Girls Real Madrid Players Have Dated - 2017

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  • Angelo Ambrosini
    Angelo Ambrosini 9 days ago

    daniela ospina non è la sorella del portiere dell'Arsenal 😂😂😂

  • Aman Dhull
    Aman Dhull 9 days ago

    gareth bale deserves better than that

  • امین یونان
    امین یونان 10 days ago


  • Bastian Asri
    Bastian Asri 10 days ago


  • Dani Syahrial
    Dani Syahrial 11 days ago

    kok ga ada yg pake hijab ya ,pacar" nya 😵😲😭

  • osama khan
    osama khan 11 days ago

    isco and Victoria looks brother and sister buhaahaah..

  • chester oasy
    chester oasy 12 days ago

    hhh are you blind ??? The one in 2:54 isn't Carvajal

    • chester oasy
      chester oasy 5 days ago

      Noah Kokobo hhhh yeah right him without the beard and eyes,smile....NO WAY♥

    • Noah Kokobo
      Noah Kokobo 5 days ago

      chester oasy Maybe it's him without a beard

  • Suresh Chudhary
    Suresh Chudhary 13 days ago


  • Acix TV
    Acix TV 13 days ago


  • rakoczi29
    rakoczi29 13 days ago

    based upon their peculiarly soft, feminine, childish, immature & outright gay behaviour on the pitch, some of these players, & many many more around the world who dive & cheat regularly, may find themselves in a difficult position to make us believe they prefer women as their real companions !!!!!!

  • Rhyan_
    Rhyan_ 13 days ago

    Camadona morata .-.

  • Omar Kroos
    Omar Kroos 13 days ago

    3:00 that's no carvajal . fake

  • Abdalle Burhaan
    Abdalle Burhaan 13 days ago

    beautiful❤,hala madrid

  • DazeKing 1
    DazeKing 1 14 days ago

    Thumb nail thought it was neymar idk why

  • Amine Zaikor
    Amine Zaikor 14 days ago

    Song Plzz

  • Sopha Xaiyalad
    Sopha Xaiyalad 14 days ago


  • NASH1
    NASH1 14 days ago

    most of them has ugly girlfriends

  • Fazio
    Fazio 15 days ago


  • sanjida ronaldo
    sanjida ronaldo 16 days ago

    Very cute ❤❤❤❤

  • STARS Gossip
    STARS Gossip 18 days ago

    Legends ♥

  • vicre
    vicre 18 days ago


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