Curious Little Weasel!

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    On this episode of Breaking Trail, Coyote gets up close with one curious little Weasel!

    The Short-Tail Weasel, which is also known as a Stoat or an Ermine, cover a vast territory spanning from North America to Eurasia. They are famous for their spunky and ferocious personalities as well as their extremely energetic mannerisms…one thing is for sure, Weasels are always on the move!

    Get ready to get up close with one of the smallest Weasels in the world!

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  • Michael McCarthy
    Michael McCarthy 7 hours ago

    Ferret so that please

  • SixZealousShuzie
    SixZealousShuzie 11 hours ago

    The intro would have gotten me if the title wasn't a dead give away.

  • Dylan Webster
    Dylan Webster 12 hours ago

    It's so cute

  • Legen Sis
    Legen Sis 1 day ago

    Can you show us some polabear

  • Das Smith
    Das Smith 1 day ago

    Cute but DEADLY

  • Ben B.
    Ben B. 1 day ago

    Pokemon Snap gen 2. Furret sighted!

  • Mr. Grenade
    Mr. Grenade 2 days ago

    You are a great youtuber, a good comedian and you make fantastic memes, keep it up man, and good luck on your road to 10 million subscribers

  • Cousin Vinnie
    Cousin Vinnie 2 days ago

    800 Beats a minute? That's as fast as an MP5 submachine gun

  • Darth Puppies
    Darth Puppies 2 days ago


  • Midorya Izuku
    Midorya Izuku 3 days ago

    Be Honest are you shocked when the weasel bit the camera? 😁

  • Noah Bonilla
    Noah Bonilla 3 days ago

    I like ferrets more

  • Juststaychill _07
    Juststaychill _07 3 days ago

    " have you guessed who we are talking about, if not -"
    Me: read the title?
    Coyote: get ready to meet the short tailed weasel
    Me: oh

  • annie102499
    annie102499 6 days ago

    do something about a black footed ferret

  • Kimberly Sanchez
    Kimberly Sanchez 7 days ago

    its cute

  • Adam Dorrian
    Adam Dorrian 8 days ago

    Why do u do cool but scare stuff give me a like for more

  • Daniel Gao
    Daniel Gao 8 days ago

    Short tail weasel: they are coming for you...

    xXTHEDABSTA21Xx 1 9 days ago

    it could attack at any moment

  • B 13
    B 13 9 days ago

    1:19 *I thought he meant my D* 😂

  • Spookery
    Spookery 9 days ago

    "I don't want to twitch my fingers around it" *twitches fingers

  • ROBLOX name: xxtrickshoter

    sub to me plz im lonely plzzzzzzzzz i got good vids

  • Thelma Adjidjonu
    Thelma Adjidjonu 9 days ago

    "I don't want to twitch my fingers.. might think it's something to latch on to"
    *twitches fingers*

  • bryan adkins
    bryan adkins 9 days ago

    how many times did you practice jumping over that wall?

  • ghost 747
    ghost 747 9 days ago

    did u ever see a ferret?

  • The Pen Show
    The Pen Show 11 days ago

    Me sees weasel: Awwe thats so cute
    Coyote: Doesnt matter if its a baby or an adult it will eat anything it comes across and it will take its burrow as its own
    Me: 😐

  • JasonMasters
    JasonMasters 11 days ago

    Semi-random fact of the day: "Pop Goes the Weasel" is all about pawning an essential tool of the cobbler's trade, not about the cute but vicious mammal which shares its name.
    "Pop" = Pawn; "Weasel" = An essential cobbler's tool; "Monkey" = The traditional pawnbroker's sign, also known as a Brass Monkey, consisting of three brass balls hanging in a triangle formation from what looks like an upside-down candelabra.

  • CTK 2611
    CTK 2611 13 days ago

    What a nice living scarf!

  • Ari Newborn
    Ari Newborn 14 days ago

    I love minks

  • Roy Barron
    Roy Barron 14 days ago

    saw a wild one and my pup try to get it lol

  • SymbolicSky
    SymbolicSky 15 days ago

    more reasons why I want a ferret

  • Drew Are
    Drew Are 16 days ago

    my friend has 2 or 4 wezle

  • Sterling Dumesnil
    Sterling Dumesnil 19 days ago


  • CrazyFrogDance
    CrazyFrogDance 19 days ago

    Now I understand that "Pop! Goes the Weasel" thing.

  • Berserker Titan
    Berserker Titan 20 days ago

    Actually, humans have a bite force of over 200 psi

  • Abe Banerman
    Abe Banerman 20 days ago

    what the hell is several times the size of a bear

  • Sansy girl singer
    Sansy girl singer 21 day ago

    IT'S SO TINY!!!!😍

  • Jaidynne Mull
    Jaidynne Mull 25 days ago

    "not going to Fidel with my fingers."he says fiddling his fingers

  • Jennifer Howeth
    Jennifer Howeth 26 days ago

    I love it when you show us some mammles

  • TheChunkyBear
    TheChunkyBear 27 days ago

    Steve is awesome!

  • Teostratos L
    Teostratos L 28 days ago

    weasels are dangerous. especialy if you give Them a dinosaur tooth as weapon.

  • Helen Yu
    Helen Yu 1 month ago

    I came here to see a weasel but I also got to see coyote's shiny head. What a fulfilling day

  • ScarettTwilight
    ScarettTwilight 1 month ago


  • albertusj
    albertusj 1 month ago

    Crikey mate!

  • Pimp Daddy
    Pimp Daddy 1 month ago

    So they invade a "home", kill everybody there, then make it their "home". Bunch of devils lol!

  • Dominic Perez
    Dominic Perez 1 month ago

    A wild Ferret appeared!

  • Joseph Paul
    Joseph Paul 1 month ago

    I. M. WEASEL!!

  • Sylani
    Sylani 1 month ago

    You are a RIDICUlous DOUCHEBAG. Never coming back here EVER!

  • Grey Tomayaki
    Grey Tomayaki 1 month ago

    pine martin? wonder if we're related?....

  • Brissy Girl
    Brissy Girl 1 month ago

    if he had some meat he probably would have had a closer encounter.

  • VibrateU
    VibrateU 1 month ago

    3:02 lmao i was like wtf then he said scratching my back

  • alex mercer
    alex mercer 1 month ago

    can I have weasel as a pet?

  • Tink Smith
    Tink Smith 1 month ago

    2:00 minutes in - I agree. I have ferrets omg they HATED the vet aha

  • Shelby Simpson
    Shelby Simpson 1 month ago

    I is so cute

  • Sophia Salazar
    Sophia Salazar 1 month ago

    you dont tell as many facts about is

  • eligirl100
    eligirl100 1 month ago

    omg the cuteness

  • Squiggles
    Squiggles 1 month ago

    am I the only one that is questioning how dangerous the weasel is. I guess ozzy could be another kind of weasel or just much nicer, but he doesn't seem dangerous.

  • Mister Man
    Mister Man 1 month ago

    short tailed weasel seems more related to doomguy to me

  • MEEP
    MEEP 1 month ago

    examining the amount of movement and activity of this animal over this 6 minutes I have determined that my nephew is a weasel. Only way that him running around the house for 8 hours a day could make sense

    GGBABE 1 month ago

    god that weasel is speedy!

  • Joaquin Anchondo
    Joaquin Anchondo 1 month ago

    how did they even get it in the cage

  • The government is BEES!!!

    Omg I want that weasel it is so kawaii!

  • luna moon15
    luna moon15 1 month ago

    OMG the animal is so cute

  • Takeit Easy
    Takeit Easy 1 month ago

    So it's "Awww... he's so cu OUCH!!! Ffffuuu....!!!!!"

  • Yda Cda
    Yda Cda 1 month ago

    Now I know why you always wear a hat (⁎⁍̴̛ᴗ⁍̴̛⁎) LOL

  • Diy Slime
    Diy Slime 1 month ago

    It's like wack a mole

  • FrostGaming HD
    FrostGaming HD 1 month ago

    i thought the thumbnail looked like he was going to cook it

  • corim1968
    corim1968 1 month ago

    "You will fit perfectly in my pocket"
    -Coyote Peterson 2016

  • Gecko Kid44
    Gecko Kid44 1 month ago

    mob of the dead weasel I did not no he could morph

  • Alex Boyanov
    Alex Boyanov 1 month ago

    That weasel is freaking out in the lil cage

  • Joshua Harrison
    Joshua Harrison 1 month ago

    well that were the term pop gos the wezal come from

  • Alexander Gomez
    Alexander Gomez 1 month ago

    I've got long-tailed weasels and golden ferrets

  • Creeper Universe
    Creeper Universe 1 month ago

    Weasels are actually pretty vicious.

  • Justine Mcleod
    Justine Mcleod 1 month ago

    Why am I thinking of a bird swooping down and flying off with the weasel

  • Julisssa Acosta
    Julisssa Acosta 1 month ago


  • itzel love
    itzel love 1 month ago


  • #Cute Foxy
    #Cute Foxy 1 month ago

    it's so cute :3

  • Hockey Skills88
    Hockey Skills88 1 month ago

    Some cute

  • RedstoneMC Redstone
    RedstoneMC Redstone 1 month ago

    Teacher Weasel : ok class heres your grades
    Short-Tailed Weasel : ARE YOU KIDDING ME

  • Jessica Entwistle
    Jessica Entwistle 1 month ago

    hi my names jess in writing

  • L.V100L.V
    L.V100L.V 1 month ago

    My family name is weasel

  • Max Elkins
    Max Elkins 1 month ago

    Technically it's called a stoat\ermine

  • kk DA og
    kk DA og 1 month ago

    get bit by a weasel

  • Nug get
    Nug get 2 months ago

    Its Buck hes back

  • Hop Bunny
    Hop Bunny 2 months ago

    *Weasel goes back and forth in the crack off Coyotes butt* LOL XD

  • Rufiho Garcia
    Rufiho Garcia 2 months ago

    "It's like a little ninja!"
    Itachi? Is that you? XD

  • Erik Holmberg
    Erik Holmberg 2 months ago

    can you go to juneau ak?

  • Virginia Riguidel
    Virginia Riguidel 2 months ago

    Weasels!! So cute!

  • Awesome Gaming
    Awesome Gaming 2 months ago

    its so cute

  • Omgitsmimah_
    Omgitsmimah_ 2 months ago

    That's not even the biggest animal!!!!😡😡😡

  • Shei Clackum
    Shei Clackum 2 months ago

    He looks cute, but he is dangerous

  • It Was Dinkleberg
    It Was Dinkleberg 2 months ago

    It's Ron Weasly

  • Lord of the Jötnar
    Lord of the Jötnar 2 months ago

    It's heart rate is insane!! 800 bpm?! Damn!

  • Pinkadelli
    Pinkadelli 2 months ago

    Can you do a Horse please and your channel is the best I love and I love animals

  • Blockhead VIP
    Blockhead VIP 2 months ago

    I really wish your videos were longer. They are so interesting and fun to watch.

  • Chase Martinson
    Chase Martinson 2 months ago

    I would fall for its cuteness

  • koolkitty8989
    koolkitty8989 2 months ago

    That looks kinda small for a short-tailed weasel ... looks like a least weasel

  • Joshua Hernandez
    Joshua Hernandez 2 months ago

    I call the weasel wussa weasel

  • Wacky Wolfy
    Wacky Wolfy 2 months ago

    5:24 i did not know

  • Sklikis Panos
    Sklikis Panos 2 months ago

    Brave Wilderness I have a question.I have some water snails but I don't know what kind are they can you help me coz I might have problems with my fishes.

  • Spirit Cat
    Spirit Cat 2 months ago

    The weasel popping out of the rock is me when someone opens my door

  • Tango Spotted
    Tango Spotted 2 months ago

    3:55 is hungry me outside kfc

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