3 Hours of Beautiful Violin Guitar Flute Harp Cello Piano Music - Instrumental Music

3 hours of beautiful instrumental music featuring guitar, violin, flute, cello, harp and piano music (track list below). Relaxing and inspirational music composed by Peder B. Helland that can be used for studying, relaxation, concentration, meditation, yoga or other activities. Listen to more of my relaxing music ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CoHWBXAjVQE&index=3&list=PLzYdneNrkzm11AqQCqMp34VTdSIRi8s1d
Download my music ►https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/peder-b.-helland/id670633352

Track list:
0:00 - Drøm/Dream
3:03 - Echoes of the Forest
7:50 - The Song of the Heart
11:57 - Call From The Past
14:04 - Post War
17:52 - Life
21:40 - Dawn of Hope
24:37 - L'Amour des Chiens
26:41 - Farewell
28:56 - Earth in the Sky
33:52 - Ocean Whisper
37:02 - Home
41:23 - The Garden
44:12 - Dreamy Night
48:37 - Celtic Drums
51:52 - Return of the Soldiers
55:02 - The End
58:05 - Final Words
1:02:34 - Morning Breeze
1:05:52 - Tears
1:09:14 - Goodnight Story
1:12:46 - At The Beach
1:17:27 - At Work
1:20:07 - Flying Birds
1:27:45 - The Warrior
1:29:14 - Inner Peace
1:33:43 - Tree of Life
1:39:39 - Lullaby of Sorrow
1:41:47 - Quiet Evening
1:47:11 - Voices
1:49:16 - Childhood
1:54:46 - Ocean at Night
2:05:24 - Clouds
2:10:41 - Scent of Spring
2:18:38 - Ancient Tree
2:20:46 - Dream of Serenity
2:26:01 - Post War (Piano Solo)
2:29:49 - Soothing Forest
2:38:49 - Memories
2:41:04 - My Promise
2:44:37 - Forest Walk
2:52:37 - Dream of Fantasy
2:55:26 - Hymn to Mother Nature

Hello, everyone! :-)
I hope you are doing well. I am excited to share a 3 hours long playlist of my instrumental music with beautiful nature videos.There are actually 12 pieces (!) in this mix that I haven't shared with you before. Some of the main instruments I have used in the music pieces are guitar, piano, flute, violin, cello and harp.

I hope you enjoy and I wish everyone a fantastic weekend! :-)

If you want to skip a piece in the mix, simply click on "Next" in the bottom right corner of the video.

Thank you very much for sharing, commenting & liking the video.

© Music composed and copyrighted by Peder B. Helland. I edited the video using beautiful stock footage I have licensed from VideoBlocks (get 90% off by using my referral link: http://videoblocks.refr.cc/VXK64JJ).

~Places to download my music~
iTunes ► https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/peder-b.-helland/id670633352
Bandcamp ► http://musicloveroriginals.bandcamp.com
Amazon ► http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=ntt_srch_drd_B00FGLK06C?ie=UTF8&field-keywords=Peder%20B.%20Helland&index=digital-music&search-type=ss
Google Play ►https://play.google.com/store/music/artist/Peder_B_Helland?id=Aknsdtud7aeouew6ny2zv5d3xhq
Subscribe for more instrumental music ► http://www.youtube.com/user/MusicLoverOriginals?sub_confirmation=1

~Social links~
Facebook ► https://www.facebook.com/PederBHelland
Twitter ►https://twitter.com/PederBHelland
Instagram ►https://instagram.com/PederBHelland

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Uploaded by: Peder B. Helland - Composer

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Peder B. Helland - ComposerPeder B. Helland - Composer (1 year ago)
This is part 2 of the list that we started in another comment. I will continue the list here and I would love to include you in the list as well! Simply reply to this comment with your name, city and country. :-) Thank you very much for listening to my music!
*| Name, City, Country |*
287. Daniel Medina, MEXICO
288. Jayden Baines, South Africa
289. Charlotte Schalkwyk, British Columbia, Canada
290. William, Warrensburg, Missouri
291. Candice,.. Toronto, Ontario, CANADA
292. Evelia Hanna, Tracy, CA, United States
293. Matt, Sydney, Australia
294. Liv, Houston, Texas, USA
295. Clovis, New Mexico, USA
296. Carly, Ottawa, Canada
297. Anza , Malaysia
298. Joanne, Ontario, Canada
299. Fares, Jerusalem, Palestine
300. Chris, Curaçao Willemstad
301. Joshua. Baltimore, U.S.
302. Atakan, İstanbul, Turkey
303. Petra, Dubai, UAE
304. Curtis, México Distrito Federal
305. Kalil Sarraff, Dominican Republic
306. David Guelph, Ontario, Canada
307. Tejashri Joshi, Pune, India
308. Jessie from NYC, USA
309. Ema, Romania
310. Martins, Riga, Latvia
311. Arménio Miranda, Viana do Castelo, Portugal
312. Thach, Kouvola, Finland
313. Pixie Low, Malaysia
314. Arthur, Goiânia, Brazil
315. Neidy, Brazil
316. Jenny, Riverside, California, USA
317. David, Uvita, Costa Rica
318. Joshi, India
319. Jacqueline Carter-Gibson, Durham, NC
320. Jeff, Landers, CA
321. Trần Uyên, Vancouver, Washington, USA
322. Joey, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
323. Vagner, Salvador, Brazil
324. Nelia, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
325. Caitlyn, New Jersey, USA
326. Rachelle, San Diego, California
327. Guilherme, Campinas, Brazil
328. Jorge, Orlando, USA
329. Jacob Shepperd, Houston, Texas
330. Don Gentry, Washington State, USA
331. Viviane, Mist, Oregon
332. Nick, Michigan City, United States
333. Kay, Newport NH, USA
334. Juls, Brunei
335. Talbea, Giza, Egypt
336. Tim, Malle, Belgium
337. Joey S. Davao City, Philippines
338. Rebecca, Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean
339. Maria, Attard, Malta
340. Grenjie Egipto, United Arab Emirates
341. Akriti, Liverpool, England
342. Chris, Bronx NY USA
343. Camille, Lyon, France
344. Hope, LAS VEGAS, NV, US
345. Mustafa, Aalborg, Denmark
346. Maritza Arellano, Sonora, México
347. Brad, Cleveland, Ohio
348. Kyle, Tokyo, Japan
349. Casablanca , Morocco
350. Kenza, Paris, France
351.Tyler Ontario, Canada
352. Jani, Finland
353. Sanne, Copenhagen, Denmark
354. Jair da Silva, Keller,Texas, USA
355. Joseph, Albuquerque, NM
356. Heather, Seattle, WA, USA
357. Natalie, Lethbridge, Canada

Marcos CotrimMarcos Cotrim (1 day ago)
Marcos, São Paulo, Brasil

Crystal BradberryCrystal Bradberry (2 days ago)
Peder B. Helland - Composer absolutely beautiful
Tool, Tx

Awesome SauseAwesome Sause (1 month ago)

waterblue eyeswaterblue eyes (6 hours ago)
iam just 9 months old boy, i have hard working routine and recently got breakup, this music took my stress away

Vincenzo LogoVincenzo Logo (10 hours ago)
Dio se qui non troviamo la pace! Perché continuare a cercare quando qui nella musica e nel'orizzonte della vita c'è tutto? Ci chiesto di vivere tuffandoci dentro senza paura di amare e di crescere.

Che musica! Quanto basterebbe poco per essere tutti felici perché abbiamo bisogno di: AMORE. Senza Amore facciamo peccato, rischiamo di non riconoscere le musiche che ognuno di noi compone nella vita perché Dio é il maestro e di Lui dobbiamo fidarci per lasciarci trasportare nella melodia che ci mette in comunicazione con gli altri e con Dio. Le bellezze del nostro pianete e le persone come stelle sono tutte da scoprire, sono come note che creano emozioni e gioie senza fine. Basterebbe ascoltare e guardare la primavera e l'autunno e poi capirai le altre stagioni e scoprire che tutto Ha senso.

Addiel Roman MercadoAddiel Roman Mercado (19 hours ago)
subscribe to him he well be happy :DD

Addiel Roman MercadoAddiel Roman Mercado (20 hours ago)
i subscribe in like :D

Addiel Roman MercadoAddiel Roman Mercado (20 hours ago)
fuck you bich

Looking4TrthLooking4Trth (1 day ago)
Anyone feeling like they're "lifting off"?

Mariusz KMariusz K (1 day ago)
google translator.you are so fuc*** lazy arser.......

Moreno SunMoreno Sun (1 day ago)
Thanks for your music :)

melanie gallopmelanie gallop (1 day ago)
Where can I find the first one I am searching it up but I can't find it

enicay ridehenicay rideh (2 days ago)

AJ AJAJ AJ (2 days ago)
Listening to this on Shabbat😊

Anthony Hernandez SugastiAnthony Hernandez Sugasti (2 days ago)
thank you

Ana AquinoAna Aquino (3 days ago)

Okan FidanOkan Fidan (4 days ago)

Naqib Da PeaceNaqib Da Peace (4 days ago)
Sometimes I hate my life...Sometimes I wish I could swap my life with others...It never been great for me...I mean like..I have been misunderstood all this time..And I just wish that there is someone who can understand me...truly understand me...I try to make myself low...stay low profile..because..I know...evryone will be happy without me...And Yes they are happy...but Im not happy...so I started to realise that I live for my life..and that it doesnt matter what people say..what matters is what your futureself say to you....this song make me feel like my life is perfect..eventhough Im falling apart.......

Classy and CraftyClassy and Crafty (4 days ago)
found drops of tears on my cheeks while watching . thanks for the wonderful composition of the video

Thamara LyrioThamara Lyrio (5 days ago)
17:53 até 18:55 é perfeito ♡♡ EMPOLGANTE , FASCINANTE E EMPOLGANTE ♡♡♡

dat dopedooddat dopedood (6 days ago)
can i meditate like 5 times the day ? each meditation around 15 mins ? morning early afternoon late afternoon night and before sleeping !! is it too much or its ok? i like the silent peacefull mind after meditation and i want it to practise it more to make it stronger ...

Abdulla AlsaffarAbdulla Alsaffar (6 days ago)
Why i love this video? because there's not ads :))))) except for 2 only

xKAIIRUxxKAIIRUx (6 days ago)
Trying to read this damn "Dragons Rioting" mango.
Suddenly high pitched lyrics SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEE
breaks my perfect immersion.
fuck dis. instrumental music time.
Instantly fits the scenes perfectly. neat.

Alcides RamónAlcides Ramón (6 days ago)
Como descargar esta buena musica en mi movi

ULoveMePlz 21ULoveMePlz 21 (6 days ago)
this is so beautiful, it makes me think about life and how i will get through it.

Hamby RoofingHamby Roofing (7 days ago)
Gives such a peaceful atmosphere in our fast paced office

Kasia TrojanKasia Trojan (7 days ago)
Warto zatrzymać się  na chwilę , posłuchać i popatrzeć na nasz piękny świat , który powinniśmy chronić bo jest nasz !  a muzyka jest tak cudownie dobrana , że ja osobiście polecam wszystkim , bo można  się zapomnieć i dać się ponieść fantazji........a myślę każdy ma prawo na chwilę zapomnienia :) pozdrawiam wszystkich miłośników  świata , muzyki i życzliwości.

Jaroslav PrůchaJaroslav Průcha (8 days ago)
58:05 - Final Words

Absolutely mesmerizing ♥

Carol LoraineCarol Loraine (8 days ago)
Thank you!!!

Vanessa DecaixVanessa Decaix (9 days ago)
Jamais déception malgré mes voyages avec des bb jumeaux ! Merci pour vos supers conseille'!!

ابو ياسر ياسرابو ياسر ياسر (9 days ago)

Hafa AdaiHafa Adai (9 days ago)
Great music and video....this is a result of someone's passion! Bravo!

Phaitoon HathamartPhaitoon Hathamart (10 days ago)
Wonderful relaxing music and excellent backgrounds

breanne lovebreanne love (10 days ago)
Thank you so very much for your lovely music it is soooooo relaxing i will watch it next time to view your pictures. Thank you again and God Bless you.

Linda-Ann FLinda-Ann F (11 days ago)
Just started to listen to this and the music combined with the images are so far beautiful.

Jose De Jesus HernandezJose De Jesus Hernandez (11 days ago)
im lost dickie Vandite..
any clues..

陳雪玉陳雪玉 (11 days ago)

Vianalin GeorgeVianalin George (12 days ago)
this helps me fall asleep😪😪😴😴😴 love it❤

Naoko KatsuuraNaoko Katsuura (12 days ago)
musica maravilhosa, suave e belíssima!!!!

Roseli SilveiraRoseli Silveira (13 days ago)
nossa não vi nenhum comentário português
o povo brasileiro não sabe o que ta perdendo

שילה קריצלרשילה קריצלר (13 days ago)

mike pricemike price (13 days ago)
awsome music and pictures that blends in very well with the music how did you come up with the music it really relaxing

huy nguyenhuy nguyen (15 days ago)
it's so beatiful. i wish i could leave everything behind then i would take a deep breath and admire this world

Addiel Roman MercadoAddiel Roman Mercado (15 days ago)
my sis played a hacker game it was fun but not that fun ok ???? on roblox.come

Abigail StaudeAbigail Staude (16 days ago)
Who is Final Words and Earth in the Sky artist?

ChillnessChillness (16 days ago)
Nature is so beautiful, yet so harsh. Nature is real, it's never fake. Nature never lies. I wonder when us humans will find our human nature again.

Sergi  MéndezSergi Méndez (16 days ago)
preciosa música para preciosas imágenes.

Maria Cristina Zumel RomeraMaria Cristina Zumel Romera (17 days ago)
gracias señor Pedro
desde Mendoza Argentina

stillaskingstillasking (17 days ago)

Henriette StørenHenriette Støren (17 days ago)
Thank you for such lovely music; I usually never listen to music when writing, but this piece has been playing in the background for the last week now :)

Li SalopekLi Salopek (17 days ago)
Wonderful!!! Thank you!

resenhas ofcresenhas ofc (18 days ago)
muito essas musica

decorte patrickdecorte patrick (18 days ago)
i love relaxing music , beautiful romantic my heart im free !

Sylvie BelangerSylvie Belanger (18 days ago)
Jaime simplement jaime .

Delma HallDelma Hall (18 days ago)
I pray to have this played for me when I die On facebook with my profile photos amen

Delma HallDelma Hall (18 days ago)
As we grow n life we find we get lost so many times , If we never lose faith in God and give Love and peace  to all amen, what a joy to see our father in heaven amen

Delma HallDelma Hall (18 days ago)
The  best of  music amen, Beautiful!!

Virginia DominguezVirginia Dominguez (18 days ago)
bellisima melodia gracias

Natália OliveiraNatália Oliveira (19 days ago)
It's simply beautiful and peaceful!

Luci SchioLuci Schio (19 days ago)
maravilhoso, amei, valorizo e preservo muito nosso lindo, amado planeta Terra. Obrigada

Robert utleyRobert utley (19 days ago)
Thanks for the music the most positive relaxing and uplifting video.

Ńãvøđī WījèśūńđáŕåŃãvøđī Wījèśūńđáŕå (19 days ago)
this really helped me to reduce my stress. thank you .and these sounds made me cry .now i can study well

Aravind AninuAravind Aninu (20 days ago)
Mr, Peder can u please send me notes for this music in guitar please am a new learner and am very anxious to play
this mesmerizing music😊😊

Courage Records TVCourage Records TV (20 days ago)
Entrancing. Peace and harmony. Exceptional talent!

Livia Aquila LfaLivia Aquila Lfa (21 day ago)
Nossa! Um dos mais belos vídeos que já vi. Parabéns!

Jan KowalskiJan Kowalski (21 day ago)
♡ :-)

Helen IsenorHelen Isenor (22 days ago)
Very Very beautiful. Thankyou so much

Rob DanielsRob Daniels (22 days ago)
First chord progression was so generic it almost made me puke. Im outta here.

D LimaD Lima (22 days ago)
Amazing music starting at 30:00! Does anyone know the name of it or what kind of music that is?

HEAVENLY LIGHT TempleHEAVENLY LIGHT Temple (22 days ago)

Natalja & Peter FreimannNatalja & Peter Freimann (22 days ago)
Ich bin hin und weg.... Selten so was schönes gehört.😍😍

dor sartori-sulamidor sartori-sulami (23 days ago)
היי סססד, סד'ל

Julio MedinaJulio Medina (23 days ago)
Every time i hear this i fall asleep and when i wake up i end up on the floor. 😶

Cris BCris B (23 days ago)
Amaizing... music and images... i have no words...Thank you for your work and for sharing :)

CarrotCarrot (24 days ago)
I'm meant to be doing a music assignment about guitars but instead i'm listening to this.
Close enough, right?

ThanhTungNguyenVuThanhTungNguyenVu (24 days ago)
nhạc tuyệt vời

Angela CisnerosAngela Cisneros (24 days ago)
This helps me so much and just washes my stress away thank you for making this video

Dave leeDave lee (25 days ago)
Thanks for sharing your God gifted talent and work in producing and posting this. What a tremendous blessing as I am working on a Sabbath day presentation. God Bless you Peder.

WolfWolf (25 days ago)
They should ban advertisements from videos like this...

Dr. Michael VincentDr. Michael Vincent (25 days ago)
NICE ...Really Nice !

(worth bookmarking this one )

Ricardo MontanariRicardo Montanari (26 days ago)
Absolutely beautiful. Thank you 👍✔️

Bittersweet NatalieBittersweet Natalie (26 days ago)
How could anyone give this a thumbs down?! The images/music is so therapeutic/healing. I just started listening to this relaxing/instrumental music about a month ago now here on YouTube, and while I've listened to about 20 pieces so far, this has definitely been my favorite. Thank you composer for freely spreading this magnificent work of yours! You're not only lending us a beautiful distraction, but you are bringing us enjoyment, healing, peace, and love in a complicated, stressful, and sometimes harsh world :)

Robert Richard Francia AburtoRobert Richard Francia Aburto (26 days ago)
Thank you for the wonderful music!!

Artekovec MArtekovec M (26 days ago)
Hello guyz! Hope u enjoy this music! Sorry for spamming. can u please give a vote for my little darling 8-y-o-syster. Its a contest, telling a poem.
P.S. its in russian. Up to the right press "thumbs up проголосовать!" (Vote) then in pop-up window leave any email and press проголослвать (=vote). Thanks and have a good day!

PDXDiamondPDXDiamond (27 days ago)
This is peaceful and chill, Peder, thank u. Many of these sets are the same 15 mins or so looping while yours is original.

Andrew ChandlerAndrew Chandler (27 days ago)
Stunning, beautiful, and mesmerizing - thank you for sharing your incredible talents!

Deus e Amor Tiamo Gustaf min sonDeus e Amor Tiamo Gustaf min son (28 days ago)
Loooooooooooooooooooooooov it❤🖒❤

Arya StarkArya Stark (28 days ago)
Oh, man. My favourite is Dawn of Hope, followed by L'Amour des Chiens! You're so talented, thank you!

Lone StarsLone Stars (29 days ago)
asmr for music fan :3

Luis Aedo RojasLuis Aedo Rojas (29 days ago)
Mis felicitaciones sinceras. Es una obra musical excelente, completa de principio a fin. Se nota el buen gusto musical, entiendo que es usted el compositor, lo felicito y lo animo na continuar.

Karen La VeckKaren La Veck (29 days ago)
Heavenly, beautiful, beloved peace. GIFT from GOD, thank you for this GREATNESS of music. Excellently done!

Lego VeeLego Vee (29 days ago)
Awesome! how to say anything bro? can u tell me how it is awesome!!!!!!

Elizabeth BlackwoodElizabeth Blackwood (1 month ago)
Muy bella la música que compilaste Helland. Ya me la descargué! Besos.

TiNem ProdTiNem Prod (1 month ago)
Thank you very much for sharing your great job and your generosity. The slow motion of the scenery matches perfectly with your music. What an good idea! Your music helps me a lot while I am working on my projects where I need to focus. Good mood is creative.

greimalkingreimalkin (1 month ago)
good visuals too

WAN MEI WongWAN MEI Wong (1 month ago)
It is a beautiful music I hear.

Ralf MusicRalf Music (1 month ago)
You are doing a great job in your genres. I can learn a lot from you.
Keep going 👍

Diogo rDiogo r (1 month ago)
excelente musicas, PERFECT!!!

Joseph NatoliJoseph Natoli (1 month ago)

Will ZhengWill Zheng (1 month ago)
It reminds me Creation of God when listening

Alex DereneAlex Derene (1 month ago)

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