Special Program with khawaja sara Post by Zagham

A Morning with Farah Special Program with Shemales (khawaja sara) Bubbly,Roop and Reema.

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Author rafeh khan ( ago)
wow amazing yaar bubbly is so intelegent really ,n they have some extra
abilities than normal human beings thas y they r special

Author Ishfaq Khan Khan ( ago)
Thanks for uploading

Author hanoc Kumar ( ago)
bubbly guru pavpadthi

Author Iqbal khan ( ago)
Shit on you Frah, very stupid questions. You should be prepared before
taking these kind of interviews.

Author Vishal Rawat ( ago)
For the sake of humanity ,I would like to inform that, it is 100% possible,
not only possible but easily available to go through a complete transition
from male to a female body, I am very disappointed to know that there is
such a lack of knowledge regarding gender , sex and sexuality in Pakistan.A
full 2 year Transition treatment can be availed by the desired one who
feels that he/she is not born into a correct body. For male to female
transition, hormones are to be taken for at least 18 months and then
finally the person can go for a sex reassignment surgery in which complete
female genitalia(vagina) is reconstructed which is functional as well,
after which the transitioned person can get an affidavit from any district
or high court for the approval of sex change.This is a miserable condition
for pakistani transgenders that they have to forcefully go and join the
shemale/ khwaja sarah community just for the sake of their families and
social norms, although changing the sex completely and legally can help you
to live a respectful and prosperous life like all other females without any
kind of discrimination and humiliation and full of pride....the pride of
being a female :)...i hope this information would help those who need it..

Author la8113 ( ago)
0:49 wtf

Author Master Illusions ( ago)
This host is asking very stupid questions. She is mixing Transgender people
with Homosexuals. She is assuming that the children who are sexually abused
in their childhood become Shemales. Well the children who are abused in
their childhood more likely become gays not Shemales, This host absolutely
has no knowledge about Shemales. The third gender is by birth and not by a
choice. A Shemale has a male's genitals and a female's breasts. The female
part of their personality is more dominant. Still she is asking why do they
like to become a woman?
Shemale is a word which is not used nowadays as it is considered insulting.
These people are rather called transgender people nowadays.

Author Master Illusions ( ago)
Bubbly seems really educated and intelligent. I wonder she comes from an
educated family.

Author Pak Indian Rappers ( ago)
farah bohat ache tareeke se masla samjhaya hum ko orr wo jo khuaja sara
zyada bola he show me left wala bohat samajhdar tha

Author Rana Amir Amir ( ago)
Very good

Author wwickedsunnyy ( ago)

Author Rajput pisces ( ago)
Farah is a very intelligent host, but in this program, she has asked some
very naive questions, They are also humans, they have right to be loved...

Author Roon Toon ( ago)
bubbly....excellent personality

Author Amithi Project (241 year ago)
We salute the brave guests and we thank Farah for the program... God Bless
You All

Author Astig mim ( ago)
ALLAH SWAT create only men then women. ALLAH has never created third

Author Saif Prince ( ago)
stupid questions by host

Author rami yasser ( ago)
It is good to appreciate and respect of these people is so beautiful love
Third Gender and hijras and I want to recognize and Liaison such live
together and share the many things I am a serious man and law and loving
and appreciative Third Gender like to travel and have fun and looking for
true love and serious love story is long and serious and I want to marry
Third Gender or hijrasI do not care about anything else this my skype

Author Norman Haidery ( ago)
Bubbly is a SUPERSTAR!!!!!!!!!

Author CC EYE-JAZZ ( ago)
The issue that we are talking about here is called Gender Identity
Farah is a good person but she needs to Google this keyword and she'll get
her answers.

PS this is not a defect or is DIVERSITY that Allah

Author Rohitash Garhwal ( ago)
this anchor doesnt know that a child starts acknowledging its sex at the
age of is a scientific fact

Author Gruffy ( ago)
Bubbly strikes me as a very intelligent person. She could be a good teacher
or something.

Author Asad Khan ( ago)
Farah didn't know the difference between a boy and a girl till she was 15
or 16. Where did you grow up my dear ?

Author nawab zada ( ago)
Bubbly is smart

Author Yasir Ali Khan ( ago)

Author Yasir Ali Khan ( ago)
masha Allah bubly na Kafe Telent jawabat dea vary nice Talent !! 

Author Naeem Awan ( ago)
Bubbly is impressive , so informative and talking like a learned person and
telling ways to manage this issue..

Author akki Khan ( ago)
sub bkwaas he in logo ki wja say ghron k gar tbah ho gye hen in ko 1 jga
jamha kr k goli maar deni chaye

Author khanshah ( ago)
Farah is asking really stupid questions, haven't any sense of asking so
sensitive issues. at same time she is asking again n again (wo kese bante
hai, wo kese bante hain). amazing, kindly ainda program se pehly study
zaroor kiya karei. makeup or fashion ka pata hai but sensitive issues ka
koi idea nahi. 

Author Mohd Afzal ( ago)
I whant bables numbar 

Author lun farh mer ( ago)
the one at 00:42 looks like a a black metal musician

Author ZACK TRAINER ( ago)
These SHEMALES are only in India/Pakistan not rest of the in
USA I have not come across a single one. people in pakistan or India see
this as the easiest way to make a living....

Author Keith Williams ( ago)
11:21 very beautiful

Author sabir sarfaraz ( ago)
This host is very edit,not high lighting the issue.people are suffering
with their sexuality.This is genetic make up not a any physical fault.Madam
you need further study before conducting such a sensitive issue
.Encourage,the lady doctor is also completely stupid has no idea meaning of
genetic make up. Wish society start Loving their children,Bubble IS much
intelligent then host girl.This group of peoples are dying due to lake of
knowledge about their own protection.Dear host I hope in future you will do
more study before conducting such type programme. Do not belief on old
Pakistani fashioned study in medical field,Love has no sex identity.Bubble
is denying?why. You should proud and honest to your self.Gay LOVE IS VERY
POWER FULL in this world. I did study from UK and working with them to get
out of the stigma they are suffering. They are beautiful peoples deserve

Author Sameer k ( ago)
It's a great way to educate the people. These are normal people like us.
Lots of respect to them :)

Author ahsan rahim ( ago)
rabeullisat ki tarafe se paida hone wale ko pehchan nahie isat deni
caheye,keya ham beger annkh se peida hone wale ko seza di ja sekti he,nahi
belkul hamen inhe isatdeni

Author nayusuf ( ago)
hairs kaisay achay ho saktay hain mujhay bhi tip dai doo surgery say huway
hai kia

Author nayusuf ( ago)
farah bhot pyari lag rahe hai lakin inkay hairs itnay achay kaisay hogahai
maray hairs itnay thin hai asha kia kiya hai main bhi hairs transplant
karwa loo :D

Author ali khan ( ago)

Author Regina Phalange ( ago)
Gays and Shemales are different. Gays have sexual relationship with same
sex. (Which is the story of Qoum-e-Lout and is punishable in Islam).
Shemales are people who are of one sex (e.g male) but either are
biologically defected or they Psychologically feel like the the opposite
sex (hence female).

Author Faheem Arjamend ( ago)
They are basically poor people and have mental problem.

Author Suku Kusu ( ago)

Author mahala goraya ( ago)

Author arsalanfaize ( ago)
bubbli.............. great......i like it...

Author BHASKARA SETH ( ago)
All are equal in the eye of GOD , so who we are to depart them from the
main stream of the society. Let accept them as a great part of our society.
They have also blood. Lets change and accept

Author cheecheepia ( ago)
They are becoming formidable force and growing fast , khawjasara in black
is educated man and to the point. khawjasara in red is hot ha ha ha :)
Farah u got gr8 show as always!

Author Faheem Amir ( ago)

Author lahore ichra ( ago)
bubly ki bato say boriyat nahi hu rahi thi dekhny k dooran kiyu k oska
andaz buhat acha hai or farah say zada achi tu roop lag rahi hai hahahahah
or plz ye vazeer ala ka kalma plz pakistani koum na perha kary onko awam
say nahi apni hakoomat say matlab hai vazeer ala my foot

Author naureenraheelns ( ago)
Bubly is so much intelgnt.desrvd 4 respct.

Author Simi Discosta ( ago)
Farah do very good job

Author isa pakistan ( ago)
i think in key dua hai lani cheya

Author holistic ( ago)
These khwaja sara are speaking totally sense especially the first one in a
much better way than many so called intellectuals...i salute their courage.

Author javed choudhry ( ago)
shame on our society . these she males are far better than the macho males

Author hammad tanoli ( ago)
too much confuse

Author Sdsa Sdas ( ago)
It is endocrinological disorder....

Author choudhry javed ( ago)
farahis really gooood host and bubbli is really bold and intelegent .

Author suhail rizwan ( ago)
Boby is very much intelligent... really great

Author Der Per ( ago)

Author Mansoor Ilyas ( ago)
@MrPak80 dont say such a thing farha is ALLAH's creation. i thought like
that too but i STOPPED myself from writing like this as its something v
wrong to say about ALLAH's creation.

Author Shamayla Shahzadi ( ago)
Govt should send these shemales to doctors who can do their mental
treatment! Registeration is to athuticate who has by birth physical

Author aynat hkiehs ( ago)
Roop is getting so jealous of Farah. You can tell from her expression.

Author MrKhan7573 ( ago)
qamroo bara piyara lag raha hain yaar i mean roop

Author Sunny don ( ago)
OMG roop yeh to wohi qamar aunti hain jo hamary sath masjid mei sipara
padhny jati thin .... yeh kiya hal kar lia apna .... lukin kool yr :P

Author Haider Rizvi ( ago)
shemales ae totallyright

Author Mubarak Malik (1387 years ago)
bubbly great answers,

Author UtterlyButterlyfull ( ago)
I found Bubbly as a brilliant shemale. She speaks better than any anchor.

Author Syed Shahid ( ago)
@paki2thebon3s koi insaaniat hai tum mein??????????shame on you..

Author amirkhan000086 ( ago)
i want to ask that male love females and female loves male and that is
known as evry1 do love once in a my question is shemales love
some1 if they than who male or female

Author Faisal Ahmad ( ago)
What intelegent Bubbli he has good answers and spekaing way is beauitiful
and senceable

Author Sabir Ahmad ( ago)
Roop looking more real woman than Farah....

Author saqib alpial ( ago)
gays ,shemales, lesbions,are also humans ok love them respect them and
allow them to do as you do in your daily life why becase they breath also,
eat also and for you kind info the best designers, actors, mayors, are gays
also understood so plz dont try to react towards god because god is the one
who created them . any way i love your programme thanks for awareness.

Author paki2thebon3s ( ago)
oye anha nu chitar mar kay kadu atho

Author rohit sharma ( ago)
I appreciate the host :) They are part of our society, we should accept
them :))

Author Mani Shah ( ago)
bohat aalaaa....

Author multimuneeb123 ( ago)
husband aur wife kii kuch galti kii wajah yeh khawaja sara padah hotah

Author Syed Shahid ( ago)
waah jee waah baray healthy khusrray hain...upload more like this

Author IA Abid ( ago)
I really thoughts and speaking power of BABLY, very positive minded. She
replied well the difficult questions of Farah. She it right if families
accept their children with their defects, then no way to escape for them,
no way to go to operate.

Author Alisha abbas ( ago)
she is like your sister farah

Author optimist3188 ( ago)
Farah is a good host, and tries to bring up sensitive subjects. Also, I
feel she is fairly mature regarding how she carries her conversation
through. In our society it is very difficult to come to terms with such
people. If society accept them and let them carry on with their education
and further profession, then such people would be just another part of
society, thinly dispersed in the whole population. Its the social pressure
often times that forces them to choose their ways.

Author Ayesha Sana ( ago)
This is a great Job and The Spokeperson of she-males is really brilliant
and outstanding in presenting the reason behind and to prove herself the
way she is. Farah i want to contact you relating the same issue because i
have some very important thought and sharing with me which i want to tell
you but through phone.

Author dontool ( ago)
@Usmanhassan1 kya ho gia hai usman bhai. allah nai sirf do genders banay
hain, male or female. they modify their gender themselves. Is mai inhi ka
kasoor hai. hum mein sae aksar logon ko is baat ka nahin pata. dont believe
me. go and ask some doctor or do some research in this matter. aur apnay
doston ko bhi educate karain. thanx

Author nihaalkhan10 ( ago)
hazrat loot ki koum issii wajah say tabahh huee thee.. un ki biwi un kay
saatth iss liay maarrii gayeen theen keh wohh un koo burraa nahin kehtti
theenn....humaaray nabii nay iss baat koo naa passand kiaa haa.. aap kioun
chahtay haain keh inn koo passand kiaa jayeee .. burayee koo rookoo ..
passand karrnay say barhaayy geee

Author beautifuldua17 ( ago)
ALLAH farmatey hain jo MERI makhloq par raham karey ga MAIN us par raham
karon ga.... so plzz sab ki izat karo...sab ko achi tarah treat
karo...sharam karo hamari anparh qoum...

Author Muhammad Usman ( ago)
Bohat acha Issue hay yeh. logo mai awareness paida honi chahiay k yeh Allah
ki taraf say banayi gai 1 makhlooq hay or yeh tehqeer k qabil nai balkay
mohabbad or tars k Qaabil hay. Is mai in ka kia kasoor? yeh mai or aap bhi
ho sakty thy. Isi issue pa M.A Rahat ka novel "Bangroo" parhiay.

Author naughtysaint007 ( ago)
can u upload show in which Sakhawat Naaz was guest....plzzzz send me the
link thanks

Author waseem jan ( ago)
ALLAH maaf karay tubha............ bt da 1 n red s lovely....lolzz farah u
r looking beautiful bt i think 1 big mistake. if u do hijab(cover ur hair)
da ll be looking gorgeous, mind blowing... try once u ll see da result

Author moviebuff054 ( ago)
very nice on a humanitarian issue

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