Top Asian Music Videos 2004

A composed Preview of top asian music Videos of 2004 together in one piece.

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ish hecka tight....


Author zoo- sama (4 months)

Author EXFOX1234 (7 months)
Song name

Author babygean5 (5 years)
Because of u dude, i suddenly got interested in Asian music n now i cant
live without it xDDD - Thx man n keep the hard work =D

Author Adam Gallagher (3 years)
I didn't even know gookers made music.

Author sora500325 (5 years)
lol Try thes yeh oh oh oh woot yeh saga keh ba

Author Kayleighhxxx1 (4 years)
Omg, jaymsNankervis, you actually embares me with how racist u are, i'm
white but why have you gota be horrible about asians and blacks, we're no
better than them tbh, and thts harsh wat u sed bout asians bein small, so
what if they are, they still got reli pretty features, most of them
prettier than us, so yeh stop bein a racist twat coz your acc an
embaressment to the white race, grow up!

Author TheFishSnacks (2 years)
I swear asians are so talented and random they can pull off ANY style..

Author SoraKH2100 (4 years)
@JaymsNankervis mannn. you a racist bitchh. i remember havin this
conversation a longg time ago wid you. alot of asians aint that tiny. my
eyes aint tiny (but a little bugged-eyed since im filipino) if this is how
you gonna treat asians after all we did fer you for making stuff and yeah
then go ahead. soon, you gonna be jumped by every asian in the world. im
dead serious.

Author Hailbreather (3 years)
@Blackcat18xx you know... I have better things to do with my life, then
trying to remember my comment I posted awhile back, you stupid troll. Ps I
went on your channel, and all that I got out of it is that you are a
douchbag who... to put it blanky cannot fight for shit. And should cut his
mop anime haircut, you are not from deathnote... which sucks by the way. Oh
and this song isnt good, so people if you dont like my opinion, I dont care
thats why its my opinion. Duh, oh and no offence people.

Author DarkMagicRuby7 (5 years)
What is the name of the video that is the first one with all the girls
dancing in white? ANyone!

Author lisaf109 (2 years)

Author FierceGriffon (3 years)
@Kayleighhxxx1 Stop calling me white... I am just born as a native european
and dont like to call people ''white or black''. Besides my skin is more
pink-ish, and to me africans are brown skinned :P

Author Hans Smits (4 years)
Geil muss man schon sagen=)

Author perla gonzalez (3 years)
Ummmm I LOVE ASIANS <333

Author Tejas Patil (2 years)
i am surprised u r talking about dicks......???? dont tease our dicks...
one asian dick can fuck ur whole country.... u shortdicks.... son of
slut... asian rocksssssssss.....

Author zidaniys (3 years)
Asiatic Leader

Author kajsfnv (5 years)
anyone have a link to the full hyori clip featured in this video. thanks

Author Arisame (5 years)
That's w-inds. - New Paradise PV. Loved it too! And the song in this vid is
Passion by Se7en.

Author SoraKH2100 (4 years)
@ugasziz yeahh. but i wasn't so polite at the end. sorry. aha. and its fine.

Author ugasziz (4 years)
@SoraKH2100 hahahahah i was joking. sorry boo. i didn't mean anything i
said.... i love asians their like so nice... even after how rude i was they
respond politely o_O sorry lol i love ya all

Author SannyUndNatzee (4 years)
@green0z SE7EN - passion

Author stillthesam (4 years)
If u don't know the song, look up se7en, the singer who's singing

Author bengtig77 (5 years)
Awesome dance moves!!

Author ugasziz (4 years)
@jxz107 atleast they have fans... and a large number of the "fans" are
asian.... face the facts and stop acting like you are not inferior

Author Eveline Lievaart (5 years)
the one on 0.15 is maybe namie Amuro i saw a picture on wikipedia of J-pop
she looks alike I think, but i'm not sure

Author ugasziz (4 years)
@jxz10 uhm?

Author Samuel Chun (1 year)
name of this song plz

Author aWorldwithoutThieves (4 years)
Very very impressed by this video. excellent job!

Author pathorne1 (4 years)
hey i luv international music...can someone give some artist to check out

Author kayleigh661 (4 years)
Lol hailbreather thats finee.. its your opinion i just hate it when people
have to be so nasty over other peoples race. i dont think asians are that
bad looking, you obviously do which is fine and i dont like their music
either, is quite irritating :L but that person just annoyed me lol coz its
quite imature i think tbh :)

Author TheRubberMatch (1 year)
Reminds me why Asian culture sucks

Author nisaheera (2 years)

Author lilazanchik (4 years)
wat is this song?

Author Jaehyoung Ju (4 years)
@extremerater92 Don't be a jerk. : )

Author 김 캥거루 (2 years)
7/10 is Korean pop singer OMG I remember that twin girls duo 0:22 even lol
maybe shayn,,'too late' lol

Author GameBeard (3 years)
Must be so hard to become a famous asian person in asia.

Author Rose Huang (4 years)
@vanetta509 se7en - passion (:

Author Jamesvazella2017 (2 years)
This Compilation is Very Good and Texting from Accra Ghana I am saying
something interestimg Asian Music is something to be discovered all over
the globe. The Guys and the girls in the Video are very cute to
unnderstand. Yours Faithfully and Sincerely James Bedu Kodjo Graham. Yeah
as someone said enough of all the Bigots and Racists of the world
Appreicate People for who they are not their erhnic origin.

Author ronaj95 (5 years)
waaa!what band at 3:01 to 3:12..i love it!!and the song in this vid!?!who
sang it?!?!

Author TheRoyaldiamond (3 years)
men this song is the ishhh loving it , am afro italian by the wayy oooh
parrttyy in the house am gonna use this song in my upcoming party

Author pathorne2 (3 years)
nice song

Author tonycl568 (4 years)
cool bass.

Author firedemon34526 (5 years)
anyone know who's at 0:13-0:14 and 2:17-2:25, guys in white dancing
0:20-0:25 guys in white around two girls in black 1:00-1:02 orange haired
solo singing 2:30 two performers probably the same as .20-.25 ? Please and
Thanks! if anyone needs any of the other videos/songs look at
pollikoboshi's comment or ask me, I saved his comment haha.

Author Carrot Stiks (4 years)
wow so old TT.TT feels like yesterday when it just came out

Author KoiMiori (5 years)
No, there are a few japanese singers such as Amuro Namie and SweetS,
w-inds, and Gomattou. I think there are more but I wasn't watching for a
good portion of the video.

Author set2gooo (4 years)
asians have the sexiest hair :D

Author green0z (4 years)
wuts the first song?

Author Elizabeth Yonan (4 years)
1:52 asain J-Lo :D

Author wjbk68 (2 years)
that's bcoz you are an ignorant dickhead who thinks Western Europe is all
there is to the world and everybodyelse still lives in slums in destitute
poverty. you wanker! if asians make refrigerators, smartphones, HD tvs why
the fuck would you think they didn't have modern pop music? seriously i
don't wanna be racist but you are probably some brit national who's body
odour is so overpowering as you only bath once a week or sth coz the
temperature is so cold for ur laid back selves to get naked and

Author blackpkerstr (4 years)

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