Bermuda Triangle - The Real Truth

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  • easyrider750
    easyrider750 7 hours ago

    why was this vid in reverse???

  • Rebecca Brown
    Rebecca Brown 1 day ago

    Everything is backwards.

  • John Sina
    John Sina 1 day ago


  • Juliet Mmakwe
    Juliet Mmakwe 2 days ago

    is it really real?

  • Nick De La Rosa
    Nick De La Rosa 2 days ago

    There was no mention of USOs.

  • NICHOLAS Zelinka
    NICHOLAS Zelinka 3 days ago


  • NICHOLAS Zelinka
    NICHOLAS Zelinka 3 days ago

    what what happen if you send a

  • Iverson Reyes
    Iverson Reyes 5 days ago

    dimensions is not true

  • Alfaro Solis
    Alfaro Solis 5 days ago

    On 6:44 he looks like Donald trump😐

  • Yo_ Itz Ryan
    Yo_ Itz Ryan 5 days ago

    gravtational pull or thin air to high in the sky which means thin air and they pass out cause them to this comment if you agree

  • malou arreza
    malou arreza 6 days ago


  • Nathi Madhlopa
    Nathi Madhlopa 6 days ago

    thanks for the fack

  • M Lakshmi
    M Lakshmi 7 days ago

    😚 Sweet Home ✨

  • Debra Brandt
    Debra Brandt 8 days ago

    why do these videos play " in a mirrored way" like backwards?

  • AK Magic
    AK Magic 9 days ago

    well I think this is what happened, people heard about this and when they fly across it,they panic or is scared that they might die,and it could be because the people MAKE it happen because they are too panicked or scared

  • UrbanDanger !
    UrbanDanger ! 9 days ago


    These pseudo-scientific explanations in the comments are

  • Mad Monkey 2.0
    Mad Monkey 2.0 11 days ago

    you dummy the Bermuda triangle is on the right side of Florida not on the left you idiet

  • Milton Masaku
    Milton Masaku 12 days ago

    rolling on

  • Bysil John
    Bysil John 12 days ago

    I think it because of the weather patterns around there for making such a big cyclone

  • Beaty Banerjee
    Beaty Banerjee 12 days ago

    o m g

  • Beaty Banerjee
    Beaty Banerjee 12 days ago

    o m g

  • Annastasia
    Annastasia 13 days ago

    The Brumuda Triangle is probably a portal type worm hole to heaven.

  • vkookie trash #1
    vkookie trash #1 14 days ago

    Anyone would know it's the sea of monsters.

  • Denis Belo
    Denis Belo 14 days ago

    it must be a giantic magnet radiation were they compacted together and catch to any object.

  • Loyd Pye
    Loyd Pye 15 days ago


  • life as gabriella TAPIA

    im gussing that there is a really rare gigantic piece of matearial that is so powerfull and can pull planes and boats down and one day this year someone needs to go down there and record

  • Adnan Gujjar5051 Gujjar


  • Suga Babes
    Suga Babes 17 days ago

    dont you ever find it strange ? When all they do is give us Theory and not an actual Conclusion.
    Well i think its because they already know , but it must be confidential So they dont let the Citizens and people know. But I kinda think Something big will Happen in the future .
    Technology now a days is too great to control. If youre like me who wanders around youtube Watching all these theory . Its Just Theory. they actually never make clear conclusions about these.

  • Zara Church
    Zara Church 17 days ago

    Zthis programme has all the writing back to front!

    • Zara Church
      Zara Church 17 days ago

      May have something to do with that triangle!

  • sahil punia
    sahil punia 17 days ago

    I think that the pressure of air nd water is very high
    I think there is something like Totle internal reflection
    that when a ship or another craft pass from that region will rotate inside the triangle nd can not able to come out
    there is also very high magnetic property
    that why magnetic compass did not work properly

  • Chato
    Chato 17 days ago

    Why don't they just go and see

  • Carl Hs
    Carl Hs 18 days ago

    I Don't know if I want to take that Gay Cruise , after watching this .....

  • Arun Adhukari
    Arun Adhukari 18 days ago

    I think their ez huge gravitation force throughout the earth surface

  • Tyrone Johnson
    Tyrone Johnson 18 days ago

    These conspiracy theories are such bullshit. There are so many ships and planes that pass through the Bermuda Triangle every week. I have passed through the Bermuda Triangle many times before and nothing strange or mysterious has happened. Neil Degrasse Tyson explains the Bermuda Triangle perfectly.

  • Ahsan Husain
    Ahsan Husain 19 days ago

    this is area of imam mahdi this place of 12th imam of shia muslim thats y no body reachet this area he is alive and leave in place so plz dont distrb him

  • Vincent Onde
    Vincent Onde 19 days ago

    ohh my good.........

  • Wolfie Gamez
    Wolfie Gamez 20 days ago


  • Wam Avenger
    Wam Avenger 20 days ago

    I think it's a gateway to other planets.

  • Wam Avenger
    Wam Avenger 20 days ago

    send a camera and dummies into the Bemuda triangle as bait to see what happens.

    • Wam Avenger
      Wam Avenger 16 days ago

      +Tyrone Johnson some of it might be false I'm sure Bermuda triangle does exist and strange things have happened in it there a television programme about it.

    • Tyrone Johnson
      Tyrone Johnson 16 days ago

      Wam Avenger There is no need for that. People pass through the Bermuda Triangle all the time and nothing happens. These theories are all false.

  • Wam Avenger
    Wam Avenger 20 days ago

    I've seen aliens they not killed me i don't think aliens kill.

  • Ahmed Hamsheed
    Ahmed Hamsheed 20 days ago

    thats a secret army base

  • THAT ONE guy 12
    THAT ONE guy 12 21 day ago

    why are the word upside down

  • OG Afghan
    OG Afghan 21 day ago

    THE DAJJAL ( anti christ) lives there in an island. Research it on YouTube

  • Goe Bann
    Goe Bann 22 days ago

    This video is not relevant. It's from an opposite dimension. How can I tell? Well, all the writings are backwards. LOL :-)

  • MistyXoxo :D
    MistyXoxo :D 22 days ago

    I know this would never work but why not take some drone type to the Bermuda and see what happens like some sort of camera to record it and watch it from a computer screen idk...

  • Fawnr Yellowboy
    Fawnr Yellowboy 23 days ago

    that's really scary 😶

  • Djon Cas
    Djon Cas 25 days ago

    how to restore headlights

  • Nadir Khan
    Nadir Khan 25 days ago

    my battery low but not solve Bermunda 🔺 mystery

  • C J
    C J 26 days ago

    Why is the film flipped?

  • Y-Sady Nie
    Y-Sady Nie 27 days ago

    would be nice if it wasn't recorded backwards

  • Trisna Marks
    Trisna Marks 27 days ago

    bloody adds

  • Shirley Oimoen
    Shirley Oimoen 28 days ago

    why is it backwards?

  • mommytoallie
    mommytoallie 28 days ago

    your video is backwards.

  • #BunnyTheAngel #BTA
    #BunnyTheAngel #BTA 1 month ago

    They say when u go in the Bermuda Triangle, Magnetic North is lost and True North occurs

  • stactoric ht
    stactoric ht 1 month ago

    only God knows...

  • zack thunder
    zack thunder 1 month ago

    our goverment dumps taitinium boxes Of bodies Of childrens THAT had gone missing IN our cities..these childrens are sarifised ..And then dumped IN this á your reserche this is true

  • Sofian Redzuan
    Sofian Redzuan 1 month ago


  • Alexia Rodriguez
    Alexia Rodriguez 1 month ago

    probably the Bermuda triangle is hell

  • ganksta stiyel2
    ganksta stiyel2 1 month ago

    great I'm going there for vacation

  • dalton lightfoot
    dalton lightfoot 1 month ago

    low atmosphere X-Points!

  • dalton lightfoot
    dalton lightfoot 1 month ago

    why is he video image reversed?

  • Marlene Torres
    Marlene Torres 1 month ago

    why am i seeing this video backwards? What i mean is that the words, numbers and everything are like a mirror image.

  • IliJA Radosevic
    IliJA Radosevic 1 month ago

    I think could be gas eruptions under sea.

  • john jakiel
    john jakiel 1 month ago

    Under the triangle is a UFO base
    That's why they get sucked in

  • Alex Song
    Alex Song 1 month ago

    I think god created the bermuda triangle

  • Nivy Santhan
    Nivy Santhan 1 month ago

    I can't believe it

  • Omprakash Bhardwaj
    Omprakash Bhardwaj 1 month ago


  • Glenda Robinson
    Glenda Robinson 1 month ago

    Burmuda triangle is a portal!!

    ALEX CHACKO 1 month ago

    💐 👍
    😎 🌙 ⚓ ⚓

  • phantom Gaming 9000
    phantom Gaming 9000 1 month ago

    my problem is can it be Bermuda circle

  • shawnte Pitts
    shawnte Pitts 1 month ago

    That's right grandson

  • General JB
    General JB 1 month ago

    This Is a very serious video.Thanks for sharing

  • Scorpio Snake
    Scorpio Snake 1 month ago

    bermuda triangle is like the pineal gland or the third eye of the earth . it's doorway for time travel and astral stuffs . i guess .

  • Mcgyver Newone
    Mcgyver Newone 1 month ago

    In America we call that "Bassackwords"

  • gspot mop
    gspot mop 1 month ago

    one of the only places in the world that has rogue waves.

  • Clifford Arenza
    Clifford Arenza 1 month ago

    kuyawa ani ui demon

  • Ben
    Ben 1 month ago

    Best part 39:23 thank me later

  • David Mercado
    David Mercado 1 month ago

    the Bermuda triangle there's unknown speices living there and the person owning that place is the Illuminati

  • Ishelle Witty
    Ishelle Witty 1 month ago

    i also believe that it has something to do with illuminati

  • Bleach !
    Bleach ! 1 month ago

    lets play a game
    if you are the 666th person to play my game you get $1000

  • richard reyes
    richard reyes 1 month ago

    every time i flush my toilet one ship went missing

  • Travis Hunt
    Travis Hunt 1 month ago

    They prolly faked there death the Ruth . No more taxes

  • Mark Barto
    Mark Barto 1 month ago

    Illuminati confirmed ??

  • John Wasp
    John Wasp 1 month ago


  • Syeda Sadaf Fatema
    Syeda Sadaf Fatema 1 month ago

    so what is the next step for solve this problem

  • Alikezaza P9
    Alikezaza P9 1 month ago

    I need to send my teacher there so I don't get to see her

  • albon view
    albon view 1 month ago


  • nadia ilyas
    nadia ilyas 1 month ago


  • KC Bollas
    KC Bollas 1 month ago

    what's happening in bermuda triangle its creepy

  • ashleigh atkinson
    ashleigh atkinson 1 month ago

    why is this backwards ?? all the writing and pictures are are flipped back to front , whats the reason for this ??

  • Eggsy Maketh
    Eggsy Maketh 1 month ago

    I wish I could send my homework there when I used to be a kid 😥 My bad

  • SHAMAN Ali
    SHAMAN Ali 1 month ago

    only Allah knows what is the truth but I think that on this case, E=mc is applicable

  • SHAMAN Ali
    SHAMAN Ali 1 month ago

    only Allah knows what is the truth but I think that on this case, E=mc is applicable

  • Waraftermath
    Waraftermath 1 month ago

    It's backwards

    THERAINOFFEAR 1 month ago

    Well this explains my couch because whenever i leave something there i could never find it.

  • GraceKatz Cloress
    GraceKatz Cloress 1 month ago

    I think there is a Bermuda Triangle under my bed. U put ur stuff down there and u never see it again...........

  • JH MAX SS Dilhara
    JH MAX SS Dilhara 1 month ago


  • Nikki Johnson
    Nikki Johnson 1 month ago

    Tim travel

  • Andrew Le
    Andrew Le 1 month ago

    i liek eggs

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