The UK Education System (For Non UK Students).

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  • melanie ragoopath
    melanie ragoopath 17 days ago

    G.C.S.E is also known as CXC

  • Huzaifa Tariq Tariq

    1 Year of Students is wasted in UK Education System...As compare to Asian Education System.

  • Luke johns
    Luke johns 26 days ago

    I left school at end of year 10,

  • ikran abdi
    ikran abdi 27 days ago

    iam 16 moving to england ,iam i going to start direct high or most i do the exams to get to high school

  • Zachary Lewis-Briers

    Not everywhere in the U.K has this system I went through first school, middle school, high school and then college

  • Håvard Torbergsen
    Håvard Torbergsen 2 months ago


  • Michael Rendina
    Michael Rendina 2 months ago

    Bastardo ti abbiamo visto in classe

  • Andrew Tyberg
    Andrew Tyberg 4 months ago

    Very well explained!

  • teo entertainment
    teo entertainment 4 months ago

    So since English education systems shows that Indians can betrayed there identity, languages, country, relatives and lands - so it is Gypsy vs Indians

  • Sharjah hHshjahjs
    Sharjah hHshjahjs 4 months ago

    Suck me tit

  • Olivia Young
    Olivia Young 4 months ago

    I'm from the UK and I go too a British school yet I am watching this and I don't even know why ;)

  • CJ 10
    CJ 10 4 months ago

    It's different in Scotland, we have 7 years in primary school then 6 in high school or academy

  • Hias Lorenz
    Hias Lorenz 5 months ago

    Thanks dude you helped me a lot

  • toddbod94
    toddbod94 5 months ago

    AS doesn't exist anymore

    • JW
      JW 4 months ago

      toddbod94 It does, just not in the same sense as it did before. Despite the fact AS no longer account to 50% of your overall A Level grade, you still take AS exams in year 12 which will go on your uni application, and then you retake those AS exams along with the A2 exams in year 13.

  • lois burbery
    lois burbery 5 months ago

    I've lived in England my whole life and year 6 if for 10-11 year old isn't it?

  • DemonaLlama
    DemonaLlama 5 months ago

    This is the England and Wales education system :/

    • 24KT
      24KT 4 months ago

      WJEC exam board is used around most of the UK. I think it's the most common.

    ACCULINO 8 months ago

    But wait he didn't say what happendes if u move to the uk at the age of 16 dod you do the exams ???

    • Arzzier
      Arzzier 7 months ago

      ACCULINO yep also in the end of primary you have to do Sats

  • Ismail Ahmed
    Ismail Ahmed 9 months ago

    u did it wrong u start with Nursery and reception!

  • Nadine x
    Nadine x 10 months ago

    Very well explained, I hope I got it now😅
    Your handwriting is really cool btw

  • Mark Difort
    Mark Difort 10 months ago

    No middle school!!??

    • DemonaLlama
      DemonaLlama 5 months ago

      Some places have middle school in the UK, maybe a third.

    • Arzzier
      Arzzier 7 months ago

      Mark Difort Secondary school is middle school and high school

  • Josh McAllister
    Josh McAllister 10 months ago

    u missed p7 noob

  • ikran abdi
    ikran abdi 1 year ago

    what if you are 16 years old and moving to england from sweden . in sweden when you are 16 you go to three years of college and then university . please someone tell e what iam going to start i mean which year or something

    • Arzzier
      Arzzier 5 months ago

      ikran abdi You'll either start at Sixth Form or the final year of secondary

  • Burgergaming
    Burgergaming 1 year ago

    That's strange I had to be 6 to be in year 1 and 10 or 11 for year 6

  • Toron
    Toron 1 year ago

    Calling this "The UK education system" is a bit of a misnomer. There are 3 different education systems in the UK. England and Wales, the Scotland, then Northern Ireland.

  • BigFace Basketball
    BigFace Basketball 1 year ago

    I have watched several videos about the UK education system and you explain the most clearly. Thank you.

  • budywudy9
    budywudy9 1 year ago

    1) very well explained. I think non-uk students will understand this
    2) do you still cube or have you quit / given it up?

  • virtually Esther
    virtually Esther 1 year ago

    Chris you missed out reception class... :P good explanation though, very clear :)

    • Aiman Motin
      Aiman Motin 1 month ago

      haribo41296 I am from the UK

    • MG//Raj 1996
      MG//Raj 1996 4 months ago

      haribo41296 bro this is so similar to Australia (obviously because of 1788)but here are some differences
      1.School can either start at 4 or 5 (if ur 4,u turn 5 before June 30th. If u were 5 like me,you turn 6 like after June 30th)
      2.We don't start school in year 1 (we used to)we start in Prep
      3. until 2015,nearly all states in Australia have had year 7 in High school (before it was year 8,but South Australia has year 7 in Primary School,but I'm not from South Australia)
      4. We don't have Sixth form/College,we end High school with our Atar (used to be OP)and we have dreaded block exams(the subjects u choose in year 11 for year 11 and 12 will be apart of ur Block Exams/OP (Atar)
      5.Uni isn't 4 years for everyone,depending what ur course is
      6. School starts in January and ends in December

      ok so I hope u like these differences,I really liked the video and also I graduated Primary school in December last year and I'm going to High school

    • haribo41296
      haribo41296 1 year ago

      +virtually Esther I have failed as an english student D:

  • Michael Wright
    Michael Wright 1 year ago

    Scotland is very different lol…

  • Ren Tier
    Ren Tier 1 year ago

    They're getting rid of AS

  • Stanley Mitchell
    Stanley Mitchell 1 year ago

    This is wrong , year 1 is 5-6 year 2 is 6-7 year 3 is 7-8 year 4 is 8-9 year 5 is 9-10 and tear 6 is 10-11

    • Mary, la ragazza felice!
      Mary, la ragazza felice! 9 months ago

      +Zombiesize yes

    • ezray
      ezray 1 year ago

      +Zombiesize right now I'm in year 8 12-13

    • ezray
      ezray 1 year ago

      +Zombiesize no it's not.

    • Zombiesize
      Zombiesize 1 year ago

      Grade 5 should be 10-11 grade 4 should be 9-10 and grade 6 should be 11-12

    • fivemissiles
      fivemissiles 1 year ago

      +ezray Hey look its Grade

  • TheSilentCuber
    TheSilentCuber 1 year ago

    Interesting, very different from Sweden.

  • Nathan Wolf
    Nathan Wolf 1 year ago

    in us we have elementary (1-6), middle (sometimes 6-8) and high (9-12)

  • Shelby G.
    Shelby G. 1 year ago

    Super helpful, Chris, thanks! It's always a little confusing when people talk about high school in the UK vs. high school in the US. Keep up the good videos!

    • Kassidy Hope
      Kassidy Hope 1 year ago

      Yeah I know I have friends from America and they are always on about middle school and stuff over text and I'm sat there like 'wth are you on about?!' Lol it's so confusing! XD

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