Raising a Copper Vessel, Start by Sinking

I prefer this method of starting to raise a metal vessel from flat sheet. The other method is angular raising. With this method you don't have start by balancing a sheet of metal against a stake, striking at a scratched on circle to set a base. All you need is a ball peen hammer and a depression in a block of wood, it's fast, effective and the vessel gains some height very quickly.

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Author Aminah Moon Irie Bey ( ago)
Hey Sage Reynolds! I started this cool process & my disc turned into moor
of a taco shell! lmao what are yur thoughts!

Author Nathan Bailey ( ago)
Thank you so much for making these videos. You didn't have to take your
time to teach the world to hammer. Without people like you, the human race
would have perished from the earth.

Author Benjamin ( ago)
how did you make the depression in the oak block?

Author 9dragonmetalworks ( ago)
very nice art

Author Erika Heinen ( ago)
what about hemisphering it?? would that still work?

Author Nathan Dean ( ago)
stress work hardening the metal out. in turn is making the metal harder to
work with.

Author Math.S ( ago)
does the size of the depresion makes a diffrent ?

Author Tanya McCormick ( ago)
What gauge of copper are you using for this project?

Author barronredneck ( ago)
how did you make the depression on the log?

Author Olivia Young ( ago)
thank you for the info Sage. I really like the raising hammer you used in
the beaker videos.

Author Olivia Young ( ago)
Sage where is a good source for coppersmithing hammers.

Author Bravo twoforty ( ago)
I home school my children and we've combined different classes that has led
to a very interesting project. We have built a complete homemade drum set.
I'm at the limit of my knowledge when figuring out how to construct a crash
symbol. I purchased 2 very thin decorative brass/copper plates (only type I
could find)they are too thin to be suitable. My question to you you, is
there a way to solder/weld the 2 thin plates together to create a cymbol w
a decent ring? I've shaped and planished them smooth but asi mentioned they
are far to thin. When you strike them even lightly they sent/crush at the
POI. Any advice or suggestions keeping in mind I must use these we've reach
our budget limit. This is all I have to work with so I must find a way to
make them work. Respectfully yours, Teacher Dad

Author Debra Montgomery ( ago)
Hi: Your videos are very helpful. This method is considerably better than
using sand bags - faster and more effective. I am just starting to learn
and experiment with forming bowls and the like. Thanks for sharing!

Author secondreality1 ( ago)
Is it possible to make something like a helmet using this technique? If I
make the right sized sink and a wide enough piece of metal, could I bring
the sides in enough to make a sufficient helmet dome?

Author Hipatia CG4 ( ago)

Author N8ZU ( ago)
reminds me of High School but we had hardened steel instead of a wood stump
gr8 job tyvm for sharing

Author hairyplums1 ( ago)
You would get better results using a mallet and annealing more often.
Regards, an ex- coppersmith.

Author shmuckling ( ago)
Where do you get sheets of copper like that? Is that something I could buy
from a hardware store?

Author floopy312 ( ago)
So this is how was like to make tools during the copper age... I didn't
know copper was so easily pliable.

Author Rafał Sacha ( ago)
Long time no see Sage. You don't know my name, but we talked about pasting
book blocks in, when I wasn't sure how to make the paste some years ago.
Who would have thought we'll meet again. Now I'm exploring ways to make
kojiri for a japanese knife/sword I forged during last months. I managed to
make a kashira, which is basically a copper cup, but kojiri is more of a
challenge, also because I'm trying to make it in mild steel by cold
forging, but I can tell my techniques are wrong. Keep up the good work.

Author Juliette Williams ( ago)
how are you making the depression in your wood? I want to make my own, and
am not sure what tool to use.

Author Patrick Bonneville ( ago)
Very helpful video, thank you!

Author John Rodgers ( ago)
Why don't you use a leather sandbag and a rounded mallet instead of the
ball-pane hammer? That way you have less hammer marks on the copper.

Author Sage Reynolds ( ago)
I am using 18 gauge in the video, 18 and 20 gauge will give you enough
metal to work with. If you are going to decorate with chasing use the18g
which will allow for a higher relief. 20 g will be fine for most
applications and shaping operations AND it will be a substantial vessel
when you are finished. you can also decorate the 20g with stamps if you so

Author MrBobfromalaska ( ago)
What grade of copper sheeting do recommend? thank you

Author Mohammed Kasim ( ago)
I am big famn of your book binding series -- can you show me how to bind
books in metal?

Author robert frew ( ago)
Thank you for sharing your wonderful skill and craft....very much!

Author TheRauas ( ago)
Very nice tutorial. Thank you very much.

Author minkiemink ( ago)
Nice beginners tutorial. Thank you!

Author Das Gemuse ( ago)
I don't wanna tell you how to live your life or anything, but try starting
off with a larger diameter peen with rounded edges.. and thennn whip out
your ball peens...

Author ARCEYE78 ( ago)
Thanks for your answer,bloody hell I asked this a year ago!! time fly's :O
, yes aluminium is a funny material,can be a right pain in the arse to weld
at times but very satisfying.

Author skunky1991 ( ago)
it can be, aluminium gets really brittle and weird though.. i know you're
not askin me but there's your answer lol

Author catfish4975 ( ago)
I would have annealed it at some point, but I'm also not an amateur.

Author EmberRayne13 ( ago)
Though this is a good way to start a raising project the technique shown
here is actually called sinking. The metal isn't compressed in the same way
as with raising. I generally start this way, just to get a slight curve,
then use a stake and a raising hammer.

Author ARCEYE78 ( ago)
Fantastic vid and thanks for uploading!,until now i have been looking for a
tutorial like this for a while now although i would like to ask can this
technique be used for other metals like aluminium or steel,i assume it
could but your opinion would be appreciated as im looking forward to trying
this myself to use for medievil style armour :)

Author KnifemakingUnplugged ( ago)
It took me quite a bit longer than you but I think I made it though step
one. I messed up and started with 20 gauge copper and I made my circle 9
3/8". I didn't realize how much more work it would be. Thanks!

Author jakabosky ( ago)
Awesome! Could this work with a much larger piece of copper sheet? I want a
copper sink for my sink, but they're very expensive. Thanks for the video,
you did a great job.

Author Chaos8282 ( ago)
Silly question I'm sure, but how did you get the depression in the log?

Author cooper67 ( ago)
cool! what thickness of copper sheet did you use?

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