5 Liquid Nitrogen Experiments - Compilation

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  • Dagan Stras
    Dagan Stras 8 hours ago

    What was that blue stuff glowing on the table? o.O

  • lxCougarxl
    lxCougarxl 9 hours ago

    I feel a new Benja video coming along...

  • John Taylor
    John Taylor 13 hours ago

    Let's see what happens

    Whooooo it exploded

  • Torin Barber
    Torin Barber 17 hours ago

    And that is how fog is made at 2:50

  • burak çaputlu
    burak çaputlu 18 hours ago


  • jaberd100
    jaberd100 20 hours ago

    what does he say in the intro? welcome back to my?

  • Victor Trevino
    Victor Trevino 1 day ago


  • Hellborn Knight
    Hellborn Knight 1 day ago

    He puts a helmet on his head, but no gloves

  • Erik Aguirre
    Erik Aguirre 1 day ago

    When u shoot the buckets instead of using water bottles your should use 2 liter soda bottles

  • 1NK4TRA _AW
    1NK4TRA _AW 1 day ago

    Taras's laugh is funny

  • Zain Ahmed
    Zain Ahmed 1 day ago

    my favourite youtuber right now

  • Keyon Knott
    Keyon Knott 1 day ago

    best video ever

  • Rylie Spencer
    Rylie Spencer 2 days ago

    That laugh thought, hahaha 🐐🐐🐐🐐

  • Nash Doyle
    Nash Doyle 2 days ago

    Dextors Laboratory where things go BOOM.

  • johan nordström
    johan nordström 2 days ago

    my man , you are to good

  • Taha Babikir
    Taha Babikir 2 days ago

    4:30 looks like that beyblade cartoon game from childhood memories..

  • Taha Babikir
    Taha Babikir 2 days ago

    Are you a relative of Mr.putin?

  • Lalo Cortes
    Lalo Cortes 2 days ago

    11:20 "Pocket Rocket" 😂😂

  • nouse use
    nouse use 2 days ago

    0:00 when the 4:3 conversion to 16:9 fails.

  • Mallrick
    Mallrick 2 days ago

    How neat is that?

  • booty cracker
    booty cracker 3 days ago


    XxMARXMANxX 3 days ago

    if you want to do it ask adult supervision they will help

    will they now

  • William Askins
    William Askins 3 days ago

    when the piece of glass flew at the screen (8:04) I flinched

  • ŤŔŐŃ ĹÁß
    ŤŔŐŃ ĹÁß 4 days ago

    Thank you for all your fun, educational and unique videos. You bring much happiness to lots of people. I pray you much success and blessings to you.
    Мир, радость и любовь :)

  • race en
    race en 4 days ago

    3:59 Gallen

  • 清弦
    清弦 4 days ago


  • TheLastOfAloosh
    TheLastOfAloosh 4 days ago

    Why was he still wearing the glasses

  • youtoobloser
    youtoobloser 4 days ago

    Any update videos on the new studio youre building?

  • Chauncey James Claudio

    Hey taras try to put liquid nitrogen in to the fire

  • Silver Ibex
    Silver Ibex 4 days ago

    13:37 there is the meme

  • Kevin Hill
    Kevin Hill 4 days ago

    6:13 reminded me of the game ballz

  • Lord Guru.
    Lord Guru. 4 days ago

    were do i get this liquid nitrogen

  • embarado smithing and woodcraft

    the  spinning nitrogen is called the lidenfrost effect

  • satya shukla
    satya shukla 4 days ago

    He is crazy and cute both. And that's crazy for sure :D

  • SevenHeal9871 XD
    SevenHeal9871 XD 4 days ago

    Kids try this at home

  • Other Restrained
    Other Restrained 4 days ago

    leidenfrost effect rocks

  • Doktar Noschiit
    Doktar Noschiit 4 days ago

    Actual footage of north Korean missles

  • sorrybhai100
    sorrybhai100 4 days ago

    is liquid nitrogen cheap in Russia?

  • MrVamps
    MrVamps 5 days ago

    Who else heard the fly during the gasoline and liquid nitrogen experiment

  • Yashar Masrouri
    Yashar Masrouri 5 days ago

    do you get free liquid nitrogen?

  • Samiulislam Sameer
    Samiulislam Sameer 5 days ago

    alright there goes everything

  • condor5635
    condor5635 5 days ago

    Great video! Boom count anyone?

  • Brick Builder
    Brick Builder 5 days ago

    It could work on any liquid because
    When the water which places with the

  • Alfred Möller
    Alfred Möller 5 days ago

    In Soviet Russia we make soup with liquid nitrogen and gasoline!!! BOOM LOOK AT THIS

  • Awesomeskull 362
    Awesomeskull 362 5 days ago

    in the last trick they should have put it the bottle vertical

  • Nick Wanko777
    Nick Wanko777 5 days ago

    He's having a blast

  • Nick Wanko777
    Nick Wanko777 5 days ago

    Dang! That looks fun haha

    THE KID 5 days ago

    why is the intro zoomed?

    GODLY LTG 5 days ago


  • Trevor Miller
    Trevor Miller 5 days ago


  • desiree adkins
    desiree adkins 5 days ago

    make slime with tide and glue

  • Jadd The danklord
    Jadd The danklord 5 days ago

    Was it just me or did he say sacra as f*ck

  • Саша Мелихов

    щас бы хакером назвался

  • Javier Illanes
    Javier Illanes 5 days ago

    13:07 Best bit

  • Delia Georgiana Ciudin

    water proof matches vs liquid nitrogen

  • Some Raptor
    Some Raptor 5 days ago

    Crazy Russian Hacker = Tachanka confirmed

  • vladimir vuksic
    vladimir vuksic 5 days ago

    "Look at dat smok"

  • valentin toros
    valentin toros 5 days ago

    13:37 Crazyrussiansheep

  • Crimson Reaper
    Crimson Reaper 5 days ago

    Чувак, почему ты не сделаешь выпуски на русском языке или отдельный канал на русском языке, ты привлечешь больше аудитории

  • Lyn H.
    Lyn H. 5 days ago

    The 3rd experiment was like bullets ricochet on walls

  • Toy Freddy
    Toy Freddy 5 days ago

    first soviet space ship landing 2017 resolution

  • reggiep75
    reggiep75 5 days ago

    the Pan, gas and LN is like a round game of Pong!

  • Buffer Zone
    Buffer Zone 6 days ago

    Wow. Chem Trails in a bowl.

  • Canna Bis
    Canna Bis 6 days ago

    13:36 made my day

  • Super Petmalu
    Super Petmalu 6 days ago


  • Nitay Eshed
    Nitay Eshed 6 days ago

    13:36 CrazyRussianSheep

  • Nitay Eshed
    Nitay Eshed 6 days ago

    10:31 Waw! Skeeolz

  • Lewis Henderson
    Lewis Henderson 6 days ago

    You should add food colouring to the liquid nitrogen and try the coco cola excitement or add the hot water to it again and see if it changes to look like a blue mist or whatever colour you choose

  • Aazi Boy
    Aazi Boy 6 days ago

    Awesome! This video was way more "Crazy" like the others!

  • kennedy xdiva
    kennedy xdiva 6 days ago

    "gazoline" at first I thought he was talking about some kind of chemical when he said it then I realized it was gasoline lol 😂😂😂

  • ammar siddiqui
    ammar siddiqui 6 days ago

    how cool is that

    aboout -196 C

  • lovely Gemini
    lovely Gemini 6 days ago

    I wanna enjoy life this much

  • Kayden yap
    Kayden yap 6 days ago

    Ur neighbors are like clouds on the ground

  • Steven Scott
    Steven Scott 6 days ago

    05:43 Is the gasoline still usable?

  • Vondre Bridges
    Vondre Bridges 6 days ago

    Me: is that pee?

    Crazyrussianhacker: 1:48

  • Miggie Mouse
    Miggie Mouse 6 days ago

    13:37 lol

  • Zohaib Asif
    Zohaib Asif 6 days ago

    3:58 guzzoleen😂

  • Rilothe Rhino
    Rilothe Rhino 6 days ago

    The first Soviet rocket test. Cosmonaut would be proud.

  • Rilothe Rhino
    Rilothe Rhino 6 days ago

    The first Soviet rocket test. Cosmonaut would be proud.

    PIPPINGAMING 6 days ago


  • Centi Meter
    Centi Meter 6 days ago

    "I need to be more gentle" *starts hitting it with a hammer*

  • Scott Olson
    Scott Olson 6 days ago

    Repeats on Youtube? really? smdh

  • waddac2
    waddac2 6 days ago

    Fantastic..... Going to use Coca Cola to blow things up like you... Thanks for sharing and wonder if Coke or Pepsi will love it too. Only kidding, but nice helmet though ;o)

  • Kyle C.
    Kyle C. 6 days ago

    10:25 Buddy you're a young man hot man playing in the street gonna be a big man someday!

  • Kyle C.
    Kyle C. 6 days ago

    5;30 playing agario be like

  • Bleef R
    Bleef R 6 days ago

    woahhh where'd it go? old man in the background "derrrrrr"

  • Josh Tia
    Josh Tia 6 days ago

    Who else was waiting for bucket flip to happen at the end?

  • chris vann
    chris vann 6 days ago

    he wasn't being safe!!! no gloves around liquid nitrogen???

  • Oskar Pärsim
    Oskar Pärsim 6 days ago

    why did u change the logo?

  • Riveriux Phenom
    Riveriux Phenom 6 days ago

    luk at all dis smoge

  • Jayson Pead
    Jayson Pead 6 days ago

    *after this video googles "where can i buy liquid nitrogen"😂

  • what ever
    what ever 6 days ago

    what would happen if you rode that Coca Cola rocket?

  • Glenda Jeres
    Glenda Jeres 6 days ago

    Who else watches his vids for his accent. Lol

  • koooo34
    koooo34 6 days ago

    Still better than North Koreas missile program

  • Marquinho007 Sales
    Marquinho007 Sales 6 days ago


  • thivan2000
    thivan2000 6 days ago

    What's up everybody welcome to Malabar tour...

  • Szeran
    Szeran 6 days ago

    Change the logo back

  • fatamarc feza
    fatamarc feza 6 days ago

    where do kids get liquid nitrogen

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