Nibiru News: Nibiru in Russia

Nibiru News: Nibiru in Russia
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Author RavenCoelayte ( ago)
This so called 'second sun' is not Nibiru... It is an Andromedian biosphere
the size of Jupiter...There are four of these biospheres strategically
located due North, South, East and West of our planet...If you saw the
youTube video with the orb looking thing attached to the sun and then
splitting off, this too was the biosphere...If you wish to know more abt
these biospheres search Tolec on - 12 Andromeda biospheres Peace be with
you and look to your heart

Author judef728 ( ago)
they should call this video, getting free views off of peoples fears

Author TruthRealm ( ago)
um its not the moon sowy but its not

Author matt brady ( ago)
were goosed !!!

Author Craig Anderson ( ago)
That was in 2009. Now look at Two suns over Hereford UK 2012. Surely it's
going to be out in the open soon.

Author deutscher türke (392 years ago)
@TheJpl1965 try it with a photo camera or a video camera

Author michaelshorman ( ago)
Nibiru my ass

Author Zachary Thomas ( ago)
@pulsare21 GET SWIFT COVER

Author Khaled Youssef ( ago)
Why clouds do not move ..??

Author FreedInPieces ( ago)
where was the 'news' part?

Author futaldownfall452 ( ago)
@Capt1Amazing ever heard of the earths axis. Just because we are in the
northern hem doesn't mean we are on the same field of vision with Russia.
In fact, the earth has been at a 23 degree tilt for the better part of
recorded history. But now we are at over a 26 degree tilt on our axis.
North pole moves 40 miles a year. Might explain why we can't see it. But
Canada,Russia, China they all can

Author Jean Patrick Louis ( ago)
i can't see it in the sky. when it will be really visible for human eye?

Author pitfallcombat ( ago)
Is it weird that I got an upside-down boner watching this vid?

Author jesse liu ( ago)
thats absolutely! the destroyer/planet X this maybe 1 of genuine video ive
seen also seen in china

Author Capt1Amazing ( ago)
Fake..If it were possible to see Niburu next to the sun in Russia it would
be possible to see the same "event" atleast all over the northern
hemisphere..If we all can`t see it..Its not there.. ;)

Author MikeZagorianos ( ago)
and btw nasa said that this is from an new planet that have 2 suns she
didnt say anything about earth...

Author DroidpatkanyTube ( ago)
@glhmtv Trentemøller - Moan (Trentemøller Vocal Remix ft. Ane Trolle)

Author all good ( ago)
get a life!!

Author Phoenix Risen ( ago)
nice lens-flare video :)

Author XxxTOUTAxxX ( ago)
Nibiru aka elenin ! google it ! it's not for 2012, but nibiru is for
october 11th !!!!!!! the nasa is preparing their families !

Author CHEEKY MONKEY from outer space ( ago)
oh i loved this song! what is it?

Author pogpog28 ( ago)
Hi Dir. ********, This will be done done around September 11, 2011. Please
see attached email for details. Thank you.

Author TheMatin015 ( ago)
czym to filmowales . Lornetka.?

Author Adam Maddox ( ago)
@LiquidCocaine83 yeah i am cause even jupiters gravitational pull as some
affect on earth but i cant recall what it did specifically...

Author Adam Maddox ( ago)
seriously people if we could see nibiru of planet x whatever you want to
call it, with the naked eye we would all be dead! the gravitational effects
of a planet that size coming towards us would throw us out of orbit. wake

Author Azureskygaming ( ago)
@frantheman3 a super nova cant happen r sun would have to be around 100
times bigger for the core of it to produce iron thats what cause it

Author kunaknusiak ( ago)
is the visibility only in some places in the world not world wide ?? the
good thing about nibiru is that we will die at the same time^_^ i mean all
of us we got to see the end of the world for many centuries that have past

Author jolomyte ( ago)
@TheresNoTimeLikeNow Hey, if these vids are real, and there is a second
sun. How come most of the time, only 1 is visible, except for the odd time,
when 2 are visible. And in only a specific city, or country? Shouldn't we
all see the same thing generally? Also, what about project bluebeam? Could
all this be bluebeam doing it's thing? Everyone is expecting bluebeam to be
aliens or ufo's.. Any thoughts?

Author pogpog28 ( ago)
First destructive solar flare was recorded in 1859. Telegraph poles were
on fire and telegraph network were down. After careful study, next event
was already foreseen with 90% life wipe out but Scientists coded the actual
date in Religious way to prevent people from panicking (late 19th century).
Michael the Archangel was the key where he defeated Satan and save the
Earth from burning in Hell. 2012 - 1859 = 153. Search 153 that relates
"Michael the Archangel" in Google. You'll be surprised.

Author alerta2012 ( ago)
estamos atentos y en contacto amigos

Author Mark Giuseppe ( ago)
those are lemon

Author einsteindrieu ( ago)

Author gimpo77 ( ago)

Author Suanne Skidd ( ago)
This was posted in 2009...if this was real, it would have been here by now.

Author Eric Rehwaldt ( ago)
Samtheman...what's wrong, don't you like techno/eurotrash/elevator music?
Sounds like some Danish slut trying to be sexy. Aint workin for me!

Author JulietDelta ( ago)
@TheresNoTimeLikeNow no... Nibiru is a bullshit theory thats already been
disproven... just no...

Author TheLoonwolf ( ago)
mediastorehouse . com/low.php?xp=media&xm=1225582 Painting from 1698, in
Charles Blunt's 1845 book 'The Beauty Of The Heavens'. Example of the "mock
sun", an optical effect.

Author Mi St ( ago)
optical lenses hs code 900190

Author Mi St ( ago)
annoying hypotizing

Author TheSisko1 ( ago)
why didn't we see this in britain ? coz it's a load of s**t

Author DanDareJump94 ( ago)
@Misan7hrope True, they are reported world wide, but by goons, who are
making this nibiru Hysteria go completely out of control, the closest thing
to nibiru at the minute is Comet Elenin, that's about the only minor threat
Earth has, You'll see soon enough, plus, you need to provide science when
posting video evidence if nibiru, to give you a perspective, if nibiru was
going to hit in Jan 2013 we would have been seeing it in the day and night
since february this Year. :)

Author DanDareJump94 ( ago)
@Misan7hrope Really? Why's That Then, Don't kid yourself, That in the video
is a Sun Dog, It appears on most camera's, and If i am honest with you I
think it'll be religion that won't be around here very soon, If you've
Heard of The NWO i'd be afraid, Because unlike nibiru, They are real, and
they will eradicate religion, in a global holocaust, think im crazy?
Research it and have your mind Blown. :)

Author Acelera89 ( ago)
Nibiru is too far to See with the naked eye.... but it is coming

Author SirZeGrant ( ago)
@samtheman2477 Maybe you should be more careful before insulting a
music/music genre since you already managed to insult a product of a good
friend of mine, please, try to avoid doing that to someone else.

Author SirZeGrant ( ago)
@samtheman2477 This music is Trentemøller - Moan, it's your problem that
you're an illiterate bastard. Go listen to your crappy mainstream Rap and
hip-hop shit.

Author MsJadedmind ( ago)
@Iteban LMAO..... sooooo true.

Author MsJadedmind ( ago)
Its called a SUNDOG people.... and atmospheric phenomenon that causes
bright spots of light in the sky, on any side of the sun. Thats all the
"second sun" is.... its a mock sun.... a phenomenon called a sundog. thats

Author Estebita Latorre ( ago)
@matbell so? it's not about the end, it's about that the people and the
obsession with cataclysmic events, everybody going crazy because an
asteroid it's on its way to the earth and will be close....then they start
making suppositions with no foundations, and connecting normal events with
it, an earthquake=>nibiru (planet x, hercolobus, the second star, etc.) a
volcano erupting=> nibiru and a planets aligned, a car crash=>nibiru it's
closing to earth........idiots.

Author De4th5tar ( ago)
thats bullshit Nibiru is biljion and bilions of miles away from the sun and
earth no man can see it with the naked eye and can onley be seen with
inflared thats just plain bullshit and that is just a sun glare and a
reflection of the sun on the atmospheer i have seen it to and when i looked
at in with my telascope i saw nothing and if i look at it again witm my
naked eys its there

Author Estebita Latorre ( ago)
@WBiceII not only just a glare, if you do some research, they say something
on one web, and something completely different on other, they contradict
one to each other, and if you just see it with some scientific knowledge,
it doesnt make any sense, but they always have an excuse "the Illuminati,
the government, you cant see because blablabla...." bunch of idiots...

Author zperic1 ( ago)
@WBiceII no need, second sun was apearing every morning about 6 o'clock in
southern europe, but it was not a destructive planet, but an explosion of a

Author TheresNoTimeLikeNow ( ago)
People look at the international news, China, Australia, CA, Russia, all
see this WTF What do you think just sing lalalalalala & plug your ears &
close your eyes and it'll go away. Get forums going & do some critical
thinking for answers. Yes?

Author Nick Vaughan ( ago)
Oh wow. Its just glare from the sun on your lens. Get over yourself.

Author Вулкан ( ago)
I live in Russia and did not see anything like it.

Author salmandj22 ( ago)
....Trentemoller palying in the!!

Author TVP Education ( ago)
не обходите вниманием канал дух времени Россия

Author leftbehind87 ( ago)
Just wait, all you skeptics are going to feel retarted when you see this
with your own eyes. Nasa has already admited there is a large asteroid
headed this way. Its actually nibiru which is likely a brown dwarf star.

Author Вадим Трихлеб ( ago)
@21444413 Почему?

Author ChicagoTuner ( ago)
@CapteurDeReves because its only on angles...if you look stright wherever
you are you aont be able to see whats around your feet....and the earth is
round, right now i think you can only see in the south(bottom) of earth and
now countries tht saw it now they dont see it....and plus people ARENT
being informed of it!!!

Author Amélie Desrochers ( ago)
I just think those videos showing Nibiru are really funny.... why cant I
see it here? ( Quebec, Canada) But you can see it in Russia, USA and so
on.... This is ridiculus. If a planet of that size was about to smash the
earth, every body in the whole world would see it. I dont. And no one I
know ever saw it.

Author DidlydodaBinweevils ( ago)
SUN! If the suns up where u are look out the window theres about 4

Author REi3943 ( ago)
what song is?

Author Leandro Munis ( ago)

Author spiritoffire121 ( ago)
one thing i have to say fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake
fake fake fake fake fake fake

Author MisslollyJ ( ago)

Author vampyrashu ( ago)
i like the song :)

Author 1p6t1gms ( ago)
Don’t forget to buy the groovy music and vote for that creepy dude in the
upper right corner of the screen while you’re pissing yourself about the
end of time.

Author Falconpunch82 (864 years ago)
all i see is a whole lot of lens flare

Author Gyyrh ( ago)
@taur561 Sorry, it's just lens reflection. Take multiple pictures, or maybe
a video. You can see for yourself.

Author DreamTraveller1 ( ago)
@taur561 watch?v=Jd1-nMC5Zv8 This? Oops.

Author Amber Circlestream ( ago)
damn, what are the effects used in this vid. i ate some 5maodmt years ago
and that is exactly what the world looked like to me!

Author Control Overflow ( ago)
LOL, so i watched your "sinking" video and instantly became a fan of
"junoir boys" so i watched parralel lines by them and they recommended Moan
by who? trentmoller. nice taste in music friend

Author logicallyspkg (1167 years ago)
Ok . If you do not believe that it is there, take your camera and
photograph the sun. Do not look at the sun as it will screw your eyes up
well and truly. My son took a pic using his cellphone with negative imagery
and Nibiru is there . Both the sun and Nibiru show up as separate black
images . Nibiru is a lot smaller now..... But stick around . It is going to
get a lot bigger ! By the way , this is seen from South Africa . Watch the
skies .... something big is coming !

Author logicallyspkg (1268 years ago)
Ok . If you do not believe that it is there, take your camera and
photograph the sun. Do not look at the sun as it will screw your eyes up
well and truly. My son took a pic using his cellphone with negative imagery
and Nibiru is there . Both the sun and Nibiru show up as separate black
images . Nibiru is a lot smaller now..... But stick around . It is going to
get a lot bigger !

Author dragonflyFields ( ago)
WTF it looks like the sun

Author Jiminallofhisglory ( ago)
There's an inconsistency with all of these nibiru pictures. I will make
this clear, I believe catastrophe is at our doorstep, and my mind is
open...BUT...Nibiru is always in different positions around the sun, and
it's been lingering in that SAME area for, what, 2 years? If nibiru exists,
and I can humbly admit it may, we can not see it for some reason. There's
no surprise there, our eyes are weak and there are a lot of things we cant

Author gears265 ( ago)

Author DreamTraveller1 ( ago)
@JangosSoulja And you're stupid enough to believe what was seen in China
was actually real and not an optical illusion. Because Japan, the Koreas,
India, Pakistan, the Philippines, Mongolia, Russia, other parts of China,
Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand and countless other nations
certainly saw the same thing on that same day, didn't they? Derp. And,
well, if you fall for shit like this: watch?v=IKYYzDhj3Bw And this:
watch?v=Jd1-nMC5Zv8 Then I pity you.

Author Estebita Latorre ( ago)
Did anyone realized that every year something has to come to kill
humans???? an asteroid, hercolobus, the Earth itself has to crack on
half..every fucking year it's the same stupid thing and every fucking year
the web explodes with theories and "evidences" and garbage about the
end.....the end it's just a human need, the humans needs to have a begining
and an end

Author Estebita Latorre ( ago)
@JangosSoulja you are just another paranoid dude believing any senseless
history, off course you will see this everywhere, this is a common ilusion,
did you sit down and make some calculations (I mean, real calculation on
astrophysics) about this nibiru thing, where should it be in space so you
would be able to see it? Also, if you can see it with your naked eye...that
contradicts other characteristics that you people have been telling over
the internet about this "thing".

Author JangosSoulja ( ago)
@Iteban there have been literally hundreds (if not thousands) of different
pictures from different locations, made by totally different people at
almost the same time. Do you think they would fucking film the event if it
wasnt visible to the eye? No. The Chinese news channels have even reported
on this major event, and now scientists are trying to explain it (spreading
desinfo). Please crawl out from under your rock.

Author DJUsive1 ( ago)
@TheSeriousWhite You are aware that the Earth's atmosphere refracts light
in some pretty interesting ways sometimes aren't you? You're actually so
fucking stupid I can't get past it. You know what, you go ahead. Live your
life in the misguided, misinformed belief that the world will end. NASA
stated that there was a mysterious 8th planet in our solar system ON A
little bits of fact, and then making up all the other shit

Author Estebita Latorre ( ago)
jajaja you should learn about something called glare, thats only a reflect
of the sun on the lenses of the camera

Author iRawrxurxworld ( ago)
u have a glare on ur should fix that little problem.

Author Airaleais ( ago)
optic illusion оптическая иллюзия

Author DreamTraveller1 ( ago)
@TheSeriousWhite Nice job not addressing anything I said. And, uh, yeah, I
look entirely on Youtube for research. Seems to me the one who does that is
you, chum. Go to other websites and read a book every once in a while.
Maybe you'll be enlightened. I'll continue to wait on that example. Look up
images from radio telescopes, too, while you're at it.

Author DreamTraveller1 ( ago)
@TheSeriousWhite Oh, so you fell for fake images that are five years old
(learn how radio telescopes work), photos and videos of Venus, nice job
fabricating bullshit, too, as no such reports from Australia can be found
anywhere, unless you'd be so kind as to link to an example, and what was
found in 1983 was a cluster of extragalactic galaxies nowhere near us.
Truly, humanity has become stupider as time has passed.

Author DreamTraveller1 ( ago)
@TheSeriousWhite Such as?

Author DJUsive1 ( ago)
What I'm trying to say is that if everyone put their differences aside,
then collectively (as an entire species) we could achieve anything we
wanted. Believing stuff like this just gives us all a reason not to do it
because we're not ultimately in control of our lives... Also, at least
statistically, it's hugely unlikely. Earth has been here roughly 4.5
billion years, life on it for 2 billion of those. We've been here between
100,000 and 200,000 years. For it to end now is MASSIVELY unlikely.

Author DJUsive1 ( ago)
Everyone. Get a grip. The world is already in the middle of its... I think
5th or 6th mass extinction. They happen every several million years, and
we've pretty much caused this one. There is NOT something which comes
floating past every few thousand years and fucks everything up. No
geological, archaelogical, scientific or ANYTHING grounded in fact supports
that claim. It's all designed to keep us so distracted that we don't solve
our real problems. Fuck man, 6.5billion people can do ANYTHING.

Author DJUsive1 ( ago)
@TheSeriousWhite Wow. So how big are your paranoid delusions exactly?
What?! They...eclipse the..sun? Every day?! Well they must be to read that
bullshit into what I was saying. My point is that you can no more trust
what you read and see here than you can the kind of things you'd find
written on the walls of a mental asylum. No it shouldn't be controlled, it
should be read with the mind of cynic. Don't be close-minded, just don't
wildly jump to conclusions unless they're supported by facts!

Author Jbd2561 ( ago)
thats venus i think

Author Waffles Monster ( ago)
Nibiru has a moon connected to its planet o_O they colided and i dont see
no hump on Nibiru so i think it is just the moon :)

Author ShittyMcshitstain ( ago)
Hey All Right! Get Down Get Funky

Author Uptown Down ( ago)
@sherekhanification yes pretty much it was a lot smaller then.last time i
checked for was around the same time two years ago.i spent maybe an
hour looking at it on and off.its hick town around here so its not like i
told anyone when i did see'm sure people would had have given me
every reason as to why i didn't see it.

Author BlueBomber ( ago)
I'm in Montreal Canada. Just wanted to know the geographical distance
between us. So you actually seen it yourself ?

Author Uptown Down ( ago)
@sherekhanification yeah thats right charlotte nc is were i live........

Author BlueBomber ( ago)
@MrFender24 Are you serious ? Your in NC right ?

Author Uptown Down ( ago)
take 4 pairs of sunglasses if you have them.look to the east on a saturday
morning around 8:00 or so and you can see it with your own eyes.

Author Ezra1Jesus1Disciple ( ago)
[6] My Little One, it is a day of sorrow, a day of great sorrow for
humanity the world over. It is a day of judgement for the whole world.
Those, who will not repent and come to Me by way of My Son, Jesus, yea
Yeshua, will soon face the torment in the pits of hell. My Little One, time
is running out for billions of people the world over." "My Father, how I
wish this were not so! How I wish we had more time to reach the lost; but I
know we have precious little time left."

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