Kurt Eichenwald Tweet Sparks Healthcare Debate - The View

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  • Co-Hosts Debate Newsweek Writer Saying He Wants Republicans To See Family Members Die Due To #AHCA
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Comments: 48

  • Bobby Womack
    Bobby Womack 19 days ago

    Kurt is also a known pedophile Google it

  • Physics Only
    Physics Only 20 days ago

    You have a preexisting condition you should pay more...you know, since YOU WILL USE IT MORE OFTEN

  • EmmyLikeTheAward
    EmmyLikeTheAward 20 days ago

    It's hyperbolic, Jedediah! Look it up!

  • Jozee Moss
    Jozee Moss 20 days ago

    YouTube is biased it's truly sickening!

  • DankTech
    DankTech 20 days ago

    Jedobia is such a fucking moron

  • Creepy Little Book
    Creepy Little Book 20 days ago

    Trending. 5000 views in 12 hours. Righhhhhhthtttt. Even the channel only has 18k subs. I wonder which big media company is behind this. Global shilling is real and man-made.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 20 days ago

    I hope that traitorous jew scumbag sees another strobe & drops dead.

    DONALD JAY TRUMP 20 days ago


  • Ty Vm
    Ty Vm 20 days ago

    Goebbels would be proud of YouTube.

  • Gabriela Suarez
    Gabriela Suarez 20 days ago

    whoopi needs to listen more and maybe she will learn something!

  • Rabah Maakni
    Rabah Maakni 20 days ago

    Jed go back to Iran bitch

  • Guerra g
    Guerra g 20 days ago

    I'm sure you tube can put out better trending videos than this left wing propaganda garbage.

    • Guerra g
      Guerra g 19 days ago

      Gregory Campbell Those are not differing opinions. In fact they silence anyone that has one.

    • Gregory Campbell
      Gregory Campbell 19 days ago

      just cut that ish out.... we are all americans here.... so tired of this divisiveness...since when did differing opinions make one an enemy

  • MarbleWhornets
    MarbleWhornets 20 days ago

    Eichenwald=fake news

  • Animated Tigress
    Animated Tigress 20 days ago

    hey I can finally understand whoopi now she's not shuving food in her mouth and talking.

  • Trumpster
    Trumpster 20 days ago

    This proves it. Very few views and ratings, and almost no comments.

  • We dem Boyz
    We dem Boyz 20 days ago

    Daily reminder why the view is complete garbage.

  • Stacey Williams
    Stacey Williams 20 days ago

    the girl in black is smoking

  • Alex C.
    Alex C. 20 days ago


  • The YoPancake Show
    The YoPancake Show 20 days ago

    This video is clearly trending..

  • Elizabeth Huber
    Elizabeth Huber 20 days ago

    I wish Jedediah, that you would please stop interrupting everyone, and using your constant and annoying smile to act as if it's not rude. Not for nothing Jedediah, but in most cases wisdom does come with age and so perhaps instead of constantly interrupting Whoopi and Joy (and Sunny especially when the topic relates to the law) you could hear them out and learn something. I imagine it's your place on the show to defend the right even though you claim not to be a republican. Your constant attempts to bring up Hillary Clinton while Kirsten Gillibrand was on the show was absurd. She did not win the election and was 100 % irrelevant to the topic at hand. And for once and for all she DID SAY SHE MADE MANY MANY MISTAKES during her presidential campaign. In the end she was still the better candidate by far over trump. A rock would have made a better candidate than trump. I just find your inability to admit you are a republican to be funny because it's so very obvious. Please stop interrupting all the time and listen every once in a while. Please.

  • The Patriot Lenny
    The Patriot Lenny 20 days ago

    There's no need to fight the left. They're destroying themselves. They're the equivalent of the Titanic. They've hit an iceberg of lunacy and are sinking fast. By 2020 they're a coastal cult.

    • Gregory Campbell
      Gregory Campbell 19 days ago

      it seems the left and the right are flailing.....not sure what you have been watching.....when i see the right wanting to vote out mcconnell AND ryan....i know something is amiss

    • Elizabeth Huber
      Elizabeth Huber 20 days ago

      Not even close. Get a clue.

  • 2764
    2764 20 days ago

    200 views and trending?? Enough YouTube, it's getting ridiculous at this point.

    • Master Morgoth
      Master Morgoth 20 days ago

      2764rmouradian Probably paid for the trending tab

  • 2764
    2764 20 days ago

    Check out the CBS GOP video with 366 views, comments disabled!! Susan Wojcicki is becoming unhinged if you ask me. Get this garbage and all the ANTI American late night hosts off my trending!!!

  • Johnny Mnemonic
    Johnny Mnemonic 20 days ago

    Hitler would be proud of Kurt Eichenwald.

  • Gage Milam
    Gage Milam 20 days ago

    trending with 200 views? please

    • Jozee Moss
      Jozee Moss 20 days ago

      Gage Milam For a show called "the view" it sure the hell ain't getting many views! lol

    • Insta Pro
      Insta Pro 20 days ago

      Boris Slootweg this isn't a paid advertisement tho, this isn't the View's official YouTube channel. I think YouTube is just fucking inept at their algorithms

    • Gage Milam
      Gage Milam 20 days ago

      +Boris Slootweg naw totally

    • Boris Slootweg
      Boris Slootweg 20 days ago

      Gage Milam totally legit, not pais advertisement or something

    COGITO ERGO SUM 20 days ago

    liberals are such demagogues

  • Ejai Rodgers
    Ejai Rodgers 20 days ago

    its called the View,but, they cant stand a viewpoint different from theirs. if Jed wasnt there, this show would be a bore. at least she wakes up and try to balance out the table

    • Gabriela Suarez
      Gabriela Suarez 20 days ago

      Ejai Rodgers I agree all left

    • Here Comes the Light
      Here Comes the Light 20 days ago

      Ejai Rodgers totally agree love Jed. I lean more on jeds point of view but I like to hear different view points too. I miss can dace. she balanced the panel

  • Misti Nicole
    Misti Nicole 20 days ago

    I wish they would let Jed speak without interupting. They are always interupting her and going to break. I want to hear everyone's view

    • Scott Treadway
      Scott Treadway 20 days ago

      I totally agree. My opinions tend to lean toward the other direction, but she is pretty darned restrained and they ran her completely over. YES, some folks saw insurance rates skyrocket, it's just the truth and that's all she was trying to say. Let her speak.

  • Incognito W
    Incognito W 20 days ago

    Jeb STFU!!!

    • Incognito W
      Incognito W 20 days ago

      Is that all you could come up with. Lame.

    • Incognito W
      Incognito W 20 days ago

      Kmsl. ok.

    • Lynn Dunn
      Lynn Dunn 20 days ago


    • Incognito W
      Incognito W 20 days ago

      What are you talking about? How am i sexist when i am a woman dumb ass. You must be a #45 supporter because all of you seem to be as stupid as he. Get off of my fucking post, and she do need to shut the fuck up making herself look stupid upholding all of this BS that is going on.

      COGITO ERGO SUM 20 days ago

      sexist pig

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