Another World Theme Song

This video is made up of autographed photos I received from some of the AW stars between 1985-1991. Take a trip down memory lane and see if you can remember the names of the characters these stars portrayed. Have fun and I hope you enjoy the video. :o)

Please note: My videos are made for fun and not for profit. All copyrights are reserved, belonging to their rightful and respectful owners. I do not own any of the copyrights and no infringement on copyrights is intended. Thank you.

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Author iamcrazylikecrazy (5 years)
thanks for this :) i loved and still love AW used to watch it everyday
after school, carl is my fav :) .. i miss this soap.

Author foglight11 (3 years)
Thanks, Paula!! Feeling nostalgic now :)

Author princessjerseygirl04 (2 years)
I have to say Soap actors are the most genarous, giving actors out there.
They love their fans. I had the blessed opportunity at a days event last
year to meat Judi, and all I could say was PAULINA. She hugged, kissed me
and thanked me!

Author Starelen (5 years)
jesus.... i LOVE LOVE LOVE this song... it's one of my very fav songs...
and i hadn't listened to it in years... feel like crying!!! brilliant...
you are my way to another world.......

Author coltsluver92 (6 years)
Great video! Thanks for sharing it with us!! 8-)

Author IluvBenJoe (6 years)
Hello LBF522. Thanks for taking time to watch my video and to leave a
message. It's greatly apprecaited! :o)

Author John Busseno (5 years)
I was happy to stop by and leave a message. How many autograph pictures do
you have from the cast of "Another World"? And do you still stay in touch
with them?

Author IluvBenJoe (5 years)
Hello StefanoFan27, I'm glad you like my video. Thnk you for taking time to
watch and to leave a message. It's greatly appreciated!! :o)

Author princessjerseygirl04 (4 years)
douglas was one of the greatest

Author IluvBenJoe (6 years)
Hello tasoula2. I'm glad you like my video. Thanks for taking time to watch
and to leave a message. It's greatly appreciated! :o)

Author Amanda Caldwell (5 years)
I will NEVER stop missing Another World. Thanks

Author IluvBenJoe (6 years)
Hi randalle1. I'm glad you like my video. Thanks for taking time to watch
and to leave a message. It's greatly apprciated! :o)

Author Lorrie Rack (6 years)
Lovely tribute using one of my favorite soap theme songs. If you live in
the US, you can watch AW episodes on Hulu, starting where Soapnet left off.

Author tvcat1 (3 years)
That was a fun tribute to the show, putting up the autographs of the shows
stars. Pretty theme song too. Nice job.

Author IluvBenJoe (6 years)
Hi Micki1949. I'm glad the video brought back good memroies for you. Thanks
for taking time to watch and to leave a message. It's greatly appreciated!!

Author tilouish (5 years)
Super Program(my favorite)when it aired!Love all the actors,to bad its off
the air,we could use good soap operas as Another World!Never forgot that
program everyday!

Author IluvBenJoe (6 years)
Hi coltsluver92. I'm glad you like the video. Thanks for taking time to
watch and to share your thoughts with us. :o)

Author William Murray (5 years)
lol, this totaly reminds me of that movie "Galaxy Quest". Awesome.

Author Keith Bernhardt (4 years)
Had this song at my wedding.

Author IluvBenJoe (5 years)
Hello aworld66, I am Paula. :o) I got most of these autographs by writing
to the stars themselves. A couple I got in person when they were at a car
show in Indianapolis. I was pen pals with Douglass Watson up to his
untimeley death. I still have the letters he wrote to me. They are some of
my most prized prossessions. Thanks for taking time to watch my video and
leaving a message. It's greatly appreciated!! :o)

Author IluvBenJoe (6 years)
Hello FeliciasKid. I'm glad you like the video. Thank you for taking time
to watch it and to leave a message. It's greatly appreciated! :o)

Author Kelby Smith (3 years)
My mother and I were big fans of Another World. Great soap opera! Soaps are
not good like they use to be, but I am still recording and trying to watch
The Young and the Restless and Days of our Lives while we still have them.
Sadly, it will not be too much longer before they are all gone.

Author Claude Elliott (5 years)
AWESOME video...loved it!!

Author IluvBenJoe (6 years)
Hi Rawd1976. Thank you for taking time to watch my video and to leave a
message. It's greatly appreciated!! :o)

Author LBF522 (6 years)
Loved this show. Loved the Corys.

Author Susan Graham (5 years)
This song is cool and has pop appeal to it.

Author StefanoFan27 (5 years)

Author IluvBenJoe (6 years)
Hello KT. I'm glad you like my video. Thanks for taking time to watch and
to leave a message. It's greatly appreciated! :o) I loved Douglass Watson!
I had the honor of being his pen pal from February of 1988 until his
untimely death in May of 1989. I still have the hand written letters he
sent me. He was very sweet and special. He is sadly missed!!

Author unicorn9153 (6 years)
I will always be a big fan of Another World and I wished the show was never
taking off the air.

Author Micki1949 (6 years)
Thank you for bringing back so many great memories of my favorite soap. The
video is great.

Author IluvBenJoe (5 years)
Hello buzzy07405, I'm glad you like the video and song. Thanks for stopping
by and taking time to leave a message. It's greatly appreciated!! :o)

Author wstcstltn (5 years)
Great Video Beautiful Pictures Awesome Tribute Thanks for taking me to
Another World You're Awesome!

Author aworld66 (5 years)
Who is Paula? How did you get all these autographs? Great video.

Author KT613 (6 years)
~~~Paula, thank you so much for sharing your *treasures* with us. Listening
to Gary & Crystal sing *our* theme song brings back so many wonderful
memories. I love the special words some of the players wrote to you. Anna's
note is especially touching. Douglass & Constance {what can I say}, they
were simply the best!! We were so lucky to have them in the cast. Thanks
again, KT

Author SuperDebbie40 (5 years)
I used to watch this from the time I was 13 til it went off what
memories-thanks for posting

Author StefanoFan27 (5 years)
Wow Nice Tribute.

Author IluvBenJoe (6 years)
Hello unicorn9153, I know what you mean. I was sad when they cancelled the
show. I used to be able to watch the reruns on SoapNet but my cable company
took that station off our listings. Hey, has anyone seen the Aleve
commerical with Stephen Schnetzer (Cass Winthrop) as the spokes-person for
the product? He is still looking good! :o)

Author orphanneedinglove (2 years)
i personnally dedicate this song to troy kell, this will be our wedding
song some day, with alittle luck, i'll strike gold with your heart, by
winning your love, love always, your little neeka...

Author John Busseno (5 years)
Very nice video. I really like the song that went with it. Great work.

Author IluvBenJoe (6 years)
Hi Daisy! Thanks for taking time to watch my video and to leave a comment.
It's greatly appreciated!! :o)

Author Jeffrey T. Steptoe (1 year)
Love this show!!! Congrats on the autographs!!! Victoria Wyndham(Sorry, if
I mis-spelled) is so very beautiful!!!

Author randalle britt (6 years)
this video rocks. I miss this show :-(

Author DeafTuber (5 years)
Me too! My mom and sisters used to watch this every single day! I looked up
this song, and came to this video. Love the theme song for Another World!!!!

Author IluvBenJoe (5 years)
The song is performed by Gary Morris and Crystal Gayle.

Author Les Clark (5 years)
Since the day time emmys were on onight, I cant forget my only soap.
Another World. Thanks for the montage

Author DutchDaisy (6 years)
Very NICE video! Great job! :)

Author daysfan83 (5 years)
Wonderful montage! I used to watch AW with my grandmother. I miss her so
much. This brings back so many good memories, so thank you

Author glitchfan (2 years)
Reminds me of my mom :-)

Author IluvBenJoe (5 years)
Hi Again! Altogether I have 19 autographs from the cast members of AW. No,
I do not keep in contact with them. The only one who seemed truly
interested in his fans was Douglass Watson (Mac Cory). I am proud to say
that from the time I first wrote to him in 1988, he and I were pen pals
until his untimely death in May of 1989. I still have the letters that he
wrote (by hand!) to me. They are among my most prized possessions and mean
a lot to me. He was a very sweet man and he is sadly missed.

Author tasoula2 (6 years)
What a wonderful tribute. I miss AW so much. I too have met some of the
cast but I wish that I had met more of them Kudos to the best show on TV!!!

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