Wo Wen Tian Line Dance (Feb 11)

Wo Wen Tian
Choreographed by: John Ng, Singapore (Feb 11)
Music: 我问天 by 翁立友 (CD: 爱主题曲, 4:35min)
Descriptions: 32 count - 4 wall - 1 restart - 1 tag
Beginner/Intermediate level line dance

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Added: 3 years
Runtime: 4:40
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Uploaded by: Mei Lee
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Author Mei Lee (3 years)
@LinedanceInTheStrand Thank you for your compliment , and thanks for
choreograph such a wonderful dance. Cheers !!! Mei :-)

Author LinedanceInTheStrand (3 years)
Lovely dancing of lovely choreography!

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