Monologue: Panic Is the Word | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

  • Added:  9 days ago
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    Bill discusses the growing anxiety at the White House over the Russia investigation and President Trump's bizarre cabinet meeting in his Real Time monologue.

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  • Video CategoriesFilm & Animation
  • Runtime: 6:6
  • Tags for this video:  Alex Marlow  Breitbart News  Eddie Izzard  Comedian  actor  political activist  author  Believe Me  a Memoir of Love Death and Jazz Chickens  Ian Bremmer  the Eurasia Group  Malcolm Nance  US Counterterrorism Intelligence Officer  The Plot to Hack America  How Putin’s Cyberspies and WikiLeaks Tried to Steal the 2016 Election  

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  • Stephen Kent
    Stephen Kent 2 hours ago

    episode 19 season 15 june 16th 2016 is probably the best episode and mort relevant one to date.
    good job Bill and all guests. you captured a real moment that changed my mind on the other side of the political road today.

  • Brody Cunningham
    Brody Cunningham 2 days ago

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  • Michael Fitzpatrick


  • Nittaya Samile
    Nittaya Samile 2 days ago


  • Hades
    Hades 2 days ago

    wow Maher you really are desperate.

  • Mats Claes
    Mats Claes 2 days ago

    dimension equipment eye run element still herself shower

  • sandy
    sandy 3 days ago

    After all these investigations are done it is Obama and Hillary who are going to be convicted

  • Ken wilkinson
    Ken wilkinson 3 days ago

    Impeach the Orange Douche & Make America Great Again !!

  • Albert ricks
    Albert ricks 3 days ago

    What else is a 71-year-old man gonna do but watch TV all day?

  • iMeMySelf
    iMeMySelf 3 days ago

    Noooo(se) Maher is not jewish at all! o:

  • livewire2k4
    livewire2k4 3 days ago

    How many times does Comey have to say, "There was no obstruction"? You guys are soooo desperate to find a way to get rid of Trump. Its laughable to watch you try and whip up a fire storm of democrats to try and remove him. You guys are eating your own and destroying what little credibility you had. The DNC death rattle is disgusting to watch.

  • QuincyEndicott
    QuincyEndicott 4 days ago

    So you're telling me that the Republicans got a participation trophy?

  • No One
    No One 4 days ago

    Checking out the DNC propaganda, later I will check out the GOP propaganda, let's see who has the better lies today right now.

  • Jeanne Meyer
    Jeanne Meyer 4 days ago

    All I can hear is HOUSE NIGGER !

  • Daniel Bodey
    Daniel Bodey 4 days ago

    equal rights to animals !

  • Matthew Nugent
    Matthew Nugent 4 days ago

    Aw little tough guy Bill Maher couldn't get on your knees fast enough to keep your little job, you begged like a whiny little bitch.

  • Puppy Tail
    Puppy Tail 5 days ago

    Golden Retriever?! Please do not insult dogs!!

  • Scott Diverci
    Scott Diverci 5 days ago


  • Fayez Jodeh
    Fayez Jodeh 5 days ago

    why no one calling the " mass shooting" a terrorist act?

  • ir4kk
    ir4kk 5 days ago

    crying laughing

  • Rudy H
    Rudy H 5 days ago


  • Koua Vang
    Koua Vang 5 days ago

    oh lord Trump we are not worthy to be in your presence

  • Sophia Nedear
    Sophia Nedear 5 days ago

    Republicans are the country molesters.Like a husband, or a boyfriend who abuses, and controls his wife and children, or a girlfriend. Battering is a choice. It is used to gain power and control over another person. Physical abuse is only one part of a system of abusive behaviors. POWER and CONTROL

    Abusers believe they have a right to control their partners in the abusive relationships by utilizing the tactics found in the power and control wheel, by:

    Telling them what to do and expecting obedience
    Using force to maintain power and control over partners
    Feeling their partners have no right to challenge their desire for power and control
    Feeling justified making the victim comply
    Blaming the abuse on the partner and not accepting responsibility for wrongful acts.

  • James Moseley
    James Moseley 5 days ago

    I'm getting nostalgic for Nixon. That's a weird feeling to have #maga?

  • Vincent Kline
    Vincent Kline 5 days ago

    Bill's paid audience laughs and laughs... as he schills the Israeli🐍 agenda:
    "divide and conquer Americans!!" 💒💒💒 With his gigantic sniffer he smells more $$

  • Ife'ka Terry
    Ife'ka Terry 6 days ago


  • Jsmes Wagner
    Jsmes Wagner 6 days ago

    he didn't have to fire comet..he is the head of the executive branch all he had to do is say stop, and it stops

  • Cassius Finley
    Cassius Finley 6 days ago


  • Beeswing _RT
    Beeswing _RT 6 days ago

    Can you say Nescient ?.... babbling like 2 year old's with about as much self control...perhaps you should skip the prayer circles and develop a scintilla of reason.

  • The Engineer
    The Engineer 6 days ago

    HAHAHAHA! Trump is such a clown idiot, his toilet is his actual chair in his personalized think tank (bathroom). I swear he is making me ROFL!!! It's really comical folks.

  • Hans Marheim
    Hans Marheim 6 days ago

    The united states of America is falling apart. And maybe that's just a very good thing.

  • Mary Millar
    Mary Millar 6 days ago

    Trump is the biggest asshole that America ever had as president. Not to mention he's clueless and just plain idiot.

  • D Z
    D Z 6 days ago

    4:00am poop tweet lol.

  • Pauline Richter
    Pauline Richter 6 days ago

    spend rank inside landing mild hundred last worker.

  • tedros alula
    tedros alula 7 days ago

    we really love u Bill

  • Fast Lane
    Fast Lane 7 days ago

    niigger please!

  • Slippschitts Hey
    Slippschitts Hey 7 days ago

    Hey, it's Bill Maher the nigger guy. Hi, Bill Maher the nigger guy.

  • PostModernSociety
    PostModernSociety 7 days ago

    wait Kale is for liberals?! I didn't know I was a Liberal

  • Luisao Fuentes
    Luisao Fuentes 7 days ago

    What has Comrade tRump done to address Russian interference in our election?. Six Comrade tRump(Orange Mugabe,Pussy Grabbing Monster and con artist) advisors had contacts with
    Russia during the campaign and didn't report it. FBI, NSA, CIA, DOD, MI6 and numerous independents have proof. Problem is you have a republicans controlled congress that is
    trying to protect a Russian mole.Vladimir Putin has waited patiently to elevate his orange-haired poodle into the Oval Office and the swamp hasn't been drained; it's been
    filled with corporate greed!.Comrade tRump(Orange Mugabe,Pussy Grabbing Monster and con artist)(Orange Pussy Grabbing Monster) and his cronies are out there to make
    America dumb again.Comrade tRump(Orange Mugabe,Pussy Grabbing Monster and con artist) will destroy middle class, case in point, the first thing a republican does
    strip you of your right to bargain and organize. They will not be happy until America is a "Right to work for less country".And yet, you vote for republicans instead of
    sticking together as a solid work force. So, suck it up losers, you're all going to soon look like those buck tooth red neck from the South!!!. Trade laws no stupid subsidies
    to companies will solve this issue. So wake up white deplorables Trumpanzees Team Comrade tRump(Orange Mugabe,Pussy Grabbing Monster and con artist) is made up
    from butchers rich millionaires egotistical personalities knowing that work in government position will bring more billions to their coffin.Comrade tRump(Orange Mugabe,Pussy
    Grabbing Monster and con artist), he reveals real secrets to Russians and obstructs justice;LOCK HIM UP!!

  • WestOfEarth
    WestOfEarth 7 days ago

    If I started a Twitter account, my handle would now be "4amPoopTweet'

  • Fidan Rexhepi
    Fidan Rexhepi 7 days ago

    if I see this guy struggling to breathe i would smile and take a piss in his mouth what a cunt he is fuking jew piece of shit

  • S3R3ND1P1TY
    S3R3ND1P1TY 7 days ago

    It's okay Bill, Hillary can run in 2020 with Michelle and Kanye.

  • Bruce Griffin
    Bruce Griffin 7 days ago

    Bill's dad it with the family bitchdog...that's how they got Bill. What a gutless piece of human garbage.

  • ArgentPure
    ArgentPure 7 days ago

    Bill Maher is such a douche!

  • joe Cosby
    joe Cosby 7 days ago

    I'm a southerner so I shop at whole foods for the grassfed steak. my truck gives me away and you people sneer at me

  • Sophia Nedear
    Sophia Nedear 7 days ago

    "Flattery meeting"" this is what hitler used to have all the time with his "cabinet".

  • bigbangzGaming
    bigbangzGaming 7 days ago

    Boyy bill maher got way better at his jokes since the n word scandal haha

  • Shawanda Brown
    Shawanda Brown 7 days ago

    Black American who loves Maher ....don't nobody go after Trump like Maher....I love it

  • liedetector101
    liedetector101 7 days ago

    house nigger

  • Allan Stokes
    Allan Stokes 7 days ago

    Poop tweets.

    I foresee a new Twitter drinking game: Pot or Not?

    With the possibility of a daily double.

    Here I sit broken hearted,
    tried to shit but only farted;
    so I smoked some weed
    but sadly, only peed.

    But who writes on pay-stall walls any more, with Twitter ubiquitous?

  • mads max
    mads max 7 days ago

    The intro to bills show doesnt change the fact the content is obsolete to progress. Realtime is a discussion of the status quo and nothing more.

  • KeyEfSea OG
    KeyEfSea OG 7 days ago

    7% of Americans Believe chocolate milk comes from brown cows.Donald is the president.
    "the best country in the world"
    Hahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahaha hahahahahahaha

  • Eb theDoc
    Eb theDoc 7 days ago

    We have a "businessman" of well-documented criminal history occupying the Oval Office. A man whose ride to riches was prefinanced by family (often illegally), carried by defrauding investors, customers, and creditors, weaseling out of obligations by professional bankruptcy, even using the latter to dump years of his tax debts on his creditors until that loophole was closed. A man whose background of lying his way through a life of corruption has not stopped at the White House doors. Whether it's defrauding his contractors, assaulting women (including minors), Trump "University," his "wealth," his biography, his Casinos, his allegiance, or his promises. Cases going against him have a tendency to disappear in sealed files by settlement, to impede reconstruction of what he's done. Since declaring his candidacy, ongoing evidence includes increasing signs of involvement with Putin's Russia, the Ukraine plank of the Republican Platform, Border Wall, Muslim Ban, Health Care, Tax Reform, Election Results, crowd sizes, his tax returns, divestment of assets, praise for malignant dictators (while ignoring the heroes of Portland), Obstruction of Justice, insulting our allies and undermining confidence in fulfillment of our treaty obligations. A symphony of catastrophes for America, the worst being the generation of a poisonous political climate, stemming from his attitudes, policies, and conduct, along with those of his cronies. His illegal actions in office are covered by an Attorney General who undermines the Constitution, ignores the law, condones blatant corruption, violation of the Statute on Nepotism, Emoluments Clause, and Conflict of Interest rules, subverts governmental institutions, and personally participates in Obstruction of Justice, all under an agenda that is so obviously discriminatory that America is waking up to take action. The collection of family and cronies assembled in this "Administration" is no better. Bannon and Miller are throwbacks to Nazi Germany (and Bannon is still running Breitbart). DeVos is a religious fanatic touting for-profit schools with unsupervised curricula (and sister to notorious Blackwater), Tillerson still pushing Big-Oil interests, Pruitt running the EPA into the ground, Mnuchin and Ross taking the leashes and muzzles off for their Wall Street friends of the shark variety. Jared and Ivanka belong in jail (instead of the West Wing); Junior and Eric as accomplices, too. The list is endless. It's way past time to deal with the Trump Bunch.

  • David Morrow
    David Morrow 7 days ago

    Bill sucks, panders to prople he knows will cheer...lame...stay in the bubble Bill

  • Pwrinkle Johnson
    Pwrinkle Johnson 7 days ago

    While on the toilet he's claiming obstruction. Perhaps he's talking about his bowel movements...which would be an excellent reason for his shitty attitude!

  • James Bradley
    James Bradley 7 days ago

    Let's not forget who would become President if Trump's impeached.. Pence, an ultra conservative fundamentalist christian. Damned if you do, damned if you dont..(pardon the pun)

  • Carey Brown
    Carey Brown 7 days ago

    trump called an emergency flattery meeting to sustain himself and Bill called for an emergency meeting at his liquor cabinet in response. That is priceless. Thank you, Bill for keeping us sane.

  • Jeff Scarrott
    Jeff Scarrott 7 days ago

    If America truly investigates its government, CIA, FBI etc they would find out just how deep the rabbit hole really goes. Trump is not the real issue, but the establishment will continue to distract all you dummies with Trump/Russia nonsense...Panic is not the word, the word is distract the dumb public by whatever means possible.

    • Ben Theredonethat
      Ben Theredonethat 7 days ago

      The real dumb fucks are those who fall for Trump's lies and distractions.

  • psychedelic thoughts

    first two mins are the same words for the last six months said in a different order. the whole trusting intelligence/russia/omg how could this happen thing is hilarious! what a twat you are bill

  • David Chavez
    David Chavez 7 days ago

    God Bill is the few media figures that are keeping me sane in our post Trump era. Love you Maher!

  • Mustard Seed
    Mustard Seed 7 days ago

    Cabinet Mtg was members taking turns kissing Trump's ass. What else did they do for him?

  • wendy miller
    wendy miller 7 days ago

    I too saw the cabinet meeting, thank God they did the ring kissing in private.

  • antonio paino
    antonio paino 7 days ago

    Bill Maher he has become a bitchy show man and brain manipulator after Trump has won the election, If some American people have vote him is not because they fancy Trump .but they didnt trust Hillary Clinton and the democrats after 8 years of goverment and they are not totally wrong..Bill Maher is acting like child.He has and he had more material to attack and criticize the last government management than Trump that he has not yet finished his mandate. He has never done it as much is doing to Trump now but he should put aside his personal hard feeling towards Trump and started to focus on how much damage the last government for their own interesting have done to the american citizen.

  • Erik Rynsburger
    Erik Rynsburger 8 days ago

    Matter better mainly wxfvo live export train shelter watch.

  • BenjaminIsaacSound
    BenjaminIsaacSound 8 days ago

    say niiigggeeerrrr. bill is a serial rapist

  • Quindecillion
    Quindecillion 8 days ago

    Why does homophobia, racism and sexism still happen everywhere? What is wrong in this world?

  • stretch654
    stretch654 8 days ago

    It seems like the only cabinet members who have any self respect are Tillerson and Mattis.

  • Wojman12
    Wojman12 8 days ago

    nobody wants Jeff Bezos to own Whole Foods

  • Richard Dukard
    Richard Dukard 8 days ago

    damn! this house nigger's on a roll! get em Bill!

  • Sc j
    Sc j 8 days ago


  • David Snyder
    David Snyder 8 days ago

    Russia 🎈🌈🎈🌈🎈

  • CookieDTotR
    CookieDTotR 8 days ago

    I bet the numerous members of the audience who gasped when Bill Maher mentioned Deep Throat had no idea what the term means with respect to Watergate. Perhaps anyway it is some consolation that, while Mr. Maher's monologue lacked actual comedy, his audience lacked any knowledge of anything they were applauding or laughing at. As the kids say, what a stupid time to be alive.

  • Teresa Smith
    Teresa Smith 8 days ago

    I think that's how Trump starts every meeting by blowing himself​

  • SabuPtolemy
    SabuPtolemy 8 days ago

    Someone should tell Bill to stop dying his hair. It's too obvious.

  • chuck the canuk
    chuck the canuk 8 days ago

    ffs man i gave you 6 months to get off the shit on trump bandwagon but you just can't stop can you???? what an asshole you are nowdays "bill"... do some real comedy sometimes and stop crapping on the people who run the USA government. You are a sad democratic pathetic loser and an almost funny Go to Quatar and tell jokes.

  • the AWESOME K
    the AWESOME K 8 days ago

    "Panic is the word"

    Can we do it at the disco

  • Ba Ni
    Ba Ni 8 days ago

    Bill is such a twerp.

  • Christian Monti
    Christian Monti 8 days ago

    Look at all these sheep happy about the media assassination of Trump. Laugh sheep, laugh your souls away

    DAVID REYES 8 days ago

    Why can't people just do what their told!! Why don't people have respect for authority anymore!! That's not right!!! Kids see these kinds of shows and think it ok to make fun of authority and it not right!! It not ok!!

  • wisecrac99
    wisecrac99 8 days ago

    That cabinet meeting was to flatter our president, Kim Jong Trump.

  • highcountryauto
    highcountryauto 8 days ago

    So this is where liberals get their news from. A guy that is high on drugs all the time bashing Trump.

  • KC Nwaneri
    KC Nwaneri 8 days ago

    Get 'em, Bill! Get 'em!

  • Fast Lane
    Fast Lane 8 days ago

    racist prick gets a pass from hypicryite liberl cicksuckers!and gays suck to..oops...its ok i am on the bill maher show!

  • Fast Lane
    Fast Lane 8 days ago

    i am a feild nigga!muslims are terrorists!slant eyes live me!crackers live me!niggers live me!its ok i am on the bill maher show!

  • Prabhas Panigrahi
    Prabhas Panigrahi 8 days ago


  • Joe Weis
    Joe Weis 8 days ago


  • terrence thomas
    terrence thomas 8 days ago

    How did we move on from "I'm a House Nigga " so fast? No HBO boycott? No HBO protest? Where's Al Sharpton? A white man said Nigga on live TV in the context of slavery and crickets from the race baiters, BLM, and the alt-left? Paula Dean is like WTF...

  • George Tsitsiani
    George Tsitsiani 8 days ago

    Is it because Trump & Sessions are rounding up DC pedophiles? Jacob Schwartz - NY Deblasio's Right Hand Man was arrested - they found 6month old baby being raped on his laptop. Released on $7500 bail. Report that Bill. We all know you are a racis liberal shill. Are you into pizza party as well?

  • James Hudson
    James Hudson 8 days ago

    I like this guy , he speaks the real truth

  • Happy Slant
    Happy Slant 8 days ago

    OMG, this is SOOO FUNNY!! I love Bill!

  • UncleMikeNJ
    UncleMikeNJ 8 days ago

    That sounds like an NCIS Rule: "Never hire a lawyer who needs a lawyer."

  • Takezo San
    Takezo San 8 days ago

    welcome to the United Corporations of America

  • richie s
    richie s 8 days ago

    great show bill

  • Phillip Susi
    Phillip Susi 8 days ago

    Yep... Orally fellating... that's exactly what I called it.

  • Adam Pierce
    Adam Pierce 8 days ago

    "Not into Trump's room, into the trophy room" too savage 😂

  • Andrew Zanon
    Andrew Zanon 8 days ago

    this is the best material he's had in weeks

    ROY WARNER 8 days ago

    He will rip about Trump but not one word about that .rapist Bill Cosby they got off 😂

    ROY WARNER 8 days ago

    This guy will say anything to stay famous 😂 the male Kathy Griffin ....

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