history of japan

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  • Chelsie Lim
    Chelsie Lim 4 minutes ago

    this video probably took longer to make than the history of japan

  • Crimson Scythe
    Crimson Scythe 32 minutes ago

    Then anime happens

    Then people be like "we could make a religion out of this"

  • Chan Joo Park
    Chan Joo Park 35 minutes ago

    Is this real history?

  • Lidija Celic
    Lidija Celic 1 hour ago

    6:38 It was Bosnia, but OK :(

  • Kubson Krejzol
    Kubson Krejzol 3 hours ago


  • miss blackiphon
    miss blackiphon 3 hours ago


  • MsNazrix
    MsNazrix 4 hours ago

    do China next!!!

  • Eternity
    Eternity 6 hours ago

    80% of the audience here is from *anime* community... 😂❤👌

  • Nalpama Alpha
    Nalpama Alpha 8 hours ago

    _how about _*_sunrise land_*

  • Joseph Betras
    Joseph Betras 11 hours ago

    Did anyone else see trump at 4:01 ?

  • Rushfan32935
    Rushfan32935 12 hours ago

    did the Mongols really die in a tornado twice!? if so, that's fucking hilarious

  • Frebin Francis
    Frebin Francis 12 hours ago

    great vid man, seriuosly !!! its cool man man how you do this. hey man could you do india next????

  • God-Emperor Dioramos
    God-Emperor Dioramos 13 hours ago


  • Cruz Sigala
    Cruz Sigala 13 hours ago

    Make one of the U.S.A please!

  • Burger
    Burger 15 hours ago

    you should do one of the ancient Mediterranean pirates, so I don't have to do has much work in history.

  • Ron
    Ron 15 hours ago

    1:57 *hire a samu-whrrrryyy*

  • Paul TheSkeptic
    Paul TheSkeptic 15 hours ago

    And now we have weeaboos. The end.

  • Pueru
    Pueru 16 hours ago

    My nation was friend with SUNRISE LAND and Moustache land

  • Sabrina Jargaille
    Sabrina Jargaille 16 hours ago

    u should really do something like this but about canada

  • Jethro Limpin
    Jethro Limpin 18 hours ago

    Why do i love this.

  • Bob Joe
    Bob Joe 18 hours ago

    Doesn't the story of how Japan attacked and Conquered China kinda sound like the avatar.
    How Japan (The fire nation) takes over some of China all of a sudden without the league of nations consent (The four nations). And how they use the other nation's help to put Japan back in it's place

  • Owen Roberson
    Owen Roberson 20 hours ago

    wait this has more views that history of the entire world i guess?

  • Don Qco
    Don Qco 20 hours ago

    I just noticed that [1 new war request from the USSR] note

    fucking hell man

    SSS GAMEZ 20 hours ago


  • Ozziepup
    Ozziepup 20 hours ago

    this is the best shit

  • TheCuteCreeper1010 :D


  • Alexander Balikian
    Alexander Balikian 22 hours ago

    I die every time:

    7:14 to 7:21

  • Nuth34d
    Nuth34d 22 hours ago



  • Yoman Level 74
    Yoman Level 74 22 hours ago

    he reminds me of my 6th grade history teacher Mr. Gray (rsm)

  • Fif0l
    Fif0l 23 hours ago

    Please do Poland, we have so much in common with Japan. Like getting divided into small pieces fighting for local power.

  • Kaneki Ken {The one eyed king}

    7:15 you'll thank me

  • eljay tee
    eljay tee 1 day ago

    monkey fun

  • Kimberley Retallack

    or am I ALONE?

  • Abhinav Singh
    Abhinav Singh 1 day ago

    The Roots of all the civilizations are directly or indirectly connected to Aryavrat, i.e Bharat(India),.... For vedas are the ultimate source of wisdom...

  • matileman
    matileman 1 day ago

    H I R E A.

  • Kevin Pham
    Kevin Pham 1 day ago


  • Baek Ho
    Baek Ho 1 day ago

    5:28 The conquered Korea? lol. Korea was a fully independent state by the time Emperor Gojong came along and strated reforming everything. In East Asian terms, empire meant an "a state independent from foreign intervention". China didn't actually conquer Korea, you fucking weeaboo. All neighboring countries including Japan paid tribute to China, that was the custom in East Asia during those times. It wasn't really that big of a deal, for a weak country to become a tributary state of China in those times. Ming China guaranteed their sovereignty, they didn't physically conquer them with brute force. Also Korea became Korean Empire in the late 19th century and became a fully independent state. This is what I hate about fucking weeaboos and otakus. They only listen to what Japanese neo-fascist say and their propaganda worship neo-fascist anime like Hetalia and Attack on Titan. Don't forget Japan allied themselves with Hitler and Nazis and committed vicious acts, enslaved its neighbors and so many Japanese are still proud of this shameful history.

  • Liam Wyllie
    Liam Wyllie 1 day ago


  • OilZing
    OilZing 1 day ago

    *How bout I do*

  • Ian Malcolm
    Ian Malcolm 1 day ago

    Hey mate, just wanted to let you know your video was stolen and posted to Facebook by these Assholes: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1223720470996143&id=1203372606364263
    If you don't want to click the link (don't blame you) their page is called "Borrowed Memes Won't Fade" and they lifted this entire video while only giving you a small credit in the comments.

  • Violet Gaminng
    Violet Gaminng 1 day ago

    The sun is a deadly lazer

  • Violet Gaminng
    Violet Gaminng 1 day ago

    I need at least one of our teachers to present this in front of our class

  • Idk What Name To Pick

    Omg bill wurtz how could you be this dumb! You forgot the giant enemy crab! Jeez people make videos without actually searching up the facts

  • emma's paradise
    emma's paradise 1 day ago

    "but i dont wanna be shogun." said the shogun's brother and the shougun's brother's son.

  • measogi
    measogi 1 day ago

    Russia rushes in
    *Rushes in*

  • The Mighty Uchiha

    and then anime was created

  • LPS and Beanie boos Channel

    Invade Korea

    Excuse me I'm Korean

  • Grandpa Cat
    Grandpa Cat 1 day ago

    Do a History of Korea

  • Injaser God of none

    But everything is still pretty cool I guess-

  • bamboozledboi
    bamboozledboi 1 day ago

    1:58 the answer to everything (except for time machines)

  • Apollonia Kageaki

    wow, just wow ....
    strangely funny and interesting

  • Carмe
    Carмe 1 day ago

    "And now im going to invade Korea, and then hopefully China" he said, and failed, and also died.

  • Jay Videos
    Jay Videos 1 day ago

    Its time for world war 1 6:03

  • Pkmn trainer
    Pkmn trainer 2 days ago

    I don't know what this guy was tought but USA only helped britain after Germany accidentally attacked some USA ships and intercepted the Zimmerman telegram from Germany to Mexico to help them out with the war against Britain and Russia and Mexico would get help attacking the USA...

  • Dragon Dream
    Dragon Dream 2 days ago

    Why this is here when I search
    "One does.not simply give you up"

  • Kavya Krithvi Rajendran

    Japan: Can you maybe chill?
    Russia: How about maybe you 👉 chill?

  • veopikke
    veopikke 2 days ago

    oda nobunaga did suicide

  • Blah Blah
    Blah Blah 2 days ago

    dude don't be a dumbass. your hilarious when we said the whole world you should have done one country at a time and we will watch them they will all have 30m views and you will be rich!

  • Lord Bootyquake
    Lord Bootyquake 2 days ago

    But everything's still cool I guess

    Until every single male dies from their heart going out literally just from overworking and all Japanese people die since there's no one to have kids with

  • GamingTrollersMC
    GamingTrollersMC 2 days ago

    Knock, Knock, It's Europe

    no, they're not here to take over (yet)

    They just want to sell
    Guns, and


  • Chase Legoman
    Chase Legoman 2 days ago

    Did you put a picture of The Donald at 4:00? That's hilarious!

  • Lil Elephant
    Lil Elephant 2 days ago

    Britain is best

  • Christie
    Christie 2 days ago

    4:00 shows sliver of young Donald Trump =0 haha

  • Hon
    Hon 2 days ago

    "Knock knock get the door it's religion" I don't know Why that's so funny to me

  • Jai'Den To
    Jai'Den To 2 days ago

    How About 🌅 Sunrise Land! 🌅

  • Richard Lane
    Richard Lane 2 days ago

    *knock knock its the united states*

  • tiago belo
    tiago belo 2 days ago

    huhum....... it was Portugal who opened Japan to the rest of the world for the first time

  • Ohshiboom
    Ohshiboom 2 days ago

    Do Mexico!

  • Jay Videos
    Jay Videos 2 days ago

    It's time for world war 2 7:35

  • Jay Videos
    Jay Videos 2 days ago

    It's time for world war 2 7:35

  • Jay Videos
    Jay Videos 2 days ago

    It's for world war 1 6:05

  • Cranberry48
    Cranberry48 2 days ago

    and then they all died in a tornado

  • Kate Robinson
    Kate Robinson 2 days ago

    how bout i do a n y w a y?

  • Jungkookseviltwin
    Jungkookseviltwin 2 days ago

    when my historical teacher show me this *Again wtf IT'S FAST THAN SONICS RUNNING!*

  • hell on earth
    hell on earth 2 days ago

    *hire a* *_samurai_*

  • TiradeBabe
    TiradeBabe 2 days ago

    6:18 "MARIANAS (not Guam)

  • xDwatcheRx
    xDwatcheRx 2 days ago

    this was funny i love you japan

  • Kate-lynn Baker
    Kate-lynn Baker 2 days ago

    When they said japan is scared of russia all I thought of was Hetalia 😂😂😝😝

  • Issa
    Issa 2 days ago


  • SenpaiKiseki
    SenpaiKiseki 2 days ago


  • oBenny
    oBenny 2 days ago

    Great video

  • CoroClassic
    CoroClassic 2 days ago


  • Xesrait
    Xesrait 2 days ago

    Knock knock,
    Get the door
    *_R E L I G I O N_*

  • AlessioFenix12
    AlessioFenix12 2 days ago

    Do history of Albania,pls

  • MissingNom
    MissingNom 2 days ago

    4:50 Nice boats.

  • sekirama
    sekirama 2 days ago


  • Random Polish Guy
    Random Polish Guy 2 days ago

    Please do any of these:

  • iwillprobably stanit

    You know what else is western yo mama

  • portar games
    portar games 2 days ago

    the only good thing in all this history: animes

  • Mr.Mundee
    Mr.Mundee 2 days ago


  • Mr.Mundee
    Mr.Mundee 2 days ago

    russia rushes in and says CYKA BLYAT RUSH B

  • KSohrabi
    KSohrabi 2 days ago

    Do more!

  • RoxPro 12
    RoxPro 12 2 days ago

    Who else is watching in year -1000000000 when Japan might not of been here?

  • A Shady Cat
    A Shady Cat 2 days ago

    knock knock. It's the United States.

  • SharkGirl
    SharkGirl 3 days ago

    America:Open the country.We have boats.With guns.Gunboats.
    Japan:Do we open the country or do we steal their gunboats?

    I came up with this.😐.The Japan part not America

  • Will Pijo
    Will Pijo 3 days ago

    Knock Knock it's the united states

  • YourNeigborly Gamer

    why is there no actual voting pole in the video? (if there is, im gonna vote for the kid)

  • Salty
    Salty 3 days ago

    so uh... where does the giant enemy crab figure into this?

  • Sensei
    Sensei 3 days ago

    You can make a religion out of this

  • jack nicholson
    jack nicholson 3 days ago

    it's filled with dolphin and whale eating sadists

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