31 cc Ryobi weedeater conversion

31cc Ryobi weedeater on Great Planes Giant Stick. 18x8 Dynathrust prop. 12.7 lbs

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Author WilberWisdom (5 years)
Very nice!

Author Rejean (4 years)
The only data that I can see on the carb is the wording "Zama" in two
locations and there is also the number "6" that appears on the edge of one
of the covers. The only modification to the carb was to increase the
venturi intake to 10 mm and to remove the fine screen mesh filter.

Author dreamwisperer (4 years)
Sir, do you have any prop/rpm measurements? I want to replace my OS 160FX
on my Giant SuperSportster ARF with a Ryobi 31cc.

Author Gary Flymore (5 years)
hello Sir. I have a converted ryobi 31. can you tell me where you got the
plans or kit for your stick? any help would be great. thank you. Gary :)

Author hewismayer (5 years)
I was just curious on the weight of your engine with the electronic
ignition. And you chopped some of the fins as well looks under 3lbs. Great
engine I have an older 28cc and am flying it in a SPAD stick it flys great.
I went from an 8mm to 11mm Wabro and the 11mm has a choke. Now I get 300
more rpm out of an MA 18x8 to 7100 from 6800 with the 8mm. My engine is
4lbs on the nose and the plane is 15lbs. By the way nice video!

Author Reverseflush (3 years)
Put a cam on it

Author Rejean (5 years)
When trying to establish the most suitable aircraft for a particular motor
size such as a Ryobi (adequate motor but is not on the high end of power)
you must go by wing loading. Therefore I would recommend anywhere from 15
to 20 oz per sq ft of wing area. In my particular case, my Giant Big Stiks
surface wing area is 10.5 sq ft and the plane weights 12.7 lbs for a wing
loading of 19-oz/sq ft. Proceed to crazyherb on the web and take a look at
his design of BigPink for Ryobi motors.

Author junglist1soldier (5 years)
Great work on this Old School plane. Your engine was not as boggy sounding
as the first weedeater plane with a ryobi engine,2-stroke. I wonder if all
weedeater engines are 2-stroke? I'd think so but, I'm new to this hobby of
R/C Planes & I've got myself a 1.20 Biplane, 8 lbs. I wouldn't install a
weedeater on it though. I was considering doing this as a side project, &
wonder what the maximum weight would have to be, for this to work? Anyhow,
Good Job on this R/C Plane.

Author Rejean (4 years)
18x8 Dynathrust prop. 7000 to 7300 RPM with 87 Octane 32:1 fuel oil mix.
(Your power output will be less if you go with a higher octane fuel) Ryobi
crank counter weight is not built of solid stock, therefore it is not
recommended to under prop for bench RPM readings exceeding 8000 RPM.

Author LordAndersson (6 years)
cool :)

Author coshyno (5 years)
how did you convert this engine to be an aircraft engine ???

Author Rejean (4 years)
No plans, it was purchased as an ARF (almost ready to fly) kit. It is a
Great Plans Giant Big Stik.

Author manugta (4 years)
hi can you send me your plane's plan please ?

Author skakjk (4 years)

Author Rejean (5 years)
- incl spinner & prop 3.7 lbs, not including CDI module & 4.8V pack for
CDI. - Attaching mounts for ignition coil, etc... were all taken down flush
to motors exterior wall body. - carb 10mm - Muffler gutted, .6 oz saving -
fin trimming, 2.4 oz saving. Bad idea; mufflers support point no longer in
place & thus led to exhaust loosening & once to sheering of an exhaust
bolt. Now fly with stock cylinder & everything secure after many flights.

Author Rejean (5 years)
It is a Great Planes ARF kit named Giant Big Stik. specs are: WS 80.5 in /
WA 1518 sq in / weight 13-15 lbs / Lenght 54.5 in I bought it from Great
Hobbies a Canadian mail order outfit. I am running mine with an 18x8
Dynathrust prop.

Author mikenlapaz (6 years)

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