The CBC NEWS | 2016 U.S. Election Special

  • Added:  6 months ago
  • Coverage begins at 5 p.m. ET and goes until the concession and victory speeches have been delivered
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  • Runtime: 11:55:1
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Comments: 1 293

  • Paul O'Brien
    Paul O'Brien 8 days ago

    mmmm Canadian tears... salty with a touch of insanity. anyone crying about another country's election as if they know what is going on is a loser.

  • colin moore
    colin moore 9 days ago

    Frum the turd. Upset 😂

  • Son Do
    Son Do 16 days ago

    Xuoi nguon tuoi tre

  • colin moore
    colin moore 16 days ago

    Wow Canadians are pussies

  • joeblowmha
    joeblowmha 17 days ago


  • njtech2005
    njtech2005 18 days ago

    hahaha. your tears, i'll take all of htem.

  • TheEriekayaker
    TheEriekayaker 21 day ago

    And these obnoxious breaks. Please.

  • TheEriekayaker
    TheEriekayaker 21 day ago

    I feel for Canadians having to watch this network.

  • TheEriekayaker
    TheEriekayaker 21 day ago

    Some of the U.S. networks at least made a pretense of giving both sides a voice, but this network didn't even attempt. What a bunch of liberal vipers. Wow! Repulsive And that black woman from McLean's. What a hater.

  • barb fisher
    barb fisher 26 days ago

    website crashed please get it back up I want them to go to you.

  • barb fisher
    barb fisher 26 days ago

    so glad i found this news site so i can keep track what canadians really think.

  • barb fisher
    barb fisher 26 days ago

    eat your heart out canada.

  • barb fisher
    barb fisher 26 days ago

    yea buddy and that works the other way too. i have seen kickers miss at 25 yards. the clinton clowns are finished.

  • barb fisher
    barb fisher 26 days ago

    whine whine whine.

  • barb fisher
    barb fisher 26 days ago

    exactly. people did not admit being trump supporter as people become hostile and harass you. mant leftists threatened supporters or attacked them.

  • barb fisher
    barb fisher 26 days ago

    please do go to canada and dont come back

  • barb fisher
    barb fisher 26 days ago

    Mexicans that are legal know exactly what they need. Exactly what other americans need. Drivers license or a state ID that by the way is free to everyone.

  • barb fisher
    barb fisher 26 days ago

    oh i heard Trump just taxed your lumber coming to the US due to Canada betraying the dairy farmers. By the way all the farmers got their milk picked up by other companies.

  • barb fisher
    barb fisher 26 days ago

    hopefully the mexicans will get so scared and all go to canada. you can have them.

  • barb fisher
    barb fisher 26 days ago

    i hope Trump watched this to see how you people talked about him election night. A bunch of clinton wishers

  • S David Bee
    S David Bee 26 days ago

    My God ... and I thought American networks were biased! What a bunch of one-sided, slanted slop.

  • MrVato53
    MrVato53 28 days ago

    Sad Canada has gone totally left.  Ya know there are a whole other side people who believe the other side.  So from that view point, they are not fair and balanced. Might as well be MSNBC or CNN.   Leftie Elitists.

  • Shawn Craddock
    Shawn Craddock 1 month ago

    Fiona is a total nut job. Nobody lied to pollsters. We weren't polled! People were proud to say they supported Trump. Only an out of touch elitist airhead feminazi could come up w/ what that Fiona buffoon did.

  • Mr. Lucky
    Mr. Lucky 1 month ago

    This happend and we all let it happen

  • Casinoman
    Casinoman 1 month ago

    That Black Lady is a trip. hehe!

  • Casinoman
    Casinoman 1 month ago

    Oh man this is the first time I have watched this. Can you say media bias? Unbelievable how much hate they have for Trump. Thank God Trump won. I love it. hahaha!!!

  • PainsofBlaine232
    PainsofBlaine232 1 month ago

    What an awful night for this country. People allowed their hate for a woman to overpower their concern for this country's future. And now everyone is going to pay the price. When will the liberals win more than culture wars? But at least The people chose Clinton, and Trump's approval ratings aré amonf the lowest for any president. Dems got this!

  • zldrvi
    zldrvi 1 month ago

    Awwww, those sad little cucknadian faces...

  • 552mustang
    552mustang 1 month ago

    Crazy black woman is CRAAAAAA-ZYYYYY

  • jamest681
    jamest681 1 month ago

    The african american woman is delusional about "voter suppression" because african americans did not come out and vote for hillary. No one stopped anyone from voting. Since 100 percent of voter fraud came from the left, they should not be talking voting issues.

  • Paul Jacobsen
    Paul Jacobsen 1 month ago

    Obama's Presidency is a skid mark on the underwear of American history. But it's okay, we have Trump brand bleach.

  • Peter Anderson
    Peter Anderson 1 month ago

    Clueless, sanctimonious liberals giving their varying explanations as to why Trump has no chance. I'm guessing they haven't learned a thing since.

  • Delta 6d
    Delta 6d 1 month ago

    At last I can say that I have seen the last episode of The Twilight Zone.

  • James Mays
    James Mays 1 month ago

    Liberals mean well..but they are dumb as hell.

  • T Abel
    T Abel 1 month ago

    I love how they always use "non college educated" to describe Trump voters. Half of the people coming out of college can't even find jobs. They have zero life experience and expect hand outs. I myself am glad I didn't waste my money.

  • flutiexxx
    flutiexxx 1 month ago

    CBC's fair and balanced coverage: 4 Trump-hating liberals and Peter Mansbridge.

  • Buff Livingston
    Buff Livingston 1 month ago

    What a sad bunch of folks.

  • Pek Vek
    Pek Vek 1 month ago

    Canaduh is LOW IQ country

  • Tom Conway
    Tom Conway 1 month ago

    The percentages of votes counted is, patently, crucial when the leads are displayed. Without them, leads by the candidate are almost meaningless. Why did the CBC not display them? There is a lot of room on the display of the current accounts of the races. What was the big secret?????

  • Tom Conway
    Tom Conway 1 month ago

    If there is a movement to defund the CBC, I would now support it. I would suggest this video as Exhibit A.

  • ARAY
    ARAY 1 month ago


  • thebombsters
    thebombsters 1 month ago

    As a Canadian I find it outrageous that tax dollars go to support this slanted drivel. Poor Peter Mansbridge, he used to be a journalist, now he's just a liberal shill. Absolute garbage.

  • Ben Samuels
    Ben Samuels 1 month ago

    Good heavens, these Canadians actually managed to make this election boring! So funny.

  • anacowa221
    anacowa221 1 month ago

    HAHA Mansbridge needs a tissue and that black woman is just beside herself with hate.

  • October Sun
    October Sun 2 months ago

    The delusion. They wouldn't even allow for the thought that Trump could win! They don't even say (for the first long while until the numbers changed) "if Trump wins…" It's all "will he be a gracious loser?".

  • eb44345
    eb44345 2 months ago

    And I thought American news was bias. This is way beyond American biased media.

    • bceaser1
      bceaser1 1 month ago

      Canadians man......just visit for a couple of

  • naturestudy100
    naturestudy100 2 months ago

    CBC jackasses think they know everything! I watch these election night returns at least once a week just to see the poor fools cry and try to assure each other that all will work out for them!

  • roman14032
    roman14032 2 months ago

    spectacular stupidity

  • Captain Catguy
    Captain Catguy 2 months ago

    Jesus Christ I though CNN was biased.

  • Ian Mangham
    Ian Mangham 2 months ago

    Not a happy crew lmmfao

  • Ian Mangham
    Ian Mangham 2 months ago

    Bias Bastards, hillary fan club members

  • Sherry Duggar
    Sherry Duggar 2 months ago

    I enjoy this but I would LOVE to have seen Hillary's drunken rage when she realized she lost. She was too drunk to give a concession speech.

  • Maxx Madd
    Maxx Madd 2 months ago

    think penn was the state the broke the democrats back.

  • GG Allin
    GG Allin 2 months ago

    liberal media is DEAD

  • deanc2000
    deanc2000 2 months ago

    What biased coverage. I thought "news" was supposed to be impartial?

  • Indiephantom
    Indiephantom 2 months ago

    I'm ashamed to be Canadian whenever I watch the Liberal fools on CBC.

  • Gene VonderLinden
    Gene VonderLinden 2 months ago

    the only thing that kept clinton close was uneducated minority vote.

  • Jeff Maylor
    Jeff Maylor 3 months ago

    That Black woman absolutely hates White people. But then, so do the two other panelists.

  • Ben Smith All Around
    Ben Smith All Around 3 months ago

    8:45:38 ...,oh my god who cares!?!?!?!!

  • l33tshoe
    l33tshoe 3 months ago

    Defund the CBC. Absolutely disgusting bias.

  • CyberCanadian
    CyberCanadian 3 months ago

    M A G A

  • Pavel D
    Pavel D 3 months ago

    February 13th, CBS is close to calling the election for Trump, but they are still doing the numbers.

  • raymond mailloux
    raymond mailloux 3 months ago

    WTF / Live stream will resume ,,,, get on with it man o man boring !

  • raymond mailloux
    raymond mailloux 3 months ago

    She ain't Kimberly Guilfoyle that's 4 sure :(

  • raymond mailloux
    raymond mailloux 3 months ago

    Canada is woe of the riches country in the world but were to lazy to do what were suppose to do !

  • ABfield
    ABfield 3 months ago

    Has the Moody-Mills lady moved to Canada yet??

  • Ray Hughel
    Ray Hughel 3 months ago

    Nearly everything these presumptive pundits espouse is wrong. All of the talking heads attitudes are completely sophomoric. The black woman is absolutely pathetic and pathologically vapid. They are unjustifiably smug especially the smirking jackass covering the Trump headquarters. Memorable only for the comedic value of their obsessing over whether or not Trump would claim victory without concession. Graphics were very weak. Analysis was thin and specious. Production quality is amateurish. Hard to see any redemptive value when there is absolutely NO attempt at balanced reporting or objectivity.

  • Pavel D
    Pavel D 3 months ago

    August 2018 - CBC finally calls the election for Trump! Couldn't hold on to the pantsuit dream any longer.

  • Pavel D
    Pavel D 3 months ago

    This is now the low tide for the pantsuit - perhaps the best benefit for the nice election gift we've all gotten. Does the extreme left-wing media still think they are at all relevant?

  • VigilanteMan32
    VigilanteMan32 3 months ago

    I’ve just started watching this from the beginning…I CANT WAIT to watch these liberal bastards faces when the trump train steamrolls over them later…they deserve the sorrow that’s coming to them..Does anyone else enjoy re watching these videos too?

  • bjornsen
    bjornsen 3 months ago

    OMG jeez. This was so bad I had to keep watching. I wonder if Canadians are aware how backwards this makes their country look. Do they care?

  • Seminole Nathan
    Seminole Nathan 3 months ago

    Have you ever seen so much stuttering from TV commentators?

  • John Thomas
    John Thomas 3 months ago

    I love when they say Michigan will go to Hillary and that Trump was delusional in thinking he could win it.Trump won Michigan,Wisconsin,Florida,North Carolina,Pennsylvania and of course Ohio.He didn't even need some of those states.

  • John Thomas
    John Thomas 3 months ago

    I'm watching this for second time.Love watching liberals in shock as they find out conservatives don't need to be bused in to vote.All these experts being bent over and sodamized is quite satisfying.

    • Gary Garside
      Gary Garside 3 months ago

      John Thomas tbh i was worried at the time with the media looking like the world just ended but I started to dig into why? After finding out about hillery and the whole bias that the media has i am now enjoying it for the second time as well lol

  • Teri Kay
    Teri Kay 3 months ago

    This ain't cbs!!!

  • Joe Smith
    Joe Smith 4 months ago

    These guys are as far in the tank for Democrats as MSNBC. They view anything not liberal as evil incarnate. What I have been LOVING is the smugness at the beginning and the saltiness at the end. Hilarious!!!

  • delujo 3000
    delujo 3000 4 months ago

    We will see when there is no longer the FTA as they will raise prices in the US .... and when they put the wall we will see who will work the field for $ 4

  • george aldridge
    george aldridge 4 months ago

    Even after making fools of themselves predicting the election they continue displaying their arrogant, condescending contempt for the ordinary American citizen. People like this are totalitarians.

  • (Truth-Hurts)
    (Truth-Hurts) 4 months ago

    If we don't need an ID to can't I just say I have a twin brother when I walk back in to vote again?
    Could I say I was my friend and vote against who he wants saying I was him?
    Then when he shows up to vote what happens?
    Do they have our names on a list or nothing?
    I could say I was my brother that looked like me earlier....WTF how could you NOT need an ID???

    • Wobbo
      Wobbo 3 months ago

      Names are registered onto a list by county.

  • (Truth-Hurts)
    (Truth-Hurts) 4 months ago

    Americans voted to move forward and beyond putting Americans into groups and saying this or that group deserves more or less.

  • (Truth-Hurts)
    (Truth-Hurts) 4 months ago

    You want know who the racists are listen for the people that constantly bring up race.
    People constantly blaming a "ism" for their problems or as other people's problems.
    They see hate everywhere because they are full of it themselves.

  • (Truth-Hurts)
    (Truth-Hurts) 4 months ago

    Dude, there's no scared white men that feel like their racial superiority is slipping away! LMAO that's completely just propaganda. We live and work everyday together. Our family, friends, co-workers are a mix of White, Black, Asian, Hispanic etc etc.
    That's political party garbage talk.

  • (Truth-Hurts)
    (Truth-Hurts) 4 months ago

    The black chick on here isn't representing of normal Americans, she is the equivalent of a right wing religious nut job but for the other side. Parrots a bunch of propaganda not even being able to understand both sides and why they feel that way.

  • Kathleen
    Kathleen 4 months ago

    Why do these people keep thinking that obama is a progressive?

  • ArchesBro
    ArchesBro 4 months ago

    This was just awesome :D

  • A Barrister
    A Barrister 4 months ago

    This is a great example of why we should stop funding the CBC.

  • Hillers62
    Hillers62 4 months ago

    At 2:55:00 a rant that Trump supporters would riot if he loses...WOW...they got that backwards...

  • Drew Haney
    Drew Haney 4 months ago

    1:01:06 Wondering how Trump will react when he loses..will he be gracious and come forward to congratulate Hillary? How ironic..
    3:05:47 The Latino vote will decide the election....(no, they won't)
    3:38 RINO and apparent expatriate David Frum explains why Trump can't possibly win Michigan (yes, he did Brainiac)

    Severely biased reporting...couldn't you have booked at least One Trump Supporter out of about 60 million?..... it's called fair journalism

  • Mike Viall
    Mike Viall 4 months ago

    This is absolutely the most cringe-worthy thing I have ever watched. I will never look at Canadians the same way again . . . And not in a good way . . .

    • Gary Garside
      Gary Garside 3 months ago

      Mike Viall to be fair nobody saw it coming but yea they are very out of touch when it comes to normal Canadians

  • Captain Catguy
    Captain Catguy 4 months ago

    When Clinton is losing in states. "Just remember guys there are still a lot of democratic counties let it be counted so don't worry".When Trump is losing in states. "Wow look at this trump is way down in a state that he needs to win, it's looking very hard for trump now guys".

  • kentuckydan
    kentuckydan 4 months ago

    The Funny Feeling they mentioned is called a Reckoning

  • Omniscient 1
    Omniscient 1 4 months ago

    How does this even qualify as journalism? Good God, the panel are all extreme left. Are there conservatives in Canada?

    • Brent French
      Brent French 2 months ago

      David Frum is a conservative, just outspoken against Trump as many other republicans are

  • kronos24
    kronos24 4 months ago

    i know it was late,but its never too late to see the liberals media feeling the pain.

  • MarkSamuelson
    MarkSamuelson 4 months ago

    ...great moment for our country....

    • MarkSamuelson
      MarkSamuelson 4 months ago

      ...what a "lively" bunch of commentators at the CBC...

  • Chris M
    Chris M 4 months ago

    The coverage from the CBC was atrocious. They described Trump as being "maniacal" and even mocked him as having "small hands" (something that is a myth). This was unbelievably partisan to the core. The CBC should be ashamed.

  • aucourant
    aucourant 4 months ago

    Jesus I thought the BBC was out of touch, but the people on this channel are living in an alternate universe. It's crazy listening to their biased, inaccurate, bigoted Loony Left viewpoints. Poor old Canada if this is how most people think.

  • lakerfan198126
    lakerfan198126 4 months ago

    These Canadian "journalists" are extremely biased. Clinton supporters all the way. Canadian Ashleigh is a well-known liberal at CNN. The token "conservative" is a Clinton supporter too. This is too much. Canadian MSNBC.

  • lakerfan198126
    lakerfan198126 4 months ago

    Oh my god, is there a pretense of objectivity? Or is this channel (CBC) openly left wing and anti-Trump? As an American, I would really like to know.

  • Victoria Johnson
    Victoria Johnson 4 months ago

    Is this extreme liberal bias the norm in Canada today? If so, I guess they will welcome all of the ex-Americans who want to move there. A few more migrants shouldn't make any difference.

  • Dr Iggy shinbone
    Dr Iggy shinbone 4 months ago

    I've watched all the election night coverages, NBC, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, Fusion, Young Turks....the verbal sewer I saw on this coverage managed to even surpass The Young Turks. The black dyke, Bush's neocon anti trumper, and the cnn witch were so vile that it is hard to treat them with any civility.

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