"Reflections of My Life" - The Marmalade - Cover - feat. Nicole Atkins

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  • Nicole Atkins and I were just goofing around and here ya go. She has a new album coming out. Check her website for details.

    James Abercrombie is the MAN behind the camera.
    Tim DeLaney is the mic placer & mix master.
    Big Mike Geier played harmonica. (He was just out of frame.)

    "Reflections of My Life" was a 1969/1970 hit single for the Scottish band, The Marmalade. It was written by their lead guitarist Junior Campbell, and singer Dean Ford. And I love it.

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Comments: 237

  • cowboylizzy1
    cowboylizzy1 1 month ago

    Love this song. Takes me back to the past when life was a lot less stressful. I can have that moment of peace while listening to you. Thank you Puddles. Keep posting.

  • Erik Peterson
    Erik Peterson 2 days ago

    There needs to be some way to mark "LOVE" for songs like this on YouTube.

    I don't really like the original that much, but I can't listen to this version enough. It is perfect. Adding Nicole to the mix and making it a duet.... simply perfect.

    Puddles! Please figure out a way to put this up for purchase on iTunes as well. I truly would love to add this to the soundtrack of my life!

  • dundeedell1960
    dundeedell1960 2 days ago

    Sweetness !

  • Richard See
    Richard See 3 days ago

    Another brilliant effort done so effortlessly. You continue to amaze me.

  • Jeanette Morales
    Jeanette Morales 5 days ago

    I have been listening to your music all day at work today. Helped keep me focused. Thank you!!

  • drb166
    drb166 7 days ago

    Did I just hear the Beatles? Most excellent!

  • E.J. Freestone
    E.J. Freestone 9 days ago

    Even songs I hated by orignal artists. You make me love !!!

  • sir MAXX
    sir MAXX 11 days ago

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  • Stephen Boath
    Stephen Boath 12 days ago

    simply WONDERFUL

  • Ken Moore
    Ken Moore 12 days ago

    you seem to be an addiction my friend......

  • alwayssme
    alwayssme 14 days ago

    such talent, no matter what the genre of music, u are a genius

  • Andrew H
    Andrew H 15 days ago


  • James Ferrell
    James Ferrell 15 days ago

    This is the most underrated singer/clown in the world

  • Jeffrey Lupear
    Jeffrey Lupear 16 days ago

    Jesus is Kingsized and so is this.

  • Blaydrnnnr
    Blaydrnnnr 16 days ago

    Maybe your next song on AGT?????

  • John D
    John D 16 days ago

    Absolutely brilliant. Thank you for what you do. Always mesmerized by your voice.

  • Naomi Reyes
    Naomi Reyes 16 days ago

    OMG Puddles, your voice, such beautiful voice and what range-you can sing pretty much various genre and your versionsin my ears always sounds so much better. I thank you for performing at AGT otherwise I wouldn't have found you. You have quite a gift God Bless You for sharing it to us! Good Luck at AGT and I am praying that you'll win it all!

  • Patrick Wagener
    Patrick Wagener 16 days ago

    I think I just watched a video of you performing at a "goobye" party. After reading the comments,I realized what the party was about. I know that being on tv and entertaining your fans is great, but what you did for that women and her family is unbelievable. When you were singing to her and you put your crown on her head, I lost it. You did something that is beyond words.....

  • Cindy Manning
    Cindy Manning 18 days ago

    One of my alltime favorites. still true today

  • Kelly Johnson
    Kelly Johnson 18 days ago

    I really like his version of "reflections of my life" or I think it's called "crying in the rain." these type of songs really show a great range of his voice when on stage

  • S. W.
    S. W. 18 days ago

    Loved it Puddles.

  • F Huber
    F Huber 20 days ago

    Get the camera man a tripod and make him use it.

  • ghostlyninja
    ghostlyninja 20 days ago

    The 60s and 70s the absolute best times are uncomparable . Lost forever.Im sad.

  • Julianne Henson
    Julianne Henson 21 day ago


  • Doug Skriver
    Doug Skriver 23 days ago

    This gives me goosebumps. Nice work Puddles and Nicole.

  • Michael Hursh
    Michael Hursh 24 days ago

    well done

  • Marc E
    Marc E 28 days ago

    Thanks for bringing this song back from the depths of my memories. Brings back good memories of my brother and I when we were young.

  • kiddo kipps
    kiddo kipps 29 days ago

    Beautifully done guys.

  • Faith Johnson
    Faith Johnson 1 month ago

    Beautiful, well done!

  • Artimus Branesample
    Artimus Branesample 1 month ago

    "Some people play the harmonica. Other people blow through them." - John Popper

  • Mark Hansen
    Mark Hansen 1 month ago

    For more than 5 years I have lost the will to sing or listen to music, but you Sir, are a true inspiration. I thought I had lost the ability to sing, but after listening to you for a while, the ability is still there and I sing, and it's still beautiful...Thank you for your varied voice control. It's something that I have always been able to do, and I am enjoying filling my life again (though privately) with soulful tunes, I'm even returning to my opera voice, which is a day time thing (hoping everyones at work in the street...lol)...Love your eclectric songs...Danny Boy, O Holy Night and Royals....brilliant

  • rarecat
    rarecat 1 month ago

    Love this rendition!

  • wtglb
    wtglb 1 month ago

    Excellent rendition of an excellent song. Hats off, Puddles!

  • Kevin Parker
    Kevin Parker 1 month ago

    Pick a song. Puddles will kill it better than any other singer you have ever heard during this living life on this one small planet. "His pitch and approach doesn't ever miss when recorded live....ever" !! Stunned. From Canada.. Thankyou Puddles. you are more than perfect. "Bravo Sir".

  • Carebeer
    Carebeer 1 month ago

    Puddles, I've seen you so many times in NYC and CT. You are seriously so incredible. I can't get enough of your art! MB

  • meatybeatybignbouncy

    Oh my. Love the harmonies!

  • Rodolfo Pitti
    Rodolfo Pitti 1 month ago

    This is one of your best tunes.

  • Haakon Dahl
    Haakon Dahl 1 month ago

    This is so ridiculously adorable. "Me neither". BWahahaaa! I especially love how she keeps trying to get him to sing the *even-higher* part, and he's like "well -- song's over".
    If you have nits to pick, then there's something wrong with you, but that's okay -- there's something wrong with each of us. I'm just here to help you realize that %-)

  • Stitch Shifter
    Stitch Shifter 1 month ago

    very poor harmonica fakery... but still a great song..

  • Allen Woods
    Allen Woods 1 month ago

    Puddles, I just downloaded your album, know that I am going to thoroughly enjoy it as I cruise down some backroads in my ragtop!!! I can't wait for more!!!

  • Michael Coombs
    Michael Coombs 1 month ago


  • jeffchan67
    jeffchan67 1 month ago

    That was very pleasant. Adding to my list of Puddles Favorites

  • Jesus von Nazaret
    Jesus von Nazaret 1 month ago

    her harmonica action is quite unsatisfying

  • stramayne
    stramayne 1 month ago

    always liked this tune. Nice to see it covered so well.

  • moondog
    moondog 2 months ago


  • Frank Rizzo
    Frank Rizzo 2 months ago

    Would love to see a "Closer to home" cover!

  • mark rush
    mark rush 2 months ago

    Puddles should just record every song ever written! what a voice!!!! i can listen to him all day!!

  • Earl Cousins
    Earl Cousins 2 months ago

    GREAT JOB on one of my ALL TIME FAVS! Still makes me cry... but I love it! Oh my.

  • Brick Mason
    Brick Mason 2 months ago

    Would love to see Puddles if he ever comes near me.

  • James C
    James C 2 months ago

    Did they pull a Milli Vanilli on us???

  • Brian Winter
    Brian Winter 2 months ago

    How did I go until last Friday without ever hearing about Puddles!? Puddles, please bring the Pity Party to Minneapolis and Saint Paul sometime soon!

  • Jeff Kroboth
    Jeff Kroboth 2 months ago

    Awesome! What a perfect rendition with new feeling.

  • Blaydrnnnr
    Blaydrnnnr 2 months ago

    Mike, how about " Fade into you" by Mazzy Star?

  • Blaydrnnnr
    Blaydrnnnr 2 months ago

    Fantastic as usual my friend. never anything less then stellar.

  • silvio cicoti
    silvio cicoti 2 months ago

    Que surpresa mais agradável!
    Quando era criança adorava essa música.
    Toda mudança traz medo e insegurança, e inevitavelmente estamos o tempo todo mudando algo a nossa volta. Ou algo mudando a gente, de dentro para fora, como ao envelhecer. Faz parte...

  • PetSPEAK Art
    PetSPEAK Art 2 months ago

    Can I buy this please????

  • Dustin Bess
    Dustin Bess 2 months ago


  • Alex Fate
    Alex Fate 3 months ago

    'came back to listen/watch again... :-D

  • Rob Cheplicki
    Rob Cheplicki 3 months ago


  • Kate Shorten
    Kate Shorten 3 months ago

    Puddles needs to be a guest on SNL. He would rock it!

  • Christian Eisenbock
    Christian Eisenbock 3 months ago


  • Kelly Buchanan
    Kelly Buchanan 4 months ago

    you make me feel so good when i feel so bad....thank you

  • skid plate
    skid plate 4 months ago

    Wow! Soft Parade a little Freddy Mercury. un#$%^&* amazing!!!!!

  • Michael Rogers
    Michael Rogers 4 months ago

    this is beautiful

  • LissaZilly
    LissaZilly 4 months ago

    I really love this ♡

  • Mark Bridge
    Mark Bridge 4 months ago

    Nice. Come see us in Pittsburgh? Party!

  • Acorn ultra Antiques
    Acorn ultra Antiques 5 months ago

    when are you coming back to London?? missed you last time would love to see you live :) keep up the brilliant singing.

  • Andrea Kahn
    Andrea Kahn 5 months ago

    Aw Mr. Puddles, you two are lovely together! We at the PetSPEAK Portrait studio NYC wish to purchase this comforting ditty and put it on our Permanent Puddles loop... how may we do this please? (We all began to cry at: "...the world is a bad place, a terrible place to live, oh but I don't wanna die...") sob.

  • Andrea Kahn
    Andrea Kahn 5 months ago

    Aw Mr. Puddles, you two are lovely together! We at the PetSPEAK Portrait studio NYC wish to purchase this comforting ditty and put it on our Permanent Puddles loop... how may we do this please? (We all began to cry at: "...the world is a bad place, a terrible place to live, oh but I don't wanna die...") sob.

  • Andrea Kahn
    Andrea Kahn 5 months ago

    Aw Mr. Puddles, you two are lovely together! We at the PetSPEAK Portrait studio NYC wish to purchase this comforting ditty and put it on our Permanent Puddles loop... how may we do this please? (We all began to cry at: "...the world is a bad place, a terrible place to live, oh but I don't wanna die...") sob.

  • S.C. 10238JFK
    S.C. 10238JFK 5 months ago

    Ahh... another throwback tune from the magician of tears! Brilliant version!

  • killertoast
    killertoast 5 months ago

    I've just binged watched everything you appear in here on youtube over the last couple of days. You really are remarkable in your Puddles act and the entire setting. Your personality and of course your voice. That combination is just extremely good and unique. Also you clearly have great humor :)

    I hope you make enough money from this so that you don't have to do anything else and that you'll never stop. Please please keep on going.

    Also I was wondering if you could try a song by Queen?

    • Ray Otsuji
      Ray Otsuji 15 days ago

      killertoast That's too funny! I just did the exact same thing!

    • dschonsie
      dschonsie 4 months ago

      killertoast he did "under pressure"

    • Puddles Pity Party
      Puddles Pity Party 5 months ago

      Thank you! You're way too kind.

  • ze maria barão
    ze maria barão 5 months ago

    No live! play back 1.30 minutes look Bagpipe

  • Mark Hedington
    Mark Hedington 5 months ago

    Just incredible.

  • psuedoazn
    psuedoazn 5 months ago

    Yes Sir,
    I like it

  • Mystic Charles
    Mystic Charles 5 months ago

    Added to my favorites. My friends will enjoy. Thanks Puddles and Nicole.

  • Mystic Charles
    Mystic Charles 5 months ago

    Dang Puddles, that's a great version. Gee was I the last to comment here from the last time. I hope our paths can cross some day. Peace. Just popped back to ask for a shout-out from you my friend. I've never asked for one before from anyone so, Yes a shout-out from Puddles : )

    • Mystic Charles
      Mystic Charles 5 months ago

      Thank you Puddles. If your ever in my neck of the woods, perhaps we can get some coffee. I'm easy to find. Thanks again

    • Puddles Pity Party
      Puddles Pity Party 5 months ago

      Hello Mystic Charles!

  • Don Weimer
    Don Weimer 5 months ago

    Damn Puddles, just clicked this to hear your take on an old favorite. Brought tears to my eyes. You so very much rock my friend!

  • MrSpongejoe
    MrSpongejoe 5 months ago

    What did I just watch? Great song and he has a great voice, but... ?!?

    • octordoctopus
      octordoctopus 5 months ago


    • MrSpongejoe
      MrSpongejoe 5 months ago

      but the costume and makeup. I never understood musician's need to do weird stuff like that, and especially a creepy clown?!?

    • octordoctopus
      octordoctopus 5 months ago

      but what?

  • kntcole
    kntcole 6 months ago

    Puddles, when will you ever come to Louisville KY???

  • leopold klop
    leopold klop 6 months ago

    Dude great voice but whats up with the clown gear ? And if Nicole is going to play the harp play the harp don't fake it

  • douglas mcclung
    douglas mcclung 6 months ago

    I like a good cover...but Puddles buries this! No one can cover this one again.

  • Mystic Charles
    Mystic Charles 6 months ago

    Sounds Great. Thank you Puddles and Nicole.

  • eogg25
    eogg25 6 months ago

    She doesn't play the Harmonica either.

  • panedrop
    panedrop 6 months ago

    Wow. That is a departure from anything I've heard from you before and there's still that element of humor. Two amazing vocalists. Just wow.

  • Mansel Blain
    Mansel Blain 7 months ago

    puddles!!! you are a recent find of mine but quickly becoming a favorite you should cover fever by peggy lee

  • FrankSax77
    FrankSax77 7 months ago

    Thanks, you two and the Harp. Great song choice, gorgeous harmonies, really good Solo, and a little campy harmonica syncing. Daring touch that, but Nicole can pull it off.

    BOPINHO JR 7 months ago


  • dschonsie
    dschonsie 7 months ago

    He could even sing the nokia tune and i would cry like a baby ^^

  • Anderson Gasparino
    Anderson Gasparino 7 months ago

    I think we have to be the love option when we like a video on YouTube!

  • Tyler Compagna
    Tyler Compagna 7 months ago

    Thank you for this gift

  • Verdoux007
    Verdoux007 7 months ago

    The harmonica playing was obviously fake, but was Puddles playing the guitar for real?

  • Paula Wilkins
    Paula Wilkins 7 months ago

    oh my god I have never heard anything more beautiful.

  • Sergio Martorelli
    Sergio Martorelli 7 months ago

    Very very beautiful, now do Life on Mars PUHLEASE

  • Ded2thaworld !
    Ded2thaworld ! 7 months ago

    Gotta replace all these damned creeper clowns harassing people with a bunch of Puddles.

  • Oliver Buenaflor
    Oliver Buenaflor 7 months ago

  • Byron Tyner
    Byron Tyner 8 months ago

    Would love to hear more duets...your voices blend so well together

  • Frank earnest
    Frank earnest 8 months ago

    Fucking awesome!

  • Edward S. Moss
    Edward S. Moss 8 months ago

    Excellent cover! Had to listen six times with tears streaming. Thanks for the sweet memories.

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