Summer Project - Make an INSANELY LOUD Bluetooth Amplifier!

Here's the amp we'll be using Amazon:
eBay (ships globally):

Amazon UK:

In this video we'll be making a wireless bluetooth-enabled amplifier so that we can put old bookshelf speakers to good use!
Not only is the sound quality fantastic, but it can also go super loud! It's also quite easy to build, and doesn't require any special tools - you can get away with just a hammer, nail, and a screwdriver if needed. Seriously!

Full parts list (includes international purchasing links):

Happy building!

Oh, by the way, here's the note about the little switches:

These switches change the gain mode of the amp. If they're both on, the amp can reach insane(er) volume levels. However, to hit these volume levels without distortion, the amp needs 25v, which is more than our batteries can provide. The amp is loud enough with them off, and it also means that the signal to noise ratio is MUCH improved, so I don't really recommend messing with them.

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Author DIY Perks ( ago)
Now it's even cheaper! $11.88 from here, and it ships from the US:

Author Latevis Tech ( ago)
I just know the amplifier is so hot that i need add a powerful fan to cooling

Author 9thangle ( ago)
I built mine and when I plugged it in nothing happened. The only thing I see different on mine is the tip of the male plug on mine is yellow and yours is black. Would this make a difference or have I done something else wrong. I've gone back through the video and done everything just as you have. Thanks.

Author BlazingFringe Studios ( ago)
It's really hard to be impressed by something on the internet these days... but you sir!! you blew my away!!
Your DIYs are off the charts cool!
Keep it up man!!

Author Daily Rider ( ago)
Any reason you could not use 4 18650 lithium ion batteries? 3.7v x 4 = 14.8v

Author Philip Wheeler ( ago)
I built one thanks for the videi, but at low volume there is an annoying buzzing, any ideas to fix it?

Author Splash Boy ( ago)
make it with a reachargeable battery. sorry for my english!

Author George Hanks ( ago)
How long does a set of batteries last for and could you swap it for a Lipo battery pack?

Author Lim Chun Zhe ( ago)
Hi, just two quick question regarding the amp chipset. Is the audio output from the amplifier Stereo? And also, the AUX in is it stereo too? Nice vid btw

Author Shaun Mostert ( ago)
How long do the batteries last ?
What were the specs on the speakers in terms of watt's ?
Great project, I'm going to try thins with my own twist...

Author Creeper spielt ( ago)
What Song do you Play to show, how loud your speakers get?

Author Pangea High ( ago)
Louder doesn't mean good sound

Author MyBigThing2010 ( ago)
frig! I had to just buy this! ...TOTALLY not budgeted so...hmmm this ought to be interesting...all well...I'll have a new toy in 2 days with prime and it was only like $12

Author MyBigThing2010 ( ago)
EXCELLENT! ...I'm finding some really good stuff on this channel! BUT it's getting my project mind and budget going out of control!

Author Sjoer d ( ago)
Could you use a step up boost converter to boost the voltage to 24 volts and thereby increase the quality?

Author Christian Lucatino ( ago)
What's the song name

Author Cool Toch Games ( ago)

nice video

Author ديبو ميكس ( ago)
could you tell me how to build attenuator to convert line level out of any mixer to mic input level in hp8460p

Author Czar Zenana ( ago)
When played loud those batteries will run out very quickly. My guess would be less than half an hour. Because of the higher voltage it will play louder when Alkaline batteries are used instead of rechargeable ones. My advice would be to use four or five good quality Li-Ion 18650 rechargeable batteries* in series, but still the playing time will not be very long.
Since those speakers aren't really portable you can use a notebook power supply (15-21 Volts) instead of batteries and run them from the mains.

* to be safe, use protected Li-Ion batteries from a trusted source (so NOT China).

Author Keith Hankins ( ago)
Love your work! Thanks for the cool projects!

Author ofek ml ( ago)
speaker sound is stereo AKA fake.

Author TekReviews ( ago)
No mention of battery life testing.

Author Jae B. ( ago)
Nice! Really impressed! Might tackle a similar project soon! Keep up the good work

Author sergeant HAWK ( ago)
Would these spekers work

With this amplifier

Author Daniel Hutchinson ( ago)
not sure if this video is still being commented on but I was just wondering what the current draw of this amp will be because will be using a 12v 2600mah rc car battery pack

hope some one can help
cheers Daniel

Author Rendy Irawan ( ago)
Awesome video! I didn't know that there are Bluetooth audio boards that has a power amplifier built in. I have one question though. How would you say the sound quality is compared to hooking the speakers up to a conventional power amplifier? You already demonstrated how loud it is, but what I would like to know is how the lows, mids, and highs compare to using the speakers hooked up to a power amplifier. Could you please describe it? Thanks!

Author PlanetGamingGG ( ago)
The sound is very2 nice

Author Nathan Sabino ( ago)
can it work with and old notebook power adpter? i have one with regulation with come from 9v, all the way to 19v. Are any modifications needed?

Author Martijn Aalbers ( ago)
if i want to set up 3 speakers do i have to set up the speakers in serie or parallel?? (my English isn't the best)

Author Adam Slawson ( ago)
This DIY is a great hack to the car battery boombox cooler. How long do the batteries last in one use? I want to build something like this but use marine boat speakers in a cooler for my tubing escapades here in Atlanta.

Author MT LM ( ago)
Great vid thanks for sharing! How long do the batteries last?

Author mike yan ( ago)
no bass at all no good

Author Poda ( ago)
Remember that LOUD, is not the same as good.

Author Pi Guy ( ago)
Why disentangle you 3D print the case?!

Author Nazreen Hassan ( ago)
Would you be able to recommend a WiFi amp instead? That could be handy for having a multiroom speaker setup :)

Author Adam Messmann ( ago)
What track was used in the beginning (for the demo)

Author Edward Morley ( ago)
does the amp work with standard power from a home outlet? I know its deferent for us vs eu but what I mean is same project just without batteries.

Author gulaschhorst ( ago)
is it also possible to use 2x6AA battery holders ?

Author Dahl ( ago)
what do i do if i only wanna wire up one speaker?`i didnt quite understand what you said

Author LucaBumble ( ago)
How long until the batteries are depleted ?

Author Halloween111 ( ago)
I had a similar board that cooked itself. My guess was a bad board.

Author SibaNL ( ago)
Can't I use some big battery instead of all those tiny batteries, like a lithium battery or something?

Author Isaac Cervantes III ( ago)
built it... but it only pairs with apple devices.... not my trusty android.. it is loud, clear music.. but I can no connect android. how for to make it to werks?

Author Aravind krishna ( ago)
I have 4 car speaker's removed from my car so I want to use them

Author Aravind krishna ( ago)
diy perks can you please make a video on how to make a 4 channel speaker setup

Author jesus sanchez ( ago)
How long do the battery's last?

Author Greg Smith ( ago)
I've got this board up and running with some $5 speakers I found at a thrift shop and it's a terrific value. Any chance you're interested in making a tutorial for a matching 18650-based battery pack instead of AAs?

Author ( ago)
does it work with iphone ?

Author nikoloko112 ( ago)
Hi!! How long does the battery takes?

Author BobbyJay ( ago)
I see you've overshot your drilling once by the mark on the table..

Author Mark Davis ( ago)
What song is playing at the 1 minute mark?

Author ajith chandrasiri ( ago)

Author PC_McCheese :D ( ago)
What is that song?

Author BP Music ( ago)
what is the polarity of the power jack

Author Daniy ( ago)
*Очень Крутая идея!!! Видео Снято на высшем уровне!!!*
*Лайк из РОССИИ*

Author SpaceDoge ( ago)
$12 for the board is a friggin steal

Author diablowrathltd ( ago)
Can anyone tell me the song at 1:10?

Author jonas Andersen ( ago)
What kind of speakers did you use?

Author TheIronDan ( ago)
Can this be done with any speakers

Author George Clarke ( ago)
Subbed instantly :D

Author anonymous one ( ago)
This is two years late saying as I just have watched the video, but I can confirm that he isn't lying about the audio. Having watched his portable mic build before this I know he has the audio gear to record at a level that is going to be higher quality then what most peoples headsets and or speakers can reproduce, an added bonus to my claim is I have recreated this genius device and tested it, and it really does work. Keep up the amazing work +DIY Perks

Author LEZevil ( ago)
Can I just buy it from you lol. I've always wanted that for my stereo speakers.

Author Payton Seats ( ago)
Mr. Perks,
First off this is an excellent resource for all kinds of out of the box creative projects - I especially love all of the audio related videos! I am trying to see if I could use a set of bookshelf speakers as recording monitors instead of buying expensive ones at the audio store. I realize the sound output would be different and lead to differences in mixing because of the nature of studio monitors, but for my wallet's sake - I thought I would give it a try.
The only problem is see is the latency and signal load created by Bluetooth as well as a lack of Bluetooth output on my audio interface. Can you think of any way to make the connection between the interface and the amp a physical one? Or at least a way to convert 2, 1/4 audio jacks to Bluetooth without loosing too much quality?
Thank you for your help & seemingly endless wisdom!

Author Floris Van den Dool ( ago)
If I am going to use 2 50w 8ohm speakers and connect them with this amp, how big does my battery pack has to be in Mah?

Author locoo1 ( ago)
I like your videos but this is already second video where you use Nicd bat and not Liion ?

Author I Am Ayce ( ago)
what model of speakers is he usuing?

Author Zeissler Music ( ago)
Very funny video, i like it and how you make the amp.

Author drag0n4122 ( ago)
this is not what your title implies thanks for misleading me and costing me money!

Author Philip Wheeler ( ago)
Thanks for the build, could I add a rotary volume control, if so could I just put it between the amp and speaker?

Author yO_SoaR ( ago)
It's possible tout use the jack for music with this card ?

Author Lewis_ L1 ( ago)
Quick clarification if I was to buy a 12v 2.1mm jack male power supply and change the male jack to female would that work as a charger for the batteries

Author brian peterson ( ago)
Who did your landscaping?

Author Sanjay Shrestha ( ago)
Hi, i like this idea of building powerful bluetooth Amplifier & thanks for the video. I would like to know how much volt is required for the Amplifier when both the little switches are in off state? Can you recommend any other battery instead of using AA batteries?? Thanks !

Author esqueue ( ago)
These amplifier can go up to 24-25 volts. I have mine powered by 4 18650 batteries.

Author peterpeterpeter101 ( ago)
should have used 18650s

Author Gmoney Inthebank ( ago)
Any idea what the frequency response on the unit is? 20KHz?
I'm going to use one to make a super boosted dog whistle using the dog whistle app on my phone.

Author Dexter Lee ( ago)
Do you have a follow-up video on how to charge those batteries?

Author Yuda GAS ( ago)
question will it work with normal bluetooth dongle instead Bluetooth audio reciver??

Author Mrga Mrgesa ( ago)
does anyone know what is the current consumption of the board he is using? please

Author Da'Silva Silva ( ago)
Need 25v and amperage?

Author Lars Anders Myklebust ( ago)
How long is the battery life?

Author ChillStop ( ago)
Cap the splice

Author russell heintzelman ( ago)
What charger would you recommend to charge the 10 AA?

Author Dean Tinsley ( ago)
does help when you happen to have INSANELY LOUD tannoy speakers like in this vid

Author Ed More ( ago)
Not so ecological way to make it... and the worst part of it it's the rubbish piece of chinese little amp used. They can last a playlist or 3 months putting aside the amount of distortion put over those speakers and into your ears!

Author jarvie stenhouse ( ago)
thank god he's getting the subs he deserves ive known about this for almost 2 years and ive only just bought the amp, waiting for it to come

Author joshua arnott ( ago)
how do you charge the pack, or do you have to remove the batteries and put them on a separate charger?

Author icaro nascimento ( ago)
can i plug directly a headphone on audio out? my ideia is to put a female audio jack and switch from my speaker to my headset

Author Giwrgos Theophanous ( ago)
If i put 12 vdc with 90w speaker is okay?

Author MrTechnoholding ( ago)
looks like a case for the iphone 6+

Author matannn405 ( ago)
just ordered the parts
how do you charge the battery's without removing them ti a charging socket?

Author Bob Marley ( ago)
Couldn't a 9 volt battery holder be used instead of the big battery holder that you used? I suppose that would cut down size a fair bit :) Or maybe you could tweak it to use 2 of those 9-volts, then it would be even smaller. I'm not sure if 18 volts would be too much no matter what...I'm that much of a handy man xD

Author bopha ( ago)
What is a mains cable? I'm not a native speaker or an engineer. What did he do with the mains cable? Stick one end to one socket and the other end to the other socket?

Author Leandro Brocco ( ago)
How come 562 people dislike this? Great project man!

Author Da Champ Guam ( ago)
Just purchased all my parts, can't wait to build this.

Author dustin bender ( ago)
i have a "making of" question : what camera do you use to shoot this video ? what are the framerate and format ?
i find the video very fluid, pleasant to see and very nice.
thanks for your answer.

Author Seyfullah Demirkaya ( ago)
Dear Perks, I am not good at electronics. I would like to use such a system open area for instance one hour speech. Is it usable for wireless microphone? And can you say for the specifications speakers( watt, ohm, amper etc)? Thanks.

Author Benjamin Okello ( ago)
how do you charge the batteries

Author Alejandro Gallardo ( ago)
awesome great videos...suscribing

Author Iamace Terror ( ago)

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