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Author Erik Silberberg (1 year)
I watched this video this morning,"Hold on, help is on the way."I held on
to Gods word. {this message}. beleived it, receieved it, I was in the
process of looking for a job, this morning. This afternoon I got a call at
3:17p.m. and got a new job, But i wanna let you know I didnt have to wait
until tomorrow, all i had to do is hold on to the word. Help came to me.
GOD is real!!!!

Author joy491 (7 years)
hold on help is on the way amen

Author Jeanette Thorton (5 years)

Author angel72118 (6 years)

Author Darryl Cunningham (5 years)
i also miss this wonderful man of god

Author HammondB34Me (7 years)
that baptist shout music... lol.... But Bishop tow it up!

Author Jevon20056 (6 years)
PREACH BISHOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author jayonna65 (6 years)
my my i know help is on way thank you jesus this really uplifted my spirits

Author Pastor Jimmie K. Rodgers (7 years)
preach bishop!

Author medene (4 years)
Tell the truth Bishop!!! "When the Holy Ghost comes upon you, you ought to
get angry" it!!!

Author DaCOGICboy (5 years)
Bishop Charles E. Blake yet presides over COGIC, following the late Bishop
G E Patterson.

Author MassaiSoul3 (6 years)
Preach Bishop!!!

Author embrydl (7 years)
The one and only Bishop G.E. Patterson! God bless his memory.

Author Steven Fennell (4 years)
Go ahead Bishop!!

Author kfrancisco2 (6 years)

Author mojj415 (5 years)
my favorite tv bishop and my favorite bishop please post more of his
sermons and his fathers sermons and try to send them too me too

Author nickynat100 (5 years)
I was watching this video and spotted Superintendent W. R. Ginyard Sr. and
Mo. June Ginyard (Uncle Rudy and Aunt June) at this service. You will see
them if you scroll to 8mins 35secs (8:35). This was a very encouraging
message from the late Bishop G.E. Patterson.

Author Krystle Turner (4 years)
GE Patterson rest in peace I know you already are with LOVE of GOD you had
so strong in your heart.

Author eyesonjesus1 (6 years)
We always say we will miss somebody when they are gone but I really do miss
Bishop G.E. Patterson. He could preach and get done

Author George Blden (6 years)
7:41 of the vedio i lost it!

Author COGICKID87 (5 years)
i miss bishop

Author Jason McGehee (4 years)
One of my favorite preachers! Wonderful Word from the Lord!!! Thanks for

Author arealman314 (6 years)
Perfect tempo. Now everyone can get out there and just dance until the
devil gets a migraine!! Praise our God. Thank God for the time the Bishop
was with us. The ground is still shaking from the fall of such a giant.

Author Pastor Jimmie K. Rodgers (6 years)
I believe it was 1994...

Author Ellasings7 (4 years)
Amen! ...yes! bless the name of Jesus!

Author roxeyroz21 (4 years)
I've always enjoyed Bishop Patterson and just listening to him gives you
that feeling and the justification of that which is in the Bible readings.
You just know and feel in your heart what Bishop Patterson is about. God
Bless and continue to have faith in GOD, hold on!!! He is missed....

Author minorityview (7 years)
He did it in less than 10 minutes again. He could say more in 5 minutes
than some could say in 5 days! I miss him too!

Author kymalle (6 years)
pastor rodgers thanks for all the sermon u post from bishop patterson. my
soul is going through a battle an emptiness inside when i want 2 do right
evil is present these sermons edify my soul pray for me that god will
deliver me. my name is james brown i no we are in this together and i no
that the battle is ot mines ts the lord. thank u.

Author Pastor Jimmie K. Rodgers (7 years)
awesome praise God!

Author Mary Mocha (5 years)
Praise be to God!

Author NWProphetess (3 years)
Awesome word!

Author GunkeySwamy (5 years)
Thank you to all of you have posted video's of Bishop Patterson.

Author Sir, Bouvier Fitzgerald (5 years)
I Love bishop patterson! he is the real deal! A REAL MAN OF GOD! preaching
God's word. I just want to say Thank you bishop' for being faithful to the
Lord. I bless you bishop in Jesus name!

Author Roderick Ward (7 years)
I never met Bishop, but he blesses my life with his God given word. RIP
Bishop luv ya

Author Pastor Jimmie K. Rodgers (6 years)
You are soooo welcome be blessed! elder j

Author Pastor Jimmie K. Rodgers (7 years)
PRAISE GOD! May God richly Bless you!!! I pray that God will move for you
like never before! Be Blessed by this! Elder J.K. Rodgers

Author keainie (7 years)
alright now preach

Author BlackLionSister (7 years)
A dear brother in Christ sent this to me tonight. It's a difficult evening
as my brother in Baghdad has lost one of his infantry men to sniper fire
and the fear that tries to defeat my hope has been overcome by the Word of
God being preached here. Thank you and God keep you Bishop and keep His
face shining on you always. I will hold on now and wait for my Helper as I
have been reminded that NOTHING can seperate us from Jesus Christ beause we
are His, bought and paid for.

Author sophisticated1920 (5 years)
Oh goodness! Preach Bishop!!! Yes! I needed this today! What a blessing!!!!

Author Stefan990 (6 years)
Preach Archbishop Patterson !!!

Author Stefan990 (5 years)
to whitegs07: Yes thank you Elder Rogers for posting Archbishop G. E.
Patterson's sermons.

Author Steve Bozeman (4 years)
Bishop GE Patterson is a preachers preacher... So many preachers today, if
they just listen and watch how he allowed God to use him, could make such a
difference... Great post... Love it!!!!

Author Duilio Flamino (3 years)
COGIC preaching Duilio BRAZIL

Author Sweetdification (4 years)
my help is on the way!! HOld On to myself!! What an annointed preacher he
was!! And is!!

Author Zjohdell Hudson (6 years)
preach preacha

where was this

Author Byron Deese (5 years)
I was there for this sermon in Orlando, Fl in 1998. AWESOME!! btd

Author PhobosAbba (6 years)
Wish I had the gift of preaching as G.E.Patterson had. He was truely
blessed with the Holy Ghost... P.S. Anyone that reads this please pray for
me, I just recently came back to the Lord after running from Him for 20
yrs. And the devil is fighting me tooth and nail to get me to fall and turn
away. Thanks ahead of time and may God Bless you and your family 100 fold.

Author Malissa Reed (4 years)
I was blessed to see him in person once...Heaven truly gained a wonderful
man of God and he will be missed.

Author blusoul12 (7 years)
I thank God for this post because I was really feeling like giving up on my
job that I know that God opened the door for me to get...Yes Lord

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