Stage Rd. House Fire. - Delmar, DE

September 26, 2010 - Abandoned house fire on Old Stage Rd in Delmar, Delaware. Station 74 assisted by Station 81 Laurel, and Station 79 Gumboro.

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Author OldLordSpeedy ( ago)
Sorry, what mean "abandoned House" in DE, USA? The goverment of the USA be
owner? The state goverment of DE be the owner? The county goverment be
owner of this place? Here in European Union and in Germany be for everey
place an owner, we do not have "free owner places". The police looks where
put the house on fire?

Author Marine5 ( ago)
Caitlyn...STFU...You have never gone out of your way to help
anyone...Ever...These Volunteers put their Lives on the line to "Help

Author Glenn Huber ( ago)
its abandoned, protect exposures and let it burn. why waste water??

Author E Paquin ( ago)
Nicely done considering how much water you had on board in the first truck
on scene. Second who ever was driving that tanker needs to be talked to, a
bit heavy on the foot there and needing to break too much in the end. Could
have ended up badly.

Author 35083bigbear ( ago)
They are not that bad just had to assist them with a fire the other day
only problem i have is once another company shows up they stop working as

Author CaitlynYoung1 ( ago)
Didn't say that, I was saying I felt bad delmar is a neighboring department

Author 35083bigbear ( ago)
I don't I love being a firefighter

Author CaitlynYoung1 ( ago)
I feel bad for you

Author 35083bigbear ( ago)
Fuck you delmar is my neighbouring company it takes a little while that
place was called in after it was already burning for a while so yeah as
soon as they got they call they were there in less than ten minutes

Author xX3movamp1reXx ( ago)
differant states have differant OPS if ya look at some of the vids of POV
responses then you will so alot of guys runnin straight to the fire and 1
guys to the station to get the Engine,

Author CaitlynYoung1 ( ago)
Oh no, I bet you wish that's how it was. Next time I am in Delmar (which
will probably be never - I live several states away) and I hear the siren
go off I will tape it for you. They have members or a ton of people that
stand around the trucks and sit on the front of them doing nothing. They
are running w/ lights on, but no one is doing anything. If they aren't
members I don't know who they are.

Author Patrick B ( ago)
We were paid per call as volunteers back in the 70's & responded just like
u guys, from local jobs. Fog pattern knocks down a larger volume of fire. I
know, I've used it many times. SS is great for distance, but up close I'use
a fog pattern all the time

Author Branchporter ( ago)
OK - I'll add one more inane comment - why didn't they do an interior

Author Patrick B ( ago)
Excellent description......LittleBlitz 85 LZVFD Ret

Author sockettuem ( ago)
For those who ask what took so long: First, the structure involved was
rural, and the department was volunteer which requires a response not only
to the scene but also to the station so the apparatus can be deployed. The
vast majority of volunteer companies are unmanned as those who respond are
necessarily employed in different occupations to support their families.
They do the best they can and get nothing in return. If you want a faster
response, pony up for a full-time crew.

Author TkFtrd1 ( ago)
if it took them 35 minutes to roll out it's probably because the volunteer
ffs have these things called lives and families and obligations that need
to be tended to before they can get to the station. then not including
their commute time they have ~2min to get geared up roll out with an
average of anywhere from 5-15min apparatus response. a house fire i was at
took us 5 min to get on scene from the time of dispatch and it was less
than a 1/4 mile from the station.

Author poe2318 ( ago)
I thought tanker was gonna rear-end the pumper tanker.

Author CaitlynYoung1 ( ago)
Actually it's because Delmar takes 35 minutes or so to roll out.

Author wmckee45 ( ago)
let me see it looks to me like there is a fire plug on each corner. Dont
know if ur a ff or not but if you are a member of rual fire dept as I am
its never to late for the tanker to show up. Besides what if you was on
that call and another call came in and you had no water in your tank. you
could fill off the tanker before you went to the next call. DUH

Author Matchbox FireRescue (1205 years ago)
tanker was a little late..

Author Dylan White ( ago)
so why did you not respond to your station ? cant do anything without
equipment, unless your an officer. ~ Vol. FF

Author hondaxr8013 ( ago)
go engine tanker!

Author Robert Cikovic ( ago)
Let's See...Abandoned house, minimal impact on *expensive* exposures, on a
road that sees very little traffic. this would have been a great
opportunity to do some controlled burn training.

Author disabldfirefiter ( ago)
I've been a U.S.A.F. firefighter, and later, also both a paid-professional
and a volunteer ptofessional firefighter/LT. ... where would this country
be without them all?? I worked in a small-medium sized city and a rural
area. sometimes the response times, and the miles are long

Author Sean Micheal ( ago)
the guy was like where ya been . where ya been . where ya been ! ?

Author catman5169 (1243 years ago)
Couldn't have said it better myself!!! Those who put these folk down need
to become volunteers and see just how good/fast they can do!!

Author tbs10916301 (1646 years ago)
excellent job with first in crew and water you had.

Author WhereMyChicken ( ago)
Gee. ain't livin' in the country just great? There's ALWAYS a breeze!

Author David Schofield ( ago)
Considering the posts put up by full time departments, I'd say you guys
didn't do all that bad. AND the Tanker arrived @ the right time. First
piece in was a Tanker itself.

Author Skankpronger ( ago)
this is the kind of fire you let burn out on its own then have the ladies
run back to the station and grab the hot dogs and buns

Author Steve Engles ( ago)
nice knockdown with the light crew and 1 truck. where the hck was the
backup. bravo guys that was a fantastic job.

Author bwave ( ago)
To all asking about delay in response - I live 1/2 mile from house, jumped
up as soon as was dispatched on scanner and it was already fully involved
when I arrived. The closest (volunteer) station is 5 1/2 miles away.

Author sharppointy1 ( ago)
Makes me curious...since the structure was fully alight and would end up
being even more dangerous than an intact abandoned building, why not treat
this like a training burn; protect the trees, and let the house burn down?
Save the owner/town some money demolishing it later.

Author ScubaTiger ( ago)
"What took so long?" people actually ask! Let's see now... The place was
vacant, so I'm sure the owner called in the fire the moment they smelled
smoke. You can see what a busy, bustling highway the house is on, so you
know everyone going past called it in on their cell phones. Also it's in
the middle of such an established built up area you know the fire house was
just around the block with a paid staff just waiting for a fire. (Yes, that
was sarcasm, and lots of it!)

Author SpprtAssoc ( ago)
Pretty damn good hit on that fire with just tank water and two lines

Author Cody Benac ( ago)
she agoner!!!!

Author PsychoOfFury __ ( ago)
@arohn2007 well. it was an abandoned structure. no nee to haul ass and risk
injury to put water on an abandoned house

Author ffjsb ( ago)
No deck gun?? Seems like the front hoseline is just a little too close to
the collapse zone as well, kinda hard to tell from the angle though.

Author A.J. Grigolo ( ago)
either arson or just a very old wood structure

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