8 model rocket gliders for Held-1000 motors

I desigend 8 rocket glider and wheel
models in 1986 at an age of 13 years.
The models are out of paper and they
use Held-1000 rocket engines. Flys at Uni Bremen. I called some of my planes plane Enterprice / Enterprice. Entenflugmodell, Deltaflügler, Vorflügel, Bodenstart, Legomännchen,
Modellflugzeug, Bodeneffekt, Papierflugzeug.

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Author Y13A ( ago)
Delta wings are extremely efficient. More so than the canard wing
configuration. Nice projects! :)

Author Bob Smellypants ( ago)
did you not see 1986 aged 13 years old jeez can you even read?

Author Maximilian Thermidor ( ago)
Thats the Crap law over here in Germany !!!

Author Anthony Degrazio ( ago)
wheel ejection

Author Anthony Degrazio ( ago)
lite 2 maches and lite them togeter

Author Anthony Degrazio ( ago)
mod. 1 lanch 2 was epic

Author RCThis ( ago)
You sir are a hobby WIZZARD

Author metacosmos ( ago)
Very good.

Author fox123456789ish ( ago)

Author Brody Carlson ( ago)
mount it on the launch pad that is used for the estes rockets and point it
at an angle

Author poptartpencil ( ago)
so model rockets are illegal in germany?

Author abercromb1892 ( ago)
That is soooo cool...!

Author MrZorroZorroZ ( ago)
@MrZorroZorroZ mal eine villeicht ziehmlich dumme frage: wie stelle ich
videos auf youtube? ich find einfach nicht den button auf meinem kanal
womit ich videos hinzufügen kann.

Author ScoutCrafter ( ago)

Author MrZorroZorroZ ( ago)
@valanger dann kannst du mit mir deutsch reden denn ich bin auch aus

Author valanger ( ago)
@MrZorroZorroZ Sellers are easy to find with -> "held-1000".

Author valanger ( ago)
@MrZorroZorroZ Yep - I'm from Germany

Author MrZorroZorroZ ( ago)
@valanger are you from ermany? at 0:55 you speak german

Author MrZorroZorroZ ( ago)
@valanger where can i get "held-1000"? im from germany

Author nealshireman ( ago)
my favorite was the delta wing

Author RocketDude92 ( ago)
that's cool

Author FailedSquare ( ago)
thank you for uploading this

Author fadeddreemz ( ago)
awwwsome :)

Author theScorpion1001 ( ago)
where can i buy the motors pls reply

Author SoCalFisher23 ( ago)
how did u bulid them?

Author Nerys ( ago)
I am astonished that they flew as well as they did. I especially love the
first ones and that last one where it dipped down toward the camera then
pulled up and circled about. VERY cool man!

Author Psyonicwombat ( ago)
Uber cool. :)

Author Denis Vasenin ( ago)
It is not a glider, it is just piece of paper with rocket engine.

Author rckingracer ( ago)
wow that is really kool

Author DerGergl ( ago)
@daanhort then u shouldnt play with rocket engines.

Author zestyguy87 ( ago)
loved watching these, thanks!

Author daanhort ( ago)
what kind of engine do you use??????? I'm a boy from the Netherlands i'm 11
years old

Author AntoBoesi ( ago)
2:35, nice flight!!! nice landing as well lol dropaway wheels

Author PBandJacob ( ago)
5:40 flies nice

Author recklesswit2891 ( ago)
i really enjoyed this video. funny how they always seem to miss the trees.

Author suxtaposition ( ago)
Why would you endanger yourself and others with those? Launching from hand
is about the dumbest thing I have ever seen. You do know that rocket motors
can explode on ignition don't you?

Author silverbird58 (969 years ago)

Author qwertyboy1234567899 ( ago)
the spinning wheeles were ossum

Author John ( ago)
where did you got the rockets?please send me a message

Author pizzaking85 ( ago)
1st Delta Wing was SPECTACULAR!

Author nalsam ( ago)
Those lego men had the day of there life!

Author moomman89 (1263 years ago)
Very nice flying.

Author IdahoViewing (797 years ago)
Those delta's were really cool and liked them a lot.

Author marijn14marijn ( ago)
wauw sieht ja sehr schon aus. How do you make it?

Author fallenspirit123 ( ago)
thats so damn awesome!!!

Author henricx1 ( ago)
awesome ;D

Author Matrimoneys ( ago)
very nice but isn't it dangerous to light it with a match? use electric

Author cyberteque ( ago)
That was cool! And so stable in flight! Great work!

Author Tautvydas Bukauskas ( ago)
very nice

Author bigmacx345 ( ago)
very awsome !

Author maxadventure ( ago)

Author sig374 ( ago)

Author Marcelo Inacio ( ago)

Author Knulf Films ( ago)

Author geo3155 ( ago)
very nice!

Author Jes437 ( ago)
Great stuff!

Author cyrax037 ( ago)
That was awesome! Some of those had PERFECT landings!

Author bikingchad ( ago)
Very impressive! You have amazing luck missing the trees with the first
ones and not getting burned with the hand-launches. I launched a two-stage
lask weekend up to about 2000' and hung it up on the only power line in the

Author poobertop ( ago)
lol thats so awsome <3

Author Russell Anderson ( ago)
Thunderbirds are go!

Author aviator158 ( ago)
I think the delta wing and the saucers worked the best.

Author millioboy ( ago)
i swear on new year im making a paper airplane stiking bunch of rockets on
it and having fun!!

Author Sixe44 ( ago)
you didn't build and designed these model(s), its not you video, its a
german video, you can hear. these gliders are engined by blackpulver out of
crackers and other pyrothings

Author Hella Flush ( ago)
great job

Author Israel Alejandro Velázquez ( ago)
Orale esta muy muy padre tu avion, yo quiero hacer uno asi.

Author thiagov6123 ( ago)
thats so cool, i wish i had the stuff to make those.

Author trailgaze ( ago)
Great! The delta was best.

Author PatrikMacGoohan (1464 years ago)
Peppers pliz!

Author guitargator707 ( ago)
how did u actually make them glide?

Author Ethan Jenkins ( ago)
The first plane on it's first flight was the best- just listen to that sound

Author Len H ( ago)
holy shit this spammed my email lol so a kid can get away with a ton of fun
where a adult must LIVE BY THE LAW

Author valanger ( ago)
It is because of the law in purchase to the explosive material. Maximum
quantity per object. I think, no more than 20 grams. And the motors are
only allowd to ignite in rockts which start vertically (or maximum 30
degress or so). That's law and order. When you want to ignite more and
other explosive things, you need a certifiction! But an 8 years old child
is allowd to start and stear a 25kg jet-engine plane with liters of
kerosene...without any certification.

Author cuuldude1 ( ago)
The Delta Wing's first flight was the best.

Author Len H ( ago)
why is it forbidden in GERMANY?

Author rockon30728 ( ago)
pretty awesome man

Author randomfire52 ( ago)
nice work! those were awsome!

Author explodingcamel1 ( ago)
WOW! thats really cool, although they the only do little loops,those are
great designs!I have to try that sometime with my estes c-6-5 model rocket
engines. Message me about designs please?

Author BipedalMammal ( ago)
This is some classic stuff! I honestly mean this: This is the coolest
rocket video on Youtube.

Author Fight to Fly Photography ( ago)
Wow, those are brilliant! Amazing models you made.

Author Mishkinis2 ( ago)
impressive models, i like that they contains LEGO men

Author wisich ( ago)
no he doesn't. Held-1000 is a comerically produced model rocket engine.

Author eddyman27 ( ago)
do you make your rocket engins

Author tanAhbOi ( ago)
how do u get the things to make it fly

Author pokelord718 ( ago)

Author pur4life25 ( ago)

Author R/C 101 ( ago)
Those wear great, you did an amazing job designing and building those, i am
very impressed, those fly like they are being piloted, it's great. I'd love
to see what type of rc airplane you could build.

Author MESTREVIPER (534 years ago)
very creative! congrats! haha, a litl nose heavy,,,?

Author Ron Mey ( ago)
it landed so cool!!!

Author auburntaco ( ago)
That's the best homemade stuff I've ever seen. The delta at the end is my
favorite. Good job!

Author azizcan8 ( ago)

Author luix78 ( ago)
cool! you had a very funny childhood!

Author emergancyponcho ( ago)
thats awesome very nice work

Author simin38 ( ago)
cool I want to make on and put 5 engeng it will be :)

Author Daniel Okuda ( ago)
what kind of engines are they

Author pootmister233 ( ago)
man thats pretty cool

Author noesomhelst ( ago)
you should make tracks for it to go in.

Author Ed Schmit ( ago)
I really enjoyed your video and all the flights. I was impressed with the
ground take off and landings. The wheels falling off on the one landing was
funny...Thanks for all your effort.

Author Levi Birks ( ago)
u guyys are awsome how did u make themm

Author hotride575 ( ago)
cool! i wanan try lol

Author kooner911 ( ago)

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