Volvo 142 Turbo Kalmar

Mean bastard
Best ET (2006 9.80)
Reconstruction in progress (massive reconstruction:)

Stay tuned 4 uppdate /

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Author kolle68 (3 years)
Varför denna dumma musiken och inte motorljud då???? Fjantit :-(

Author lantismannen (4 years)
till sommaren som kommer så tycker jag att ni kan ta bilen och åka till
Kjula flygplats

Author TheElmia (5 years)

Author XxXGeneralleeXxXSWE (5 years)
Jag skulle inte tro det va!

Author 68Camaro475 (5 years)
that looks kinda neat

Author phibjo1 (5 years)
inte den snyggaste men låter som ljuv musik

Author Maharadjja (4 years)
skippa musiken i filmerna snälla!!!!

Author SteamingObe (5 years)
LOL thats a big car. Sweet though.

Author 19Ghosthunter (3 years)
@VolvoAll3 why not is it been in a crash :"(

Author 19Ghosthunter (3 years)

Author Harry van Halen (4 years)
that is one beast volvo

Author rcdrifter95 (4 years)
Kalmar forever!!!!!!

Author kulsprutepappa (4 years)
såå jävla fiiint när 142 är taksänkta <3333

Author bbjorken112 (4 years)
snygg bil !! :))

Author Downfall8888 (3 years)
lmfao how many lbs of boost?!?

Author nihonjin19 (4 years)

Author norrboraggarn (4 years)
bästa filmen nånsin på youtube

Author tpvalley (5 years)
I dont know but its shit and spoils them!

Author Alexander Malmberg (3 years)
@19Ghosthunter no, the owner sold the body, kept the engine and put it in a
fiberglass or carbon fibre body. But both engine and body is still "alive"

Author ncenergey (3 years)
Fins make corvettes look like pussies

Author lolipop81000 (3 years)
haha good car (Y) volvo for ever

Author lordoftherouters (3 years)
@2499ALEXANDER It is Darude - Sandstorm

Author jolin156 (5 years)
Skulle vilja ha den xD

Author Redbullen (5 years)
Betalar gör han själv, men som du säger med den effekten åker man snabbare,
har för mej att dom är på G med nytt chassi, och då blir det bättre tider

Author Ivail Luiz (4 years)
2:26 - 2:29 muito foda!!!!!

Author Elias Andersson (3 years)
vilket jävla ljud vid 2:14!! only the power from a 5-cylinder turbo volvo
make that sound ;) !

Author Albin Fahlgren (1 year)
Vad heter låten?? Snälla svara och Nice Volvo föresten;)

Author Crittique (1 year)
Nice boot space!

Author VikanderBitZ (5 years)
Vad heter låten ?

Author sobbe97 (4 years)
Nice :)

Author hrhlordwurlibird (4 years)
I have worked with many Swedes at Ericsson... Most are not quite sane...
This proves it!!!! :) Quality fruitcake. Turbcharger the size of a dustbin

Author KawkA6666 (5 years)
I am polish but this volvo is very cool and fantastic

Author Rotterdam2610 (5 years)
Nice very nice..VOLVO 4 LIFE!!

Author looe95 (5 years)
Den går bra på strippen(Y)

Author Bjarne Viking (4 years)
Nei så kult! Fy faen! :-) Hjertemedisin!

Author frmlfc (5 years)
wat is the song

Author bettydaw1970 (5 years)
lol, they have white trash in deutchland also..

Author gibbut (4 years)

Author Radomirius (4 years)
i have just Volvo V70 from 99 just 2.5 l engine :( wana change?

Author CrownGear (5 years)
Sweat!! Nice Turbo Spooling sound too!

Author Linus Andler (2 years)
hastighet km/h

Author KtfoMustang (5 years)
lmfao... what do u drive? a POS civic i'll bet

Author SyroGeneZiz (5 years)
Darude - Sandstorm

Author Jollex (5 years)
Så jävla brutal :D

Author riejufredde95 (4 years)
bäst skit. cool bil

Author 48291371 (5 years)
tøff volvo

Author RagnarTheSniper (5 years)
den hade en b230 först och sen fick den en b5234

Author Maximiliansays (4 years)
totalt badass

Author mari söderqvist (5 years)
jävla bra bil<<<3333333333<<333

Author Alexander Rene (4 years)

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