Smartphone Awards 2016!

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  • The best smartphone options of 2016!

    Top Big Phones [1:27]
    Best Compact Phones [3:34]
    Best Cameras [4:57]
    Top Budget Phones [6:53]
    Best Battery Life [8:53]
    Best Built Phone [11:11]
    Most Improved [13:05]
    Biggest Bust [13:43]
    MVP [15:32]


    Galaxy S7 Edge:

    LG V20:

    Galaxy Note 7:

    iPhone 7:

    Google Pixel:

    OnePlus 3T:

    OnePlus 3:

    ZTE Axon 7:

    Moto Z Play:

    HTC 10:

    Xiaomi Mi Mix:

    Project Ara Suspended:

    Video Gear I use:

    Intro Track: Ongoing Thing by 20syl, Oddisee

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  • Bloon Adjustment
    Bloon Adjustment 3 hours ago

    I can predict that Bust of the Year 2017 is the HTC U Ultra.

  • Javious
    Javious 5 hours ago

    budget is <$250 -_-

  • A lonely Soul
    A lonely Soul 1 day ago


  • Andy Young
    Andy Young 1 day ago

    Moto Z Play and Oneplus 3T look like really great allrounders - I have an S7 currently but it's suffering a little and might not be worth keeping when my contract ends in April. As someone who uses a lot of twitter and a fair bit of snapchat and music playback/streaming and would like a phone with all day battery life with enough performance under the hood and a decent enough camera both the Play and 3T look like great options.

    Of course, something completely groundbreaking could come out early 2018 and change all that. It would be nice to see manufacturers give up the thinness wars and spend their time focusing on streamlining user experience in both hardware and software and making a real effort with battery life through standby optimisation, app power management and increasing phone thickness a little to give a battery boost and help with phone thermals.

    A phone of average thickness with all day+ battery for light-medium users, completely slick user experience and no worries about overheating or crashes would be great.

  • diwakar PANT
    diwakar PANT 1 day ago

    Why you guys never mention stutter and lag on galaxy phones??? It's a big why???

  • Connor Brown
    Connor Brown 1 day ago

    what is that red phone?

    • Random Guy
      Random Guy 1 day ago

      You mean that orange on the left side?

  • Leo Gurung
    Leo Gurung 1 day ago

    it's just funny when mkbhd say"phones are getting bigger every day"when Sony already released the ultra which is a 6.4. inch so just imagine a mi mix with bezel s

  • Anthony Chen
    Anthony Chen 1 day ago

    Anyone else wondering where honor 8 was?

  • Ahmed Ashiq
    Ahmed Ashiq 1 day ago

    the best build phone award goes to Nokia old phones. Like if you agree

  • Gaming Nation
    Gaming Nation 2 days ago

    Moment of silence for all those phone which didn't get any award😶😶

  • arnav khamankar
    arnav khamankar 2 days ago

    The MVP for 2017 is Samsung Galaxy S8+

  • Ace Trainer Aidan
    Ace Trainer Aidan 2 days ago

    "Lo budget"

    Price: $400

    My low budget phone I use: $168.

  • Akshay Singh
    Akshay Singh 3 days ago


  • Ahmed El-rayes
    Ahmed El-rayes 3 days ago

    I think the sony xperia z5 compact should be deserve an honorable mention in the small phones.

  • Roman Jr
    Roman Jr 3 days ago

    plz man can I have one

  • Nathan Dorado
    Nathan Dorado 3 days ago

    i still have my note 7

  • Josh Sisco
    Josh Sisco 6 days ago

    OP3 For Life!

  • godwin gonsalves
    godwin gonsalves 7 days ago


  • Steve  Rodriguez
    Steve Rodriguez 7 days ago

    Does he get to keep all those phones?

  • Austin Hickey
    Austin Hickey 8 days ago

    Loving my Pixel XL. As smooth as butter and a hell of a lot more appealing visually (Pixel Launcher) than any other Android platform I've seen.

  • Matthew Thomas
    Matthew Thomas 9 days ago

    This guy rates up there with android authority.

  • tech 360
    tech 360 9 days ago

    can you give me one phone .you have all phone in the world.can you give me one.i lost my iphone .now i cant see youtube .please help me

  • epic Luigi bros
    epic Luigi bros 10 days ago

    iphone 7 plus is beder than iphone 7 right?

  • Ash Greninja
    Ash Greninja 10 days ago

    My iPhone 7 hell yeah

  • Charismatic Batman
    Charismatic Batman 10 days ago

    lgv20 or oneplus 3t?i can get both at the exact same price

  • Vlad Lucian
    Vlad Lucian 11 days ago

    The oneplus 3t is $550 where I live... But the LG G4 is $300

  • jackson george
    jackson george 11 days ago

    can you give any phone to me

  • Mico Arevalo
    Mico Arevalo 11 days ago

    I wish he could giveaway some of his phone :) ...

  • Areeb Ahmed
    Areeb Ahmed 12 days ago

    Well if you know samsung s7 edge has a 3600 mah battery it should come on first place :(

  • Assassinboy 325
    Assassinboy 325 12 days ago

    I'm getting the LG v20

  • Mohamed Naufal
    Mohamed Naufal 13 days ago

    Time to hate MKBHD for Samsung fanboys. Jk ;P

  • Diego  Calderon
    Diego Calderon 13 days ago

    great intro!

  • Dylan McDonald
    Dylan McDonald 13 days ago

    Budget phones: forget the iPhone! Apple Tax.....

  • Lt Stratton
    Lt Stratton 13 days ago

    I got my red iPhone 7 for $500 on ebay. Its better than all of the budget phones and is only $100-$200 cheaper.

  • TjacobGaming
    TjacobGaming 13 days ago

    Is axon 7 even on the table? I know this is late but I just noticed.

  • David H Amaya
    David H Amaya 13 days ago

    how about the nokia lumia 41mp camera

  • Shashank Patole
    Shashank Patole 15 days ago

    When you said "Small Phones", I actually thought you were going to go to the iPhone SE.

  • James Alexander
    James Alexander 15 days ago

    the s7 edge has 3600 mah

  • Jan
    Jan 15 days ago

    LG X Power has a 4020mah battery

  • TheLegend27
    TheLegend27 16 days ago

    how is the iPhone 7 compact? to me a compact phone is a 3.5 inch phone.

  • tankninja1
    tankninja1 16 days ago

    With phone sizes it is less about the size of my hands than it is the size of my pockets, both literally and figuratively.

  • Perma Frost
    Perma Frost 17 days ago

    my MVPs are the OnePlus 3T and the Xiaomi Mi Mix

  • taoistpage
    taoistpage 17 days ago

    What is that very orange phone?

  • Qlirim Curri
    Qlirim Curri 17 days ago

    make a speed test with one plus 3t vs iphone 7

  • Yashas
    Yashas 18 days ago

    Love that intro

  • Asian jake
    Asian jake 18 days ago

    Hey there's some phone called the huawei magic and it has an amazing camera and 5000 may battery its worth a look

  • Samuel Sutton
    Samuel Sutton 18 days ago

    Where did you metion nextbit Robin !??

    SRIKAR RAO 20 days ago

    Galaxy s7 edge

  • Leo Asplund
    Leo Asplund 21 day ago

    Marques, please include more small phones in the next video. Not just flagship small phones that costs alot, but the best small phones that isn't on flagship specs or cost but is still really good. Of course you can still have the small flagships in the video but please include more small phones. Sony makes the best compact phones in my opinion. Samsung also has a budget line called Samsung Galaxy A. A3, A5 and A7. The A3 is the smallest one and the one with the most budget specs and price but it's still a pretty good phone for the price. But I still think sony makes the best compact phones.

    I mean like, the google pixel is just a tad bit smaller than an average 5.2 inch display budget phone. Sony's compact phones are WAY smaller than the pixel. Sony's compact phones have 4.6 inch displays and they are so easy to handle compared to my 5.2 inch ZTE Axon 7 Mini, yes you didn't read wrong, MINI.

    But anyways Marques, I love your videos and I have watched every single one of them since I subscribed to you. Thanks for making amazing videos.

  • Shyam krishnan.k
    Shyam krishnan.k 21 day ago

    i think you must do a checkup on xiaomi redmi note 4 coz......... i dont think i will have to tell u the reason
    its really affordable.....packed with almost a days power and what else multitasking at ease when it is compared with its

  • Normie AF
    Normie AF 23 days ago

    Pixel is just overpriced,I need a private Helicopter from Google if I'm buying that

  • Radko Dimitrov
    Radko Dimitrov 23 days ago

    I think that Galaxy S7 Edge has the best camera for 2016.

  • Bob Merson
    Bob Merson 24 days ago

    Mate 9 is among the best big smartphones in 2016. Not an average phone to me.

    JARF VOLGS 24 days ago

    GO PIXEL WOOOOOOOOOO📱📱📱📱📱📱📱📱📱📱📱📱 📱📱📱📱📱📱📱📱📱📱📱📱📱📱📱📱📱📱📱📱📱📱📱📱📱📱📱📱📱📱📱📱📱📱📱📱

  • Codec X
    Codec X 25 days ago

    S7 Has 3600 Battery

  • Kiran Games
    Kiran Games 25 days ago

    I'm Really interested To buy Doogee Mix because of Super Small design Looks very Beautiful. Have You Posted A Video Review About it???

  • Franco Orozco
    Franco Orozco 25 days ago

    I have the Galaxy S8+

  • Carter Young
    Carter Young 27 days ago

    The IPhone 7 Plus was my MVP but the Google Pixel XL was a close second also I believe that the HTC 10 was the most underrated phone of the year! Great comeback!

  • Star Lord
    Star Lord 27 days ago

    What about Huawei P9,what do you think about him?

  • Harsh Vardhan
    Harsh Vardhan 27 days ago

    Htc 10 best for me....

  • Mr Nobody
    Mr Nobody 27 days ago

    I think nextbit robin is in the budget category

  • [GD] Otorimashi
    [GD] Otorimashi 27 days ago

    how is the Mi 5 _not_ in the budget section?

  • Black Jackers
    Black Jackers 28 days ago

    2:19 I miis that Instagram ;(

  • Rebel
    Rebel 28 days ago

    The iPhone SE should have won compact phone

  • Cristian Wade
    Cristian Wade 28 days ago

    i want apple buy the blackberry and make the new blackberry passport

  • Sameer Khan
    Sameer Khan 28 days ago

    I have a 5100 mah battery!

  • Leetransform25
    Leetransform25 28 days ago

    3:20 that explosion sound can't hide from me

  • Cinnamon Roll
    Cinnamon Roll 28 days ago

    I miss the old Instagram Icon!😢

  • Resboy Plays
    Resboy Plays 28 days ago

    the best is the iPhone se.

  • Dont worry about it
    Dont worry about it 1 month ago

    deadass a bunch of those phones were released before 2016

  • tridib saikia
    tridib saikia 1 month ago

    I feel S7 edge was the best

    UDVLOG 1 month ago

    Xiaomi mi 5 5s 5+

  • chit thu
    chit thu 1 month ago

    what smart phone awards 2016?please answer..

  • therealtekkers
    therealtekkers 1 month ago

    what happened to the Sony xperia compacts 😕😕they used to dominate the compact category

  • Diljot Singh
    Diljot Singh 1 month ago

    bro u have a tons of smartphones can u plz send me a smartphone plzzzzz....

  • alhossain xx
    alhossain xx 1 month ago

    whats the name of your wall paper on your s7

  • Butter Cookies
    Butter Cookies 1 month ago

    The best budget phone for the entire universe is the Moto G5. Go fuck your mother.

  • souham dutta
    souham dutta 1 month ago


  • anurag upadhyay
    anurag upadhyay 1 month ago

    For gaming??

  • Nadine Nicholson
    Nadine Nicholson 1 month ago

    the Google pixel is such an ugly phone.i dont understand why you like it so much. i swear Google must be paying you to talk so well about their ugly vulgar phone.

  • Marihan Badr
    Marihan Badr 1 month ago

    what is the blue phone tho? lol and the one with the blur bezels

  • Saif Kotwadkar
    Saif Kotwadkar 1 month ago

    hey marques tell me
    which brand is your favourite

  • Chinmay bapat
    Chinmay bapat 1 month ago

    MVP = OP3T/OP3

  • Anunay Gandhi
    Anunay Gandhi 1 month ago

    Add this in compact phone: Samsung galaxy s7

  • Sheroz Jutt
    Sheroz Jutt 1 month ago

    huawei honor 8! not mate 9

  • Ezz Eldin
    Ezz Eldin 1 month ago

    battery:Mate 9 and only mate 9
    big screen:Mate 9
    camera: if you really think the pixel's camera is better than S7,,so no.2 is Galaxy S7 edge,,it's much better than iPhone 7 plus in all tests 😠😠

  • Azlan Khan
    Azlan Khan 1 month ago

    i like nexus 6p

  • keyaan 537
    keyaan 537 1 month ago

    i have a lenovo p2 smartphone from 2016, it has a 5100 mAh battery.

  • Vai Teumohenga
    Vai Teumohenga 1 month ago

    s7 edge

  • Ferias Dwi Sembodo
    Ferias Dwi Sembodo 1 month ago

    The 2016 MVP should be steph curry..

  • Technical Hacker
    Technical Hacker 1 month ago

    plz give me a mobile

  • De Smaakmaker
    De Smaakmaker 1 month ago

    The Lenovo P2 has a 5100 mAh battery.

  • Nemish Sharma
    Nemish Sharma 1 month ago

    hey marques plzzzzzzzz make a vedio on nextbit robin,coz its a very unique and beautiful looking phone.!!

  • Meme Time
    Meme Time 1 month ago

    honor 6x best budget

  • Master Jorn
    Master Jorn 1 month ago

    Best Tablet Camera: iPad 1

  • 李昕锴
    李昕锴 1 month ago

    mix should be the best design phone

  • 李昕锴
    李昕锴 1 month ago

    xiaomi mix is the best big phone

  • MarJosephVEVO
    MarJosephVEVO 1 month ago

    that's why Samsung never lets me down

  • Dinc Inc.
    Dinc Inc. 1 month ago

    mi 6 review

  • Patrick Games & Eats

    Lenovo Phab 2 Pro is unique

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