Nibiru News: Nibiru in Russia

Nibiru News: Nibiru in Russia
Filmed by maxispeed0

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Author matt brady (2 years)
were goosed !!!

Author eurus pulsare (3 years)
get a life!!

Author asratoday (4 years)
can you see this with the naked eye?

Author matttatts (4 years)
horray for canada!!!

Author Jiminallofhisglory (4 years)
There's an inconsistency with all of these nibiru pictures. I will make
this clear, I believe catastrophe is at our doorstep, and my mind is
open...BUT...Nibiru is always in different positions around the sun, and
it's been lingering in that SAME area for, what, 2 years? If nibiru exists,
and I can humbly admit it may, we can not see it for some reason. There's
no surprise there, our eyes are weak and there are a lot of things we cant

Author MsJadedmind (3 years)
@Iteban LMAO..... sooooo true.

Author CHEEKY MONKEY from space (3 years)
oh i loved this song! what is it?

Author DreamTraveller1 (4 years)
@asratoday No. Because it doesn't exist.

Author pogpog28 (3 years)
Hi Dir. ********, This will be done done around September 11, 2011. Please
see attached email for details. Thank you.

Author logicallyspkg (4 years)
Ok . If you do not believe that it is there, take your camera and
photograph the sun. Do not look at the sun as it will screw your eyes up
well and truly. My son took a pic using his cellphone with negative imagery
and Nibiru is there . Both the sun and Nibiru show up as separate black
images . Nibiru is a lot smaller now..... But stick around . It is going to
get a lot bigger !

Author TheLoonwolf (3 years)
mediastorehouse . com/low.php?xp=media&xm=1225582 Painting from 1698, in
Charles Blunt's 1845 book 'The Beauty Of The Heavens'. Example of the "mock
sun", an optical effect.

Author REi3943 (4 years)
what song is?

Author ShittyMcshitstain (4 years)
Hey All Right! Get Down Get Funky

Author Ezra1Jesus1Disciple (4 years)
[4] My Child, with the passage of the ‘Destroyer’, all of humanity shall
know the sting of My judgement; for I and I, alone, created the
‘Destroyer.’ I set it in motion and I commanded it forth. Day by day, the
calamities the world over shall escalate. Earthquakes shall intensify and
very large earthquakes shall become more frequent. Landmasses, such as
Japan and Australia, and island chains, like the Philippines and others
will begin to break up and sink beneath the seas.

Author abubakrassaddiq (4 years)
I have an actual picture of the same phenomenom Nibiru. I captured it at
work on 11/01/2010 in High Point, North Carolina. No tricks; real

Author Suanne Skidd (3 years)
This was posted in 2009...if this was real, it would have been here by now.

Author christospetr (4 years)
niburu is a goverment new plan to decrease the number of the population
around the world...they want people to believe it and become so scared that
they will kill themselfs!! ;)

Author Vangonaj (4 years)
Today you see niviru and tomorrow no. Stop upload this shiti fakes.

Author TheMatin015 (3 years)
czym to filmowales . Lornetka.?

Author michaelshorman (3 years)
Nibiru my ass

Author WXB1973 (4 years)
@freakoutguitarsolo1 why don't you make your own video analysis instead of
yappin' there that makes you look like a twat gay nerd..idiot

Author Craig Anderson (3 years)
That was in 2009. Now look at Two suns over Hereford UK 2012. Surely it's
going to be out in the open soon.

Author SirZeGrant (3 years)
@samtheman2477 Maybe you should be more careful before insulting a
music/music genre since you already managed to insult a product of a good
friend of mine, please, try to avoid doing that to someone else.

Author judef728 (2 years)
they should call this video, getting free views off of peoples fears

Author zperic1 (3 years)
@WBiceII no need, second sun was apearing every morning about 6 o'clock in
southern europe, but it was not a destructive planet, but an explosion of a

Author christospetr (4 years)
@crazyshittttt dudeeeee nothings going to happen relax

Author DJUsive1 (4 years)
Everyone. Get a grip. The world is already in the middle of its... I think
5th or 6th mass extinction. They happen every several million years, and
we've pretty much caused this one. There is NOT something which comes
floating past every few thousand years and fucks everything up. No
geological, archaelogical, scientific or ANYTHING grounded in fact supports
that claim. It's all designed to keep us so distracted that we don't solve
our real problems. Fuck man, 6.5billion people can do ANYTHING.

Author Georgijus36 (4 years)

Author DreamTraveller1 (4 years)
@TheSeriousWhite Nice job not addressing anything I said. And, uh, yeah, I
look entirely on Youtube for research. Seems to me the one who does that is
you, chum. Go to other websites and read a book every once in a while.
Maybe you'll be enlightened. I'll continue to wait on that example. Look up
images from radio telescopes, too, while you're at it.

Author Estebita Latorre (3 years)
@WBiceII not only just a glare, if you do some research, they say something
on one web, and something completely different on other, they contradict
one to each other, and if you just see it with some scientific knowledge,
it doesnt make any sense, but they always have an excuse "the Illuminati,
the government, you cant see because blablabla...." bunch of idiots...

Author jolomyte (3 years)
@TheresNoTimeLikeNow Hey, if these vids are real, and there is a second
sun. How come most of the time, only 1 is visible, except for the odd time,
when 2 are visible. And in only a specific city, or country? Shouldn't we
all see the same thing generally? Also, what about project bluebeam? Could
all this be bluebeam doing it's thing? Everyone is expecting bluebeam to be
aliens or ufo's.. Any thoughts?

Author SniperLoyalist (4 years)
omg this is so real not and this is NEWS

Author Airaleais (4 years)
optic illusion оптическая иллюзия

Author XxxTOUTAxxX (3 years)
Nibiru aka elenin ! google it ! it's not for 2012, but nibiru is for
october 11th !!!!!!! the nasa is preparing their families !

Author RAHMELBASS (4 years)
fake, use brains guys

Author paulgw3 (4 years)
@lewigy 30 min??? more tlie 3 seconds lol are you guys really that far
behind the US?? lmao

Author pitfallcombat (3 years)
Is it weird that I got an upside-down boner watching this vid?

Author SirZeGrant (3 years)
@samtheman2477 This music is Trentemøller - Moan, it's your problem that
you're an illiterate bastard. Go listen to your crappy mainstream Rap and
hip-hop shit.

Author logicallyspkg (4 years)
Ok . If you do not believe that it is there, take your camera and
photograph the sun. Do not look at the sun as it will screw your eyes up
well and truly. My son took a pic using his cellphone with negative imagery
and Nibiru is there . Both the sun and Nibiru show up as separate black
images . Nibiru is a lot smaller now..... But stick around . It is going to
get a lot bigger ! By the way , this is seen from South Africa . Watch the
skies .... something big is coming !

Author MikeZagorianos (3 years)
and btw nasa said that this is from an new planet that have 2 suns she
didnt say anything about earth...

Author DreamTraveller1 (4 years)
@fudman02 Eris is not Nibiru. Neither are ultra-luminous galaxies several
hundreds of millions of lightyears away. Try again.

Author Gyyrh (4 years)
@taur561 Sorry, it's just lens reflection. Take multiple pictures, or maybe
a video. You can see for yourself.

Author Amber Circlestream (4 years)
damn, what are the effects used in this vid. i ate some 5maodmt years ago
and that is exactly what the world looked like to me!

Author Jean Patrick Louis (3 years)
i can't see it in the sky. when it will be really visible for human eye?

Author Estebita Latorre (4 years)
Did anyone realized that every year something has to come to kill
humans???? an asteroid, hercolobus, the Earth itself has to crack on
half..every fucking year it's the same stupid thing and every fucking year
the web explodes with theories and "evidences" and garbage about the
end.....the end it's just a human need, the humans needs to have a begining
and an end

Author MAC02134 (4 years)
the little orb is the sun on the right side ; the big one is just a patch
of chemtrails that reflect and/or magnify the sun rays. its not nibiru. i
truly dig that music!

Author DanDareJump94 (3 years)
@Misan7hrope True, they are reported world wide, but by goons, who are
making this nibiru Hysteria go completely out of control, the closest thing
to nibiru at the minute is Comet Elenin, that's about the only minor threat
Earth has, You'll see soon enough, plus, you need to provide science when
posting video evidence if nibiru, to give you a perspective, if nibiru was
going to hit in Jan 2013 we would have been seeing it in the day and night
since february this Year. :)

Author spiritoffire121 (4 years)
one thing i have to say fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake
fake fake fake fake fake fake

Author Adam Maddox (3 years)
@LiquidCocaine83 yeah i am cause even jupiters gravitational pull as some
affect on earth but i cant recall what it did specifically...

Author DJUsive1 (4 years)
@TheSeriousWhite Wow. So how big are your paranoid delusions exactly?
What?! They...eclipse the..sun? Every day?! Well they must be to read that
bullshit into what I was saying. My point is that you can no more trust
what you read and see here than you can the kind of things you'd find
written on the walls of a mental asylum. No it shouldn't be controlled, it
should be read with the mind of cynic. Don't be close-minded, just don't
wildly jump to conclusions unless they're supported by facts!

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