8 model rocket gliders for Held-1000 motors

I desigend 8 rocket glider and wheel
models in 1986 at an age of 13 years.
The models are out of paper and they
use Held-1000 rocket engines. Flys at Uni Bremen. I called some of my planes plane Enterprice / Enterprice. Entenflugmodell, Deltaflügler, Vorflügel, Bodenstart, Legomännchen,
Modellflugzeug, Bodeneffekt, Papierflugzeug.

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Author recklesswit2891 (5 years)
i really enjoyed this video. funny how they always seem to miss the trees.

Author RocketDude92 (4 years)
that's cool

Author eddyman27 (7 years)
do you make your rocket engins

Author MrZorroZorroZ (4 years)
@valanger where can i get "held-1000"? im from germany

Author zezimawanabefriends (7 years)

Author poptartpencil (4 years)
so model rockets are illegal in germany?

Author zestyguy87 (5 years)
loved watching these, thanks!

Author metacosmos (3 years)
Very good.

Author BipedalMammal (6 years)
This is some classic stuff! I honestly mean this: This is the coolest
rocket video on Youtube.

Author bigmacx345 (6 years)
very awsome !

Author sethmtut (7 years)
is that JetEx?

Author auburntaco (7 years)
That's the best homemade stuff I've ever seen. The delta at the end is my
favorite. Good job!

Author guitargator707 (6 years)
how did u actually make them glide?

Author fallenspirit123 (6 years)
thats so damn awesome!!!

Author thiagov6123 (6 years)
thats so cool, i wish i had the stuff to make those.

Author Knulf Films (6 years)

Author Jes437 (6 years)
Great stuff!

Author maxadventure (6 years)

Author jupitorman (7 years)
fantstic got to go and try it

Author Tautvydas Bukauskas (6 years)
very nice

Author actionLEGOs (7 years)

Author poobertop (6 years)
lol thats so awsome <3

Author MrZorroZorroZ (4 years)
@valanger are you from ermany? at 0:55 you speak german

Author Maximilian Thermidor (2 years)
Thats the Crap law over here in Germany !!!

Author Fabian Wieschollek (7 years)

Author explodingcamel1 (6 years)
WOW! thats really cool, although they the only do little loops,those are
great designs!I have to try that sometime with my estes c-6-5 model rocket
engines. Message me about designs please?

Author Brody Carlson (4 years)
mount it on the launch pad that is used for the estes rockets and point it
at an angle

Author S8 family (7 years)
What engines are they using?

Author valanger (7 years)
Held-1000 motors (Power ~ B-C). In the 80s they called "Held-1000". Today
maybe from "Sachsenfeuerwerk" - don't know - but this type still was
available last year in a toy shop.

Author tanAhbOi (7 years)
how do u get the things to make it fly

Author Hella Flush (6 years)
great job

Author Vasilis Angelopoulos (7 years)
very nice video thnxs for sharing with us :)

Author MissileMist (5 years)
Very impressive, danka.

Author xDinoSawx (7 years)
i love delta wing too!

Author trailgaze (6 years)
Great! The delta was best.

Author henricx1 (6 years)
awesome ;D

Author MrZorroZorroZ (4 years)
@valanger dann kannst du mit mir deutsch reden denn ich bin auch aus

Author Fight to Fly Photography (6 years)
Wow, those are brilliant! Amazing models you made.

Author bikingchad (6 years)
Very impressive! You have amazing luck missing the trees with the first
ones and not getting burned with the hand-launches. I launched a two-stage
lask weekend up to about 2000' and hung it up on the only power line in the

Author Sixe44 (6 years)
you didn't build and designed these model(s), its not you video, its a
german video, you can hear. these gliders are engined by blackpulver out of
crackers and other pyrothings

Author noesomhelst (7 years)
you should make tracks for it to go in.

Author cyberteque (6 years)
That was cool! And so stable in flight! Great work!

Author annihil8ted (7 years)
bigger wings with less angle. and a parachute for the saucers

Author Ionatan Lavric (5 years)
where did you got the rockets?please send me a message

Author abercromb1892 (4 years)
That is soooo cool...!

Author qwertyboy1234567899 (5 years)
the spinning wheeles were ossum

Author fox123456789ish (3 years)

Author KevinBF2masta (7 years)
cool you made those ufo things too

Author daanhort (5 years)
what kind of engine do you use??????? I'm a boy from the Netherlands i'm 11
years old

Author Matrimoneys (6 years)
very nice but isn't it dangerous to light it with a match? use electric

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