The UK Education System (For Non UK Students).

Ever wondered what the hell I'm talking about when I go on about college or uni? Well here it is, explained in full!

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Have a wonderful day guys! See you soon!

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Author Zachary Lewis-Briers ( ago)
Not everywhere in the U.K has this system I went through first school, middle school, high school and then college

Author Håvard Torbergsen ( ago)

Author Michael Rendina ( ago)
Bastardo ti abbiamo visto in classe

Author Andrew Tyberg ( ago)
Very well explained!

Author teo entertainment ( ago)
So since English education systems shows that Indians can betrayed there identity, languages, country, relatives and lands - so it is Gypsy vs Indians

Author Sharjah hHshjahjs ( ago)
Suck me tit

Author Olivia Young ( ago)
I'm from the UK and I go too a British school yet I am watching this and I don't even know why ;)

Author CJ 10 ( ago)
It's different in Scotland, we have 7 years in primary school then 6 in high school or academy

Author Hias Lorenz ( ago)
Thanks dude you helped me a lot

Author toddbod94 ( ago)
AS doesn't exist anymore

Author lois burbery ( ago)
I've lived in England my whole life and year 6 if for 10-11 year old isn't it?

Author DemonaLlama ( ago)
This is the England and Wales education system :/

Author ACCULINO ( ago)
But wait he didn't say what happendes if u move to the uk at the age of 16 dod you do the exams ???

Author HI THERE ( ago)
You didn't mention that equivalent of Kindergarten here in the UK is called nursery :p

Author Ismail Ahmed ( ago)
u did it wrong u start with Nursery and reception!

Author Nadine x ( ago)
Very well explained, I hope I got it now😅
Your handwriting is really cool btw

Author Mark Difort ( ago)
No middle school!!??

Author Josh McAllister ( ago)
u missed p7 noob

Author ikran abdi ( ago)
what if you are 16 years old and moving to england from sweden . in sweden when you are 16 you go to three years of college and then university . please someone tell e what iam going to start i mean which year or something

Author Burgergaming ( ago)
That's strange I had to be 6 to be in year 1 and 10 or 11 for year 6

Author Toron ( ago)
Calling this "The UK education system" is a bit of a misnomer. There are 3 different education systems in the UK. England and Wales, the Scotland, then Northern Ireland.

Author BigFace Basketball ( ago)
I have watched several videos about the UK education system and you explain the most clearly. Thank you.

Author budywudy9 ( ago)
1) very well explained. I think non-uk students will understand this
2) do you still cube or have you quit / given it up?

Author virtually Esther ( ago)
Chris you missed out reception class... :P good explanation though, very clear :)

Author Michael Wright ( ago)
Scotland is very different lol…

Author Ren Tier ( ago)
They're getting rid of AS

Author Stanley Mitchell ( ago)
This is wrong , year 1 is 5-6 year 2 is 6-7 year 3 is 7-8 year 4 is 8-9 year 5 is 9-10 and tear 6 is 10-11

Author TheSilentCuber ( ago)
Interesting, very different from Sweden.

Author Nathan Wolf ( ago)
in us we have elementary (1-6), middle (sometimes 6-8) and high (9-12)

Author Shelby G. ( ago)
Super helpful, Chris, thanks! It's always a little confusing when people talk about high school in the UK vs. high school in the US. Keep up the good videos!

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