Jason Derulo - Swalla (feat. Nicki Minaj & Ty Dolla $ign) (Official Music Video)

Official Music video for 'Swalla' - directed by Gil Green
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Author Riany Ribeiro ( ago)

Author BangtanDaebak ( ago)

Author Guga ( ago)
this is porn or music?

Author Alє ιѕ crαzу ಠ_ಠ ( ago)
Kpop fans here? ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°

Author Kisalol ( ago)
King Ezekiel before the apocalypse.

Author d400 f ( ago)

Author Jes ( ago)
Feels like I've heard this song before, and seen the video... Kinda boring... AND the fur is disgusting

Author Saucy Lady ( ago)

Author Dustin Scott ( ago)
Jason Derulo has become a joke, this is stupid...

Author Mademoiselle Dallas Grier ( ago)

Author Salam GX ( ago)
what a booooooty

Author rsm mtherfucker ( ago)

Author Raymarc Rafor ( ago)
music gets worst right now, we need to stop twerk ass vids, don't let your brain washed people, go listen to good songs back in 90's, with sense and don't have ass and boobs on music vids.,

Author Scary Gogo ( ago)
Why every1 hating this song catchy !

Author Kauanny Souza Dantas ( ago)
forro do Brasil 1:20

Author Grazi Souza ( ago)
Pra que esse cabelo já era lindo

Author Gamerz22x ( ago)
Half Life 3 Confirmed

Author Look Left ( ago)
This music is crap and the commentary sections makes it worse.. You're all such a piece of loser shit.. I give up

Author ziv olution ( ago)
Who are the dancers?

Author Adisin ( ago)
What happend to Jason Derulo? Once he was "normal"

Author Lenneyah Dickens ( ago)
this is my song my favorite nicki beause she is very cute and pretty i

Author Chief Chama ( ago)
JD is taking the throne...I dont know if Trey Songs should think of himself as the sex symbol anymore......

Author Madda Chucka ( ago)
Lmao this is a very African pop like beat

Author Kristina Tina ( ago)

Author karol skowronski ( ago)

Author marvel nerdy :0 ( ago)
soooooo goooooood💕

Author Itsbree diamond ( ago)

Author Sirzechs Gr ( ago)
Mute the video and enjoy, we all know you're only here for Nicky's ass

Author Mihai's Vlogs ( ago)
I love this music so much!!!!

Author Devil Pepe ( ago)
The Weeknd lost his hair. Jason derulo found it.

Author Donald Trump ( ago)
Today is my birthday,can I get 100 likes plsss

Author dessidee90 ( ago)
now this nigga has fake as dreads

Author 1 99 ( ago)

Author Anfy Games ( ago)
he has a voice like someone gave him a kick in the "balls"

Author MCFoCKER GAMING ( ago)
ass and titties thats what mainstream music is about these days

Author 강민균 ( ago)

Author DragonBrozGT ( ago)
If u guys need to clean that watter up u have Jason's hair

Author Deneuve ( ago)
Everybody is hot except nicki

Author Pineapple Express ( ago)
Only thing good about this video was the big ass girls

Author T Dili ( ago)

Author Yasmine selena ( ago)
Why there's women doing bitches moves everywhere !!!

Author MarwaB1 ( ago)
Wow Jordin you dodged that bullet hahaha wtf is this wackness

Author ItsMe b ( ago)
Jason ... WHAT ARE YOU DOING AT 1:58 😂😂 !!

Author Pritzz Vee ( ago)
the weeknd sold his hair to Jason Derulo

Author Maya Abu Aziza ( ago)
For a second I thought Nicki was Lilly singh😂

Author veteran monkey 60 l ( ago)
am I the only one that's think that I heard this song before it was even release 😐😐😐😐

Author ZaMaN Dash ( ago)

Author Mike Neely ( ago)
Hahahaha umm i guess this was the only idea at the writers brainstorming session...

Author King ( ago)
Is it lyrically amazing ? No
Is it a good message ? No
But don't you dare pretend that you didn't want to dance.
It's a catchy summer song guys don't be so anal

Author Rowland Essien ( ago)
nice music

Author hatori hatori ( ago)
its cool

Author Florea Nicolae ( ago)

Author Bae Lili ( ago)
wtf 😂😂😂

Author Redwan official ( ago)

Author medina headset2c ( ago)
kkkkk tq querendo vira o The Weekend

Author Whisnu Albertus ( ago)
Demn those Butt move at first. Look like a Sudden earthquake in The mountain

Author Tukang Upload ( ago)
1:18 dat ass !!

Author Nicholas Baylis ( ago)
big up the yaadie dem if they gonna take jamaican style at least give us a shout song still sick swallaa la la la

Author Owl Arcade ( ago)
this is not music

Author Amaya Herron ( ago)
The song is good but the video could be better. Likes if you agree

Author Ion ( ago)
Next only ?

Author sweet thooth ( ago)
what happen to nicki?, why is she covering her eyes the whole time, is there something wrong??

Author nick4lean ( ago)
this song is terrible....

Author Júlia Ferreira ( ago)
Esse tecnobrega é o melhor

Author Jacinta Rule ( ago)
Swalla some cyanide.

Author nikki barbie ( ago)
Nicki minaj killed this 👑

Author Altair Ibn La-Ahad ( ago)
Derulo stole Weeknd Abel's hair lmao

Author abuzittin kıllı bacak ( ago)
Türkler burdamı  +1

Author SwagKid No.101 ( ago)
Can i get 20 likes? Cause its my day swagkid day🖕🏻yey

So the weeknd has a clone now.

Author Darkwaveduck ( ago)
trey now this..

Author Look left and right I took your dog ( ago)
This gives a nice message

Author It'sGio Official ( ago)
Sometimes I see things like Slutwalk then I think good good! wich makes me go Hooray for the females 😀 but then sometimes I see things like this and I go like 🤔

Author Panda eats Banana ( ago)
at 2:20 I thought it was Rihanny . :D :D

Author Just Some Aussie ( ago)
Is that a human centipede I see?

Author Glen Ten ( ago)
Jason turning to into The Weekend. the hair lol

Author TourStar Productions ( ago)
lol Jason isn't fucking Nicki, Nick is fucking Jason. lol!!! Poor Jason.

Author Guzt Nuttakrit ( ago)
New The Weeknd song?

Author Brooke Schredder ( ago)
The first minuet is really good the rest is fine

Author Dome Zach ( ago)
grauenvolles Lied! !!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Tom Lister ( ago)
1:20 omg

Author Armost ( ago)
Lucio looking ass

Author Hélder 17 ( ago)
King JD ❤

Author Ahmed Salem ( ago)
dear future me, if you are re-reading this, you are supposed to study biology, but you watched this video instead. 23/3/2017

Author Isa Siteketa ( ago)
leave christianity out of this!!!!! #iluvSWALLA!!!!!

Author Dylan Musick ( ago)
Why hasn't Jason D and Chris B done a song together

Author Raja Arief Danial ( ago)

Author Boss Banks ( ago)
I really thought the girl in the thumbnail looks like superwoman.

Author Steph I ( ago)

Author Minutemen b ( ago)

Author jhonny soto ( ago)
is gay Jason Derulo?

Author Alexis Braiki ( ago)
I love it <3

Author Grigore Loredana ( ago)
sooo cool men 😉❤😚

Author John Khaos ( ago)
" bad gyal no swalla nuttin " Nicki Minaj .... y'all will eventually

Author Tuky SB ( ago)
Minuto 3:09 un Objeto se le cae a la tercera Chica... Quien lo Nota?

Author Hareth y hourieh ( ago)

Author A guy who comments ( ago)
This song is good! I like those big asses! lit af🔥🔥🔥🍆

Author Alberto Kipkipan Jr. ( ago)
Kirsten and Kaea of Royal Family/ Request dance crew killed it! OMG!

Author Veronica ( ago)
We need more videos like "I luh ya papi" by JLo lol

Author Hanh Bui ( ago)
Come on! Just 10 million views lol . Came here from Parris Goebel's Ig.

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