history of japan

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  • Garry Mod
    Garry Mod 19 minutes ago

    Uhhhhh when did He get 1.3 million :0
    He used to have 17k when he relised this.

    WAR DUDE MORENO 24 minutes ago


  • Joseph Voth
    Joseph Voth 31 minute ago

    The only way to end a video about Japan... with ANIME!!!

  • benji coleman
    benji coleman 42 minutes ago

    T H E S U N I S A D E A D L Y L A S E R

  • Irene Lareina
    Irene Lareina 49 minutes ago

    Monkey fun

  • Mr. StealUrGold
    Mr. StealUrGold 1 hour ago

    Anyone else here because of the 10 hours of a guy saying meme?

  • friend of everyone
    friend of everyone 1 hour ago

    the sun is a deadly laser and killed everybody-
    the end

  • Tomartyr
    Tomartyr 1 hour ago

    Missed out the Russian invasion of Manchuria just before the end of WW2.

    EL-DIABLO_O 1 hour ago

    what if japan is planning to take over the world with anime? WORLD WAR III !!!!

  • LogFX Alt
    LogFX Alt 2 hours ago


  • LogFX Alt
    LogFX Alt 2 hours ago

    1:58 Hire A Samurai

  • Taylor Soltau
    Taylor Soltau 2 hours ago

    Definetly need to do more of them! I'd watch all day!

  • Rick Harrison
    Rick Harrison 2 hours ago

    man, when united states come they look so badass

  • ILoveThatBand !
    ILoveThatBand ! 2 hours ago

    "Ding dong" me: the mormons...

  • floopie
    floopie 2 hours ago

    i think im done

  • CheeseOnASkateboard
    CheeseOnASkateboard 3 hours ago

    the sun is a deadly lazer
    the sun died in a tornado

  • Nunya Bizness
    Nunya Bizness 3 hours ago

    ...And so they drop it on Japa-
    (Explosions, everything gets serious)
    Actually they dropped tw-
    (Explosions, everything gets serious)

  • judah white
    judah white 3 hours ago

    "Welcome to the rice fields motherfucker"

  • Jessica Whitfield
    Jessica Whitfield 3 hours ago

    We need one for China please!!!!!!

  • DeadPan MemeQueen
    DeadPan MemeQueen 4 hours ago

    For hetalia fans, these videos are too good for this world.

  • Ruttsu Torres Gaming

    8:18 why did this make me laugh?

  • Ruzinos .mhdenoxtws
    Ruzinos .mhdenoxtws 5 hours ago

    I think buddhism and zen buddhism cant be considered a religion. I read history of zen amd tao te ching amd these are philosophy texts. They dont have rules that you must follow....so from what i know it seems really wrong to call buddhism a religion....

  • Louis_CGF
    Louis_CGF 5 hours ago

    I can't get bored of this video

  • carlos sorto
    carlos sorto 5 hours ago

    the palace burned down because every one voted so hard

  • shamone524
    shamone524 6 hours ago

    MORE! PLEASE! MOREEE! I love your work!

  • Liam Martin
    Liam Martin 6 hours ago

    7:22 "and they did some rapes" I like how nobody talks about the rape of nanking.

  • Razor The Troodoustro

    5:40 A FUCK TON

  • Razor The Troodoustro

    im even able to playbek it!!!

  • Midori GURINUUU
    Midori GURINUUU 6 hours ago

    I saw yuri Katsuki and yuri plisetsky reference

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 8 hours ago

    Why is this so entertaining to me?

  • MrRoger Gaming
    MrRoger Gaming 8 hours ago

    U forfot the invention of Hentai

  • Ameen Al Khaldi
    Ameen Al Khaldi 8 hours ago

    Hi china
    Hello dipshit

  • NeonPenguin
    NeonPenguin 8 hours ago

    It's like a game of civilization

  • Chuppy Christopher
    Chuppy Christopher 9 hours ago

    Wtf did I just watched

  • David Faker
    David Faker 9 hours ago

    its hard to study using this cuz its so fast phase but the facts r heavily researched and all true

  • Andrew Valdez
    Andrew Valdez 9 hours ago

    History of China?

  • Wadsome
    Wadsome 9 hours ago

    And then it broke again.

  • Acquadragon
    Acquadragon 9 hours ago

    My World Cultures teacher played this for the class, this is where we learned most of our information

  • G F# B E D G C B D G D

    baekje is called bak and jae

  • GeneseChannel
    GeneseChannel 10 hours ago

    no... said everybody, quieter this time

  • 93rmad
    93rmad 10 hours ago

    4:45 When a country democratically elects a socialist government

  • socko2000
    socko2000 10 hours ago

    do other countries please :( entertaining and makes me feel like i am learning something lol

  • Hans Hintermann
    Hans Hintermann 10 hours ago

    God, I need more of this

  • DomlDude
    DomlDude 10 hours ago

    you forgot "the last samurai"

  • William Zinedine Hasselberg

    U gonna do one of these for all the relevant countries or empires?

  • Angeline
    Angeline 13 hours ago


  • Chanel The Cat
    Chanel The Cat 13 hours ago

    W e l c o m e
    t o
    t h e
    r i c e
    f i e l d
    m o t h e r f u c k e r .

  • doyoulikeicecreambruh? :3

    they made a religion out of this

  • Eshu Rai
    Eshu Rai 14 hours ago

    please make the video on history of india

  • Charlie Mccormick
    Charlie Mccormick 14 hours ago

    In the year negative a billion Japan might not have been here


    "Because the sun is a deadly lazer"

  • Mike & Matty
    Mike & Matty 14 hours ago

    "They build their railroad supervised by a Shit ton of souldiers, and when they finished they downgraded it to a FUCK ton of souldiers"
    HAHAHA i die with this

  • Vaishali Elango
    Vaishali Elango 15 hours ago

    I feel like a history of India video would be hilarious! :D

  • alicemitch09
    alicemitch09 15 hours ago

    this is the second video of his that i'm watching and all i can think of is hetalia (kill me)

  • Erik Kebel
    Erik Kebel 16 hours ago

    I watched this and history of the world like 10 times

  • CYSTWOTW gaming and film

    and *jesus*

  • Laila
    Laila 17 hours ago

    i'm not saying u should make a history of egypt,,, but u totally should make a history of egypt (i need to study!!)

  • Zach Shipley
    Zach Shipley 17 hours ago

    It's time for world war oneee. It's time for world war twooooo

  • Zach Shipley
    Zach Shipley 17 hours ago

    It's Europe. No their not here to take over They're here too sell 🎶Jesus 🎶

  • Eden
    Eden 18 hours ago

    little squeal escaped me when I saw "palau" among the islands 6:19 would like to see a history of palau just for the sake of spread some knowledge of our tiny island. one can only wish

  • Jay Rich
    Jay Rich 18 hours ago

    i can watch this all day

  • Joshua Joestar
    Joshua Joestar 18 hours ago

    Can we invade shit?



    britain has a deadly lazer

    or bomb

  • julian hobrough
    julian hobrough 18 hours ago

    Americans are idiots. You elected Donald Trump. Case proven. Sarcastic moron!

  • Avena Sativa
    Avena Sativa 18 hours ago

    I absolutely lost it at "How about Sunrise Land"

  • flamelily dragonet
    flamelily dragonet 18 hours ago

    We watched this in social studies

  • chinesecyan
    chinesecyan 18 hours ago

    Can you make one of the three kingdoms

  • Reymart Taba
    Reymart Taba 18 hours ago

    You stopped at the post-present current history of Japan, the hip weebs and neets of Nippon! lol But seriously though, their creative designs in art and creativity in literature are like a relic to the western part of the world, we wouldn't have any weird past-times if we didn't have Japan <3

  • drmario23
    drmario23 19 hours ago

    It probably won't be as interesting but you gotta do a video of America

  • lazy mich
    lazy mich 19 hours ago

    i never knew that the worlds friendship back then is so complicated

  • kelly couch
    kelly couch 19 hours ago

    I kinda request a history of China video llease

  • Lisa Collins
    Lisa Collins 19 hours ago

    His website in the description is strange.

  • Johnathan Henderson
    Johnathan Henderson 19 hours ago

    G U N B O A T S

  • drmario23
    drmario23 19 hours ago

    "Hi dip-shit" said China. "Can you call us something other than dip-shit?" said Japan

  • online shades
    online shades 19 hours ago

    can you be my history teacher ?

  • Dhal
    Dhal 19 hours ago

    I'm so obsessed with this

  • Papppppaaaaaiii
    Papppppaaaaaiii 20 hours ago

    Is this a Siri or is it a guy speaking

    • Karkat Strider
      Karkat Strider 19 hours ago

      Papppppaaaaaiii It's a guy speaking, Bill Wurtz

  • Higuchi Tachibana
    Higuchi Tachibana 20 hours ago


  • Yuuki Terumi
    Yuuki Terumi 20 hours ago

    History of Korea?

  • silentplaystation
    silentplaystation 20 hours ago


  • Underscore
    Underscore 20 hours ago

    I just realized this still has more views than "history of the entire world i guess"

  • Jofro10 Mc
    Jofro10 Mc 20 hours ago

    History of the U.S? All in favor like the comment!

  • Mysticeeye
    Mysticeeye 20 hours ago

    He needs to do one of the Everglades. Hint: we treated it like shit

  • coolkidalli
    coolkidalli 20 hours ago

    I've learned more from his videos than my entire 4 years of high school

  • Cat Krafter
    Cat Krafter 20 hours ago

    *K N O C K  K N O C K, I T S T H E U N I T E D S T A T E S*

  • Dick Savage
    Dick Savage 21 hour ago

    fuck this video

  • vfgafgdsgsfdg
    vfgafgdsgsfdg 21 hour ago

    Who came here from 'History of Entire World'

  • David Hiett
    David Hiett 21 hour ago

    is there a website were I can hire a samurai?

  • saqib reza
    saqib reza 22 hours ago


  • IMLR.
    IMLR. 22 hours ago

    we need a history of europe

  • That Person
    That Person 22 hours ago

    A bit late but

    There was a tsunami and people died

    Hope I mentioned everyone now

  • Soarin Bird
    Soarin Bird 23 hours ago

    how bout i do anyway

  • Michael lucky
    Michael lucky 23 hours ago

    What's that dark song that plays at 4:45?

  • Metallicamilo311
    Metallicamilo311 23 hours ago

    try latinoamerica evolution. now that's a challenge

  • Noodle Arms
    Noodle Arms 23 hours ago

    But can the emperor still dress like an emperor??

  • hi there
    hi there 23 hours ago

    Sexy times

  • amos quito
    amos quito 23 hours ago

    The sun is a deadly laser

  • Jack Stuchbery
    Jack Stuchbery 23 hours ago

    He should do a history of New Zealand.

  • Melissa Fuentes
    Melissa Fuentes 23 hours ago

    now im smart

  • Birdleur
    Birdleur 1 day ago

    how are you supposed to protect your memes!? from NORMIES!?

    Hire a Samurai

  • Nerd Master Gavs
    Nerd Master Gavs 1 day ago

    i looked it up, the mongols actually died in a tornado.

  • The United States

    *knock knock.*

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