarup Das 1 month ago

    am I the only one who thinks she should be gf of HR from the flash

  • tweets, cookie monster

    Donald trump looks so serious and crabby

  • Isai Felix Navarrete

    was it real

  • Isai Felix Navarrete

    Trump who do u like ivanka or melanie

  • Sharon wynn
    Sharon wynn 1 month ago

    pretty awesome Ellen I wish I was there with you is so impressive

  • Napoleon 96
    Napoleon 96 1 month ago

    Funny fact all candidates are white old males

  • Temi Afolabi
    Temi Afolabi 1 month ago

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I LOVE YOU ELLEN

  • Suzan Maka
    Suzan Maka 1 month ago

    i wonder how this type of crap exists

  • SuperTURTLEvlogs
    SuperTURTLEvlogs 1 month ago

    Ellen is SAVANGE

  • Jessica Zhang
    Jessica Zhang 1 month ago


  • Fixirefo
    Fixirefo 1 month ago

    Is this real? xDDD

  • Birger Furugård
    Birger Furugård 1 month ago

    "you fucking nigger"

  • Niels Cremer
    Niels Cremer 1 month ago

    is this real? I can't tell XD

  • Clair July
    Clair July 1 month ago

    I love Ellen 😂😂😂

  • Heart Fillia
    Heart Fillia 1 month ago

    Ellen for president 😂

  • Oli
    Oli 1 month ago

    its funny

  • Roto 6545
    Roto 6545 1 month ago

    I would 100% vote for Ellen

  • MusicVideosExtreme
    MusicVideosExtreme 1 month ago

    Ellen for president!!!!!!!

  • Stella O
    Stella O 1 month ago

    I wish Ellen was president 😪

  • Gabrielayolo !
    Gabrielayolo ! 1 month ago

    I would watch this for hours

  • Brianna Oh
    Brianna Oh 1 month ago

    Ellen should definitely be president

  • Kaung su Hein
    Kaung su Hein 1 month ago

    trump face lol

  • JC Alberta
    JC Alberta 1 month ago

    you actually thought this was funny? You're a low life POS scum Ellen

  • Vaarun 369
    Vaarun 369 1 month ago

    Nice one Ellen.

  • Michael Vince
    Michael Vince 1 month ago

    Dory wins y'all!

  • Cookie Potter
    Cookie Potter 1 month ago


  • XxOwenboiixX Mac
    XxOwenboiixX Mac 1 month ago


  • Ryel Eduave
    Ryel Eduave 1 month ago

    my brain is deciding if this is real or not.

  • Chersi Smith
    Chersi Smith 1 month ago


  • Bedan Andrew
    Bedan Andrew 1 month ago

    Ellen for preseident trump looked way tough

  • Megan McCann
    Megan McCann 1 month ago


  • Birger Furugård
    Birger Furugård 1 month ago

    ellen is a fag... oh whait...

  • Brianna Oh
    Brianna Oh 1 month ago

    Ellen is a happy person :)

  • Freddie Jordan
    Freddie Jordan 1 month ago


  • Hind Odeh
    Hind Odeh 1 month ago

    Ellen is hilarious I can't stop laughing 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jay Appiah
    Jay Appiah 1 month ago

    Donald duck, I mean trump is always frowning for some odd reason. Is it because your brother took your teddy bear?

  • Phuong Duong Duc
    Phuong Duong Duc 1 month ago

    That 'a really guys???

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