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Author sphinxrising58 ( ago)
Names of the songs played would have been nice.

Author Rubens Anunnaki ( ago)
que momentos inolvidables! 14 años y bailaba como para desarmarme todo!!
aajajajajajaj :) desacaaaaargueeeeee ajajajaaja encontreeeeee graciiiaaaaas

Author chivisbobadilla ( ago)
pasen los nombres de las rolas por fa =D

Author Tarik King ( ago)
Es muy bueno! Thank you very much for this wonderful music. 

Author Hotte Mülbrod ( ago)
10 Stars for your Music

Author fabian montoya diaz ( ago)
top top bueno

Author Hell Mans ( ago)
adorei ai estão os melhores e logico que falta alguns mas ficou muito bom

Author Sándor Dörnyei ( ago)
SUPER!!! :)

Author Maria Jose Plua ( ago)

Author jesse handley ( ago)
hello please take the time to go over this comment my name is Jesse i am
from California and i am a music producer. on my channel i specifie on
electronic music it is my passion now i am small and have just started but
i love what i do and i can get better. if i had support i promise you that
none of you time will be wasted. just understand how hard it is to get
recognition on YouTube and take the time to check me out. thanks you PLEASE

Author ram h ( ago)
a time where eurodance got it all, i hate the commercial stuff heard today,
Nikki menaj!!!!....

Author Víctor Hugo Rendón ( ago)
Excelente, Buenisimo, Felicitaciones :)

Author Rizky Panda ( ago)
so nostalgic........

Author dario salvador aranguiz ( ago)
Esto si es musica

Author Marcelo Carrera ( ago)
muy bien ... pero debo decirte que esto no es House Trance esto es

Author Planet Of Human (1120 years ago)
This genre is actually called Eurodance but its ok!Its close to house!

Author aguinaldo luiz da silva Luizdasilva ( ago)
soo as tops.

Author Paulo Viana ( ago)

Author Ana Bookout ( ago)
Good ole days , that wont be back but we still van hear the song and dance
!!!!!!! dance and be happy people!!! life its so fucking short, think about
those people who just died a week ago in NJ through Sandy :(

Author melm4402 ( ago)
I remember hearing this kind of house music on the radio while cruising in
my car when I was a teenager. I miss those days! This music always brings
me back!

Author KawaiiHoshi36 ( ago)
Excelente, recordé viejos tiempos jajaja gracias XD

Author Андрей МЕжитоВ (775 years ago)

Author Flyingtart ( ago)
Feels like shit being born 92 and only remembering the music slightly, with
exception of Swedish 90s songs (like E-type). Still nostalic over the
sound, although preferring 60s and modern music.

Author rosventachira ( ago)
si no me equivoco le faltaron los venga boys.....

Author ninipinky ( ago)
the song at 1:33, which is a mix between Baby Baby and Mr Vain, can it be
found somewhere on youtube?

Author TheBlackFox3D ( ago)
I like/love the 90´s

Author AriaNycyus ( ago)
No no no no no no XDDD This Is music!!! LOL

Author oceanandii ( ago)
no one give a flying fuck how old you is music that is all!

Author ggamuzaran ( ago)
wow,,..miz it,..

Author R0cc ( ago)
totaly epic music

Author Anjelia Rakic ( ago)
I was a teenager in the 90s. How I loved this music. I still remember the

Author jane doe ( ago)
fuckin great.

Author Em Ont (1144 years ago)
what on-line radio stations play those good megamixes, I mean only 80s and

Author TheManu30 ( ago)
1:40 the best

Author ovat83 ( ago)

Author Alexandrea Fladhamer (885 years ago)
great transitions

Author Djfuture Sagastizado ( ago)
i like this video i hear this songs when i was 10 years old, good music! i
love it!!

Author Joe Collins ( ago)
131 was not born in the 90's!

Author Pauline Funy ( ago)
EPIQUE votre mix ! j'adore ! vraiment tres reussi

Author Jose Hernandez ( ago)
2:43 Partayyy time!!!

Author kathleen corona ( ago)
this is much better.

Author Leo Germanovich ( ago)
Light The Way - leo and me ( on YouTube) Scores as a good and meaningful
dance tune Pass it on if you agree.

Author MrCubano3311 ( ago)
whats the name of the first song?

Author juan jose morales domingo ( ago)
be my lover de la bouche buenisimo por cierto

Author Kre8tiveHD ( ago)
My channel for sick underground house.trance.dubstep & electro ye

Author Sandra Macsul ( ago)
Holy Moly!!! LOVE IT! Dancing my azz off right now listening to this!
AMERICA LIVE CLUB!!! Memories! Unraseable Memories......Such a a bad
girl....hahhaha...But so good. :-)

Author wickedwiganer ( ago)
127 people don't understand proper Music if it slapped them across the face
with a wet Fish!, the 90's was my Life and my Childhood

Author marcelo rios ( ago)
como se llama el primer tema?????

Author EdwardBlackLove ( ago)
90's looklike 00's

Author Gilbert Arciniega ( ago)
Sounds the same as TODAYS house. Might as well stay here in the 90s!

Author George Solomonidis ( ago)
of the best songs ever!!!!!!!!!!!

Author ThePantonyp ( ago)
@bocacristian Thanks now I feel old. Rmember hitting the clubs from Toronto
to London in the 90's LOL

Author Kubolt Pumphankle (1109 years ago)
1 La Bouche - Be My Lover 2 Corona - Baby Baby 3 Me & My - Dub-I-Dub 4
Culture Beat - Mr. Vain 5 2Unlimited - No Limit 6 E- Type - This Is The Way
7 Herbie - Right Type Of Mood

Author Kubolt Pumphankle ( ago)
@TorysApollo Whirlpool Productions - From Disco to Disco

Author Eugênio Brito ( ago)
só musica legal excelente

Author nvry ( ago)

Author Kubolt Pumphankle ( ago)
@worellanab Whirlpool Productions - From Disco to Disco

Author golantrevize234 ( ago)
Thumbs up if you are 18 or less and you love this music!!!

Author Lorand Beke ( ago)

Author TorysApollo ( ago)
@worellanab Oh my God! I know the one you mean! I'm actually looking for it
as well (you're description as jogged my memory even more.) if you find it
please let me know and visa versa... Sorry I couldn't help! x

Author mauricethatsme ( ago)
hope they can stop making bad shit and bring back the great stuff!

Author Leonardo Orellana ( ago)
im looking for a video from the 90s, i think its house dance, few lyrics,
it was a skinny black dude probably 30 some, who laughes in the song,
looked kind of gay partying at a disco and he looked waaaay high. All I
remember is that at some part of the lyric he sings " the
aaaaaahhhhh" or something like that in high (gayish) tone, it was a very
popular video back then, I think the name of the song or the band had the
words Cat, Mice or Mouse

Author Nain Reyes ( ago)
De esto esque estava hablando


Author Ankush Kaul ( ago)
Can anyone give the names please?

Author nork66 ( ago)
@1989luchito completly agree. im 24 music has almost died sents '99. only a
few have kept the music alive.

Author Shaun Morgan ( ago)
Does where the days been a young teenager ;)

Author frebzter ( ago)
absolutely fantastic mix, brought me back to the 90's for the last 7
mins... thanks alot!

Author looby lou ( ago)
bring back the 90s!!!!!!

Padrísima compilación!!! que recuerdos!!

Author siankann ( ago)
Shakira???? WTF!!!

Author Michael Torres ( ago)
@xpanik17x yeah its ok!

Author xpanik17x ( ago)
awww my childhood back when we listened to music didnt worry weather it was
cool or not we just listened to it i realize now how good the 90s were.i
mean come on cartoons were awsome doug rugrats all that tale spin i know
yall remember all that good shit

Author mamitime89 ( ago)
Hell yea!!

Author Hai Dee ( ago)
WhiteNightFlower --- do they have any stations streaming through the
web???? I have a lot of 90's dance CD's but .... new spin-offs are always
welcome =o)

Author WhiteNightFlower84 ( ago)
Here in Finland we have radioshow where they play only 90's music. I
listening it right now :)

Author GavrilSethos ( ago)
-End of video- ...And as you see, that was a summary of my childhood.

Author Juan Batanero ( ago)
1. La Bouche - Be my lover 2. Corona - Baby baby (Megamix) 3. Me my - Dub i
Dub 4. Culture Beat - Mr vain 5. 2 Unlimited - No limit 6. E type - This is
the way 7. Herbie - Right type of mode

Author BeardTheBlack ( ago)
anyone else in there late teens wondering why time is flying past so fast
and thinking there becomeing there dad but lisening to 90s instead of

Author cyberkan1972 ( ago)
the name of the first song is La Bouche - Be my lover

Author SunyClayZoka92 ( ago)
@MrDjrein How is name from first song ?

Author markus reinholdtsen ( ago)
@mabelxxxbsb Yes the 9o's is the best

Author Danger Glam Zone ( ago)
i got this on ipod

Author FredericusRex ( ago)
whats 1:20-1:33

Author Major Edward Varlaam - Serpiente Emplumada ( ago)
Excelente me trajo buenos recuerdoosss

Author edy dem ( ago)

Author Michelle Rougel ( ago)
This songs are awsome !! Now I´m remember all my childhood

Author Frederick Dymond ( ago)
its my school discos all over again

Author Garrett Edwards ( ago)
@josemi752 its "baby baby" by Corona.

Author bolebre ( ago)
Can i get a tracklist? or @least some of it. thanks :***

Author Aina Vihovde Tysse ( ago)
@AngusHowell E-type - this is the way

Author Christian Bartelius ( ago)
@AngusHowell E-type - this is the way

Author josemi752 ( ago)
Could anyone say what is the song between 1:19 - 1:32 please? Thnx : )

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