White boots, stockings, and skirt in mud

Wearing tall white designer boots thru mud, everything get stained in sticky mud and then get a wash in a stram. Why are silky wet slippery stockings inside tight leather-lined boots such a turn-on?

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Author themowhillsvolunteer (5 months)
Just at the end was a little noise, was it the sound of wet boots being
taken off,or were you about to cry because your nice white boots were wet?

Author bokigojoe (4 years)
Please, please can you show your feet in stockings for a minute or two at
the end of your videos? Can you also put your stocking feet in mud?

Author Anna Smith (2 years)
very sexy ;)

Author mastershogun9 (3 years)
was very miss leading it said stokeing and skirt as well way to miss lead

Author flabaron (4 years)
Absolutely ! Jeans tucked into the boots ! Now ... that would be something
to see ! Do it !

Author hatsorus (4 years)
anything wet and slippery is a turn on.such as wet ice.

Author flabaron (4 years)
Love all your videos ..... love all your boots ! This one is grrreat ! Ever
consider doing anything in jeans ?

Author Tara Thorson (2 years)
STORY-It was ment 2 b a short cut.Only to end up trying to pull ur boots
out of the ground,because u r sinking deeper.This was ruining ur fav
boots,but u can't stop sinking.It's got 2 b quicksand.U r not going to
survive this as u sink up 2 ur neck."HELP" u call,but no 1 answers.As u
look up 2 the sky,2 give yourself more time,tears trickle down ur
cheeks.The mud closes in on ur face as you regret taking that short cut.U
stuggle under ground as ur lungs fill with mud.They serched in vain.

Author pebs016 (1 year)
ps i was searching for a vid how to keep my jeans in my boots and i end up
watching this wth

Author supersam1223 (3 years)
Lose the boots and it would be even better!

Author form88tw . (4 years)
@flabaron maybe jeans tucked in the boots..

Author John Letra (2 years)
I don't get it o.o

Author blabla bloblo (2 years)
nice vid her feet stayed dry before cleaning them ?

Author flabaron (4 years)
Just love to keep watching this video ! If you do this thing with the white
boots and jeans ... do it all the way in ... over the top ! You know ...
would love to see you in these boots in over the top ! What do you think ??
Great videos ... keep it up ! baron

Author nastyboy42able (3 years)
hi im nastyboy42 do you still have those boots and how old are you

Author TheDrHeadbanger (3 years)
gorgeous legs and boots keep them coming girl !

Author MrAnrocco (4 years)
Very nice. Please show your wet Pantyhose /Feet

Author rgadt (4 years)
Very nice. Love your boots getting muddy.

Author Kis møller (3 years)
if you dot like your leather , give it to me

Author Andylo69x (2 years)
Perfect boots!

Author pebs016 (1 year)
lol why ? i thought this vid ould be a girl freaking out cuz she got mud on
her fav bots and i dont even know hat this is suppose to be about lol

Author Poul Buch (3 years)
love this video

Author WildPAIR13 (4 years)
I have subscribed to you for a while now. I love all your boot videos...
this one was very sexy, as was your syrup experiment and you earlier white
boots in mud video. tell me you kept these boots to play with for another
day... love the work you do to your boots

Author nastyboy42able (3 years)
were do you live and love you boots and your hot

Author messy kelli (4 years)
keep with the tights dont change 2 jeans tights r way better nd sexy nd
look better in mud nd get ur tights mudding bcoz it looks better

Author form88tw . (4 years)
@WildPAIR13 thank you, i still have the boots waiting for more mud..

Author likethemsexy (4 years)
Very nice, great work getting all that mud worked around those boots. I
kind of wish we got to see more at the end though with your boots off. YOUR

Author benecke1000 (2 years)
I wanted to see that also which is why I watched the video. All I saw was
the boots in the mud.

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