Payphone Lock and Key Repair

Haralson Enterprises
3-Slot payphone lock & key repair
ACE Tubular cam lock & key repair
Locks: 29S, 10L, 12B, 21B, 10H, 10G key & lock repair
PayPal & Money Order accepted, Same Day Service
ACE KEYS $20.00 EA
29S KEY $20.00 EA
21B KEY $20.00 EA
10G KEY $20.00 EA
1422 charlemont ave
hacienda heights CA 91745

(626) 219-4006 Cell
(626) 692-9161



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Author Will Phoneman (8 months)
Hey Jody, I bought my Centurion Payphone from you several years ago. Cool
to see you still are into phones and locks!

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