"Keeping Up With the Kardashians" Katch-Up S12, EP.17 | E!

Kris Jenner blows up at Kim Kardashian, calling her a "traitor" for helping Caitlyn pick an ESPYS dress. Plus, Khloe contemplates getting a boob job.


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"Keeping Up With the Kardashians" Katch-Up S12, EP.17 | E!

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Author carrie Hannah ( ago)
It would be interesting too see what they  all would look like had they  not had surgery

Author Shelden Carr ( ago)
They are giving away makeup at

Author Make Over Craze ( ago)
what music is in the background in start ? can someone tell me?

Author Фартова Ксюша ( ago)

Author Margaret Mosca ( ago)
What's up wth this family and black men Courtney's man is fine!!!!!

Author Zuber Shaikh ( ago)
can anyone tell me the background song
someone said Shake your Hips by chronic crew
But that song doesnt exists here

Author Farhia Isse ( ago)
Did kim is back

Author Jared Nicolai Parnada ( ago)
What is the title of the background song?

Author Dina Sulei ( ago)
stupid people for stupid watchers. Accordingly

Author Hennie van mondfrans ( ago)
Sloerie's...Hoeren van de lage landen...Bah.

Author Tahsin OpG99 ( ago)
What is this show really about?

Author Nyakio Chigiti ( ago)
the kardarshians are so depressing and boring ,always the same thing. I don't even know y am here

Author Daniel Keerer ( ago)
What education does these girls have

Author Kylie Jenner ( ago)
what is the name of the song on backgrownd

Author Cämillä ( ago)
soo.... is Kim and Kylie sisters?

Author deeeeeeezzzzaaaa ( ago)
Kris do you have to do pouty thing with your lips at 1:40 lol they all do it and I cringe every time.

Author Libby Friedman ( ago)
at least she admitted she overrracted. she was like the parent who makes their children pick sides

Author Shady Tyrell ( ago)
Wow, I always thought Kim and Khloe were the vindictive manipulative ones but now I'm seeing that it comes from Kris. I've been calling out Kim for her self preservation when really it's Kris that's the main motivator. She's controlling and crazy.

Author Mihajlo Vucetic ( ago)
The background song is "Shake Your Hips" by Chronic Crew

Author Jesenia Sanchez ( ago)
wtf their lips!!! 😲

Author Dana Tito ( ago)
Kris Jenner is an idiot
How can she say that to kim especially since thats the father of her younger sisters

Author Lashah Evans ( ago)
cancel the show please is so stupid....

Author ivoryvignettes ( ago)
Gosh their Make-Up and Style is always on point <3 This season is pure eye-candy!

Author Priya Jain ( ago)
where can I watch it online

Author franky jo ( ago)
low key I believe Kris set Kim up for the robbery

Author Jmi Concepcion ( ago)
background song???🔥

Author lorraindoll ( ago)
I'm excitedddddd

Author Matthew Martinez ( ago)
Team kris because she made these bitches and they need to respect that

Author Emilio Fermando ( ago)
I thought it says kards ketchup lmao 😂

Author pkostovv ( ago)
chronic crew shake your hips THIS IS THE SONG :D Love them !!!!

Author CJ ( ago)
is this back?? like was it on last nigjt?

Author rukayahamin ( ago)
Ok is it just me, but scott lowkey likes khloe?

Author Red Eyes ( ago)
These Kardashian background songs are always life !!

Author S. Jindal ( ago)
wtf is this show?

Author Alessia Dinca ( ago)
i love keeping up whit the kardashian

Author acct137 ( ago)
GloZell does a fantastic parody of this! Spot on!!! 😂

Author that mauiwowie ( ago)
Kris always knows what to say ;)

Author Smi-Le nguyen ( ago)
They're all fukn ugly bitches.except Kendall.

Author pkostovv ( ago)
what is the name of this theme track at the beginning ????

Author Hind Faris ( ago)
0:17 that moment when ur acting like ur talking to someone in ur phone

Author Vida Love ( ago)
keeping up with the KUMDARSHIANS!!!!! sluts!!!

Author ana mariagrima ( ago)

Author Devany Villarreal ( ago)
mi Kardashian las amo mucho inspiración con ustedes los mi todo Kardashian✨😍😍😍😗

Author Line Jensen ( ago)
what's the name of the song?

Author Tulip Reese ( ago)
AND Kim was supposedly "held at gunshot"

Author Rose Water ( ago)
Kim is back? Yes or no

Author Ivan Hernández ( ago)

Author Stephanie Martinez ( ago)
not anymore Bruce don't exist anymore her loyalty should have been to her mother

Author mycookie54321 ( ago)
kris should be happy that the kardashians are still always on catilyn's side even when she transformed into a girl. it was hard for catilyn to change and be who she wants to be and now kris is being a dumass and doesn't want the kardashians to help catilyn.. I would be hurt and sas if that happened to me because I would feel like no one likes me for being who I want to be.

Author thomas cook ( ago)
Scott has fucked all of them....

Author Gwendoline Manya ( ago)
The Kardashian are so addicted to plastic surgery💯

Author Patrica Dyson ( ago)
Her Mother was right,.

Author Adriana Garcia ( ago)
lol @ when kim is talking to kris on the phone. 1:28, no phone case. 1:20 & 1:29, phone case. probs all acting

Author Norma Mireya ( ago)
they worship the devil

Author Norma Mireya ( ago)
there stupid

Author Cynthia J ( ago)
i have to say that this episode was really boring

Author Diana Dala ( ago)
Khloe looks amaizing! God I don't think she has ever looked this good she can def be the new focus instead of Kim

Author Saima Saima ( ago)
Waiting gor the brand new hehe

Author Brian Taylor ( ago)
Kris just wants to be there for the man. So I understand. They gave history

Author Cody Smith ( ago)
Kylie Jhener had such a pretty face before plastic surgery!

Author Zahriyannah Karakashian-Jones ( ago)
I completely understand why Kris is upset but Caitlyn was Kim's dad for 25 years

Author Elizabeth Rubio ( ago)
poor kris

Author minky cat ( ago)
Kim totally ruined her nose, it's a cookie cutter surgically altered nose, she had such a beautiful ethnic nose

Author Rah L. ( ago)
Awwwwww, snap!!!

Author RRbeauty 17 ( ago)

Author areesha shakeel ( ago)

Author Kate Matene ( ago)
I love the Kardashian and Jenner fam.

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