Quran Recitation - Child

Quran Recitation - part or surah ambiya

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Author Mohammad Abdul Muhimin (5 months)

Author Ali Khan (1 year)

Author Striving Muslimah (7 months)
A child reciting *Qur'an* Masha'Allah ... Ya Rabiii this is beautiful,
Masha'Allah 💜

Author Dan Hassan (1 year)
Quran Recitation by a child.

Author Fatima Fatimaa (1 year)
this child has the most AMAZING VOICE IN THE WORLD!!! mashallah!!!

Author al hafiz (6 months)

Author alih42 (4 years)
manshalah...... oommddd das an believablle wallahii beuutiifuull manshalah
mayy allahh protecttt yuuu iinnshallahh im tryiing my best to be goood
wallahiiii aswelll thank allah im musliimm galll wallahii im just soo
prroouuud!!!!!!!!!!!2 be muslim alhamdulilah

Author yunitajarden (6 years)
mashaallah....allahuakhbar... is amazing voice ,allah bless u

Author vogelschreck44 (5 years)
mashallah!! gives a recetation from the boy with the glasses

Author transparentvariable (5 years)
mashalah mashalah he has a great voice i wish i would have a kid like him

Author kiddomanz (5 years)
beautiful recitation

Author ummAa'yesha b (6 years)
subhanallah, tears are falling out of my eyes. May Allah bless the ummah
and grant us jannah tul firdous. Ameen

Author kazim syed (5 years)
Love U baby!!!!!!!111 Nice voice Awesome

Author nagi04 (5 years)

Author Rizwan ahmed Dayo (5 months)

Author nasiruyola (5 years)

Author eniamry (4 years)
i love this

Author rootXTX (5 years)
Allahu Ekber! Subhan'Allah! Great voice!!!

Author MissMba (5 years)

Author Teepu999 (4 years)

Author sunita12 (5 years)
allahu akbaar...i cant get enff of this child s
voice...manshalllah....bless him so cutee....make dua for me ya muslimiin i
want my child to recita like him ... inshalllah...

Author Muhammd Jassim Munir (5 years)
ماشاالله الله اكبر يقول الله تعا لى فى القرآن المجيد : *ورَتُلِ القرآنَ
تَرتِيلى *

Author DTTStudios (5 years)
Subhanallah!!!!! Such a young boy reciting quran by heart! May he be
showered with so much love and mercy! May allah shower his guidance to the
heavens for this future qari!

Author Teepu999 (4 years)
Lions of Alimighty Allah

Author bobjika (5 years)
bis millah i hope u will be a great muslim people!

Author Dilbar kalatof (5 years)
MashAllah SubanAllah

Author Ait Chaguer (5 years)
هداية من الله . سبحانك تهدي من تشاء. طفل في مقتبل العمر,ورجال فوق الثلاثين
في ضياع..................ما شاء الله تبارك الرحمن..الله يحفضك .اكبرالله
اكبرالله اكبرالله اكبرالله اكبرالله اكبرالله اكبرالله اكبرالله اكبرالله
اكبرالله اكبرالله اكبر لله

Author aztour (4 years)
no comment e excelent

Author australianzaahidh1 (5 years)
masha Allah

Author x prizreni (5 years)

Author alfangri (5 years)
mashalah mashalah he has a great voice i wish i would have a kid like him

Author eniamry (4 years)
love this!!

Author MASSTERMIND (5 years)
Mashallah ....god bless you and your parents love you. salaams

Author MG5319 (5 years)
mashaallah very nice beautiful recitation

Author ahmed abdi (5 months)
:: mashallah how old are you

Author Mubii87 (4 years)
MASHALLAH, MASHALLAH, MASHALLAH. Very Beautiful recitation. Loveee it!

Author muslimboymakkah (5 years)
this is brilliant. is this in madinah because it looks like it.

Author hafza123 (5 years)
mashallah! Allah (s.w.t) gifted this little boy what a gift to have! may
Ahhah bless us all

Author Sahra Sakhi (5 months)
Wow i love kids voice

Author bilalpalani20 (5 years)

Author TheKidComedyShow (4 years)
LOvE it iam so jelous

Author yatt800 (5 months)
Massa Allah

Author dadaahmed (5 years)
Simply The Best Mashallah

Author awfarhan (5 years)
May allah make it easy for you.AAMEEN!

Author mohibatrasoulllah (5 years)
Mashallah Mashallah

Author adobephotoshopp (5 years)
Mashallah.. AllahuAkbar the child has bright face ..

Author reeab (5 years)
Simply out of the world! Can somebody care to tell me which Verses thses
are and from which sura? Fee Amanillah.

Author llwllalsa07 (5 years)
masya Allah wa tabarakallah

Author Chromegrillz (5 years)

Author saddiqiqbal72 (5 years)
mashallah allahumma barik alaih mashallah la huwla wa la quwata illah billa

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