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  • grav3yardgirl
    grav3yardgirl 5 months ago

    YOU GUYYYYYYYS! i really want to try and get another one...
    hope you're all staying toasty today swamp family! whats the weather like where you are? its 34° F here right now!

  • 63 SparkleGirl
    63 SparkleGirl 4 hours ago

    It's hatchImals not hatchAnimals

  • Hey Its Micah
    Hey Its Micah 8 hours ago

    this might be a little inappropriate but.....

    the hatchimal sounds like a couple doing the nasty😂

  • ruby cervantes
    ruby cervantes 18 hours ago

    they have it at all my stores in the us

  • Lora Johnson
    Lora Johnson 20 hours ago

    hatchimals speak Spanish

  • addison ball
    addison ball 22 hours ago

    I'm glad it didn't die

  • Pastel Studios
    Pastel Studios 1 day ago

    Theres a store in my mall called as seen on tv

  • archierooroo
    archierooroo 1 day ago

    If you can I'd love to see another Hatchimal!😊

  • overwatch omni
    overwatch omni 1 day ago

    lol such a cute saying those words

  • videogamelover 12345

    Want to have a hathimal we have chickens

  • jade Vest
    jade Vest 1 day ago

    it sounds like it's saying f me

  • jade Vest
    jade Vest 1 day ago

    it sounds like it's saying f me

  • Hailey G
    Hailey G 2 days ago

    25:10 ummmmmm what did he say

  • Hailey G
    Hailey G 2 days ago

    It's saying f me and..............questionable noises lmfao

  • phil trash #2
    phil trash #2 2 days ago

    That egg had more orgasm in 2 hours than i had in a lifetime

  • DIYdarcey 2008
    DIYdarcey 2008 2 days ago


  • DIYdarcey 2008
    DIYdarcey 2008 2 days ago


  • DIYdarcey 2008
    DIYdarcey 2008 2 days ago


  • DIYdarcey 2008
    DIYdarcey 2008 2 days ago


  • DIYdarcey 2008
    DIYdarcey 2008 2 days ago


  • DIYdarcey 2008
    DIYdarcey 2008 2 days ago


  • DIYdarcey 2008
    DIYdarcey 2008 2 days ago


  • Agkitsune
    Agkitsune 2 days ago

    Attention span growing slim. Kinda like the Furby hunt. Six years old, 5am, Black Friday, mall 25mins away and a line from KB toys to the mall entrance... I miss the Furby hunt... And the Tamagachi crusade. XD

  • TheBeautyBeyond Us
    TheBeautyBeyond Us 2 days ago

    It said 🐱🐱🐱

  • Ashley Whispers
    Ashley Whispers 3 days ago

    I fed my cat, vacuumed my room, painted my nails, organized my files all while watching this YouTube video.

  • keeleigh corrigan
    keeleigh corrigan 3 days ago

    try brooklyn brownies

  • Jeremiah Nguyen
    Jeremiah Nguyen 4 days ago

    8:05 *shakes baby to wake it up*
    "Oh, thank goodness." xD

  • Adriana Xcx
    Adriana Xcx 4 days ago

    This was so entertaining to watch... my friend kept getting a mini anxiety attack cuz she wanted it open already lol. I really wanna get one now😘

  • AnnaDoesMinecraft
    AnnaDoesMinecraft 4 days ago


  • Ash Eire
    Ash Eire 4 days ago

    I love how there is a Furby behind you and I see 0 comments on it.

  • lessthanbutterflies

    The two of you encouraging it to hatch is the funniest thing I've seen in a very long time

  • Jessica Black
    Jessica Black 4 days ago

    This made me laugh so hard that I cried.

  • Nikki Botkin
    Nikki Botkin 5 days ago

    I think it's saying wanna sleep, not f*ck me

  • Adrianne  Elizabeth
    Adrianne Elizabeth 5 days ago

    oh look a furby

  • Damian White-Graham

    i honestly got creeped out when i noticed the furby staring at me from the backround. ive neber liked furbies when i was younger so this video was so disturbing for me just for the fact that furby is just there!! staring!!! aaaahhh!!

  • TurningMountain
    TurningMountain 7 days ago

    What's the curse that it sounds like it says?

  • Belles A fam
    Belles A fam 7 days ago

    Omg I love her earrings

  • Cherylene
    Cherylene 7 days ago

    I think it's sneezing to give you a hint to warm the egg, I would warm it, I want one

  • frickin rainbows
    frickin rainbows 7 days ago


  • jezlin Gardiner
    jezlin Gardiner 7 days ago

    Me and my mom love your channel.❤️

  • forest lyrics
    forest lyrics 8 days ago

    6:46. those noises made me drop my phone

  • Derpy Candy
    Derpy Candy 8 days ago

    For a person with a dirty mind... This definitely sounds so wrong 😂😂😂😂

  • Lydia Mageras
    Lydia Mageras 8 days ago

    I have one and it can last you a year and for me it's been two

  • Liz Hall
    Liz Hall 8 days ago

    What happen at 23:46

  • PusheenLPS W/ Friends

    When it wasn't hatching it said help me

  • Chibi Sheep
    Chibi Sheep 8 days ago

    Blow torch it.

  • Copics channel
    Copics channel 9 days ago

    The furby in the background: I will take your soul bunny. Never replace me

  • egguy
    egguy 9 days ago

    Why was the hatching process so sexual

  • Serena Bencivenga
    Serena Bencivenga 9 days ago

    What did it say

  • Panda Panda808
    Panda Panda808 9 days ago

    My Hatchimal did the same thing. If only it wasn't broken... Sadly...

  • Jennifer Mitchell
    Jennifer Mitchell 10 days ago

    When I was born it took less than an half hour

  • Harley Quinn
    Harley Quinn 10 days ago

    OK I don't want one any more it takes way too long to hatch 😒😒

  • Emma Theresa
    Emma Theresa 10 days ago


  • Emma Theresa
    Emma Theresa 10 days ago

    Just smash it open with a hammer

  • Jade Keffer
    Jade Keffer 10 days ago

    the thing is scarry I like my ferbeys better

  • KittyKitKat 11
    KittyKitKat 11 10 days ago

    Any holo sexuals

  • Dawn Creison
    Dawn Creison 10 days ago

    it kept falling asleep because you were rubbing the bottom haha.

  • Mira C
    Mira C 11 days ago

    if anyone couldn't tell... it sounded like it was saying "fu*k me"

  • Madilyn Taylor
    Madilyn Taylor 11 days ago

    wait your thought that it was hatched when it was 1 hour! it took me 6 freaking hours to just get it to think that it was out! I had to break the egg almost all the way to get it out! you two are lucky you didn't have to put up what I had to put up with!

  • Shawna Brooks
    Shawna Brooks 11 days ago

    in sleep mode I hear ah hurl

  • Shawna Brooks
    Shawna Brooks 11 days ago

    I hear mama mama not yah yah

  • Brooklyn Shafer
    Brooklyn Shafer 11 days ago

    Mine only took my even eight minutes till I took five

  • Witherd Foxy Zee Geek

    I got a hatchimal from toysRus before the price went over 100 and something and it worked perfectly and just blabbered...

    • Witherd Foxy Zee Geek
      Witherd Foxy Zee Geek 12 days ago

      like it hatched in about 25 to 30 minutes or so and when I touched the bottom of it it turned on almost instantly so it may not be defective

  • GatheringShadows AJ
    GatheringShadows AJ 12 days ago

    I would honestly just break it open in frustration, then be like "Oh... crap"

  • Party Poison
    Party Poison 13 days ago

    Am I the only person who heard it say "f*** me" ??!??

  • Abandoned Ohio
    Abandoned Ohio 13 days ago

    She deserves

    Subscribers! Have a good day

  • Carrube Family
    Carrube Family 13 days ago

    Grav3yardgirl it's summer in Arizona and its 118F

  • Laurelle Burton
    Laurelle Burton 14 days ago

    This is a lot like childbirth. You end up screaming, GET OUT OF THERE! You get very sleepy and sometimes you end up needing a little extra help to get the baby out. A little glimpse into your future perhaps... hopefully without a c-section though. A newborn has less mood swings than that bird though.

  • Jessica Johnson
    Jessica Johnson 14 days ago

    i hear "F me" 😂

  • Sophie Avsaroglu
    Sophie Avsaroglu 14 days ago

    You should try the furby connect

  • Michael Daignault
    Michael Daignault 14 days ago

    ur eyes are eyes

  • Clara Hall
    Clara Hall 15 days ago

    It said F me in a what sounded like a sexual way

  • trinity mark
    trinity mark 15 days ago

    This was posted on my birthday!!!!!

  • Reekiyu
    Reekiyu 15 days ago

    All I heard was either "hump me" or f*** me I'm sorry but that's what I'm hearing

  • Alexandra Crosby
    Alexandra Crosby 15 days ago

    Has anyone else made note of the fact the both have wedding rings!

  • Aemee The one and only

    im a filipino 8 years old in philipines and its morning :)

  • Aemee The one and only

    im a filipino 8 years old in philipines and its morning :)

  • Taylor Standridge
    Taylor Standridge 15 days ago

    mine opened while I was sleeping and scared to life out of me

  • Mandy kitten Lps/animaljam/minecraft

    Oml I just noticed tat on the box it shows which one ur gonna get!

  • Mariska Beggs Hilder

    Thumbs up for furbys

  • Angelface regimbal
    Angelface regimbal 16 days ago

    is dogman ur husbent if not u 2 r perfct for each ohter.

  • Aemee The one and only


  • Nadean Allen
    Nadean Allen 16 days ago

    Here it is often 82F in the moning

  • Kasper Stephens
    Kasper Stephens 16 days ago

    "Where did you learn to talk like that?" IM DEAD

  • Kitten the cute
    Kitten the cute 16 days ago

    don't like

  • Moonlightxo
    Moonlightxo 17 days ago


  • Amiyah Ross
    Amiyah Ross 17 days ago

    Would u rather buy 1thing for 200 dollars or buy multiple things for 200 dollars

  • Amiyah Ross
    Amiyah Ross 17 days ago

    Hey everyone I the comments give he would u rather questions maybe she will do a video about them

  • Jewel Haines
    Jewel Haines 17 days ago

    Fabulous review Bunny!! 🙂 I love you❤
    It is 94' degrees in Virginia beach, VA.😊

  • Jefi Blackjack
    Jefi Blackjack 17 days ago

    This video maybe too long but I did not get bored... :) this video make me laugh

  • wondernerd
    wondernerd 17 days ago

    the sounds it makes are not OK my grandma thought I was watching something different

  • Jahbari Reyes
    Jahbari Reyes 17 days ago

    my freind got one and it took a long time to hatch

  • Amy Sleath
    Amy Sleath 18 days ago

    if her child would emerge from an egg then I bet she would be an excellent mother.

  • Ej c
    Ej c 18 days ago

    this is so relaxing lol

  • Leslie Terrill-Forst

    Amen My toddler at 20 min would have thrown that thing across the room and lost all interest in it...

  • E Davison
    E Davison 20 days ago

    did that thing just say f me .

  • alexander bruno
    alexander bruno 20 days ago

    It sounded like it said "ahh f*ck me"

  • Amy Peterka
    Amy Peterka 21 day ago

    it is 110

  • Rylee Stepherson
    Rylee Stepherson 21 day ago

    I though it said bad word you

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